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Virgin Mobile USA launches the Samsung Intercept

The Samsung Intercept is officially heading to Virgin Mobile in the U.S. market.  Samsung’s latest Android offering runs on Android 2.1 with a 800MHz processor, 3.2 inch QVGA display, 3.2 megapixel camera with LED flash, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a four row QWERTY keyboard with a dedicated number row. The Samsung Intercept measures 4.6 x 2.2 x 0.6 inches and weighs a mere 4.6 ounces.

Based on images from the user manual, it looks like the Samsung Intercept features many of the customized Android apps from their TouchWiz 3.0 builds of Android, though the home screen appears to be taken from stock Android with a traditional application drawer.

For a limited time, the Samsung Intercept is exclusively available at your local Target store. The phone is selling for a $249.99, but keep in mind that Virgin Mobile’s rate plans start as low as $25 a month. For those of you on a restrictive budget, a low-end Android phone with dirt cheap rates could be a life saver. 

Virgin Mobile Rate plans

intercept_angle1 intercept_angle2 virgin-intercept-02

Show Press Release

Virgin Mobile Energizes Mobile Marketplace by Introducing Android Handset on a Nationwide, No-Contract Plan

Samsung Intercept Delivers Smartphone Luxuries
with Monthly Unlimited Plans

WARREN, N.J. — Oct. 4, 2010 — The line between prepaid and postpaid mobile offerings has become even more blurred as Virgin Mobile USA enters the Androidâ„¢ smartphone market. Beginning today at Target stores nationwide, Virgin Mobile adds the Samsung Interceptâ„¢, running on the Android mobile operating system, to its affordable, no-contract lineup of handset and service offerings. The Intercept will roll out to other major retailers throughout the month and will be available for purchase at virginmobileusa.com by mid-October for $249.99.

“As smartphone users come up for contract renewal and examine their monthly costs, they will start to wonder why they are paying more each month when they can get similar services from Virgin Mobile at a fraction of the price,” said Bob Stohrer, vice president-Marketing, Virgin Mobile USA. “With the Samsung Intercept on Android, Virgin Mobile is leading its customers into new, eagerly awaited territory while expanding our potential customer base.”

The Android device gives Virgin Mobile customers full integration of social networking apps, Microsoft Outlook Exchange e-mail and advanced messaging capabilities. Users of the Samsung Intercept also have access to more than 80,000 applications currently available on the Android Marketâ„¢, and can sign up for one of Virgin Mobile’s Beyond Talkâ„¢ plans which include e-mail, data and Web along with 300, 1200 or unlimited voices minutes per month and are perfect for the person always on the go.

In addition to a 3.2-inch touch-screen display, a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard and a 3.2 MP camera and video, the Samsung Intercept also comes preloaded with multiple applications, including such favorite social apps such as You Tube®, Facebook® and Google Talkâ„¢ as well as the Virgin Mobile Live app used to access Virgin Mobile’s branded music stream. Additional features include:

- Contact and calendar sync via ActiveSync
- Android Web browser
- Access to the Amazon® MP3 store
- Full integration of Google Appsâ„¢, such as Google Mapsâ„¢, Google Talk, Gmailâ„¢ and Google Navigationâ„¢
- Document file viewer
- Portrait and landscape screen orientation
- Dedicated keys for quick access to social networking
- Numerous video and music file types supported
- Built-in music player

The Samsung Intercept, paired with Virgin Mobile’s no contract Beyond Talk service options at $25, $40 and $60 a month, offers one of the best smartphone values in the industry.

About Virgin Mobile USA
Virgin Mobile USA, one of Sprint’s prepaid brands, offers millions of customers control, flexibility and connectivity through Virgin Mobile’s Beyond Talkâ„¢ plans for mobile phone service and prepaid Broadband2Go high-speed Web access. Virgin Mobile branded handsets are available at more than 40,000 retail stores, including Best Buy, Radio Shack, Target and Walmart. Top-Up cards are available at approximately 150,000 locations nationwide and can be used for Broadband2Go services. Purchase and experience Virgin Mobile on the Web and at Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and www.virginmobileusa.com.

Source: Virgin Mobile USA

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  • http://Website JGarrido

    What I’m interested to know is if *any* T-Mobile (e.g. the carrier they piggyback on) phone can be used on their service.

    • Nick Gray

      Actually, Virgin Mobile USA runs off of Sprint’s CDMA network.

      • http://Website JGarrido

        Oh that’s right, I was thinking of Simple Mobile (and Walmart too, now).

  • http://Website Todd

    Tempting. But does anyone know if I can keep my number if I go over to Sir Richard’s side of teh fence? I assume “no”, which is a deal breaker.

    …speaking of which when the eff are we gonna get Google Voice number portability?

    • Nick Gray

      Since number portablility is not the law, there should be no reason why you should not be able to port your number to a Virgin Mobile USA account.

      • http://www.unforgivendevelopment.com Gerad Munsch

        That didn’t really make sense. =/

        • Nick Gray

          sorry for the typo. It should ready “Since number portablility is now the law, there should be no reason why you should not be able to port your number to a Virgin Mobile USA account.”

          • http://Website colin

            actually you can i have vm usa and you can keep your number

    • http://Website 0bey

      u can keep ur same number i swtiched 4rm tmobile to virgin and kept my same number

    • http://Website Bill

      I took my number from Virgin to Sprint. Will be going back to virgin if this phone turns out to be good.
      they have the blackberry curve on virgin too.

  • http://Website Splendor

    Can I take another Android phone to Virgin? Like a Motorola Droid?

    • http://Website Quercki

      Virgin Mobile restricts users to Virgin Mobile phones. They restrict Virgin Mobile phones to Virgin Mobile service. No swapping with Sprint, even though it’s the same service. This is a contract/captive problem, not an engineering problem.

  • http://Website Daniel

    Are you sure that’s QVGA? The aspect radio doesn’t look like QVGA at all, should be at least WQVGA (something like 400×240).

    • http://Website Anderlan

      God help us, it IS QVGA (Quarter VGA, 320×240) at least according Virgin’s website. I thought the starting point for a full-size screen (vs the Flipout or DroidPro formats), even at the rock bottom of the price scale, at this point was supposed to be 480×320!

  • http://Website dakuten

    43,~€ for unlimited Plan ! Woah ! That’s cheap !

  • http://Website Stimpunked

    Yeah 43 euros is really cheap but there are some alternatives if you do a quick search. I’ve used a nice site http://simtariff.com/ which gives me opportunity to compare one tarrif to another. Try checking out Vodafone and O2 instead. By the way it’s a brilliant site. Saves a lot of time.

  • http://Website zay

    is virgin mobile gona get the 2.2 android upgrade? I see sprint has sent out the upgrade threw the air waves, but what about virgin mobile ?

  • http://Website deesh

    where is this phone located it is it at walmart ?

  • http://Website Pinkie

    So sprint already sent out the upgrade for android 2.2 for their intercept…Will it be coming to Virgin mobile and if so when?

  • http://Website Wadya

    23rd March 2011

    Virgin Mobile USA is pushing back the Android 2.2 (FroYo) upgrade to first week of April 2011.

    Here is from their Twitter Account:

    @NG_Player I’m sorry, the update is being rescheduled due to some internal timing issues. It should be ready the first week of April.

  • http://Website Big apple

    For all the people with dirty mouth, the UPGRADE IS HERE. Received text today, 04/08 it will start to roll out 04/11. Not great as I will be on vacation, and if the upgrade is poor quality I’m screwed, plus can’t back up to computer………………….

  • http://Website chuck

    I’ve had my intercept on Virgin Mobile for three-months now and have had constant problems. The latest is that when attempting to edit a contact, I get the message:

    “The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly…”

    The screen freezes and most times I have to pull the battery out just to get this phone to do anything again.

    The service peoe I’ve spoken with seem unfamiliar with this issue. Any advice?