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Android Market will finally allow promotional videos for apps

We already know an update for the Android Market could be coming this week, but we now know some of the new features being added thanks to some changes in the Developer Console. Starting today when a developer logs in and goes to their app details page, several new options are listed including a high resolution app icon (512 x512), a feature graphic (1024 x 500), and the ability to add a YouTube link for a promotional video.

Video previews are something we have been wanting for a long time and some app showcases like Open Feint have already implemented them, so we are glad Google finally added this simple option.

As for the high-resolution app icons and and feature graphic, we believe these will be used in the browser-based version of the Android Market that was first shown off this summer at Google I/O.

It’s possible we might not see these new features till Google rolls out Android 2.3 in a few weeks, but they do have the ability to update the Market client separate from the OS so maybe some of these options like video previews will go live this week.

What do you think Google will use the promotional graphics for?

Android Market features

New Android Market features coming soon.

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  • qlimax

    Very nice, unfortunately I can’t find the way to make a video of my phone (without a camera)… maybe that will be a feature of the gingerbread sdk/tools?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Can’t you use the current SDK to load up your app in the emulator and then record a screen cast?

      • http://Website hiddengopher

        He said video, not slideshow.

        :P but seriously, the android emulator sucks.

    • http://Website mariano

      If you have an Android like Galaxy S with Tv-Out you can buy Easy-Cap (USB Video Capture, like 20U$S) and make video captures of app, games, etc.

  • http://Website Reddroid

    I wish they would incorporate a simple way to send a recommendation or share on Facebook or Twitter.

  • http://Website jonathan

    What game is that?

    • http://Website Kevin

      Looks like Avatar by Gameloft. Played the demo, it’s pretty fun

  • http://Website Berend

    The feature graphic (1024 x 500) will be used for a tablet version of the Android Market! (I hope)