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Best Buy featuring Galaxy Tab for $549 on Black Friday

The WiFi-only Galaxy Tab was delayed till next year, but you can still pick up Samsung’s 3G Android tablet for only $549 at Best Buy’s upcoming Black Friday sale. On November 26th, Best Buy will offer the Sprint and Verizon versions of the Tab for $50 below the carrier’s price ($599) and no contract is required.

Customers who purchase a Tab off-contract can still purchase data plans on a month to month basis (or just tether it for free to your Android phone). Currently Sprint is offering $29.99 per month for 2 GB or $59.99 per month for 5 GB. Verizon has data plans starting at $20 per month for 1 GB.

As I said in my first impressions of the Sprint Tab, this is the best Android tablet available this Christmas. Yes we expect better Honeycomb tablets to be announced in January at CES, but the Tab is the best 7-inch Android device out right now and if you really want one and can afford it then I suggest you get one.

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  • http://Website Kevin

    Lemme see. In this line at BB…………………..sucker, sucker, sucker, sucker, sucker, sucker……………

    Obviously Taylor doesn’t have a Samsung phone.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I have the G2.

  • http://Website Miguel

    How do you tether for free if the Tab has no USB port port and sprint charges for hotspots. I have a nexus one so hot spot is easy.

    • http://Website adryan

      Your phone will probably need to be rooted. But just like you would search for a wireless netowrk on a laptop just do it with the tab and it will find your phone. I say it needs to be rooted cause most carriers that offer the mobile hotspot will disable it unless you pay. But if your phone is rooted then you can get wifi tether apps that go around that issue

      • http://Website Maxy

        So, does it still have WiFi.

        If it doesn’t, how can we connect to WiFi or use the tether.

        My phone is rooted, but my laptop or anything else needs to have WiFi to connect to its tethering.

        • anakin78z

          Yes, it has wifi

    • http://Website Adam

      Mine from TMobile can tether by USB OR wifi as a hot spot. Seriously. No Lie.

  • Primum Agmen

    Sorry, but you pay that much for mobile data in the US? I really am quite appalled. I live in the Isle of Man and get 1GB of data per month for £5 ($8) on Pay As You Go. That the US charges quite so much for mobile data is pretty horrific to me. If I lived in the UK I could get 300 free texts and unlimited data for $16 a month on PAYG with Orange, $8 a month unlimited data with T Mobile, or $32 for 6 months of unlimited data on T Mobile, Virgin offer unlimited texts and internet for $24 a month, and Tesco (a supermarket here) do unlimited data on PAYG for $13 a month.

    Why in the world are data charges the other side of the pond so ridiculously high?

    Now, unless I’ve read this completely wrong and Sprint are offering a Tab on contract for $60 a month with 5GB data (still a rather ungenerous amount of data), why are mobile internet costs so high in the US? It seems absolutely insane to me that I pay less for data than someone living in the US. This is even including a weak exchange rate – to me a dollar is cheap, to you a pound is expensive.

    • Prince77

      Thank you for that comment. That just opened my eyes to this whole tablet craze. I don’t need or want one at the type of prices they are charging people. I’m satisfied with my EVO and my desktop.

      • http://@kstagg Kevin

        I hear ya Prince77. I am loving my EVO as well and no way in hell would I pay for a tablet with an additional data plan when I could tether to my existing EVO, nor at that price. Especially when you could literally buy a nice laptop or, heck – even a nice HDTV at that price!

        Now there is the Archos7 for $249 but I’ve heard different reports on build quality from people that have actually used them.


        • Primum Agmen

          The Archos 70 or 101 really caught my eye, but build quality is my main worry, along with whether it’ll eventually get Android Market support or not, as thus far Google refuse to license WiFi only builds to the best of my knowledge. Bit of a shame, that.

          Either way, for the extortionate prices people are charging for them, I’d expect a whole hell of a lot more. Sure, it’s a bit touch screen, but I can buy a laptop for less and get more, not to mention not be saddled with ridiculous data costs. Besides, why buy now when you can wait 6 months until there are loads of tablets on sale? I’m a tech geek, no questions asked, but I’ve always believed in buying things that you’ll use for years, not fad buying. It took me until earlier this year to pick up a smart phone, as before then they were just going to be outdated in no time at all. Sure, my Desire won’t be top of the line for very much longer (I know, the Galaxy and Droid X have better hardware, but the software on them and the manufacturer support and updates are fairly poor.), but I can hardly see myself getting rid of it.

          I really fail to understand the American phone market.

    • anakin78z

      It seems to have gotten worse, actually. On my phone I’m paying $25 for unlimited, but you can’t get that anymore. With tablets, for some reason, the phone companies decided that giving you ‘less’ was more, and they might as well charge you more for it. Given network speeds, you can go through 200mb in under an hour, easy, using the Tab.

  • GyratoryTech

    Thank you very much. This really helped me with my work

  • http://Website Inuit

    Is the phone available in Best buy as a straight buy or I need to sign a contract?