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[GIVEAWAY] Win a limited edition Andy Robot character for Pocket Legends

About a week ago, we announced the release of Pocket Legends, a 3D multi-platform massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). The screenshots we received from Spacetime Studios, creators of Pocket Legends, showed the lovable Android Robot as a playable character. Several of our readers expressed frustration that they were unable to locate/unlock the Andy Robot so they too could play as the Android mascot.

Turns out, the Andy character was more of a PR thing, and though you may see him in game from time to time, there was no intent to unleash him as a playable character.


It seems we caused enough of a stink about this development that Spacetime Studios decided to unleash 12 of these characters into the wild. And we have one to give away to one of you lucky readers! All you have to do is leave a comment below by 9pm CST on Friday, November 19th with an email address in the appropriate field so we can contact you!

Good luck, everyone!

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  • http://Website domz

    i would love to be andy =\

  • kenny to

    Pick me! Your site rocks!

  • http://Website Rinkesh Patel

    Me , Pick me Andy ;)!

  • http://Website Will

    Andy, Andy, Andy, Where is Andy??

  • http://Website dino

    special edition. sounds fancy. Im in.

  • http://Website Dustin

    I want to play as Andy, so I can play Pocket Legends with my pants off both in game and out of game.

  • http://Website mh

    pick me!

  • http://Website dbeltz

    I want Andy as my charicter

  • http://Website Angus

    This is belongs to me! :-)

  • http://Website PyGuy

    C’mon. You know it’s mine…stop hoping!

  • http://Website HexiJosh

    I wants!

  • http://Website lordslug

    Hook me up with an android!

  • http://Website Jigjags

    Woo Hoo Gief plees..!

  • http://Website walpino

    i want this droid

  • http://Website Borkata

    Want that sweet character :)

  • http://Website Pennywise

    I’d love a lime Tic Tac right now

  • http://Website dodi

    I want andy!

  • http://androidandme mark

    Love this game already lvl 45 and caant wait to do pvp!

  • scottric

    I have been playng this constantly since I downloaded it!!! I have been searching for “andy”, guess I know now why I can’t find him…. LOL

    I SOOO want this Andy skin!!!

    If you ever see SkyBrother in Pocket Legends, say Hi ;-)

  • John

    I love android, this would go great on my desk at work.

  • http://Website Russell Holly

    An Andy character would be EPIC. I want to win!

  • PB

    Andy is awesome, I want Andy =]

  • http://Website Jacob Ellit

    I would like one

    [email protected] is for me if I chosen

  • http://Website Noel Easer

    This game is so damn fun! I’m a huge MMORPG fan and Pocket Legends fills that void when I’m away from my PC. I played it on the Galaxy Tab the other day and it’s absolutely AMAZING!!!

    P.S. Pick me!! :)

  • http://Website Tommi

    I just downloaded this game yesterday, and I already love it! Also I just found the Droid in the game so I got those cool antennas ^^

  • http://Website v

    i like green alien robots :)

  • http://Website Zach W.

    I’m totally excited to win an android character.

  • http://Freeantlers! Clockcycle

    Just got my free antlers from DROOID! haha, hope I win! thx for the chance -CC

  • http://Website KC

    I want an andy plz

  • http://Website GW


  • http://Website Mbbous

    Beans Beans the magic fruit !!!

  • http://Website Eppy


  •!/DevBartinger Bartinger

    I want that ANDYYY. PL is the best android game out there. XD

  • http://Website MM


  • http://Website big daddy debo

    I am new to android and i am trying to convert my son because he likes fruit and im having a bit of a time but if i could show him how cool and tight the android community is maybe hee will have a change of heart so send andy to me if he cant do it no one can

    thank you one way or the otrher derek

  • http://Website eric

    o man this looks sick
    I hope i get it

  • mattbale

    i love andy he is so cool

  • http://Website Jesse Evans

    I’d like to win the android character so I can create a new character named “Steve Jobs 2.0″. Help me fulfill my dream!

  • http://Website Uer Maum

    Hook me up – Android Andy 4tw!

  • http://Website Derek

    Andy tearing it up in AO3…epic!

  • http://Website Banned

    None you fools stand a chance. Banned is in the possum awesome house!

  • http://Website Happy Snacks

    He looks really, really happy.

  • http://Website AndroidFan

    Android Phones Rock – Rocking the Vibrant
    Would love to have an Andy Robot on my desk to go with the penguin’s and TMNT’s!!!!

  • http://Website androidftw

    i would love this andy costume but the problem is that i cant find the game in my market. i have a tmobile G2 and whenever i try to scan a barcode for the game, it doesnt find it. Im getting super frustrated! HELP please!

  • http://Website sundararaman

    TThe stink is worth it atleast for one human.

  • http://Website OurPrisonPlanet

    Bring on the unlocked Andy :-D MUWAH!!!

  • http://Website andy robot

    android rules

  • http://Website Itzael Martinez

    Andy looks cute in the game!

  • http://Website Sean K

    I’d love to get one of these characters!

  • http://Website lightxknowsxall

    i want andy! hes sooooooo cute

  • http://Website Varking

    Please allow me to get this. I love Droid and Pocket Legends.

  • http://xda paul h

    hook it up B…. hook it up!!

  • http://Website jeffb

    pick me!

  • ZRod


  • http://Website jeffrey

    yeah it’s fun man.

  • flatbunny

    I heart Andy!

  • http://Website Mark

    I’m Ron Burgundy?

  • http://Website Yuwei

    I would love to have one! xD

  • http://Website Mike Ditlevsen

    Would like one as well.

  • Chris

    I would very much like to win this.

  • sanchezkk

    Being new to the Android platform it would be nice to get a copy of Pocket Legends…. I hope I get a copy. Good luck all.

  • kingmook

    This game seems pretty awesome. Want Andy.

  • Ominae

    This game is awsome) Want andy too=)

  • http://Website B

    andy plz

  • http://Website toneynola

    i would love to win..please pick me

  • http://Website Josh

    Go Android!

  • http://Website Funkymonk

    Would love to kick some butt in that Android costume! Woot! :D

  • http://Website Brian Lewis

    I want that costume!!!

  • http://Website Hazdawgs


  • http://Website shadywack

    How can I not leave a comment here for an Android costume? I gotta try!!!

  • http://Website allybally

    robots rule beep!

  • http://Website Linx

    Android! Never regretted a day I got my Samsung Galaxy!

  • http://Website Filip

    ‘i like green

  • http://Website Arterra

    This looks like my one chance to get a android with no mobile contract!!
    FanForever. Gift me please.

    Ps I will bet 1/3 here are the same person cheating -_- ip check?

  • http://Website PsycloneTW


  • http://NA Scaramange

    There’s 3 characters and I’m already having trouble choosing – it would be great to have this choice made for me with the droid -

    [email protected]

  • http://Website Johanna

    It would make me so happy to receive the droid custome – I have to defend my android to the 10 other ICT Support staff who all use iPhones on a daily basis – I can’t understand how techies prefer the iPhone! Now that 3 of them play Planet Android, I would love to see their smirking faces grimace instead!

  • http://Website Zfwaeld

    Gimme the mean green open source machine!

  • http://Website Jennie

    Plz can haz?

  • http://Website John Makela

    Me please!

  • Nicko01

    Wow, this page is generating a lot of comments…

  • http://Website Podling

    (as I’ll never actually think of one!)

  • http://Website matthew

    I’m the only one of my friends with an android phone, they all have iPhones.
    I keep telling them to toss that junk and get a Droid.
    Well we all play pocket legends (thou I play about twice as much) and they think that because of there iPhones they’ll get the Droid character before anyone else.
    I was wondering if you could help me out so I could shove it in there faces, and show them once and for all the android is king !!!

  • http://Website amanda


  • dawson

    !!!!!!!!!!!!! so does that mean that we have to find him hope i can find him : )

  • Sandra

    Please pick me!

  • gavin

    yea i never won anything so i dont think that will change but its worht a try so thx for this giveaway devs androids and pocket leggends in general