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Tab video: Playing games

One of the main reasons I was excited to get my hands on a Samsung Galaxy Tab was simple: I wanted to play my favorites games on a bigass screen.

And it was pretty cool. For the most part. While a ton of my favorite games played and looked great, it seemed like plenty more had resolution problems (where the game is framed up in the center of the screen with large black bars around it). While I’m sure the support for tablet resolution will eventually trickle into the Market, right now you’ll run into the problem a lot.

The good news is that a lot of quality games run perfectly. The seven inch screen is a great size for gaming, large enough for a wow factor without seeming like you are swinging around a full-size display. The games ran well, the screen looked great, the touch controls on most games seemed to function perfectly- overall it was an experience I’ve not found on any other Android tablet (and I’ve tried quite a handful at this point).

Just to show what the Tab was capable of, we tossed together a short montage of five games we’d been enjoying on the big screen. We start with Backbreaker Football (an arcade style tackle alley football smasher), play Flick Kick Football (one of our favorite OpenFeint titles), run and gun in Modern Combat: Sandstorm (one of the many Gameloft HD titles available), show off our intellectual side with Spark Chess (a great two-colum layout chess game, perfect for tablets), and, of course, we had to get some Angry Birds in there (the reining champ of mobile games).

As you can see in the video, all the games ran great. There was almost no slowdown (like you might expect when processing that many pixels) and every game we tested played just fine. Our only complaint is that some games don’t yet fully support the higher resolution, but I’d imagine that will be solved in time…

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  • Quant

    Received my Galaxy Tab on Friday. The email, cal, contacts and memo are fantastic. Love the size of the tab. It is very portable, light, easy to take around with you.

  • Lekky

    The positive is that all the game devs I’ve contacted said they a2w working on fixing issues for the tab!

  • Lorenz

    Awsome …..

  • http://Website Ham

    Scaling apps to Full Screen aint an issue anymore :-)