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Capcom, Konami, and Namco announce 3D games for Android

What good are glasses-free 3D displays without some games to show them off? Japanese publisher Capcom just announced they are turning several of their popular franchises into 3D Android games, which include Mega Man, Ghosts ‘n Goblins: Gold Knights, and Resident Evil: Degeneration.

The three Capcom games will be pre-installed on Sharp’s new 3D phones, but hopefully they will make their way to some other handsets as well.

In addition to Capcom, we learned Konami will be releasing Mobile Powerful Pro Baseball 3D, Namco Bandai is readying Taiko Drum Master, and GungHo and Gamearts are working on a new Silpheed game called Silpheed Alternative.

As more old-school publishers come to Android, it gets me more and more excited for Tegra 2 devices and the PlayStation phone.

Which classic franchises would you like to see on your phone? I’ll take Street Fighter from Capcom, Time Crisis and Tekken from Namco, and give me some Contra and Metal Gear from Konami.

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Source: Capcom

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  • http://Website me

    ctrl f castlevania
    Castlevania not found

  • http://Website Christian

    I hope we get “I Love Katamari”! :D

  • My inked space app

    Resident evil, any old school dreamcast games soul caliber,would be top choice..also check out my inked space app

  • http://Website Nyreyn

    Metal gear on android would be sick if it’s done right.

  • http://Website adam

    yay! to resident evil but why not add resident evil 4 instead????

  • http://Website Abideen

    i would love to see street fighter 4 for android.

  • Cheat Codes Central

    I would like to see Call of Duty Black Ops for iphone.

  • http://n/a Brian H

    Call me crazy, but all I really want on my phone at the moment is Oregon Trail. I thought by now there would be at least a cheap port or clone in the market, but alas, nothing! How hard can it be?!

    I wish Sega would develop for Android. I’d love to see a Sonic game. And actually, with everyone talking about augmented reality “games” like SCVNGR, some real AR *games* would be awesome. Anyone remember Jet Grind Radio from Sega, where you rollerblade around a huge city and had to tag different areas? Imagine a game where you go around your city to “tag” something in via an AR interface. I’m not one for street art outside of Banksy, but it sounds like it would be a fun thing to do and would get you out and about.

    I’ll stop drinking and dreaming now lol.

    • http://Website oishimitzu

      I know gameloft makes a version for java phones. There are ways to convert the jad/jar files into apk to run the game on your phone. I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s intended for just this sort of thing.

  • http://Website Spencer

    I would love versions of Metal Gear (especially Metal Gear Solid 4)!

  • http://Website Manly Man

    Capcom: Marvel vs capcom 2

    Namco: Soul Caliber 2

    Konami: Metal Gear 3