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Pocket Legends brings MMORPG gaming to Android 2.1+

Gaming on the Android platform is getting better and better by the day. Pocket Legends, a 3D multi-platform massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), has been unleashed as a public beta into the Android Market, making it the first MMORPG to launch on Android. Because this is a mult-platform application, you can play with Android and iOS users alike, which will make for a great time if you use the special Andy character found in the Android version.

Pocket Legends brings the following features:

  • Three different playable character types: Archer, Enchantress, and Warrior
  • Ability to play over Wifi, 3G, and Edge networks
  • 3d Graphics
  • Immense worlds
  • Play with anyone (on any platform), any time, anywhere.
  • Awesome Andy character

Pocket Legends is the first of hopefully many bigger games with awesome graphics and social gameplay to come to Android. If you like MMORPGs, or gaming in general, we encourage you to give this public beta a go.  Pocket Legends will require 30 MBs of internal/external memory for the game, and requires Android 2.1 and above to play.

Because this is a beta, the folks who developed Pocket Legends are continually looking for feedback. Feedback forums can be found here. You can also leave comments here and I’ll forward them onto the developers.

UPDATE: Seems I was misled into thinking Andy is a playable character. Got an email back from the developer saying this is a promotional character only, and you will see him around the game from time to time, but not as a playable character.  I sent a message back demanding they add it as a playable character, but I doubt they’ll listen to me. Sorry guys.

PL_Android_Character PL_Android_Cheer PL_Android_Laugh PL_AOE_Attack PL_Avian_Combat2 PL_Avian_Combat3 PL_Avian_Questgiver PL_Costuming PL_Forest_Haven PL_Login PL_Mana_Tips PL_World_Map

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  • http://Website Vinter

    been waiting for this for a while, used to mess with it on wifes phone

  • http://Website abadomax

    :O. Now I really need to buy the g2 (still on my historic g1)

  • Nortisan

    Why am I not seein the Andy character??? :(

    • http://Website firethorn

      Same question. How did you get Andy??

  • http://Website Luke T.

    No link to download either……

  • http://Website Zach W.

    No idea how to unlock andy character. Perhaps those are just promo shots and he’s not actually in the game. I’m sure I would have seen someone playing as him.

  • http://Website pj

    Where can i download???

  • http://Website websurf

    Add the download link plz. I can’t find it on the Market. Cliq running Motoblur 2.1

    • http://Website wil

      got to spacetimestudios dot com then click on forums then android then one of the first stickies should be the .apk file download it transfer to phone and install

  • http://Website UQs

    “making it the first MMORPG to launch on Android”

    No, there are several text-based MMORPG’s already for the android platform.

    This is the first 3D MMORPG though.

  • http://Website Se7en2

    So far, I really like this game, just hate how much battery it sucks up (EVO). Has anyone tried this game on the Galaxy Tab? Would love to see how it scales to the tablet.

  • Minkiu

    Can we move it to the SD ??

  • Anthony Domanico

    Sorry guys… updated the post with QR code and some sad news about Andy as a playable character. :(

  • http://Website chris

    not working on mytouch 3g 2.2?

  • deltaslight

    Love this game! Add me if you want to go questing with an android junkie. IGN deltaslight

  • http://Website charlie

    Surprisingly good game runs great on my droid 2.2

  • Yes, you can move it to sdcard (at least if running froyo). It’s about 12 megs of internal memory instead of 30 when doing so.

  • http://Website Katvo

    Can’t install it on my Ally, not enough internal memory free, even after deleting apps :( I need Froyo!



  • http://Website Otafiure

    just downloaded and installed onto Moto Xoom… Plays great! Could do with update to make use of HD, if only for the icons

  • anirudh

    i can’t install it!!!! i have a samsung i5510 2.2 froyo and it doesn’t install !!!