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Another trusted source confirms dual-core Samsung phone

Last week one of our trusted sources revealed that Samsung had scrapped the planned November 11th launch of the Nexus S at Best Buy and they were already testing a new dual-core version. This news caught a lot of people by surprise because many in the industry did not expect Samsung would have a dual-core processor ready this year.

Samsung announced their dual-core Orion back in September and we predicted it would appear in a Galaxy phone since they said it would be available to “select customers” in the fourth quarter. No one had reported on the Orion being used in any phones, but a development platform was spotted last week and they already had Android 2.2 working on it.

Now today we spotted Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin tweet that he played with the Samsung GT-i9100 (or Galaxy 2) and it was running a dual-core processor. He went on to say he was impressed with the device and it had a better display than the Galaxy S, featured a plastic casing, and was scheduled to launch in Q1 2011.

When talking about the Nexus S (or Nexus Two) we have been using the model numbers GT-i9010 and GT-i9020 which have both been spotted all over the place. The original Samsung Galaxy S had the model number GT-i9000 so it sounds believable that the other GT-i90xx devices were just tweaks of the older design and the GT-i9100 is the new dual-core platform.

What does this mean to the release of Android 2.3? I believe the reports that Samsung has dual-core phones in testing, but I’m having a hard time seeing them produce enough units in time for the Christmas holiday. Google clearly wants to get Gingerbread out the oven, but it is rumored that they made a deal with Samsung to allow them to launch the lead device.

Do you think Samsung can get their dual-core phone ready in time for the important holiday shopping season?

[Thank you delirium for the tip.]

Source: Twitter

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  • http://Website Bigmerf

    So is the new Nexus going to have DC? Has the next Nexus been scrapped entirely for a November release?

    • http://Website JohnB

      If this phone ends up with a dual-core Orion (read: ) and at least 4.3-inch screen (a Super AMOLED one), then this will be my next phone. I will even switch the carrier if needed! (Not on any contracts anyways. haha. :) ). I think Orion will outperform Tegra 2, even in the GPU area.

      • http://Website Zhi Hao

        I don’t think the Orion will outperform the Tegra 2, since NVIDIA specializes in GPUs. Even if it does, don’t forget the Tegra 2 is about a year old already and Tegra 3 is about to be announced soon. Judging from the fact that it takes a Tegra 2 to run UE3, the Tegra 2 did indeed set the bar pretty high, tough getting it now would kinda be a waste.

        • http://Website Gee

          The Tegra 2′s GPU competes against the PowerVR SGX540 found in the current Hummingbird chip. They are roughly on equal footing. Orion’s GPU is something like 4x more power and uses a simlar if not same dual core Cortex-A9 CPU. This chip will most probably be superior.

        • http://Website Chun Le

          Actually, Tegra 2 beasts everything today with 27 FPS in Neocore.

          • http://Website JohnnyMac

            If 27.5 FPS makes a “beast” then my Galaxy Fascinate’s score of 55.3 FPS must make it Godzilla & King Kong rolled into one. Go PowerVR!!

          • http://Website sh0ck

            ya my samsung vibrant gets 55.6fps in neocore

      • ayocuz

        I would love to get a 4:3 DC FFC on T-Mobile
        that would be the ish. even if its a samsung phone
        I would still have to get it. I would prefer an HTC thou.

  • http://Website Adam

    I think Google are giving Samsung some extra time to get the new hardware ready but I doubt they will let them put Android too far off schedule.

  • http://Website Dev1359

    Please don’t tell me we have to wait until Christmas for Gingerbread…

    • http://Website honeycomb

      Gingerbead for christmas sounds right to me lol

      • Nortisan

        As much as it makes sense, being that Gingerbread is generally associated with Christmas time; I don’t think we’ll be forced to wait that long.

  • Dean Williams

    I was nervous about the phone previously, but if Samsung is rushing this, I’m getting more nervous. Today, it seems that every phone is going to have SOME flaw pointed out, so what is it going to be with this phone. GPS is near the top of my list, so if Samsung can’t sort that out, then it will be MT4G all the way.

    • http://Website Bill Nye

      You’re right, but I’m really hoping they pull this off with no glaring flaws. Just got a nice new job and a dual core, bone stock, carrier independent Googlephone would be a great Christmas present to myself. Even though my Evo isn’t very old…

    • http://Website Donovan

      Samsung has fixed the GPS for the Rogers Captivates, so I doubt that would be a problem. I had an AT&T Captivate that could never properly acquire sat links, my new Rogers Captivate links up in seconds, so it’s fixed.

  • Nortisan

    Ya know, ss much as I don’t want Samsung to rush out another phone and have it be a big ol’ basket of glitchiness and disappointment, I want my damn cookies already! LoL I currently have a Nexus One and I still love it, but of course I’m always wanting more…I’m human after all!

    I was disappointed at first when I heard the next Nexus branded phone was originally going to be just a slightly beefed up Galaxy S phone with stock Android, so I’m extremely happy that they scrapped the original Nexus S/2 in order to bump it up to a dual-core device.

  • http://Website B

    I can’t fathom google not releasing gingerbread when they have their own platform in the Nexus One, just to appease Samsung, deal or not. Let them deal with their own hardware problems and continue with your own schedule.

  • PhineasJW

    Google’s Friday tweet implies to me that Gingerbread is launching this week.

    Hopefully that’s the case. The Android ecosystem is larger than any one phone.

    And, as someone else said, considering Samsung’s previous phone issues, the *last* thing we need is for Samsung to rush a phone to market. I’ll gladly wait until December/January for a dual-core stock Gingerbread superphone.

    BTW, that Russian blogger also tweeted that the Galaxy 2 display was “retina-like”, implying that we could see a resolution bump also…

    • http://Website Peter

      The resolution will be 1024 x 600, just like the Galaxy Tab, except in a small < 5" screen.

      • Nortisan

        Has this actually been confirmed and I missed this news? Or is this just speculation?

      • http://Website Kye

        What makes you say this?

  • http://Website 2C

    I’m not sure if they can but I sure hope so.

  • http://Website Rubrewskey

    All I want for Christmas is my Nexus S :(

    • jivemaster

      Same. I canceled my order for the desire hd the moment I heard about the nexus s and it’s original specs. I hope it’s out for christmas.

  • z6

    I would think if there was a deal between Google and Samsung there must have been a clear time table included, but who knows. If the phone isn’t ready until Q1, then perhaps they’ll launch Android Honeycomb with it.

    Pretty major fail if they miss the holiday season though.

    • http://Website Donovann

      Well, the Nexus One was released on January 5th ;)

  • http://Website J.

    So, so tired of ANYTHING samsung says or does, gingerbread would be nice, but if I have to rely on samsung, i’m sure it will only lead to disapointment! Instead of concentrating on all the new crap, why can.t they focus on products already here, waiting and waiting for our updates!!

    • http://Website Peter

      It should be coming by the end of this month on all the carriers. Its probably going through the final testing process.

    • Joel

      could..not…agree..more! Jeez can Samsung just focus on the handsets they have already, Im about to get the Epic 4g and news like this just makes me upset………

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    I hope the phone takes on a new look and not just some internal stuff. I will respect it however it comes but I’m just saying. We will see. I just personally want to see the Gingerbread in action. The stories are god but I want some visual

  • http://Website DTGbaby

    Rush the phone to market or not? Even deliver us an all google, gingerbread, dual core superphone if you like. But as long as it’s a samsung I won’t be buying it.

  • Binarylab

    I wonder how the dual core CPU will affect battery life.

    • http://Website Lucian Armasu

      I don’t know about Orion, but for a Tegra 2, the fact that it is build at a 40 nm manufacturing process instead of the 65 nm process that most Cortex A8 chips have been built, and the fact that a Cortex A9 chip uses 25% less energy than a Cortex A8 chip alone should make each of the Tegra chips use about 55% less power than a Cortex A8 chip. But considering it’s 2 of them that would make both of them together just slightly more efficient than a single Cortex A8 core. That’s without counting Tegra’s “power island” core that manages all the other cores for increased efficiency, and who knows what else.

      Of course I’m making this too simple, but the bottom line is I don’t think we should worry too much about the power consumption of a dual core. A dual core might even use less energy than one of our current gen single core chips.

      I think the problem will be in the long term, but I don’t think people will realize what the cause of shorter battery lives is, just like they don’t do now. Let’s say a single core finishes a Task 1.0 in X time, and a dual core finishes the SAME task in X/2 time – both using the same amount of energy (Y). Now imagine that one year from now we’ll have a more graphically intense Task 2.0 that has double the “content” that needs to be processed by the CPU. That would mean the dual core won’t finish Task 2.0 in X/2 time like it did with Task 1.0, but in X time, because the amount of data to be processed is double now. The problem here is that the energy consumption also doubles now (it’s 2Y).

      What I’m saying is that over time as the apps become more and more advanced, the battery life of phones will keep dropping slowly. We use more advanced OS’s and apps today than we used a few years ago, and it’s not surprise that even though batteries are bigger and a bit more advanced than then, our phones still last us much less than they used to. This trend will continue.

  • http://Website frozen

    see…now this just totally pisses me off. I have been waiting since the first rumor of a nexus s first came up and had my heart set on to getting it. but now with all these other rumors of a better one supposedly coming out about 2 months afterward…make me doubting if i should get the nexus s anymore

    • Nortisan

      You’ve missed the mark here…The original Nexus S was scrapped. They are now going to put out a dual-core version of the Nexus S INSTEAD of the original dual core version.

      • Nortisan

        Sorry…I meant INSTEAD of the original SINGLE core version.

      • http://Website frozen

        I’m well aware of that. But I was talking about the rumored Galaxy s2 that this article mentioned. Now my decision is clouded again. it’s pretty much the next gen spec vs stock vanilla android. decisions decisions…….

        • http://Website B

          Well that’s technology. When you want something, you gotta make up your mind and get it. There will always be something better not long after.

  • http://Website AC

    I bet next time the official Googlephone will be an HTC again

    • http://Website Hans

      It’d be interesting if they give the major android phone manufacturers a chance to make a developer phone. Maybe next time it will be Motorola?

  • http://Website zymo

    eldar was taking about the the galaxy s successor which will be out next year, not about nexus s. i don’t think samsung will deliver a google branded device that could hurt the sales of their top tier smartphone for h1 2011.the better display and overall hardware you will find in the i9100 aka galaxy s2. but i don’t hope so.

    • http://Website Will

      Why wouldn’t they? HTC released the Nexus One before the HTC Desire, and they’re essentially identical for the most part, aside from a couple of small hardware tweaks and SENSE; releasing the Nexus S as the GT-i9100 with Vanilla Android, then following with the Samsung Galaxy-S2 w/TouchWIZ a month or so later for a subsidized price on all carriers sounds like EXACTLY what Samsung would do.

  • http://Website zymo

    just an update: i have asked eldar through twitter if he had played with the nexus s and his answer was that he has no chance to try this model.

  • http://Website Tegra2

    I’ll wait for Tegra 2. It does 27FPS in Neocore. Most powerful GPU yet.

    • http://Website AC

      The dual core Orion with the new Maili GPU has said to been much more powerful than the Tegra 2

    • http://Website mkrmec

      A nexus one can do better than 27fps on neocore… I don’t get your “tegra 2 is fastest”??? Galaxy S phones can do 55+ fps..

    • http://Website mike

      What are you talking about?? The Tegra2 doing 27fps on neocore is HORRIBLE. My original nexus one does 28 fps, and the galaxy s does 54fps.

      • Taylor Wimberly

        Did you know that those Neocore benchmarks you keep referring to were run on the Toshiba AC100 netbook which has a 1024 x 600 resolution display? You can’t compare that to a smaller resolution because they don’t match up. The Neocore benchmark is also made by Qualcomm so it tends to run better on their hardware. Finally, we don’t even have a real version of Android that is optimized for dual-core and it’s not coming till Honeycomb.

        Yes, most of the Tegra 2 tablets that are out now suck. Have you seen the G-Tablet? That doesn’t mean all Tegra 2 devices will be that bad. It just means those companies rushed their products to market so they could try and cash in on Android’s popularity.

  • http://Website Joe

    Am Hoping samsung takes the time to fix all the bugs before releasing this phone . samsung has alot to prove. With the gps issue on the galaxy phones and the behold 2 problem . They need this phone to be the best phone they will manufacture. A standard for all other phone manufacture to follow.

  • http://Website thaghost

    i wasnt really impressed with all of the leaked information of the nexus two. i dont think samsung was doing the nexus brand justice. however, this phone sounds like a winner but i dont think google is gonna wait for this phone. especially since 2.3 is not a complete overhaul.

  • http://Website DEE

    WWhat more cheap plastic????

  • http://Website Thed

    well, i’ve decided, I will not wait for this phone! I’ll buy the galaxy s now… I mean it will probably take 1-2 months untill it’s release in the us and another like 2 months before its release in Sweden… :(

    • http://Website Simon

      The last thing you want to do is buy the Galaxy S! what about the Desire HD?

      I’m just pissed off i didn’t buy the Desire HD, thinking this phone will be out soon… :(

    • http://Website j.

      Whatever you do, DO NOT buy the galaxy s! You will live in a world of disapointment!!! Trust me! Anything but galaxy s!!!!

      • http://Website Adam

        Unfortunately I agree. Everyone I know with a Galaxy S phone has buyers remorse. Stick with HTC.

        Samsung got the hardware right but what’s the point in having great hardware if the software is so buggy and never updated. This is why the Nexus S has a chance of being an amazing phone. Hardware by Samsung and software controlled completely by Google.

      • http://Website Donovan

        I had an AT&T Captivate (stolen) and just now got a Roger’s Captivate. The previously unusable GPS on the AT&T model now works within seconds and overall, the phone seems faster.

        The Captivate is plastic on the sides and metal on the back, so hearing everyone whine about the plastic in every thread is annoying, though I, too, wish the Nexus S wouldn’t look like an ifone 3g.

        I’ll definitely buy a Nexus S outright when it launches, and sell this Captivate locally.

  • AGN

    Great article. Lots of information that helps. Thanks!

  • http://Website 9880

    I just don’t understand why Samsung keeps making cheap looking plastic cases for their android phones. Samsung have proven they are very capable of producing nice looking phones.
    I mean look at the S8500 Wave and I8700 Omnia 7 for example, both are discerning cases for sure. >>

    I do understand the reason Samsung made the “S8500 Wave” with an aluminium case, as the Bada OS is new, and they wanted to pull in as many buyers to a new risky (bada) OS.
    So they made the new wave bada phone look good with the best hardware at the time of release. So it does seem Samsung are aware of good aesthetics for certain lines of phones , but not with their android phones… WHY IS THIS?

    I had high hopes for the Nexus S (or Nexus Two) not having a flimsy plastic casing, after reading on one of Taylor’s posts “Outer casing is a mix of metal and plastic materials”
    I’m not going to rule out buying the Nexus S simply because of poor aesthetic design, (that would be stupid and vain) but I am disappointed.

    • http://Website Donovan

      The Captivate is a Galaxy S model that has plastic on the sides and metal on the back. I don’t see why the whole thing needs to be plastic. Metal weighs more and scratches more easily.

  • http://Website Mike Dehnd

    I can’t wait to see this come out. I was just about to pull the trigger on a captivate but keep holding out everytime I hear a rumor about dual core goodnes

    Make 500 to 1000 bucks a day day trading.

  • Scotter

    With regard to the Nexus S (or 2):

    Let’s remember the Nexus One wasn’t available to the public until January of 2010 (unless my memory is wrong). I’m thinking maybe Google wanted last year to get it out by Christmas but it was more important to make sure more bugs were fixed. I’m just speculating.
    And yeah… I really wish they had used HTC again. I so love the solid/quality feel of my Nexus One and I tend to like HTC’s designs better than Samsung’s cheap & plastic-y look & feel as well as their tendency to copy a certain popular phone.

    Just like last time, I’m going to be real picky about this purchase. If I have to wait until 2011 then I will. I’m not going to vote with my dollars for cheap lame-ness.

  • Ben Johnson, GA

    i recently bought an iphone4 cause gingerbread got delayed. The iPhone is fantastic and im not interested in Android anymore!

    • http://Website rob

      Well ben johnson from ga this is a android fourm and know one cares about the shitty overrated iphone even android 1.5 is miles ahead and better then the iphone

  • http://Website TareG

    I’m pretty sure Google’s the one with the problem, not Sammy. It will be hard to optimize 2.3 for dual-core at such short notice. On the other hand, they don’t have a choice. Early reviewers won’t be impressed with a dual-core phone running a single-core OS.

    I only hope it’s not cased in CHEAP PLASTIC. Please, I’ve never had a plastic phone in my life, and I don’t intend to start with a $500 dual-core phone. I expect a phone to look just as good on the outside, as it does on the inside.

  • http://Website B

    I love how everyone bashes on the Galaxy S being plastic. How many actually own one? Not “well I played with it in the store…” I’ve had mine since day 1 with no problems w/it’s build quality whatsoever. It’s actually pretty tough, truth be told. I’d prefer it to be a little heavier, but that’s just a preference of PERCEIVED build quality. Yes, the I/O is too slow, the GPS stumbles too much (mine is better now though) but THE BUILD QUALITY has held up very very well for me. No case, no screen protector, no nothing. If you dont like a light phone, that’s cool, but to criticize the build quality BECAUSE of it’s weight is simply ignorant to the facts of using one daily.

    • jivemaster

      The more people who won’t buy because of a plastic case, leaves all the more left for us! I don’t mind leaving the plastic haters behind by owning the next nexus phone.

      I haven’t seen so many people trying to talk themselves out of buying a phone before the nexus two/s stories started. Whatever it is, it will be great.

    • Aakash

      i would agree to that. i recently used the Galaxy S. Its a very light phone, does not mean that the build quality was light. I certaintly had a plastic cover, but to me, did not feel cheap!

      But I still feel that the HTC quality is better that Galaxy S.

  • SDscorch


    this is great news!

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  • http://Website Manuel

    We want a Google supported phone, we want a Nexus series phone, always up-to-date.

    Also… screens > 4” require a backpack, these are smart-phones, not smart-windows. Higher resolutions are the way to go, not higher sizes. iPhone 4 did it the right way with an high-res 3.5” screen.

  • Aakash

    I am really tired of “hearing” about something. I seriously need something concrete to rely upon. How long should we wait for Gingerbread / Nexus S. Whatever may it be, GOOGLE / SAMSUNG let us know the dates. Be it 20th Feb 2011, it does not matter. Be specific. Atleast we dont get disappointed everyday. Everyone knows its out there and they know that everyone knows! They are just playing us.

  • http://Website Raveesh

    The GT i9010 has turned out to be a Giorgio Armani special edition Captivate

    • http://Website Androidfan

      yeah, that’s the i9010 not the i9100

      dual cores do want!!!

      • http://Website Raveesh

        I know what numbers I’m entering. As mentioned in the article, Androidandme considered the i9010 and i9020 to be the Nexus S until very recently. They’ve accepted in this article that it’s probably the i9100 that’s the Nexus S. Was just confirming their belief that the i9010 is just a minor tweak.

        That also, unfortunately, probably means the Nexus S is some way off, as I don’t think the FCC has received the i9100 for testing (at least not reported)

  • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

    My iPhone 4 is so much faster thanks to the better hardware.

    • http://Website Donovan

      You do realize the GPU in your iphone 4 is the model under the model that’s been available since March, let alone the model that will be out for this phone, right?

  • http://Website 4675

    “My iPhone 4 is so much slower thanks to the outdated hardware.”

    FIXED… ; D

  • http://Website Droidxcon

    I work on a dev team for OLEDs, and the next galaxy phones are def getting a bump in resolution. I didn’t get a straight answer on screen size but most likely it will be 4.5″.

  • http://Website TareX

    Another “trusted source” fails.

    • http://Website Mike

      Was just thinking the exact same thing, Nexus S was a hugh dissapointment (no dual core, no SD, not that sleek), but at least not as bad as an iPhone. But there may still be hope though, because the Nexus S is the GT-I9020T and this guy was talking about GT-I9100. But then again it could be just some random person messing with us.