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Control Youtube from your Android phone, Google releases Youtube Remote for 2.1+

Google today has unleashed an application that allows Android users to control Youtube playback on their PC, Google TV, or basically any other device that can access Youtube via a browser. The Youtube remote application works as a basic remote control that allows you to search for videos on your Android phone and immediately play them on another device, with full ability to fast forward, rewind, access the next or previous queued video, play/pause, and control playback volume.

The whole process is as easy as you’d expect from Google, but here are some quick instructions to get you started:

  1. Point your internet-enabled viewing device to while logged into a Youtube account.
  2. Log into the Youtube Remote application on your Android phone.
  3. Search for your favorite videos or swipe left/right to go through preset channels.
  4. Click on a video to watch on your internet-enabled viewing device.
  5. Controls will appear on your Android device so you can control the playback options.

Because the Youtube Remote application also has the standard mini-browser found in portrait mode of the Youtube application, you can also preview videos on your Android phone before launching them on the bigscreen.

At this point, I’ve only played around with Youtube Remote for about 15 minutes, but I can already tell you that this application has tons of potential use and moves us one step closer to having our Android phones run multiple aspects of our multimedia-laden lives. I encourage all of you to download the Youtube Remote application and check it out for yourselves.

Youtube Remote is available for free for all Android 2.1+ devices (good timing, eh Cliq owners?). UPDATE: It appears this application is U.S. only for now.  We’ll update you if that changes.  Sorry, overseas friends.

How will you use Youtube Remote?  Let us know in the comments!


Via: Lifehacker

Source: Youtube Blog

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  • Lemon

    I’ve been waiting for a Leanback remote – but for GOD KNOWS WHAT reason, this is US only.


    • Anthony Domanico

      Sorry man. Updated the post with your comment. Thanks for the information, at least.

      Hopefully GOogle will come to their senses soon.

    • http://Website Labrat


      Rooted phone and Market Enabler to the rescue!

      Works like a charm!

    • Ameen

      Android will have More Apps and More Customers by 2011 Mid. Spreading Too Fast Android application developer london

  • http://Website kermitthefrayer

    This is really slick!

  • http://Website Tito!

    Oh, I love Google oh so much. :)

  • mac08wrx

    :-( I can’t get it to work with my ps3 browser

    • http://Website Kevin

      I can’t either, that’s the main purpose for using this app (for me anyways). When I log into youtube and then try to go to the leanback site it seems to log me out of youtube.. Anyone know a cure?

      • skull

        Men, open in google crome,i had the same problem,i only use google crme to acces,everithing run perfect!

    • some random guy

      Download the YouTube app on the ps3 first

  • http://Website jake

    You can still get it outside of the states if you a combination of appbrain fast web install and find it on appbrain.

    but it doesnt act as a remote more like just leanback on your phone

  • http://Website Ryan Kim

    It isn’t working! I make a queue in the app when logged in, went to the leanback site on my computer also while logged in, and pressed connect. Nothing happens, and hitting a video on my android phone just plays it on my android phone.

    • PixelSlave

      Mine doesn’t work neither. I have Cyanogen 6 on my Droid.

    • http://Website Jonkyu

      Blegh mine’s not working either. The same thing is happening to me on Cyanogen 6

    • skull

      First u must pair,after open app in ur android,play the video,menu and choice the display,if it ask again the code,just go again in ur pc and click in pair with android devices and enter the new code it will play !

  • http://Website jr.

    its not working on my pc browser

    • http://Website jr.

      nvm i got it =]

  • http://Website G

    MarketEnabler you guys… geez

    • Lemon

      Not everyone roots their phone you guys… geez

  • Gone

    This is awesome!!

  • http://Website Mark

    …OR just download Gmote.

    • anakin78z

      Gmote lets you queue & remotely control YouTube videos?

  • http://Website Alex



  • Dom

    Worked perfectly on my HTC Desire HD in the UK via AppBrain, I used it with Opera Browser.

    • keridel

      i have the apk for my desire hd installed it but it wont authorie my account. how did you do it?

  • http://Website Adrian Petrescu

    if is free is free only in US ?

    free but not so free ?

  • http://Website Andy

    Having the QR codes is great, unless… you’re reading on an Android phone.

    • SGB101

      If reading on phone u get a link instead of code.

      I do at least.

      G mote for me. Use it to control my media extended in bed.

    • Anthony Domanico

      You’ll also notice that we’re trying to add the appbrain banner to the bottom of our post. If you click on that link, it’ll take you to market.

  • http://Website solelace

    thats a nice feature but I don’t see much use for it. I understand what a general purpose “remote” could be good for but I think I’m missing something about these app specific remotes. can someone explain why this is so useful?

  • http://... Vishhal Bhatt

    doesnt even work in Canada… gtfo

  • http://Website Trip McNealy

    Why would I use this when I can just use tubemote, which works with sites other than youtube? Oh, and I’m pretty sure it’s not restricted to the US…

  • cheekzzzz

    My tv gave me letters to pair my g3 to my tv and now I can’t pair? Is there a code I can u to fix it?