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Bell Mobility provides a preview of future T-Mobile 4G speeds

Want to see what the future of T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ network looks like? Just head north and check out Canada’s Bell Mobility which is launching the first HSPA+ device that supports maximum download speeds of 42 Mbps.

T-Mobile’s current 4G HSPA+ network tops off at 21 Mbps, but the carrier already announced they would double those speeds in 2011. While we don’t know what types of devices T-Mobile will offer, we can see that Bell Mobility is selling a Novatel Wireless USB modem that offers real world speeds of 7-14 Mbps.

If you remember the Verizon 4G LTE chart from yesterday, they were advertising their network was the most advanced and could do real world speeds of 5-12 Mbps. I’m sure Verizon will continue to improve their LTE network and offer faster speeds, but the point is that other technologies like HSPA+ and WiMAX can also scale up in the near future and will offer comparable speeds.

So far T-Mobile has yet to charge customers any additional fees for using a 4G handset, but Bell Mobility will attach a monthly $10 fee for access to the 42 Mbps speeds. Sprint also charges a $10 4G WiMAX fee and Verizon is exploring the idea of speed-based pricing, so don’t be surprised to see T-Mobile eventually do the same thing.

Source: BGR

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  • Ramon Balthazar

    Hello, I live in Brazil and I like your site a lot but is there a way to disable posts from these carrier matter on google reader?

  • IHTCEvo

    Verizon sucks…. it has great service and all but its too expensive. I don’t get service in my house from anyone expect Metropcs. I have the Evo and I’m pretty content with 4g in NY. I get 7 megabytes and topped out at 10 in the morning and at night.

  • http://Website alex

    T-mobile just keeps stepping it up, hopefully they dont charge
    soon to get MT4G

  • http://Website kermitthefrayer

    Can some one please give me a legitimate reason for needing this kind of bandwidth on your mobile device lol

  • http://Website Ramon

    T-Mobile..hurry up and upgrade so you can remain the fastest! :)

  • http://Website Ivan

    I have not seen any phone on t mobile reach speeds anywhere near 14.4 mbps, what makes you think they are going to reach 42 mbps. This is all bs that t mobile is advertising, they sure can talk the talk but cant walk the walk. At least Sprint doesn’t false advertise.

    • http://Website zhect

      Sprint is false advertising by calling it 4g. There’s no true 4g out there yet.

      • http://Website Ivan

        So is T mobile calling their network 4G, at least Wimax meets most of the requirements, like having at leat 40 hz of spectrum, hspa+ doesnt meet any requirement. And Sprint is advertising 3-6 mbps with peak at 10 mbps, and yes I am experiencing those speeds. I rather have a reliable not lying network, then have a network that lies and doesnt reach anywhere near the speeds they are advertising. And if you dont believe me heres my speedtest on my Evo….biatch…..lmfao

  • Dave

    Now there are more speedy Bell Mobility offers in Canada.