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Facebook refreshes their Android app, adds groups and places

No, Facebook did not announce their own phone, but they did reveal that their Android app is getting a refresh. The update should be available in the Android Market soon and it adds new features like places, groups, and improved notifications.

The focus of Facebook’s mobile event were several new key features for developers including single sign-on, an updated location API, and their deals platform. These new services create what Facebook calls a true horizontal platform and will allow developers to create new types of applications and experiences across all the mobile operating systems.

It looks like the update just went live so I’m going to go play with it and report on it later. What do you think of the new Facebook app for Android? What other features would you like them to add?

Source: Facebook Blog

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  • http://Website Chris

    I still want to see things like @mentions for status updates.

  • http://Website anne

    Also, it needs to be a self-contained app that doesn’t take you to the browser to view things, like comments on posts, etc.

    • http://Website sct

      It appears they fixed this. I am so happy they did because it was absolutely pointless to go into an app for notifications that just immediately take you to the browser.

      • http://Website anne

        Agreed! I guess they finally realized that us Android users number among many now and we want a fully featured and functional app. LOL.

  • http://Website zlander

    Its a major improvement, but I still want fb chat, and a notification in the notification bar like what. twitter does with mentions

  • http://Website Alex

    Still no chat support………. :(

    • http://Website Gee

      Use Trillian, it’s good and takes advantage of Froyo’s new push notifications…

      I actually prefer having a unified/dedicated (AIM, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, etc.) chat app like Trillian, it’s better than switching between multiple apps for chating over multiple protocals/services.

  • themetatron

    I’d like to see the cache taken out of data; let me clear the application cache so the app doesn’t pass 10MB in 3 weeks.

  • http://Website Mark

    Facebook, stop sucking Apple’s dick and give us FACEBOOK CHAT!!!!!!!!!

    • PixelSlave

      Folks, look deeper, read between the lines.

      Think about it, nothing major, nothing ground breaking were announced today. But FaceBook makes it sound big. Yet, what you get from the announcements? An Android update — combining that with the Ping/FaceBook incidents, it’s clear that FaceBook is betting on the Android platform. Technically speaking, it might not move the Android app beyond the iPhone version, because programming takes times. However, if the company is shifting focus to Android, eventually we will see the results.

      Generally speaking, I think it’s a smart move. Apple has shown other developers/content partners that it does not care about them. Which is ok, since in this business world, no company would care about another. But coupling that with a tightly controlled eco-system, if Apple suddently decided you are enemy, you are grilled. Small companies might be willing to take the risk, given the rewards of support the iOS, but to large companies like FaceBook, they will never feel safe by betting most of their efforts into the iOS. After all, no one wants to be Adobe number 2.

  • http://Website jose

    Its better. …it feels faster but needs IM. ..not a big Facebook person anyways..

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    Yea, the notifications in the notification bar doesn’t work properly. You only receive notifications if you go into the Facebook app. That defeats the purpose. That’s like after the fact. Notification should come even when your not in it so you know you can check it later. If it only comes while I am in the application then I might as well check it then, and I won’t even know until I go in it.

    I really dislike the simple things that don’t even work right. I don’t think we should be taken to the website for simple things like clicking on pictures and comments. If that was the case then I would of just logged in on the mobile desktop version. It needs to become more like the site and be user friendly

    • http://Website anne

      I agree with all your points. I also find it odd that the icons on the “main app page” don’t tell you if you got a message, a friend request, etc. They remain the same, so I find myself checking more so than using the official app.

    • http://Website geezagame

      I receive an email to my gmail address for all Facebook notifications, I don’t see the need for the Facebook app to also notify me. And, if you click on pics etc within the app it now does not direct you to the Facebook website, it now keeps you within the app

  • http://Website allie

    I want to be able to tag people in my photos when I upload them!

  • amiashu

    i dont know if its my phone, EVO or the facebook app but i can’t seem to play any videos posted on facebook unless they are hosted on youtube.
    am i missing something?
    i keep getting “Sorry this video can not be Played” popup.

    • http://Website Rupinder

      Yeah the same here. I want to see videos running in facebook app itself. The new app still gives the same old popup ‘Sorry your video cannot be played’. This sucks. :( Facebook I expected more from you on this bug specifically.

      • http://Website Rupinder

        And this is happening on my G2. May be it has something to do with Froyo.

  • http://Website UGH

    Ugh I still want facebook chat, tagging of people, and blackberry notification styles :( they just added 2 BORING things :(

  • http://Website Tim

    Definitely better. I agree with the tagging of photos I want that. Also the icons showing you have a message or friend request like the iphone/ipod touch one does.

  • http://Website Anas

    I’ll pass. TweetDeck more than enough for me :)

  • http://Website bray424

    Something I’d like to see in FB (or any of the other check in apps) is a simple 1×1 check in widget. Having to launch an app and navigate menus just to say where you are seems counter intuitive.

  • dustinh052

    I definitely appreciate the update. I was hoping the update would fix my friend list, but was let down instead.

    My friend list has been broken since 1.3.2. Anyone else out there with a similar issue?

    • http://Website fabien


      same issue here.
      I even sent a mail to the support with the exact details about the bug but no answer from them and no correction.

      it is a shame because it would have taken them 5 minutes to correct that bug.

  • jdellachiesa

    Still lots of issues:
    - needs apps2sd
    - needs push notifications
    - needs @mentions
    - needs to pull cache out of data area. Makes the app huge

    Still not overly impressed. Listening to users would be nice also…

    • http://Website fabien

      Concerning app2sd, they can’t make it because app2sd is not supported for apps with background service and/or widget (and the facebook app got both)

      But i agree concerning the other parts

  • http://Website ninjahood

    Ppl clammerin for fb chat why don’t ya use aim? It already intergrates fb chat.

  • http://Website D.J.

    I like the update because it fixed the annoying tendency to go to the website to view notifications and pictures.

    I don’t care about lack of FB chat, both AIM and the superior Trillian both support FB chat.

  • http://Website age

    the app keeps loading and loading but wont ever bring up the values. no matter if it’s places or groupes. is that only happening to me?

    i’m running it on a n1 with froyo.

    • dustinh052

      That happens to me everytime I try to view Groups.

  • http://Website age

    yes, on groups and places. places only if I try to set mine.

  • http://Website SUCKS!!!

    The Facebook app SUCKS!!! Places AND Groups DONT EVEN WORK!!! No point in adding things if they dont work! Chat, push notifications, and tagging people in photos are the things they should add! Facebook failed us AGAIN! The app should be equal or better than the iPhone and Blackberry, not WORSE!

  • http://Website TeePee4mybunghole

    The FB app still sucks hard. And for Pete’s sake, where is Chat? I ain’t giving up TweetDeck for this crappy app. Aint wasting 5meg for that weak app.

  • SoraHikairi

    what does it mean by scan to download?