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Android Schema winners announced, last chance to grab this limited tee!

This week we started our long-awaited (by me, at least) And Me Artist Series shirt line with Android Schema, a tee from @angiedoes that pays tribute to the major milestones of Android past.

Along with a new tee each week, we’ve planned a number of giveaways and silly contests surrounding the tee site. This week we had two chances to win: one clearly defined Twitter contest and one totally clandestine message hidden in the site itself.

We’ll start with the Twitter contest, our winner is @fearphage! A couple days ago he tweeted about the tee and now he’s got a free one. We ran the contest through and had hundreds of you guys tweet to win. We really appreciate the support and we’ll be doing new contests each week, so stay tuned.

Label me impressed…

When the site went live, we thought it’d be fun to hide a secret message somewhere within the site and wait for the sleuths among you to dig it up. We decided to hide the word “power” in the small yellow bar running along the top of the page, in tiny pixel Morse code.

Morse code revealing the secret code Power, discovered by @kingsanity

A day or so passed and no one said anything, so to start things up we tweeted about the hidden message. I didn’t really provide many clues, I figured over time I’d drop bits of information until someone found it. Well, someone found it. In like 30 minutes:

I have a secret code for you: “power” :D Do I win!? hey @androidandme, I want to win an #android shirt! Nov via Android and Me @Anywhere

So, congratulations are in order to super-sleuth @kingsanity and to completely randomly lucky @fearphage, you’ve both just scored a free tee.

Last call

To the rest of you: this is your last chance to purchase the Android Schema tee before it expires! Next week shirt #2 will go live and this one will no longer be available. There won’t be any more freebies before we release shirt #2. I designed shirt #2 myself. And trust me, you’d rather have Android Schema.

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  • Taylor Wimberly

    What? Never knew about the Morse code thing…

  • http://Website Bon

    that IS pretty impressive.

    • http://Website James King

      Why thank you! I think it’s less “impressive”, and more luck!

  • http://Website Jeff Thompson

    Just ordered mine! Now I’ll have a shirt to match my phone!