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A quick look inside the firmware of the leaked Samsung GT-i9200

Last week a mysterious Samsung firmware leaked out for a phone with the model number GT-i9200. No one knows for sure what the device is, but a lot of people got excited about it because the model number was similar to other high-profile leaks like the Nexus S (GT-i9020) and the “Galaxy 2″ (GT-i9100).

Hackers dug through the firmware and found reference to the original Hummingbird processor (S5PC110) and a 800×480 display, so it appeared to be from the Galaxy S family at first.

Now another forums member from xda-developers, Pako7, took the firmware and extracted all the image files from it. There is nothing too mind blowing inside, but there are screens of a new camera interface, the virtual keyboard, and a boatload of app icons.

Some of the icons are new, but a few are also known. The reason some look familiar is because they appeared in the slide decks of that leaked Samsung flagship phone that was posted earlier this month. While I don’t believe the 1st half flagship phone is the GT-i9200, at least we know these icons are real.

The Samsung flagship phone that leaked earlier this month.

So overall there is nothing to really get excited over, unless you happen to be a fan of pretty icons. If you want to browse through the other images, hit up the source link and grab the zip file.

What do you think the relation is between these two leaks, if any?

samsung-i9200-keyboard-2 samsung-i9200-keyboard samsung-i9200-camera samsung-i9200-apps Samsung Icons

[Thanks Geee Keeem for the tip]

Source: XDA Developers

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  • http://Website Shaneaus

    Icons still too iPhoney…

    • http://Website Mocha K

      The whole phone is iPhoney

      • ZackC456

        Tell me about it.

    • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

      At least they try to be part of the iPhone world! Of course, its not as polished and flawless like the iOS icons, but ya have to give them some credit for their effforts. Keep fighting like a true girl, Samsung!

      (This message was sent from god/iPhone 4)

      • http://Website jeffster888

        iOS icons are some of the most mismatched, horrifically mixed abominations of design I’ve ever seen. The glossy effect is terrible, and executed with about as much grace as a failed suicide bombing.

      • http://Website Awaking hidden comments

        Ben Johnson, GA wrote

        “At least they try to be part of the iPhone world! Of course, its not as polished and flawless like the iOS icons, but ya have to give them some credit for their effforts. Keep fighting like a true girl, Samsung!”

        (This message was sent from god/iPhone 4)

    • Martin

      The icons also completely go against the official Android icon design guidelines.

    • HipHopIsLyfe37

      I think this is part of TouchWiz 4.0

      …that’s my 2 cents

  • http://Website alex

    Cool but samsung seems like they have no creativity they are making it look a like an iphone knock off with each leak, but android’s better so dosen’t matter :D

    • http://Website Thaghost

      It does matter. Google’s in the process of surpassing ios in many if not all categories. Why would they then imitate them? I love android but some people think they can do no wrong. That’s incorrect. I hope this is not for the nexus phone. A stock android phone resembling an iphone??…It would make me sick to my stomach. How many iclones will samsung make?

  • http://Website Joseph

    Wow, that iPhone-wannabe interface is a total deal breaker, no matter what the specs are. I’d feel like I was carrying some Chinese knock-off.

  • Aakash

    why do they put their own skin on the top of android? it delays the release to customers. the phone becomes sligggghtly slow and the phone makers have a headache of customizing the UI every time a new version of android is released.

    have stock android, push the OS release from Google; satisfied customers!

    • http://Website 2FR35H

      There is a reason that there is a Nexus S.

  • http://Website protozeloz

    I stilll think is fake and or homo, but I guess samsung might be looking for reasons to get some lawsuits, I don’t like the looks but if it will pack some juice then it will be welcomed

    • http://Website Inquisitor

      OMG ur right its TOTALY homo! I hear it’s currently in an illicit affair with fellow shitty proprietary ui, motoblur. Scandalous!

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    Still looks like the MIUI Rom that everyone flashes to their Evo’s. The same rounded off edges on the icons. Not the same exact images but same look. I like the new camera UI lol.

  • http://Website Brye

    Dear Sammy,

    Please stop copying Apple. It’s not working out nicely.
    We know you can do it.

    • http://Website 2FR35H

      For you maybe but last time I checked the Samsung Galaxy S sells more than most other phones world wide.

    • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

      They learn from the best.

  • IHTCEvo

    Sammy needs to get there own design. The Droid X has a ass and The Evo has a kickstand but Sammy can’t put something cool like that.

  • http://Website Jeffroid

    Just like what we always say to kids with no confidence:

    “Be yourself! That matters the most!”

  • deltaslight

    True True. Samsung Vibrant here, and I thought the UI was too iPhoney also. Replaced it with open home and it gave me the app drawer that we all know and love!

  • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

    Looks like another Samsung epic fail imho. We are happy with our iPhone, we dont need such a mess Samsung! Although, i appreciate following the iPhone design language, ripping off the masterful iOS icons design. But the hardware specs are a joke, come on Sammy this is all?

    • Detox

      Dude shut up about the iphone if you like it so much then why are you on an android site.

    • http://Website Hans

      Excuse me, but are you a comedian? You should totally do stand up! :D

      On a serious note, I find it funny that you keep trolling for the iPhone. Especially since it barely caught up after how many years of being in the market? The Samsung phones beat the iPhone 4 in terms of speed, graphic power, functionality, OS, developer love,etc. Oh, and I wouldn’t call a phone that has sold millions worldwide an “epic failure”. :)

      • http://Website Inquisitor

        To be fair he only called it an “epic fail.”

      • http://Website Sergio

        Huh? In terms of speed? What a joke.. Galaxy S is just a piece of laggy crap.

    • http://Website ANDEEE

      lol this @ss here is replying himself again

      sore loser

  • http://Website Cod3rror

    What’s wrong with copying Apple? as long as you’re copying something good.

    I like TouchWiz, IMO Samsung added lots of good functionality to it, music player is great with lots of small nice touches, features and options. The alarm is very good.

    • http://Website Daniel

      Copying like Samsung do makes your product look inferior: it gives the strong impression that either you made a cheap imitation trying to catch unaware customers or you’re just playing catch-up. I’ve seen the Galaxy S being mocked as an iPhone 3GS wannabe quite a few times, and this one will certainly become known as the iPhone 4 knockoff.

      While HTC do have its moments of nonsense copying, they mostly try to make their own name as a company with unique design and innovative ideas. Sense has a couple original features, like smart ringer volume, that would certainly make Steve Jobs jealous.

  • http://Website SkelmecH

    Holy shit, really? It looks like fucking MIUI

    • http://Website Elizabeth

      i love miui *kisses*

    • http://Website Elizabeth A

      i love miui *kisses*

  • http://Website Richard


    • http://Website Hans

      Stop being such a manufacturer fanboy. It’s the last thing we need in the android community. It’s nice that you love your Evo and HTC, but you’re becoming like an apple fanboy the way you’re acting. We all love android because we love the openness and choice.

  • http://Website Kleptine

    Does anyone else wish there were more beautiful phones like the Nexus One? Even the Nexus S looks like the dumb-phone my friend has had for years. All they really did is replace the specs and the OS.

    HTC all the way.

    • http://Website ANDEEE

      To be fair, only for some TRUE UBERNERDS Nexus One was a beautiful phone.

      Hey I don’t like the design of the Nexus s or Galaxy S2 either.

      But that’s Nexus One doesn’t have a beautiful design. Yes, it was a revolutionary spec for the android but beautiful? I don’t think so.

      I’m not saying it’s ugly, but Nexus One is not a sexy looking phone. If you are one of those TRUE UBERNERDS you drool over it we get it, just like those Star Wars or Star Trek nerds.

      I say this again, if Nexus One was a beautiful phone to look at it would’ve been less disastrous in sale despite the crappy marketing strategy.

      • http://Website Kleptine

        I disagree.

        Compared to something like the Evo, Galaxy S variants, or droids, it’s far better. The one reason I can really pick out is that they didn’t follow the “shiny” trend that seems to be the rage with Samsung and others.

        The matte finish makes it look less cheaply made, and as a bonus, the slight rubbery texture of the back is perfect.

        Of course, obviously this is all opinion. I’ve used other phones (mytouch, evo, eris), but none of them have really come close to feeling like something that was developed keeping the aesthetics of the phone at the top.

        Poor sales were a completely different problem. The fact was that :

        1. No one wanted to buy a $500 dollar phone off contract or figure out how the heck to transfer it on to their current contract after buying.
        2. It was only advertised by Google, who used only internet advertising.
        3. Normal people (those who would not be visiting this site) don’t set out to buy a specific phone. They realize they need a new one and pick the one that they like from their carrier, none of which actually advertised the Nexus One.

        • http://Website ANDEEEE

          I know how crappy marketing strategy was for nexus one. Maybe I wasn’t just honest enough. So I’m just gonna say it.

          boy, when I first saw nexus one my impression was ‘wow that’s one hell of nerdy looking phone!!’

          I am sure nerdy enough to come to this site and post comments, but that nerdiness look Nexus one posseses is just too profound I just can’t seem to fathom it. Of course this is my opinion.

          Mostly that track ball is the culprit, but some times you only need one little dirty tattoo to make one fine person look like a punk.

          In my honest opinion, Nexus one’s design was not beautiful only nerdy.

          good thing HTC now has track pad instead

    • blankit

      your right bro they should have stayed with the design and put a front facing camera and i would be happy

  • http://Website Supraman21

    Anything less than a 1280×720 screen=fail

  • http://Website leon

    800*400 RES with 4.3inch screen? I think it’s a fake. If it was the plagship of early 2011 ,it wll compete with moto t2 LG star and so on. The revolution must to be 1280*720

  • http://Website Linda Love

    what a let down!

  • http://Website androidable

    from the looks of the camera interface…..
    it seems like the phone has no hardware shutter button on the phone…
    am i rite??

  • http://Website HTC>Samsung

    Its not the inside what counts, its the outside! Well and that sux big time!

  • http://Website DarknesSx

    First off, What are jOS (Junk OS) fanboys doing in “androidandme”
    second, if SAMSUNG made there phone with jOS icons then they can DIAF and go to hell. it`s fucking icons can`t they work just a little a make some icons of there own?
    third, i`m the absolute biggest fan of the magical <3 Google <3 but i still don`t get WHY did they choose SAMSUNG to make there flagship phone? they could Choose HTC (the better choice *although they have release FEWER phones from time to another, they act like Nokia xP *) like the Nexus One which was AWESOME (at that time) or "Sony" (although i find Sony products are AWESOME but there "Sony Ericsson" phones SUCKs like shit!!! O_o"

  • http://Website DarknesSx (read this, fixed mistakes xD)

    First off, What are jOS (Junk OS) fanboys doing in “androidandme”
    second, if SAMSUNG made there phone with jOS icons then they can DIAF and go to hell. they`re fucking icons. Can`t they work just a little and make some icons of there own?
    third, i`m the absolute biggest fan of the magical <3 Google <3 but i still don`t get WHY they chose SAMSUNG to make there flagship phone!! they could choose HTC (the better choice *although they have to release FEWER phones from time to another, they act like Nokia xP *) like the Nexus One which was AWESOME (at that time) or "Sony" (although i find Sony products are AWESOME but there "Sony Ericsson" phones SUCKs like shit!!! O_o".

  • http://Website REVS

    100% IPHONEY

  • http://Website TareX

    So….. does that mean the Nexus S will have Hummingbird, and not Orion?

  • kwills88

    Oh boy i can’t wait for the apple fan boys to come out saying “haha, see you can’t deny it you love Iphones you even got a phone that looks just like it”…why would you try hard to be different only to end up looking the same

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    Vote with your dollars!

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    Vote with your currency!