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Verizon pushing out limited update for Droid 2 late tonight

We just received word that starting late tonight a limited number of Droid 2 owners will get the first push of a new software update. Verizon has posted the release notes on their support page. Check out the full list of improvements and enhancements after the jump. If you are one of the lucky users to receive this update, please share your feedback and let us know how it worked out for you.


  • Improved battery life.
  • Heightened proximity sensor accuracy to enable faster screen response.
  • View the Weather widget in both landscape and portrait orientation.
  • Simpler setup, improved user interactions, and better notifications for Visual Voice Mail.
  • Background Email Sync during display inactivity for better user experience.
  • Support for email domain suffixes containing more than three characters.
  • Keep text messages organized with chronological in-box screen.
  • Edit text messages after you’ve inserted a video file.
  • Improved audio sound during recorded video playbacks.
  • Stream Guided Tour videos on device in Help Center application with ease.
  • Faster location tracking during GPS navigation.
  • Faster transitions between Wi-Fi and 3G in data connection.


  • New ability to add pictures from your Gallery to a contact.
  • Export all your contacts to the SD card.

[Thank you Johnathan for the tip]

Via: Motorola Owners Forum

Source: Verizon

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  • http://Website Johnathan

    Np. Just showin some love back to a great community.

  • http://Website Bod1ggity

    Why is it a limited update? The rest don’t get in on it? Or is it planned on being released and want to see if there’s more bugs in it? Seems shady.

    • http://Website nick

      That’s how they do every release.

  • http://maszam.com/ zams

    So, when other users receive the update of the Droid 2? It seems unfair and what is the reason..

  • http://Website haz

    Where the hell is the Droid X’s update?!?

    I am so very frustrated with this damn phone lately.

  • http://www.whatsgoodblog.com jay booshay

    Yeah why is it limited? Will we all get it?

    • http://halooglasi.com vector

      Soon we will. I hope so…