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T-Mobile’s new myTouch 4G to debut on November 3rd

There is still a lot of confusion over what T-Mobile will call their new myTouch phone, but you can pencil in November 3rd as the launch date, according to a leaked internal email.

T-Mobile’s registration page refers to the device as “The new myTouch”, their official forums label it as the “myTouch HSPA+”, leaked accessories have “myTouch HD” printed on them, and test units in the wild say “myTouch 4G” when booted up.

Given that T-Mobile is overhauling their data plans on the same day as the new myTouch launch and claiming they will be “loud and proud” with a network message in advertising, I still believe we will see them using the “myTouch 4G” name paired with “America’s largest 4G network“.

Most of the remaining details about the device have already been revealed. The new myTouch is virtually identical (in terms of hardware) to the Desire HD with the addition of a front facing camera and T-Mobile’s custom Espresso UI. Additional highlights include a second-generation 1 GHz Snapdragon processor (HTC’s fastest yet), availability in four colors, WiFi calling, and a new video service called T-Mobile TV.

If you can get by without a physical QWERTY keyboard, then the new myTouch is your best bet on T-Mobile this year.

What do you think T-Mobile will call the latest addition to their myTouch family?

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  • http://Website Mark

    Wish it had a keyboard.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Buy a G2. That’s what I did :)

  • http://Website George

    Anti-root chip free? doubt it. If it does have one that will be the last nail in the coffin for me with t-mobile. Looks like you can flash some sprint android phones to work on cricket… hello evo / epic for way way less per month.

  • http://Website Galen20K

    Specs on this is Killer!

  • http://Website Robert

    Espresso UI = no sale

    • http://Website Chris

      just do what i did, and load launcher pro plus….looks a lot better and still sexy

      • http://Website jdog

        True true but launcher pro won’t get me Gingerbread early like my Nexus so this is not the phone for me sadly. It shouldn’t be like this.

  • http://Website J240

    I didn’t like espresso until I saw the N1 with the ported ROM video. Coming from an old G1, I can’t wait to hold this phone in my hands and see how it feels in real life before buying it. This just may be the phone to hold me over until Dual-cores. Side note: I love coming to this site because they always have the tmob news. Keep it up! :)

    • http://Website Milner

      Dual core is stupidity.

      • http://Website Hans

        Your comment is stupidity. :)

  • ayocuz

    t mobile should call it the my touch HD. Imma get this phone but I really hope it can be easily rooted.
    I know cyanogen gonna do this phone proud.

  • http://Website e

    who really cares how the call it, this phone is going to kick ass. and for you guys if you want a keyboard get a G2.

  • http://Website mytouch champ

    Just got my MyTouch HD. (im a myutouch Tmobile champ)

    Its a sweet phone. The screen on the vibrant is richer… but call quality is better on this… wifi calling, video chat, solid build(metal/flatblack plastic), wifi hot spot tethering built in.. Flashlight app preloaded, Full Adobe Flash preloaded…everything we have been wanting in a phone..

    –I already miss my vibrant screen… but the hardware and quality of this phone is awesome. Espresso is ok, but if you really hate it thats what ADW is for.

    – I am really fast with swype, i can blow away a keyboard with it, so I would definitely take this over a G2… so this is my top TMO pick right now (as an employee that plays with all of these phones daily)

    This is all my first impression. Im really picky and hard on phones… just wanted to share my excitement… go see for yourself when it’s released.

    • http://Website Marco

      By what you wrote I can tell its a great phone. Do you know if it supports live wallpapers. No biggy if it don’t but just wondering

  • http://Website hadoob024

    I’m still on my G1 and looking for a good replacement. Here’s one thing about these phones without a physical keyboard, how do you copy/paste without a physical keyboard? My friend has the Droid Incredible and doesn’t know and neither does my other friend with the Droid X. I remember the original iPhone having the same issue. I use copy/paste waaaay too much to get a phone that doesn’t allow it. Anyone?

    • http://Website Futureboy

      Long press in the text area and it will give you all the options you need. (select text, select all, cut, copy, etc). Keep in mind that this only works in text entry fields. (For example, currently you can’t select text in an email that was sent to you)

      • http://Website hadoob024

        Aaaahhhhh.. Got it. That makes sense.

        Hmmm. This is definitely making me reconsider my “must have physical keyboard” requirement for my G1 replacement. I’m trying to think what other issues I might have. I have been trying to avoid using the physical keyboard as much as possible because it seems like they will eventually do away with them completely after a few more generations of smartphones (just comparing the numbers of new models with and without them).

        • http://Website Futureboy

          Personally, I have the original MT3G and Swype (got in on the beta) has been a great improvement over the stock keyboard. However, there are still a few times a physical keyboard would be nice to have. There are a few apps (Astrid) and games (WTD) where the keyboard covers most or all the screen. WTD is played in landscape so the keyboard covers the entire screen when activated, blocking your view of the real-time play. When using Astrid, the keyboard covers just over half of the screen from the bottom, plus the notification bar and an Astrid navigation/option bar eat up some of the top of the screen at the top. This leaves you a view of only two or three lines at a time – so you have to do a lot of scrolling to navigate to where you want to enter information. These are minor inconveniences, but it’s definitely something to note when weighing the pros and cons of physical keyboard vs. virtual keyboard.

          • http://Website hadoob024

            Oh yeah, I forgot all about that. Yeah, I use Astrid ALL the time as well, and it is rather annoying to use in portrait mode with the virtual keyboard displaying. You can barely see anything. But if this is as bad as it gets, then I guess I’m finally ready to ditch my “must have physical keyboard” requirement. Thanks!

    • http://Website francomur99

      I do copy and paste without P. keyboard on my Htc Hero 2.1, you can simply use AK Notepad application.

      • http://Website hadoob024

        I’ll look into that too, as I do use AK Notepad. I guess my main thing is sometimes there’s info in an email that I need to copy/paste. I usually resort to copying/forwarding the email, then digging down into the message itself to highlight and copy the text.

  • http://Website Stefan

    Just got this one. I’m a sucker for gadgets, so this was a must. Unfortunately it’s still no match for my Nokia N900, although rooting it is still something I’d be enjoying, probably, just to see how far android allows tinkering, compared to maemo. BTW – lack of hardware keyboard is a big drawback … ctrl-c followed by repetitive ctrl-v is practically impossible.

  • Monique

    I just got the new MyTouch, and it’s GREAT! It has everything in a phone I’ve been looking for and I just love that it has the genius button,live wallpapers, great reception and good picture quality,……etc. It’s a GREAT PHONE to have!