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WiFi-only Galaxy Tab stops by the FCC

We may not know exactly when Samsung plans on releasing the Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab, but new FCC documentation shows that the device does in fact exist.  As you might expect, this version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab was only tested for WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity while it was in the FCC labs. When it comes to gadgets, we very rarely opt for devices with fewer features, but in this case it’s pretty safe to say that less is more.

By removing the 3G chip from the Galaxy Tab, Samsung should be able to shave off at least $100 from the price tag. A $500 7 inch tablet may still be way out of reach for most consumers, but it’s certainly a lot more intriguing than having to pay $399 plus two years of data connection charges to your favorite service provider.

Via: GSMArena

Source: FCC

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    At least you won’t need a data plan now.

  • http://Website DROID Sam

    Though a WiF-only version of the Galaxy Tab is incredible news, I think the number of comments speaks for itself. Why buy this when you can get an iPad for the same price?

    No, I’m not saying that Apple’s iOS is any petter than Android, but it’s already a proven platform with thousands of apps already designed specifically for the larger screen. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is by the the best Android tablet option out there, but the price simply does not fit. The max I would pay for this would be $400 and until it shows up in stores with that sticker price I’ll be looking at Archos and anyone else who knows how to get the price point just right.

  • http://Website Todd

    For the 7 inch form factor, you’re going to want to take it with you, so it has to have an always and everywhere on connection. That means 3g, and monthly data.

    If I’m going to have a wifi only tablet, it has to be at least (not almost) ten inches. And twelve is even better. I hope the second version of the JooJoo has good hardware and is available at least through a highly ranked Amazon retailer if not in local stores. I would go all the way to Fry’s to get one though.