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This is what games will look like on Honeycomb tablets [VIDEO]

“You’ll be shocked how wonderful it is.” “Absolutely, absolutely magical.” That is how NVIDIA’s CEO described the upcoming Honeycomb tablets featuring their dual-core Tegra 2 processor that are coming next year.

We don’t know exactly what experiences he was describing, but Android games are about to get a major boost thanks to the Ultra-low power (ULP) GeForce GPU found inside Tegra 2 and upcoming 3D game engines like Epic Games’ Unreal Engine and id Software’s Rage Mobile.

Check out some game demo videos after the jump to see what type of launch titles we might see for Honeycomb devices.

Unreal Engine 3 – Epic Games

When NVIDIA unveiled the Tegra 2 processor at the last CES in January, they used an Unreal Engine tech demo to show off the power of their hardware.

We already previewed a few upcoming Android games running on Tegra 2 devices like Dungeon Defenders and games from SouthPeak, but we are going to see a much larger number of titles get announced as we approach the rumored Honeycomb launch date of February.

For an idea of what the Unreal Engine can do, check out this iPad demo called Epic Citadel. The Unreal Engine 3 graphics are simply amazing and we know that NVIDIA said their Tegra 2 offers 5x faster gaming performance (over single core CPUs running at 1 GHz). I’m not saying you would actually see 5x performance in this single demo, but Tegra 2 tablets should outperform the graphics of the iPad.

Epic Games is also working on a new title this holiday season for iOS called Infinity Blade. We have no idea how hard it is to port iOS games built with the Unreal Development Kit to Android so we don’t know if we will ever see this game, but one can hope.

Rage Mobile – id Software

There were hints that id Software would produce Android games when they posted a job listing for an Android developer last month. Then recently John Carmack, co-Founder of id Software and lead programmer tweeted he was porting Rage Mobile to Android.

The first Rage game just hit iOS called Mutant Bash TV (or Rage HD) and id Software is selling it for the unbelievably low price of $1.99 (non-HD version is $0.99). The HD version for iPad is a huge download of 743 MB and it expands to over 1 GB when fully installed, so you can get an idea of how much space these HD games will eat up on your Android tablet.

We still have a couple months left till Android tablets with Honeycomb go on sale, so I’m sure the game developers are working around the clock and we should see some pretty cool titles at launch. Which games look the best and which ones do you hope find their way to Android?

Source: Rage

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  • http://Website STFU about Tegra 2!

    WTF. Android & Me should just change their name to Tegra 2 emporium. Also, are you completely dead to the fact that these games are running on iOS devices? iOS devices which use processors VERY similar to the ones found in the Galaxy S? Tegra 2 isn’t the end all be all.

    Android and ?e should realize there areother ANDROID related topics they could talk about. Theres a reason no other tech site is talking about it as much as you are: ITS NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I’m pretty certain the Unreal Engine will come out for PowerVR GPUs found in the Hummingbird and OMAP3, but all the Unreal Engine games that have been announced for Android are being designed for Tegra 2.

      • http://Website xxxxxxx

        Agreed. This post should be “This is what games would look like on current gen Android devices if Epic and id would port their engines to Android.”

        I don’t know enough about Android’s VM, but it could be that the virtualization is retarding the GPU from reaching its full potential. Or something.

        • http://Website Tony

          Well your traditional Android apps are built like you say on java VM technology, but Google also has for developers wanting to make games a special development kit for this called NDK(native dev. kit) for using straight C/C++ code just like all your PC games are made. So yeah, with the newer silicon in recent and upcoming Android devices, I expect they’ll have no problem surpassing what can be done with iOS, especially in the tablet realm.

    • http://Website Mark

      While I agree with you that they are talking about it a bit too much, it is “kinda” a big deal. I mean it’s the next big jump in mobile processing tech so any news about it is welcome. :D

    • http://Website ken

      Seriously! I don’t understand the OBSESSION with tegra 2 on this site. I see it mentioned here literally 100x more than any site with tons of oh what the hell lets write a tegra article.

      If you want to get excited about something then write about cortex a9 and dual core parts in general. Nvidia, qualcomm, samsung, and TI will all have very similar parts in terms of performance. Tegra 2 will be the first out of the gate but all these parts will be in products this year and they will all perform similarly. Some new gingerbread info would be a much bigger story ;) Hurry up google

      • http://Website ken

        *next year not this year

      • Taylor Wimberly

        If you follow this site you will see that I’m obsessed with all kinds of mobile processors. I’m excited about the dual-core qualcomm snapdragons. I’m excited about Samsung’s Orion. I’m excited about TI’s OMAP4. It just so happens that all the recent news is mostly Tegra 2 stuff and it sounds like their tablets are coming first so that’s why I still find it interesting to write about. But yes, I am kind of obsessed with mobile technology. That’s why I like this blog.

        • http://Website ale

          we are actually luck to have these articles because without it, we would just go and buy ourselves those beautiful phones that has pretty weak processors *iphone*

        • http://- CGH

          Guess what? I love all your news about Motorola + Tegra :)
          Keep it coming! Great Job!

        • Jes

          I don’t know how you keep your cool, Taylor, but great reply.

  • http://Website Strdier

    This is an extremely misleading title and article. It doesn’t show any video of actual games running on Android/Honeycomb tablets. Instead, there are links to videos of games running (and I must add, presently shipping for) on iPad. Sounds like a huge case of jealousy. FYI: I own a Nexus One.

  • http://Website Rubrewskey

    Rage looks pretty sweet. It would be awesome if they brought Doom to tablets. I also can’t help but think that Sony better have something pretty awesome up their sleeve if they want their Playstation phone to compete with games on these tabs.

  • http://Website Mark

    Android gaming > iPhone gaming. Why? Open source. It’s the same way Windows was able to come out on top of Apple in the PC market. Apple’s walled garden of software just couldn’t compete with the wild, popping farm of Windows software. History always has a funny way of repeating itself and those who fail to learn from their mistakes are DOOMED to repeat it!!!

    • http://Website Ryan

      Not so sure about that, Mark. “Open Source” doesn’t really mean anything to game developers. For example, see PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. Game developers (and really, developers in general) go where the highest potential for revenue is. It’s just smart business.

      The reason Windows saw far more games than Mac OS isn’t because Windows is “open” (it isn’t), but because Microsoft grabbed many times more market share than Apple early on. This happened because Microsoft offerred their OS platform to all comers, then market capitalism–not to mention a huge marketing budget–ensured that prices were driven down and everyone and their mom bought a Windows PC. Critical mass is the reason Windows is the computer platform of choice for game developers, not “open source.”

      That said, I don’t disagree with your point. Android’s ubiquitous nature will most likely ensure that it will eventually play host to the lion’s share of the game developer’s attention. That just isn’t right now and, once iPhone moves to Verizon and others, probably not for a few years to come. iPhone users are just historically more inclined to be big and quick spenders, in addition to the fact that it’s just easier to ensure that your game works on one platform and 2—3 resolutions than it is to QA your big-time, big-name game on a dozen or more devices.

      Despite the seemingly downer tone of my comment I do believe Android will eventually be the OS-of-choice for developers (game and otherwise) looking to make money, we just can’t pretend that’s going to happen quite as quickly as we’d maybe like it to.

      Standard disclaimer: I owned a G1 before my current Nexus One and have rooted the hell out of both. No iPhone/iPad magic-ery here.

      • Brock

        Agreed. Most people tend to use Android’s open source as a reason to develop some things for it, when in the end developers care less about whether the OS is open source, and more about the strength of the documentation behind the platform (and its subsequent APIs), the emulators,

        I’m an Android supporter, and want to grab the source and play around with it, sure, but the Android source is huge and unwieldy.

        I just wish you could stop touting Android’s open source as a major advantage for consumers. They couldn’t care less. Most people can’t read source code, nor would they even know Java to begin with.

  • http://Website khush

    i dont care if i get down rated i agree with first comment the games shown here like rage can be played on the iphone 3g even and android requires this all powerful tegra 2 to be able to play them. whats worse is only those phones with tegra 2 processors will be able to play them when we got phones like galaxy s that should be able to handle it having similar hardware to that of iphone 4. Clearly android is not being optimized for these phones and that is just sad that we cant acomplish the same games an iphone 3G!!! can without this tegra 2

  • http://Website Hans

    Why don’t they port these games to phones using the second generation snapdragons and hummingbird? They’re more than capable of playing these games coming out for the iOS. Especially the hummingbird, which is slightly better than the GPU found on the iPhone 4/iPad.

    • JoeyAndroid

      Probably lack of resources (time and/or money). Businesses HAVE to look forward and they barely have the time to do what they HAVE to do so there isn’t any time to do what they may want to do (make everyone happy).

  • http://Website mike

    my G2 will run both of these great and that means my phones gaming wont be outdated for a while!

    • http://Website mike

      Ok why would anyone downrank this?i didnt offend anyone with my happiness did i?

  • http://Website Ted

    To all the losers bitching about this article…get a fucking life. You hate it, yet you take the time out to read and then comment. If you don’t like it, don’t read it and move on with your life and troll somewhere else. You obviously don’t have anything to contribute except your uneducated opinion. Keep up the good work Android and Me! For every asshole, there are ton more people who love and respect this site.

    • OrganizedFellow

      Assholes are everywhere, they bitch and moan about this and that.
      If you people like iPad and iPhone so much, If you like a CEO that dictates what you can and can not do with your device, if you can’t embrace open-ness then stop trolling these blogs.

      Tegra2 is the current wave of the future.
      As are all the upcoming processors, etc. Stop bashing and hating.

      If you think you could do a better job reporting on the news and sharing your opinion, go buy your own domain name and get a host. For under $25 per year, you can have your own anti-Android or anti-Apple site.

      I think the Android&Me staff are doing a damn good job of reporting.

  • monlosez

    The real Tegra 2 gaming performance vs Hummingbird in Galaxy Tab.

    Tegra 2

    PowerVR SGX 540 in Galaxy Tab

  • http://Website coppolla

    hey guys archos 5 it have ARM CortexTM-A8 dual cœur and it is realese on 2009

  • http://Website Herman

    This post has nothing to do with Tegra chips or Android.

    It’s about cool games on iOS that might even never see the light of day on Android.

    One more crap post like this and AndroidAndMe is going to be deleted out of my bookmarks.

  • http://Website Kye

    Tho i am a fan of this site. Ive got to admit, the contents of the article and missleading headline are weak at best. but ill take the rough with smooth.

  • http://Website joeskie

    man, you android owners need to take a step back and realize that your chosen os is fractured beyond repair. mainly because suprise but sex-google likes to release a new os almost esclusivly to the highest bidder(verzon, you fuck head) and because google is one of those companies that cares only about money(a good strategy in becoming the largest and most powerful company evar!!) that drives their actions. google could easily take it upon themselves and fix pretty much everyones issuse by coming out and getting every single device currently out an upgrade to android 2.2 and letting everyone know that if you have a phone with less than x amount of cpu you will see no furthur upgrade. you al need to come to terms with the fact that as long as you your beloved android continues to have devises realeased that have 528 mhz proc. and 512 ram that ther is not a single developer out there who will take you seriously. i mean think about it. why realese a game to 10 android users and risk half of them running android 1.5(fuck you motorola) when you could publish t to iphone users who, first of all, will shell paper out like theres no tomorrow for the next coolest thing, second of all every single one of those users is sporting a cortex-a9 1+ghz processor with a gig + of ram, its common sense! android is my favorite hands down, but if android platforms are not united we are doomed. someone has to say it and since i have yet to see anyone yet ill say it: ANDROID WILL ONLY GET SO GOOD, IF ITS GAMING YOU CARE ABOUT, GO APPLE, IF IT INNOVATION AND SOFTWARE OPENESS(stuff that really matters)YOU CARE ABOUT, GO ANDROID.

    • http://Website Herman

      Your Shift button seems to be broken, yet your Capslock works fine.

      You could have used your Capslock to capitalize the first letter of each sentence, now it is a pain to read, so I didn’t.

    • monlosez

      Games are slowly coming to Android too.

  • Jes

    I never understood the fascination with first-person shooters/games, but I must say these clips (especially the last one) make me want to go out and buy a tablet right now just to play them!

  • Phoenix

    I know it will never happen, but I wish we could get the original HALO on Android. If my old XBOX could play it I’m sure a modern Android device could handle it.