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The PlayStation Phone lives, first pics leak out

Remember that Android-powered Playstation Phone that was rumored back in August? Consider it a done deal since Engadget just posted a gallery of new pics that show off a prototype version of the upcoming gaming phone.

Most of the details haven’t changed, but we now have a clearer picture of the specs. The Sony Ericsson made phone will feature a display between 3.7-4.1 inches, a second-gen 1 GHz Snapdragon processor (MSM8655), 512 MB RAM, 1 GB ROM, 5 megapixel camera with flash, and custom gaming controls.

If the processor looks familiar, that’s because it’s the same one HTC has been using for their new high-end Android phones including the Desire HD, myTouch 4G, and rumored Incredible HD. Even though HTC and Sony Ericsson are using the same Qualcomm platform, HTC’s devices might run a little faster thanks to the boost in RAM (768 MB).

The prototype Playstation phone appears to be running a stock version of Android 2.2, but it is reported to ship with Gingerbread (Android 2.3).

Engadget says a 2011 release is most likely, but there is a small chance it could ship in 2010. This tells me the hardware is ready and Sony Ericsson might just be working on getting the latest software up and running. Sony Ericsson doesn’t have a very good track record with providing Android software updates, so hopefully this Playstation phone will have Gingerbread out of the box.

No carrier launch partners were mentioned, but I would have to place my money on AT&T. The carrier was the only one in the U.S. to pick up the Xperia X10 and they have a long history with Sony Ericsson. Both companies also have their headquarters located in Atlanta, so it must make teaming up on a device like this easier.

Overall I think the design of the Playstation Phone looks pretty slick, but I’m a little shocked by the Qualcomm processor. The second-gen Snapdragons can certainly hold their own with the best of the single-core CPUs, but everyone knows we have dual-core CPUs just a couple months away that will offer 5x the graphical performance. If Sony Ericsson wanted to launch THE gaming phone, it’s a little disappointing they won’t be using the latest and greatest platform for gaming.

What are your thoughts about purchasing a gaming phone from Sony Ericsson? Are the Playstation branding and gaming controls enough to win you over? Do you think Qualcomm’s second-generation Snapdragon has some staying power, or will it be overshadowed by faster dual-core CPUs early next year?

Source: Engadget

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  • http://Website Mike

    I will buy one regardless of what games they have on it, or what version of Android it runs. All I need is my yongzh emulators, and its a match made in heaven. It would be nice to be able to make calls with it, on a solid network though, *ahem* Verizon.

  • http://Website Bill Nye

    You pretty much nailed it. This is something I’ve definitely been looking forward to as a gamer, but if those are the specs, I’ll have to pass when it comes time to upgrade from the Evo. The specs on this thing should have been above and beyond anything currently on the market.

  • http://Website teeharding

    I would consider jumping carriers for this phone if they use the tegra 2. Without it this phone is sadly doa…..hopefully they wise up.

  • SliestDragon

    A little too soon. Would have been way smarter to wait for Qualcomm’s or NVIDIA’s Dual-core.

    • Nick Gray

      If anyone knows anything about gaming, it’s SONY. Yeah, a 1GHz processor does not sound that impressive, but keep in mind that the current generation of portable gaming devices have some pretty amazing graphics running on processors clocked under 500MHz.

      It’s not about how much power you have, it’s about optimization. The HTC Legend and Aria currently can play some of the more demanding 3D games with a 600MHz processor. The second generation 1GHz Snapdragon processor achieves benchmark scores that are 4-5 times higher.

      Once this phone hits the market, we’ll see a lot of the traditional game developers jump on board.

  • http://Website jose

    Hallelujah!!well Samsung and Motorola prepare to be decrowned as the best graphics phone Sony is in the house…hopefully they upgrade the CPU to nvidia tegra

    • http://Website Gee

      The GPU in the Tegra 2 is equal or worse than the PowerVR SGX5540 found in the Galaxy S which is nearly equaled or bettered by Qualcomm’s Adreno 205 in the newer Snapdragons which this has.

      • http://Website jose

        Actually my friend you are wrong nvidia Tegra 2 is better you forget that Sony’s ps3 uses nvidia gpu and we all know how good the graphics are..just wait until LG and Motorola comes with their Tegra 2 phones..qualcomm is good but I think nvidia wins this one..

        • Nick Gray

          Yes, Nvidia has some great GPUs but that does not mean the one that ships on the Tegra2 will match the graphics of the PS3. The Tegra2 GPU will not even come close to the one of the PS3.

        • http://Website Nammy

          Nvida does make some high end graphics but they are by no means the undisputed champions of graphics cards. If I recall AMD currently makes the most powerful graphics card on the market (granted this crown changes hands twice a year as each company releases something new)

          My point is though that just because Nvida makes the PS3′s GPU doesn’t mean everything else the company makes will be perfect. IBM make the PS3′s processor but I wouldn’t want a processor made by IBM in my PC

  • http://Website Khush

    I really hope they change their mind about the processor

  • http://Website Droid Rage

    After looking at the pics of this phone and seeing “No SIM Card”, I was really hoping it would come to T-mobile…ahh well

  • http://Website Dean

    How come nobody’s mentioning the FRINT FACING CAMERA?!

    • http://Website Dean


  • http://www.naughtygirlguide.com deltaslight

    Looks like a PSP Go lols

    • Kingsigel

      The psp go is the first thing that crossed my mind andon top of that the processor are they serious. Ssony knows they can do better than. It is probably to see how many people with switch and then put some better hardware together. If it goes to sprint and it gets dlc like ninja turtles or a great tetris game I’m in. Hell I love angry birds just can’t get enough of it

  • http://Website Seph

    PSP Go + Sony Android phone (hard to update software + not top of the line hardware) = Not so impressive

    Add to that – the development time / late launch will make it old news by the time it launches.

    Remember Nokia NGAGE?

    It’s Sony PSP though so i’m guessing it would be better than it.
    I guess SONY’s relying on its proven brand to up it sales, but it’s only for gamers..

    Also i think they need to get the Playstation software really solid because if not it’ll be only a matter of time when the hacker community rips it off the phone and port it to other phones :)

  • dswhite85


  • http://Website Jeffroid

    It’s not always about the processor. The hardware gaming controls are more importantly essential for better gaming experience. Certainly beats touching screens.

  • http://Website Chancy

    …I just came…in…my…pants.

    • http://Website manuel

      u funny as hell i almost pee haha

  • coyotejbob

    Even though not likely would be cool with the screen from the galaxy S series a Cell cpu from the ps3 and ffc for motion games. Sadly I would either need a wall outlet and and HDMI out. What I can dream can’t I lol

  • http://Website The_Omega_Man

    An HDMI out for gaming would completely change the game for mobile computing,and console gaming in general. Combine this with the use of playstation bluetooth controllers and you could have a true Playstation Portable!

  • http://www.segabits.com AngelComa

    Accoding to Now Gamer, this is fake. Source? Sony:

    Odd, Sony never denies rumors, always says they don’t comment.

    • Nick Gray

      Engadget reported that it’s simply an testing prototype. If you’ve looked through all the images you can see that it would be pretty hard to fake. Yes, the build quality looks a little sloppy, but it could be that we’re just looking at one dummy design that has been hacked together by SONY’s engineers.

  • http://www.gamespog.net/ POG

    It’s not always about the processor. The hardware gaming controls are more importantly essential for better gaming experience. Certainly beats touching screens.

  • http://Website deeb215

    Honestly that device is pretty ugly, but it’s a step in the right direction for people looking for this type of device I guess. It would be sweet if it folds into a 90 degree angle or tilt forward for gaming. Like someone else said we need better batteries also, if we plan to walk around playing these games throughout the day. Maybe it has a retractable usb charger or backup solar power.

  • http://Website Brunswick

    Personally I think its an awesome idea. However, coming from an Xperia X10, I think ill wait for a second gen gaming phone. Lets see if SE s*#!$ the bed on this one too. Hopefully not, cause lets be honest, if we can play all the PSP games on this bad boy and still do all of the other things we’ve come to love and expect from Android then this is going to be killer.

  • http://tag-heuer-carrera-review.blogspot.com/ TAG Heuer Carrera

    Superb, but will require payment before

  • http://Website Greg

    I can’t believe that I’m interested in this, but I am. I guess it’s because while I love my Nexus One, I acknowledge that touchscreen controls for games is, well, kind of a joke. It only works for certain types of games, really. I’ve gone as far as using a Wiimote, but that’s hardly practical.

    But if the phone sucks in every other category, forget it.

  • http://Website Brandon

    They should put this on virgin mobile im sure a lot of parents wouldnt mind paying $25 a month for unlimited internet ,Texting and 300 minutes

    I Have a samsung intercept on vm right now!!

  • http://www.ganchinhock.com GanChinHock.com

    Portable PlayStation and phone integrated? That’s cool! Never expect them to convert their console into such a gadget. Anyway good luck.. Iphone and Android are around.. :)

  • mac08wrx

    if verizon gets this and Sony gets its right like the PS3 and PSP them i am all in.

  • http://Website Khush

    Ppl on’t seem to realize that the cpu has little effect on the graphics this phone will obiously have a dedicated gpu fof ots graphic needs which is not mentioned in the article. Sure example the original droid played games a lot better than other phones because it had a good deticated gpu

  • http://Website Rik Haag

    Better Dual Core CPU !!!!

  • http://Website CTown

    If this is true,i t should be better for Sony to use the same processor found in the Desire Z/HD and phones based on them. Sony is always losing money on hardware (I heard the first PS3s cost over $400 to make)! They make it up with software licenses. So, why not pass the cost of hardware to HTC or Motorola instead?

  • http://www.technologyslice.com.au Tech

    It’s got similar specs to the iphone 4.

  • http://killinggames365.com/ Tom

    Does anybody really think this “phone” will be a hit?

  • http://www.buyff14account.com/ BuyFFXIVAccount

    I guess it will hit, for it’s a PSP and phone in one.

    Final Fantasy XIV Accounts

  • ATLien

    Companies have to look to the next quarter’s sales so they will never sell the latest and greatest.

    Their job is to make money, not deliver the best product.

  • http://Website JD

    I don’t think that they should have done this.
    It is to my understanding that this is a gaming phone. Why do we need a gaming console that can make calls if we have a cell phone?

    I’m sure there is some big catch to this it is probably gonna cost around 200$ – 300$ with out contract and around 75$ – 150$ with contract.

  • http://Website drakepaulsen

    I hope these specs are wrong,if the phone is real. A gaming device should be amazing.this rumor sounds horrible.

  • http://Website F-train

    im glad they at least have a possible idea for analogue sticks, the psp was almost ruined because there was only one.