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Acer may debut a Galaxy Tab competitor tomorrow in NYC

Taiwan-based PC maker Acer is expected to finally unveil their first Android tablet at a special event taking place tomorrow in New York. As of late we have not really focussed on the countless number of Android tablets coming out overseas, but since Acer chose to announce this thing in the United States there is a good chance we might get our hands on it.

Back in May, Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci showed off a 7-inch Android tablet that featured a physical QWERTY keyboard below the display, similar to Amazon’s Kindle design. We don’t know much about the device, but it was rumored to include the Tegra 2 processor like many upcoming Honeycomb tablets.

A report from Digitimes says that Acer was debating on whether they should wait for Honeycomb (Android 3.0), but it sounds like they want to get a product out now to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

“Acer has two internal opinions about the debut of Android tablet PCs, one is to delay the debut until after Gingerbread (Android 2.3) and Honeycomb (Android 3.x) are launched, the other is that an early debut will help compete with Samsung Electronics’ and Toshiba’s Galaxy Tab and Folio 100, the sources pointed out.”

Acer’s CEO also said they were still deciding between traditional retail channels or operators for distribution, but that the latter was the “obvious” option. Google won’t allow the Android Market on devices without a mobile data network, so expect the Acer tablet to come in a 3G version unless they haven’t been doing their homework.

What do you think of Acer’s Kindle inspired tablet design? Should they release it right now with Android 2.2 in time for the holidays or delay the product till next year and focus on Honeycomb?

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Source: Digitimes

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  • http://Website Droidless Bill

    “Google won’t allow the Android Market on devices without a mobile data network, so expect the Acer tablet to come in a 3G version unless they haven’t been doing their homework.”

    Really? Ef’that. Like I want a larger phone bill. Gimme a Wi-Fi version of the Tab and I’d be happy.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      It is rumored that Google will ease their rules for Android Market in Android 2.3. So future WiFi tablets should be able to access the Market if they meet Google’s other requirements.

      • http://Website Droidless Bill

        I would say it is in their best interest to do so. For example, the University I work for won’t allow departments to buy anything that comes with a cell/data contract like a phone or a tablet, so right now I have to recommend the iPad for purchase until another option comes along.

      • http://Website DaveC

        We don’t need no stinkin rules! The Archos WiFi only tablets have no problem accessing the Google Market.

  • IHTCEvo

    Wait for Honeycomb damn it. Everyone wants a wifi version so why bother with the 3g version only.

  • http://Website Maggie Wimberly

    Why do they want to challenge the mediocre Galaxy Tab?

  • http://Website Droidless Bill

    This thing is sporting a keyboard? Why?

    Acer: maker of fine cr*p. (Seriously. I am using one of their netbooks now. It’s a nice piece of junk. The best of the low end, to be sure.)

  • http://Website M.J Tadjoedin

    January 2011.
    I think is not a good idea waiting for honeycomb as will be release in Q2 2011 and by the time Acer tab honeycomb comes out, the people would have already spent their money for iPad 2 which surprisingly with several new hot innovations.
    Not mention many manufacturers are coming soon with their tablets, the sooner one will have lots of profit so I strongly suggest that Acer tab to hit the market asap, use gingerbread will be a wise decision, and will have honeycomb for the next product, or may skip honeycomb and go ahead for android 3.6 peanutbutter.
    Time is money.!