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Android 2.2 can’t match iOS 4 features: 10 reasons why #Humor

Are you a fan of our Facebook page? I’ve been sharing other stories over there about the mobile industry that I find interesting and just came across this piece on eWeek titled Android 2.2 Can`t Match iOS 4 Features: 10 Reasons Why. I got a good laugh from it and our Facebook fans thoroughly enjoyed it, so I thought I would share it with our larger audience. 10 reasons why after the jump.

Android 2.2 Can`t Match iOS 4 Features: 10 Reasons Why by Don Reisinger of eWeek

1. Google isn’t so big on software

Google’s real plan with Android is to dominate the mobile advertising space. It fully realizes that the best way to achieve that goal is by doing whatever it can to capitalize on the desire for touch-screen smartphones with the help of Android. That’s precisely why Google offers its operating system for free. But due to that focus on eventual mobile advertising dominance, Google falls short compared to Apple on software design.

2. Apple understands consumers

Apple understands what consumers want and how they will use a particular product. That comes through in all the products the company sells, including its iOS platform. Google, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to understand consumers as well as it could. It’s certainly doing a better job than most companies, but it still has a long way to go to match Apple. In fact, Google’s consumer understanding seems to be more Microsoft-like than Apple-like. And that could be a problem — especially for its operating system–going forward.

3. Multitasking

Multitasking on iOS is a key reason why Apple has enjoyed such success in the mobile market as of late. For years, consumers were hoping for true multitasking. But for years, the company made no promises. But in iOS 4, multitasking is running on the iPhone. Because of that, Google has a long way to go to match anything Apple is currently offering.

4. Folders make it all OK

Apple’s iOS platform is better than Android 2.2 for several major reasons. But one of the minor things that consumers should think about is Apple’s operating system’s folder support. With little effort, consumers can quickly create folders, lump similar programs together, and more. It provides a rewarding experience. And it’s something that Google has a long way to go on in order to catch up.

5. Ease of use must come into play

In any evaluation between two operating systems, ease of use must play a role. After all, if a particular operating system is easier to use for the average consumer than another, it should get the nod. In this case, iOS 4 easily gets the nod. Apple’s operating system is simply easier to use. And it doesn’t suffer from the strange quirks that arise on Android due to vendors trying to tailor the user experience to their own products.

6. Responsiveness

One of the main issues with Android 2.2 is that the software doesn’t respond as effectively as it should to the user when compared to iOS. Does that mean there is a responsiveness issue with Android 2.2? Absolutely not. In fact, compared to other operating systems, it holds up quite well. But Apple’s platform is different. It’s just that iOS simply provides more responsiveness when users interact with it. It could be extremely difficult for Google to catch up anytime soon.

7. Too many variations

Because Android is an open platform, vendors that get their hands on the operating system can change it however they see fit. That openness creates an environment across the Android ecosystem that loses uniformity and provides variations of the Android operating system on different phones. The result is sometimes spotty performance that must be taken into account when evaluating differences between iOS and Android.

8. Apple’s App Store

Apple’s App Store is integral to the success of iOS 4. With hundreds of thousands of applications, Apple’s marketplace is the best place to find programs that appeal to both consumers and enterprise customers. Admittedly, Google’s Android Market has been growing at a rapid rate, but it has a long way to go to match Apple’s store.

9. iTunes integration

Whenever users pick up an iOS-based device, they can access iTunes from the product. That’s extremely important. It provides them with an end-to-end entertainment experience that isn’t so readily available on Android. After all, iTunes is the world’s top music store. If only Apple’s products have access to it, few could say Google’s offering can best Apple’s.

10. The tablet issue

Google has said that Android 2.2 is not designed for tablets. Apple doesn’t have that issue with iOS 4. Currently, iOS 3 is running on the iPad. But this month, Apple plans to offer iOS 4 integration with its tablet. When that happens, the company will prove that its operating system is the best choice for just about anyone trying to go mobile. Then the onus will be on Google to respond.

Update: Maybe the joke’s on us. Here is another article from Don that was published earlier this year: Google Android OS Secrets to Success: 10 Reasons It`s Now on Top It even has a slideshow!

Source: eWeek

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  • http://Website Adam

    I agree with some of those, but…. really? Folders and multitasking?
    Also, I find it kind of bothersome that every paragraph ends with almost the exact same sentence.

    • http://Website Richie681

      Here’s my reply to that author. He is the epitomy of fail in internet “journalism”
      I really hope this article was written as a joke. I really do. If not, you really need to do at least a little research before writing an article. eWeek should really rethink using you as a writer.

      1:Google is THE software company. Android is preferred over iOS by a pretty big margin currently, Chrome is quickly climbing up in the Browser game while Safari is more of an inside joke. Google does software extremely well. So well, that in most of the arenas they’ve been in, they’ve come out on top, or close to it.

      2:For not understanding customers, they seem to have a lot of users for nearly all of their software ventures. Gmail, Search, Android, etc.

      3:This is where you go way out on left field, and leave me to think you’ve never actually used an Android device. Multitasking? Really? Android has had multitasking since day 1. And REAL multitasking, not the spotty version Apple uses. I can have multiple apps open and doing tasks, regardless of what they do.

      4:Again, you should really pick up an Android phone before you write an article on them. Folders, like multitasking, has been an Android staple since the beginning.

      5:Ease of Use? Android is extremely easy to use. Hell, my Mother can use it, and she knows absolutely nothing about technology or even the internet. If you have been attached to Steve Jobs’ nutsack(iPhone) then of course it will take some getting used too. They’re different approaches, but neither are hard to understand.

      6:Responsiveness? My Droid X is worlds more responsive on 2.2 than my Bosses iPhone4. Even he says so. Newer Android devices are extremely responsive.

      7:Variations. There’s variation in iOS too. What OS version is the original iPhone on? Why is that? Hardware limitations. Older Android devices are on older Android versions. Why? HARDWARE LIMITATIONS! There’s a difference between this fragmented variation you try and prove and choice. Choice. Choice! If I want a hardware keyboard, I can have one. If I want a bigger screen, I can have it. If I want *insert newest technological buzzword*, then I can either have it, or wait a couple weeks and there will likely be an Android phone with it on it.

      8:LOL App Store. Hundreds of Thousands of apps. Yes the Apple App store has Googles Android Market beat in terms of sheer numbers. Numbers aren’t everything. How many fart apps? I’ll take Androids slimmed down market for the time being.

      9:iTunes integration. No Thank you. I’ll take the ability to grab music/photos/videos off any computer I want, rather than having it tied to a single computer. This is probably one of my biggest pet peeves about iPhones iTunes integration. I have multiple computers I use for diffent times(Laptop/Desktop/Work), so everytime I plugged in my i-Device in a computer it wasn’t set up for, it’d get wiped. Android doesn’t have that issue. If there’s a file I want from my desktop, I can plug in and move it to the SD card, THEN, I can go to my laptop and get another file without wiping my device. Love it.

      10:Samsung Galaxy Tab. Wonderful device that uses Android 2.2. Yes Google said 2.2 wasn’t optimized for tablets. That doesn’t mean it’s not usable.

      Anyways, I laughed quite a bit reading the article. If anyone wants to follow me on twitter it’s @Richie681. We can argue Android vs iOS all day.

      • http://Website CGH


        • Joel

          lol yep! thats the spirit indeed. I can understand how some of those things said may have been true IN THE PAST and when compared to CERTAIN DEVICES…but when you pit the iOS against today’s top androids like the Droid X, Evo, hell even the Galaxy line…then you’ll be able to see why 99% of that post is inaccurate.

          • AndMac

            As a former iPhone user, I can dispute many of the eweek claims, but there are also a few truths in there.

            I don’t have much experience with 2.2 (I have a Vibrant now, international Galaxy S before…,) but the UI of iOS is overall more elegant and consistent than Android. Gingerbread is supposed to dramatically change Android’s UI and I really, really look forward to it. But I am not holding my breath that the Vibrant will get it.

            Which leads me to my biggest disappointment with Android: it’s locked as tight as the iPhone.

            I used to be annoyed at having to jailbreak my iPhone to get tethering. But I was surprised to find that I had to root my Galaxy S too. (They are both as easy to do, but after all is done, MiFi on the iPhone is much more reliable than any of the Android tethering apps I’ve tried.)

            But Android is supposed to be open. Yet I still don’t have Froyo and no Flash on my Vibrant, even though Google officially released it months ago, and it’s even out for the Galaxy S. Ah, it’s the drivers, stupid, and if Samsung doesn’t give them them to you, all this open talk is worthless.

            Many are saying the Vibrant and the Galaxy S will never officially get Gingerbread, even though the hardware supports it, because Samsung is likely to EOL the Galaxy S and never do an official Gingerbread for it. I don’t want to believe it, but the key idea here is that Android updates should not be held hostage by the manufacturers.

            Other than that, there are a myriad small and not so small annoyances I’ve experienced with my Samsungs:

            OTA updating seems buggier than it should be, and Samsungs’ Kies is one of the most finicky pieces of software I’ve ever experienced.

            GPS is still funky.

            Battery life just sucks compared to the iPhone, with or without the various hacks and using SetCPU.

            I might start over when Gingerbread comes out….

      • http://Website Dave

        This man is a true baller.

      • http://Website Louiethe8th

        Im glad u made this list so I didnt have too!! AGREED!!!!

      • http://Website Bob

        I totally agree with what you say spot on. I was just about to write a similar worded reply. I don’t think ‘Taylor Wimberly’ has ever used an Android phone before because how can someone not know Android supports multitasking and folders unless they haven’t used it. They’ve been part of Android from day 1.

        • http://Website Devesh

          Don Reisinger wrote this article. Don’t hate on ‘Taylor Wimberly’, he is awesome.

      • http://Website Simo

        the biggest reason android is “preferred” is because of price and one of the lamest excuse ever ive heard is “I wont get an iPhone because everybody’s got one”. as a software platform android is not as good as iOs

      • Rodnee Knuckles

        Uh….cough…I’m afraid YOU are the one that needs to do some research pal! Obviously just an Apple hater interjecting his personal OPINION, not fact.

  • Shantanu

    Why would you rip off someone else’s article completely word-to-word and put it on your own site? That too without even a word of why you think this is humour?

    PS: eweek’s page says “Copyright ©1996-2010 Ziff Davis Enterprise Holdings Inc. All Rights Reserved. eWEEK and Spencer F. Katt are trademarks of Ziff Davis Enterprise Holdings, Inc. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Ziff Davis Enterprise Inc. is prohibited.”

    This would make you a copyright violator…

    • http://Website teesquared

      Ummmm no! He did cite his source…..f—— loser

      Oh yeah, this “list” sucks! Apple fanboyism at its best

      • Shantanu

        Not that I care but since when did citing a source gave you the permission the copy paste the full article verbatim?
        Especially when the source explicitly forbids it..

      • http://Website milrtime83

        I guess I’ll risk getting down ranked as well…

        Citing your source does not mean you can just copy/paste someone else’s article in it’s entirety. Maybe if you were providing a counter point to each individual argument, but a simple “follow us on facebook because I share stores like this” isn’t anything most people would call useful or original commentary.

        • Shantanu

          lol yeah..what can I say.. The most positive rating a comment has got is like 30-40 and my comment got 110 negatives for pointing out the correct thing :P
          anyways..good to know there are at least a couple of folks who know what’s right.. meet you in the downvote oblivion soon :P

    • http://Website Darshan

      For what it’s worth, you’re absolutely correct, and I have no idea why you were voted down at all, let alone so much. The article is quite funny, but that’s beside the point: you can’t just copy an entire copyrighted article and pretend it’s okay because you cited the source. Taylor really should know better.

    • http://Website some internet dude

      He posted it here because this article is what you write when your in comedy, or writing from an insane asylum.

  • Yogarine

    Not really sure what there is to laugh about this. All points except point 3. sound like valid reasons to me. And laughing about issues that objective users or well-informed outsiders will find valid can only mean one thing: fanboyism. Fanboyism is dangerous, watch out with that.

    Of course, could be you’re being cynical/satirical in some weird sense, if that’s so then I don’t get it.

    I own both a G1 and an Xperia X10 right now, but these are exactly the points that will probably have be buy an iPhone as my next phone.

    • Johnny

      ::rolls eyes:: Seriously give me a break bro. Valid points??! He is saying you can’t multi task on Android?? Freaking press and hold HOME

      • http://Website martin

        press and hold home does not show you currently running apps, it shows you the last X programs you launched.

        however i agree his points on folders and multitasking are goddamn ignorant i beg to wonder if the eweek guy has ever used an android phone.

        • Dean Williams

          I’m sure he has. It was a G1 running 1.0. Obviously, he knows his stuff!

        • http://Website mikaeldalc

          Well, on my Samsung Vibrant, I press n hold HOME and it brings up last used and task manager lol.. but its ok, I still luv u.

    • http://Website johnny b

      See this is what irritates me. People buy phones like the xperia10 ,ally,devour ect. And think man this phone sucks android blows wtf I’m buying an iPhone. And they are right. But before bashing android buy a real gosh dam android phone. Like a Droid 1 or 2 a nexus one a Droid X or incredible just to name a few high end badass android phones. Google tries to offer cheap android phones that don’t give full credit to the android os. Good and bad I just wish people would realize when they buy a cheap shit phone 9 times outa 10 they are getting a cheap shit phone. Don’t get me wrong the iPhone is by all means a great phone undoubtedly but I think both OS’s are quite equal. Just my opinion though. My suggestion though buy a real fckin android phone e before bashing bro.

    • krazytrixxxsta

      you never own any android phone, stop lying.

    • http://Website jdog

      Soon as I saw G1 and X10 I knew you were a noob and a loser.

  • Josh

    Somebody needs to do their homework.

  • Johnny

    Wow is all I can say. How did that article even get published??! Every single thing he said was beyond ridiculous. His outlook on his iPhone describes every other person I know that uses one… They all have no idea about what Android is and what it offers, and HOW IT BLOWS IO-WHATEVER OUT OF THE WATER!!… Seriously GRR! >:| We should all email this butt nugget and tell him what we think….

    Author’s email :: [email protected]

    • http://Website Hugh

      The email address for Don is not correct. I tried sending him an email but it got shot back.

      • http://Website P-niiice


  • http://Website Matteo


  • Dave K

    I’m curious as to whether Mr. Reisinger has ever actually used Android. I can create folders. I can multitask. In fact, I didn’t have to wait a full three years after the product was released before I was able to do both of those things.

    He’s correct in that Google isn’t so big on software, mainly because Google is not a software company, and only has two software products (Android, Chromium).

    As for understanding consumers, Chrome went from nothing to third place in just a couple years, yet Safari has been lagging behind and barely registers on the list of browsers. Its search engine is the only one that really matters to people. Its phone ecosystem went from nothing to the fastest growing in less than two years. I’d say Google must understand something about consumers for those things to happen.

    As for iTunes, I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t complain frequently about how bad it is.

    • http://Website ncb1397

      Google is a software company. All their products are software running on smartphones, desktops, or servers. They usually gain revenue by embedding ads that users can click when people use said software. It is similar to how a Android developer might make a game for free (like Angry Birds) but put ads in it for ad based revenue.

  • http://Website dudeki

    Maybe we DONT WANT iTunes integration. And even if we did, android users can use doubletwist that can also synch songs between smartphones and desktop.

    Android has had multitasking in its initial release and iOS users had to wait till iOS 4 for that!

    There are android apps that allow for folder creation!

    And finally stats have shown that android 2.2 pwns iOS 4 in terms of speed and responsiveness.

    Im not fanboying, just telling the truth.

  • http://Website Mon

    was that a joke lol real funny, clearly don’t know what he’s taking about… sound like a hater.

  • Bandroid

    HTC Hero: Add button – Folder – New Folder. For more than one year now.


    Anyway, Apple will loose, because he lies that the client-server revolution and the web application revolution does’nt exist. New York Times reader application instead a simple optimized web page. Funny.

    • SGB101

      u could do it on the g1

  • http://Website Hakr

    This is the dumb-best article i have ever read.Get a life bro.

  • http://Website Steve

    Maybe the fellow works for Apple. But my daughter who is 2 can tell his points are bogus.

  • http://Website senaia

    1. Yea google isn’t so big on software, but at least Android works mostly how the user wants it to. Ios… not so much
    2. Apple understands money.
    3. Multi tasking… this made me laugh. I got my g1 a week before cupcake and could multi task fine. Around 12 months later, probably more, Ios got multi tasking…
    4. See above point and replace multi task with folder organisation
    5. Android probably easiest to use mobile software ever. To make a point…. how do I set the new A7X single as my ringtone on Ios without downloading an app first?
    6. Ok responsiveness I’ll agree with but only because I’ve never had to correct myself when typing on ios. I do sometimes have to correct mistakes with Android.
    7. I’ll also agree with software variations to a degree. Networks install an awful lot of bloatware to Android devices which can’t be removed without root. Ios on the other hand isn’t without its variations. The original iPhone is still on 3.1.3 while other phones are heading rapidly towards 4.2. Yes, this is due to hardware limitations, but so is the majority of Android variations.
    8. Apples app store is a joke. Yes it has a lot of apps, but do we really need 6000 fart boards? and who would buy an app that costs over $200?
    9. Itunes integration… yea its a big popular store, but I’ve never used it so won’t comment
    10. I’m not a fan on tablets, especially those based on the same software as a mobile phone or media device. They’re just not portable enough often requiring a case or bag… not practical in both ios or Android in my opinion but that’s just me

    • http://Website Sam

      What are you talking about in point 7??? The original Iphone is stocked at 3.1.3 as the G1 is on 1.6 and the G1 have more Hardware than the original Iphone

      • http://Website comm3000

        Hi, bro.
        Spend 40 minutes on your G1 and you will have Froyo with all it’s best. CyanogenMod please…

        • http://Website Sam

          Yes I know, but I’m saying original with no root, With root a G1 its better than many phones in the market

  • http://Website Andy

    Some of the points may be valid here – however they are due to Apple locking down their system to only one of everything. If you don’t like the design of the iPhone its tough, you have to have a candybar. If you don’t want to use itunes, again its tough, only way to use the music. Just because they fel out with Adobe, users now suffer from no flash.
    Android doesn’t link to iTunes because apple wont let it, same with any other system that may want to use iTunes. Is a real shame, because apple does a lot of things great, but locks things down too tight, sues everyone, over everything and prices things too high.

    At least android gives you a choice, and many of what other manufacturers/service providers add, is to benefit and compliment the system. By being an open platform, google has enabled people to make apps much easier to create and has let people use whichever software they please. There are all sorts of mods and different versions out there. It gives the user a true choice on how they use their phone and how it runs. With different manufacturers competing against each other we get different types of hardware and always pushing the boundaries.

    Apple has done a lot for the smartphone market and the iPhone is still one of the best phones out there. If it was cheaper and there were more choices I would probably get it, however the HTC desire suits me fine, is easily as good as the iphone and is a lot cheaper.

    Apples mantra is very similar to Fords old one;

    ‘You can have any colour car you want so long as it’s black’

  • http://Website James

    Is everyone commenting on here retarded?

    It is a JOKE ARTICLE. Meaning he is being sarcastic about Androis not being able to multi-task as well as many other points.

    The internet just got a little more stupid thanks to many people commenting on this article.

    • http://Website Micah

      Look at all his articles.
      I guess all he does are these “joke” articles then, instead of just being a fail journalist.

      • http://Website Dave

        Michah – you may be right. But eWeek should make it clearer that his articles are more tongue and cheek. I first read it like everyone else as more Android bashing and Apple lovin.

        eWeek – get your act together. Plus the site looks bad! Waaaay too busy.

    • http://Website Jared

      Did you read the whole article? It is so ridiculous that it does look like a joke until you get to number 6.

      Then you realize that this guy is actually trying to prove a point and is failing so hard you thought he was on your side.

    • http://Website Scotter

      Yes, it was presented as a joke article with that “#Humor” in the title. And that is what pisses me off because it really wasn’t funny. Most parts of it were lies but with subtle smidgens of truth or near truth; enough to fool the casual person who has not had an Android phone. THAT is why I’m pissed off at this author; the deception.

      • http://Website Dave

        #Humor was only on the title here. eWeek doesn’t have that in the title….at least not right now.

  • http://Website Micah

    I laughed when I saw it through google news.
    I laughed when I saw it through phandroid forums.
    I laughed when I saw it here.
    And then I cried when I realized…this guy is serious.

  • http://Website revs

    is it jsut me or was i able to multitask and create folders on my g1? must have had a super g1 ?

  • http://Website Jared

    1. You mean they are not big on their main (only?) delivery system for advertising? Google lives and dies by software and are preferred over Apple in every arena where they have competed for more than 2 years. Chrome vs. Safari? Android vs. iOS?

    2. Apple understands that consumers only want to use their phones on AT&T?

    3. Android could multitask before iOS, did you do any research?

    4. Android has folder support. Part of the advantage of having an open system is that we don’t depend on Google to give us all of our features.

    5. One button does simplify things. For low level users, this level of simplification is acceptable. For anyone who wants to do more than use their phone to make calls and write texts, it is limiting.

    6. This argument may have held some water with Android 2.1, but with the JIT compiler added to the kernel, 2.2 is extremely responsive.

    7. This is only a disadvantage if you can not find a variation which you prefer to iOS. We are just comparing operating systems though, aren’t we? So having options is a advantage.

    8. Apple’s store is bigger, and more expensive.

    9. Android users don’t use iTunes. If they did, they would be Apple users.

    10. iOS 3 and 4 were NOT designed to be used on tablets either. Apple just ignores this fact because the iPad is usable, as is an Android tablet running 2.2

  • http://Website Erik

    This wasn’t the least bit funny to read, just utterly annoying.

  • http://Website Paul

    One word says why Apple does not care about consumers & why Android is FAR more useful than the iphone.


    With Android i can see the weather, news headlines & calendar entries, on the main screen, on the iphone thats 3 apps you have to open..

  • http://Website Tpaine

    Is this guy a joke, he must have been living in a cave over the last year. Where does the Iphone go from here? Are we going to see them release a new one every 6 months, the rate that android Is moving it will make the iphone look ancient by the middle of next year. Dual core phones and tablets, up to a gb of memory, and a lot of different form factors, apple cannot compete.

  • http://Website Johannes

    This guy should work for All he does is written in the form of a list, and most of it is so utterly retarded that it is easily mistaken for humouristic content.

    The only thing that I can kinda agree with is the last point of #5. Custom carrier UI, bloatware and restrictions to the platform is the work of the devil. I live in Europe where this doesn’t happen, so I have never tried it first-hand, but when I read about carrier specific app stores, paying for tethering(lol?) and apps that can’t be removed, I shit my pants. I am not saying that something like HTC Sense is a bad idea, but I am saying that the when carrier decides when to update Android it is a bad idea.

    Anyway, love my Desire and if I should win or be given an iPhone 4 I could not sell that fruit infected piece of garbage fast enough.

  • http://Website Mike

    If that’s an attempt at humour, it fails dismally.

    If it’s an attempt at factual comparison, it fails dismally.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid waste of time…

  • http://Website t-dawg

    Say what you want, but my desire with froyo sometimes won’t even play youtube videos via the browser, the yt app is also buggy sometimes.

    Oh yeah and the facebook app sucks..

    • http://Website johnny b

      Haha. Its funny I have 4 android phones and have no problems with the YouTube app? And would u seriously base a phone purchase on a dam Facebook app? Come on. Lets get real here we are bashing OS’s for stupid stuff. Cuz I don’t like the Facebook app or I don’t like the YouTube app. Well I don’t like how boring the iPhones ui is. I don’t like iTunes. I do like the keyboard though so I guess ill have to buy one … come on. Ugh

  • http://Website Anthony

    This guy is just another iOS fan. Just take a look to his Twiitter account, there like 5 or more articles talking S**T about Android OS.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    Wow! They had nothing better to do. Most of those reasons are invalid. The topic itself of each supposed reason was more descriptive then the supporting detail. Multitasking? Apple just did that. Even now its not true multitasking. Their applications pause not run in the background.

    Folders? Android had that already.

    Itunes?! Music doesn’t make a phone. Cool they can go together but music will not make my phone work better, operate better, run faster, or make calls for me.

    They win for now on apps. But you need apps to make certain things happen on iPhones. That’s all it mostly is. A bunch of pannals full of apps. Android has most of that functionality built in.

    Android is so easy to use. Apple played catch-up this year. They added a bunch of features that other ui’s had already. Nothing spanking brand new to the game. I love android & apple is good but a lot of false info is said. None of those reasons had a real supported detail.

  • http://Website jake

    Wow, there are pro’s and con’s on both sides but before you knock one or the other you might want to try using both before you put your foot in you mouth. The G1 had copy & paste not to mention multi tasking long before apple decided to finally add those options to their OS. All in all it doesn’t matter which way you go its all about what you want and need out of your device. This guy is obviously pro-apple, has never used android, and his only source of info is by other apple lovers. Next time check your sources and get it together kid, this made you look really bad!!!

  • http://Website Omeer

    Someone please point my ignorant friend to this article… “”
    Android growth=1,309% since last year, iOS growth= -6% since last year. Numbers don’t lie my ifanboy friends :)

  • http://Website Thorpeland

    Oh this list is comedy! Its clear by how many of us have responded, we know the truth. Fact is, an OS on version 2.x is already kicking the butt of an OS on version 4.x. Android is evolving and adapting faster than iOS can. And you really have to search hard to find something Android cannot do that iOS can at this point.

    The sad thing is, many people will read this article and think “oh golly gee whiz… i should go with an iphone”. Because Apple is a marketing genius as a whole, people who don’t do their homework fall into that Apple reality distortion field everyone jokes about. And that starts with people reading articles like these. And believing them!

    What gives me comfort is the statistical fact that more and more people are buying Android phones, learning what its all about and the OS is quickly growing into a competitive product. Articles like this one almost seem like a desperate grasp to hold on. When in reality there is nothing Apple or Microsoft can do to stop the inevitable. Which is getting passed up by Android in the very near future.

  • http://Website Darkseider

    This was a real piece? I thought it was an attempt at humor, a bad one at that. All I can say is I truly feel sorry for the author. He like many others are sheeple following Uncle Steve the shepherd. Ugh… it’s MAGICAL!! UNICORNS AND RAINBOWS!! Moron…

  • http://Website corydunbar

    1. Google isn’t so big on software
    Are you serious? Android is a more advanced OS and it provides more functionality and customization

    2. Apple understands consumers
    Really? it took Apple 4 years just to add pseudo-multitasking. something i*hone users have been clamoring for since the 1st generation i*hone.

    3. Multitasking
    iOS 4 uses pseudo multitasking (only certain apps can partially run in the background) whereas Android has true multitasking and Android has had multitasking since its first device the t-mobile G1

    4. Folders make it all OK
    Folders for everything that iOS 4 does have been available for Android for a long time.

    5. Ease of use must come into play
    Anyone who cannot figure out Android doesn’t have a brain of their own. Android is vary intuitive, but for some people that use Android they assume its like the rest of the iOS saturated market. Therefore they are confused when an Android device doesn’t run in the exact same manor as an i*hone.

    6. Responsiveness
    the iOS homescreen is essentially the same as my Android rolodex if you’d really like to compare which phone is faster, pit a Droid X with 200 apps(app limit is determined by hardware specs, ROM, RAM) vs. an i*hone with 176 apps (current i*hone max)[11pages * 16 apps/page]. Check to see which device can smoothly scroll through all of their apps the fastest.

    7. Too many variations
    Since when has giving customers choices been the bad marketing decision? any good business knows that more profit comes from product variation.

    8. Apple’s App Store
    Apples App store has been around longer, no duh it has more apps. Compare which App store has grown faster since Android became a mainstream OS. Both APP stores are flooded with to many renditions of the same thing. eg. fart apps.

    9. iTunes integration
    Although Android doesn’t have itunes direct integration their are 3rd party apps that do the same function as the i*hone>itunes. For example Android users can use an Android device>doubletwist>itunes or they can abstain from itunes all together and just use Amazon MP3 which is native to android devices.

    10. The tablet issue
    it may not be designed for tablets, but Android surely does work on tablets. Check out a Samsung GalaxyTab. Not to mention Google is going to be releasing a tablet focused rendition of Android in Q1 of 2011. iOS on the i*ad is simply a port of the iOS from the i*hone 3Gs to a large i*ouch. the only change is the screen size rendering.

  • http://Website Omeer

    Android must really suck for being years behind iOS even after growing 1,309% in a year while the iOS regressed. Even more so because Android is the most popular OS in America. Tsk tsk Android when will you learn that you simply cannot rectify apple fanboy idiocy with cold hard facts?

  • http://Website Jay

    Yes, plenty of laughs!! Being an X apple/iphone fan, I would NEVER go back, and I guess apple has alot more apps, but who really needs 2,000 different fart sounds?! I will forever stick with android!!!

  • http://Website Phil

    Seriously folks…..he lost all credibility when he said Google wasn’t a software company. Its this new talking point to brand Google as an ad company. I don’t know why or what sense it makes. They don’t design ads. They just serve them. Anybody that knows anything about the internet knows Google is nothing but a software company that gives away products and services supported by ads. Anbody that knows anything about Apple knows that they are a hardware and UI design company had don’t hold a candle to Google in software engineering. You can barely name any real advances in tech coming out of Apple where Google has stuff from developer libraries to servers products for end users.

    In a nutshell the iFools are getting desperate. There is almost no way iOS can catch up to Android now. I think seeing that ridiculously huge lead in market share the other day has panicked them. Because it’s only a matter of time now before we start seeing the top apps go to Android first or worst yet exclusively. Remember there are MANY things you simply can’t do with the API on iOS. If devs start taking full advantage of Android you’ll start seeing alot of exclusives.

  • http://Website Omeer

    11. I’m an Idiot and I’d totally take it up the arse for Steve Jobs

    ^I LOL’ed!

  • http://Website vishal

    REALLY? Is apple better? But the results say otherwise. Go check yesterday’s new york times. I’m happy with my android. F#@k u apple.

  • http://Website mxrider04

    The best part of this article was reading the comments… lol EPIC win for android! the true columb was a waste of my time. Obviously this guy hasn’t laid hands on an CURRENT android phone… Words of advise buddy… do your research before writting something like this…. I have a ton of friends who have iPhones yet EVERY ONE of them would rather have a newer android phone if they weren’t tied down by a shitty AT&T’s contract. Even jailbroken iPhones can’t do what Androids do!!! I’m a rooted phone user, CyanogenMod all the way! but regardless rooted or not, Androids will run circles around an iPhone all day long. Try streaming vids and music across different platforms wirelessly with an iPhone… ya you CANT…. I’ve dealt with iWhatever’s for years cause of my line of work… the more you handle iOS the more you realize that your using a product that Steve Jobs decides whats best for you… look how he handled the Adobe deal. Apple had the chance to get it first but Jobs stated that it was to much of a “security risk.” Everything thats not produced by Apple is a security risk yet what happened when the iPhone4 prototype got lost? Hundreds of people’s information became compromised which included major newscast members, head of secrete projects for the military, senators, congressmen, and quite a few other public figures.

    The only thing I really agree with is how Android wasn’t made for tablet use… but yet again Android is such an adaptable OS that you have a company like Notion Ink that reworks everything and is fixing to come out with what I like to call the iPad Killer but more commonly known as the Adam tablet…. Those of you reading, you should go check it out! engadget has had a few articles over it and they really dont take to kindly to the company because its been a year since they announced this thing, but it should be coming out this month! This tablet will set the standards how a tablet SHOULD operate! I also love how transparent the company is with the consumer!

    Do your research you tool before making accusations like this…. What college did you graduate from? or did you? This is about the most uneducated POS article i’ve ever read. Still can’t believe the editor allowed this to be posted…

  • http://Website ZonParaplu

    After following alot of complaints towards apple (especially the antenna gate) and the reactions of the company as well as Steve Jobs, I will never buy a apple product any time soon.
    Knowing what consumers want? Consumers want a freaking working phone and a at least decent customer support!
    Screw apple, overpriced hyped up products with a man on top who thinks he’s god.

    I will stick with the few ads. At least I can view flash sites.

  • http://Website steve

    OMG!??? Laughs!!! laughs!!!!!! laughs!!!!! and more laughs!!!!!!!.
    What a funny article!!!!. Has this guy used an HTC Desire (Phone of the Year 2010) or Samsung Galaxy S or EVO 4G?? I’ve got a Desire and I can volunteer it so u can have a feel of what ANDROID is barely 2 years after it’s first release.

    I should give the writer a credit for being creative with the way he makes people laugh. This is the funniest stuff i’ve ever read. Thanks fanboy.

  • http://Website Jay

    This article is hilarious. I was really looking for the line admitting it was a joke. It cracks me up when iPhones get a feature (that every other platform has had for years) they act like the iPhone invented it. iOS received folder support (only on the homescreen) and “multitasking” 15 minutes ago and now they want to talk about it. Let’s get real, I had a Nokia 5800 before, it was 2 years old, and from day one I had true folder support (throughout the OS) and true multitasking. Android as both as well and has had it from day one. Android is about choice, 10 people can have 10 different Android devices and all 10 will look different even if they are the same device, because I have the option to change whatever I want. Every iPhone looks the same (oh, I forgot, you can change the wallpaper…lol!!!). Get real man, iFans need to admit that they have been had by Steve Jobs.

  • http://Website Ryan Kim

    I looked at the author’s stories and most of them were rated one or two stars. This guy should really be fired.

  • http://Website Kevin

    somebody needs to slap this guy

  • http://Website Mast3rShake

    Thanks to Android’s widgets I can get a ton of information just swiping through my home screens while you have to open up 10 different applications. You phone is better now that you can put those 10 in the same folder? Fail. Widgets and multitasking alone is what makes the Android platform lightyears better than iOS right now.

  • http://Website mark

    So basically they are only comparing the iPhone operating system with a Verizon phone :-)

  • Yuriy

    I just emailed that douche face.

  • Yuriy

    Also… No one is porting iOS to Android Phones.. but many are porting Android to their iPhones!

  • http://Website Bianca

    I really think this article was supposed to be funny when the original author wrote it. I think its a commentary on what Apple thinks about Android.

    Case in point, this sentence: “It provides a rewarding experience.” when talking about the use folders. I mean come on, that’s hilarious. It must be a joke.

  • http://Website alex

    Taylor, you should write a rebuttal.

  • http://Website Amro

    I think the guy who wrote this article is ignorant in Android Devices Androidandme should check the articles they post come on Multitasking and Folders ??

  • http://Website Astranger

    I really thought it was supposed to be a joke.
    Well, It is a joke one way or another…

  • matthewdlyons

    Points in favor, or counter of, the article can be made; but good grief…will this whole Apple vs. Android thing ever get old? This goes to the original author as well as those leaving impassioned comments in defense of Android (as if it needs it…particularly on an Android site).

  • http://Website Bill

    Did you see the comments following that article? Hysterical. What a FAIL

  • http://Website kb23

    So do we know how much Apple paid him???

  • http://none IhateApplesoMuch

    Really? do you have downs?
    1: between google maps, google voice, gmail google has more native software than anyapple product, apple’s only integration tool is itunes, google has EVERYTHING integrated into android.

    2: hmmm……. taking a 200$ laptop, take out the room for cooling, take out the cd drive, reduce the hard drive to less than 100gb, and throw in a 3 year old intel2duo processor, throw an apple symbol on it and slap on a 1599$ price tage, AND BAM! you have the “new” macbook air.

    3:apple’s multitasking is not even true multitasking, its half-baked close and reopen tools, such as the new windows phone uses. from what youve said, the reason IOS’s multitasking is better is because its on IOS.

    4: no. folders are nothing. you can make folders on an android device as well, you can link them to your homescreen and you can add more things than jus apps, such as pictures, files, backups(another thing IOS doesnt have), and contact information

    5:Android too complicated for you? go and change it, you can do that, its open source.

    6: Go use any iphone comparable device(1ghz processor or more) running android, itll be just as responsive as the iphone.

    7: easy, go uninstall the 3rd party software, simple. one again i say, you can do that, android is open source.

    8: the android market may not have as many stepbrothers sound boards as apple’s but it has more quality, functional apps instead of just stupid fart sounds.

    9: every single google made program is integrated into android. not just a stupid music player. also, you can use ANY music software to sync your android device, your not limited to just one.

    10: android 3.0 is going to be primarily designed for tablets. all the IOS on tablets is, is just an increase in native resolution. the Ipad has no difference from the ipod touch. as a matter of fact, it has less than the ipod touch(no cameras). The difference between a android 2.2 phone and an android 2.2 tablet is more seamless than the difference between an ipad and a iphone.

  • http://Website 1099


    You can rate ( at powered by a global community of millions of trustworthy users who have rated millions of websites based on their experiences., who can help you know which websites you can trust.

    At the moment has a good rating as good source to look up IT news and articles… sad but true.

    We can change that. ;)

  • http://Website counsel

    I wish there was a wayback macine for nrws… Jobs stated in 2008 thst the app stire was opening with. .. 500.apps! A whole year after iphone wad rrleased there were. .. 500 apps. Don’t get me started on everyone who complsins ” there just aren’t enough apps…”

    The iOS design includes ads sponsered by Apple’s purchase of an on-line ad delivery company-perhaps the “reporter” needs education?

    Multi-tasking? To think they actually published that fact-lacking opinion piece… So much for journalism…

  • http://Website counsel dew

    The commentors are correct. Copying the entire article without permission would be copyright infringement… Lets try to not fo things you wouldn’t want other sites doing with your writings..

  • http://Website Anas

    I believe you only know android from it’s name and that’s all !! what are you talking about ?
    Android OS now is #1 in US and you still mentioned Apple name !! how ODD…

  • http://Website semajhan

    I’m surprised that he even knew what the word android was.
    I would expect something like “Why droids can’t match iOS4 features: 10 reasons”.

  • http://Website uin

    That writer has a long way to go to be as good as he could be… is he pre tween?

  • http://Website me

    apple and google are both amzing but when it comes down to apple vs android i pick android because apple always makes the same mistake and thats not letting other computer companies us there os thats why pc is more popular and thats why android is more popular because pc and google lets you chosse ur make

  • http://Website GT

    The writer of the article is lost for the most part.

    I will admit to one thing that the article says that I agree with and have a problem with Android, with every manufacturer comes a different user experience. Now what I mean by that is that Moto has Blur, HTC has Sense, Samsung has TouchWiz and you also have plain vanilla (my favorite). It does not give a fairly uniformed feel for the consumers.

    It is difficult to tell someone how to navigate their phone unless you know which UI they have, along with which version Android they are running. It would be nice if some form of a standard could be made by Google. They could incorporate the ‘powered by Google’ stamp of approval (or what not) on it so that consumers could move from HTC to Moto or Samsung without having to get use to a new UI.

    Rooting is available for those that like the custom UI’s available (and that includes vanilla :))

  • http://Website Rich

    Check out this article written by this same moron “journalist”

    He directly contradicts a his points in the article above. I especially like this part from the previous article “But Google’s success in the mobile market didn’t come easily. The company was forced to work diligently, follow the right strategies and get to what people really wanted in order for it enjoy the success it does today”.

    Wow I can’t imagine a more blatant example of bad journalism.

  • http://Website Rich

    Wow, he also wrote this one about 2 weeks ago:

    Check out #6 “Apple isn’t powerful anymore

    Apple might still be a major player in the mobile market, and it’s a company that should be respected. But Google has shown that it can beat Apple at its own game. Granted, the company had to do it with several devices against one, but it did it nonetheless. It has proved to the industry that it can beat Apple without much trouble.”

    This guy decided he could turn journalism into a formula where you just write lists of vague and uniformed praise/criticism about competing companies. Rinse, repeat, and profit. Now my head hurts that eweek actually publishes this crap.

    • http://Website Steffen

      In that article he also says that Windows Phone 7 won’t be competition to Android because of WP7′s lack of multitasking… When compared to WP7, Android has multitasking, but when compared to iOS, Android doesn’t have multitasking… I think he is on drugs. A lot of drugs.

  • http://Website Hector

    What a bad article all his points are bogus. And for the record iphone I hated itunes. I love the simplicity of just doing a simple copy and paste to get whatever I want on my phone and not have to wait 20 minutes to sync all my music or risk losing all my data just because I want to connect to another computer

  • http://Website Mason

    I’m still mystified by how ios can allow such smooth animations on such lousy hardware.

  • http://Website Steve

    Wow This is a die hard apple fan if i have ever seen one. He gives no real comparisons with android and iphone he just acts like the iphone and steve jobs is a god. Good you feel that way but look at the facts, I only read the first four and got sick of this guy. For 1 Google isnt big on software. Why should they be like microsoft they give an os to companys to build on but wait you have google maps, google sky maps on your Iphone dont you. I dont see any apple maps, or apple skymaps anywhere. case and point. Number 2. Apple will never understand cunsumers. Android has falsh and adobe pdf capabilities, and the G2 comes with word, and spreadsheets stock. Now flash on mobile isnt near what it is on pc’s and mac’s its still better than iphone, at leat i can watch a facebook video on the go rather than wait till i get home and hope i have the time to watch it. Number 3 multitasking. I had a G1 in Jan of 09 that had full multitasking, way way way before the iphone had it. Multitasking only came out with the iphone4 and iphone update earlier this year about 2 years behind. And it dosent have full multitasking, the G2 can run 8 programs at one time and seamlessley switch between them. Then number 4, they last point he tried to make and made me make this comment. Folders. Once again my G1 had folders and is not all that hard to make them. Long press on the home screen, add folders, name it and its there. Then open up the slide drawer long press on the app or function, the drawer closes and drop on the folder. Pretty easy huh, and google did this 2 years befors apple, wow pretty amazing. not to mention that palm, and windows mobile had some of his points down pat before the iphone4 did. guess what iphone, ipad, ipod and ieverything is going the way of the imac, gone and just about forgotten, but windows still is majoritys choice. dont listen to these type of people when you go to buy a product check out every platform outthere you just might be suprised as to what will actually benefit you more than just going with whats is popular. most of all check the facts for yourself!!!!

  • http://Website Steve

    I have after leaving my last comment skimmed over the rest of the article, and wow talk about a fanboy and not having any clue to the competitors products. Number of apps, seriously how many apps does anyone need with android and apple having over 100,000 apps how many do you need, i have 20 apps on my G2 with room for about 200 more but i dont want em. i am happy with the apps i got, besides you ever play a game thats has iphone with android, the ones i played the wording is way to different to understad because apples censors everything. i Agree with the guy up top that says this guy needs to be slapped, he needs to be slapped to reality and give it up your ibull is over no one cares anymore, jobs is to controlling. I give him some props for making the iphone to give some competition, but remember google bought android in 2005 before the iphone was even thought of. Read up on it and eventually you will see through the BS and see the facts. Android will kill apple either roll with it or get rolled over. Peace

  • http://Website dezvous

    I can’t tell if these comments are jokes. Clearly this article is a joke. But some of you really wasted like a shit ton of time making huge angry comments to an article that is clearly meant to be funny.

  • http://WhyisthispropagandaspreadbyanAndroidsite? Ryo

    It might be a joke for you, but this is what most people are thinking about.
    And now YOU spread this crap propaganda, and helping iOS ?
    I can’t believe it. This is a big mistake.
    Did you want to gain more visitors, or do you really believe this could help Android in any way?

    Congratulations, you just bashed Android. Because no one sees this as a joke.

  • http://Website some internet dude

    I read this article elsewhere, either this guy is a moron or he is getting paid to outright lie.

  • Ervis

    definitely an apple fanboy… really? no multi tasking? my G1 can do that, my G2 can do it better

    and i have used both ios4 and 2.2 – apple does not give you freedom on your options, its either apple way or …the apple way. not much of a choice there.

    anyways, get your facts straight before you post something like this. otherwise you get people attacking you and calling you names

    have you ever used 2.2 or any version of android? and i mean more than the 5 minutes at the locals cellphone store

  • http://Website steve

    All of this is bull, who ever wrote this need to go sit in a corner and think about what he/she said and do some more research….. cuz this is embarrassing and for the website to let this be posted……

  • Частный вебмастер

    Multitasking? lol
    You are clearly don’t know what you are talking about! Did you ever use iPhone 4 and Android 2.2?
    Anyway, use them both compare for yourself, then write facts and not some “dream spec”.

  • http://Website meanmcclean

    I stopped reading at point 3. Really IPhone offers better Multitasking options than Android? Android has a lot of catching up in this space? WOW. Lets get REAL multitasking on the IPhone first, a feature that has been in Android since inception and then try this again.

    Now there is only ONE reason that IOS4 is better than Android at the present moment and that is HTTP Adaptive Streaming.

  • http://Website Adam D

    i emailed this to don at this email address [email protected]

    dude ur a douche turd. u havent a clue wut ur talking about. and seeing as ur article had damn near every statement ending in..Google/Android has a long ways to go to catch up to Crapple. seriously, go stick ur thumb up ur ass n shyt on it. u obviously dont have any substantial evidence to back up ur claim or else u wouldnt have the same sentence endings for most if not all of ur points. u suck azz, go off urself please and let real people who do their research do the comparisons. u just stick to sitting n spinning on ur thumb. thanx!


    Diaz, AKA Kyubi-Nexus

  • http://Website jorge rodriguez

    hmmm…highly biased and opinionated. Google is big on software! How did it manage to make Android number 1 OS? And apple doesn’t understand what consumers want. With iPhone, you CANT, with Android, there’s no limit to what you can do!

  • http://Website Afterlife

    Sir, moral lesson for today, don’t ever ever ever(1000X) write an article that favors other OS if you are on ANDROID-user website! you will just fail because 99% of readers here are android users..

  • http://Website Steve

    Wow. This article is so lame that even Android users are having a problem figuring out it was meant to be a “joke” aimed at dissing iOS.

  • Glen

    Dear author of above-mentioned biased and unsupported ariticle:

    If you’re going to write such an article, please do not litter it with ever repeating statements such as “Google has a long way to go” or “Google falls short” without any data or specific examples. I could write broad opinionated statements too – iPhone sucks.

    Every point is opinionated and completely biased.

    1. Apple might be a software company, but it doesn’t mean that they alone are the best OS makers. Before Apple, and mainly the iPhone, Microsoft dominated the market – and some would argue that they still do. And how many Windows OS phones are popular? Apple doesn’t want open sourced software because they do not want Apple devs to cut into their market. Google may not be a software giant – now – but where they don’t have to focus on PC software, they give attention to Android.

    2. The last time I checked, all MS products are locked pretty tight – just like Apple. If Google doesn’t understand consumers or what they want, how is such a successful search engine? Why are so many websites using Google AdSense? Phone wise – iTunes doesn’t even offer the best prices for music and/or video. Google doesn’t attempt to control this. Instead, they let the consumers make the choice via apps like Amazon, Amazon music, Shopper, etc.

    3. What’s so hard about playing music, pressing the ‘Search’ button and searching something on Google, and then seconds later getting a phone call, talking, and going right back to web surfing after the call hangs up? And if you still aren’t convinced Android doesn’t do multi-tasking, just compare the number of Task-Killers Android has in its market vs the number in the iTunes App Store. Android can do so many things at once that it needs an App Killer!! iOS can’t say that.

    4. Long press the screen on any Android phone and not only do you get the option to create folders, but we get Widgets. So what if iOS can now create a handy folder to dump all the neat little icons in it. Can you have a widget on your screen that shows the weather for the week – WITHOUT having to launch an app? Can you see your calendar for the next 5 days – WITHOUT having to launch an app? Can you flip through music – WITHOUT having to launch iTunes Music? Didn’t think so. Still happy about those folders?

    5. What’s so hard about looking at widgets and being able to tell it’s going to rain today? What’s so hard about pressing the dialer button and making a call? What’s so hard about pressing the convenient Apps list button and scrolling through available apps? All you can say is “Apple’s operating system is easier to use?” Prove it. If you’ve finger swiped one touch screen – you’ve swiped them all.

    6. Two words: Snapdragon processors.

    7. I actually can’t argue this. Fragmentation does hurt Android a bit. In my opinion, this is Android’s Achilles Heel. But this argument is going to last but so long. Enjoy it while you can.

    8. I have only this to say: Quality over quantity. Not to mention its already been proven that Android apps cost less for the same app offered on Apple.

    9. You can have iTunes. Please. I’ll enjoy downloading music from any computer and being able to offload it onto a friends computer. I’ll also enjoy being able to buy music from Amazon MP3 store and several other apps right to my phone without having to integrate it through a tied down, Hitler-like atmosphere.

    10. Ok. Sure. You beat Android to the tablet market. Big deal. Anyone who’s owned one or seen one will tell you it’s just an over-sized iPod Touch. Literally. Android tablets are on the way…and they offer usb ports, cameras, memory card ports, etc. So keep your giant size iPod Touch, er, iPad.

  • http://Website Josh

    I like how the author’s website is flagged by google as being harmful to your pc.

  • http://Website Simon


    You’re the dumbest blogposter ever!

    To write such bs on an Android supporting website… rofl!

  • http://Website Nate

    Terribly written, repeat sentences.
    And folders + multitasking? really?
    most ppl didnt even know about multitasking on their phones till the first verizon droid comercials came out

  • http://Website SAI

    Guys, relax, I’m pretty sure this article was written for shits and giggles. If you’re a true android fan, you know that this is a joke article. Just read the points. This is a Android site so why would there be a article promoting Apple?

  • http://Website matt

    Not only is this rubbish! but especially the folders comment got me going! ok android devices folder are not limited to the amount of apps you can have in them like that ios (stupidest thing i have ever seen). I mean I used my friends iphone and he needs 3 folders for games :| and when i asked him he had 3 folders he said ” because they dont fit in one folder” needless to say i laughed at him and pulled out my desire and showed him my ONE games folder and crushed his apply fanboy heart!