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Best Buy leaks confirm some Nexus S specs and T-Mobile support, suggest in stores Nov. 14

After Engadget outed the Nexus S earlier today, Best Buy employees have been digging through their systems like crazy trying to uncover new details.

First we have Android Police who found a Best Buy planogram that says the Nexus S could appear on an endcap display as soon as Sunday, November 14th. An earlier report this morning also showed the Nexus S on Best Buy’s website and it was pictured in their buyer’s guide, so we are fairly confident that they are selling the phone but I wouldn’t pitch my tent in front of Best Buy just yet.

The latest word out of TechCrunch was that the Samsung Nexus phone had been delayed by hardware issues and that seems accurate since Samsung didn’t unveil the phone at their NYC press event onĀ November 8th. Some were also expecting Google to announce Android 2.3 today, but we checked with them earlier this week and they said no Android-related events were scheduled.

It is possible that some dummy units could appear in stores over the weekend, but if we don’t get an official announcement tomorrow then it looks unlikely.

Next we have Phandroid who dug up an internal product listing from Best Buy. The document confirms the Nexus S will support T-Mobile, feature a 5 megapixel camera, and include a 1500 mAh battery. These specs match what we heard earlier, and I still believe the Nexus S will also feature a 1.2 GHz processor. Best Buy’s listing does not mention HSPA+ support, so there is no telling if the Nexus S will take advantage of T-Mobile’s 4G network or not.

Even though the Nexus S is looking more and more like a slightly upgraded Galaxy S, I’m still really excited to get the official details from Samsung. We know some details about Android 2.3, but I’ve heard there are a lot of surprises left to reveal.

What day do you think Google and Samsung will spill the beans?

Via: Android Police

Source: Phandroid

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  • http://Website BiGMERF


    • http://Website jamerson90

      He didn’t say no HSPA+, he said it didn’t say it in the listing and store listings leave out tons of info.

    • http://Website Josh

      I’m not sure you can expect HSPA+ out of anything that will be directly upgraded by Google. I’m not a developer, but I would imagine that the different radio would require extra tweaks beyond a normal GSM radio.

      As much as I’d love to see a phone like this hit Sprint on Wimax, I see the same problem. If Google wants to provide updates to their “Nexus” phones free of the carriers and manufacturers, I think they’ll avoid “4G” radios until something becomes more standard.

      All this leaves Google in odd circumstances. The majority of Android adopters are not those of us who are following these threads. If they want phones that sell to the masses, they need LTE, Wimax, and HSPA+ specs, but to have teams within Google programming to all these different technologies seems unlikely. Your best bet for a Nexus phone with “4G” would probably come from HTC, who has released a phone for all of these standards (HTC Mecha (DINC HD) assumed true).

      Then again, I’m no developer and maybe this is a really a non-issue.

  • http://Website Joseph

    I only wish Samsung didn’t make the phone look so.. Samsung.. Their handsets just don’t have any premium feel to them, mostly due to their love of cheap looking glossy plastic.

  • http://Website khush

    This phone does not deserve the word nexus in its name. What makes it a nexsus phone the fact that it has stock android well hey the g2 is a nexus phone too.

    • http://Website Bigmerf

      The fact that it will be fully supported by google

  • David Shellabarger

    And by “Some were also expecting Google to announce Android 2.3 today” I think you mean “We were spreading the rumor that 2.3 was going to be announced today”

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Multiple sites were reporting on the Android 2.3 SDK releasing today. I believe that information was accurate, but then the Nexus S was delayed as TechCrunch said and I think the launches are tied together.

  • http://Website Galen20K

    Yea it looks alright but I can tell you right now that I’m very happy I bought the myTouch 4G right now. I knew I loved it but was wondering about this one, now I’m not wondering anymore my Nexus One looks wayy better and isn’t much behind on spec of this one and the myTouch 4G I just got seems more endearing to me.

  • http://Website khush

    how long can u expect google to support it with tegra 2 phones and dual core phones around the cornor

  • http://Website Brad Pitcher

    The guy running the Android Guys podcast that you took part in made it sound like HSPA+ was a given and we were dumb for asking.

    HSPA+ is the most important feature/non-feature on this phone in my opinion

  • http://Website Hans

    What about giving the Nexus S news a rest for a bit and focus on other news like the HTC Mecha?

  • http://Website Kevinthebox

    Lol that is the best buy near my house in Los Angeles. Kudos, Android and Me you guys nailed this phone. I will definitely be interested in getting it. TAYLOR, just wondering, do you have buyer’s remorse with ur G2 purchase? Looking to buy a new phone this holiday season …

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I love my G2. It is the best keyboard phone available.

  • Gomez


  • http://Website Adam

    I find it hard to believe that Samsung were ever going to announce the Nexus S at the Verizon Continuum event. Verizon would want no part in it if they where going to reveal a much more impressive phone on a different network at the same time. I think Google will want to be announce this themselves anyway. Also, do you think Google would tell you the date they are going to announce 2.3 even if it was scheduled (which I’m sure it is)? They will keep a secret until they publicly announce it right?

  • PhineasJW

    I don’t see any way this thing launches on Sunday.

    I assume Google’s going to hold a press conference, of some sort, to highlight the stuff in Gingerbread (at least that would be the smart marketing thing to do). And, since they haven’t given any notice of an upcoming press conference, it isn’t going to happen this week.

  • FrightenedByPenguins

    As a happy NexusOne owner I’m kinda just wondering when my update is going to be arriving.

    I’m pretty pissed that Google is delaying the update to existing customers who bought into the “Google Experience” just because they want to grant first release to a new handset that isn’t quite ready yet. (If that is actually the case)

    • http://Website Adam

      It’s better they don’t announce it until it’s ready to go OTA. Waiting for the 2.2 on my Nexus One after they announced it was painful and people in the official forum were gong nuts. I think they learn’t from that and will hopefully role it out as soon as it’s announced.

      • FrightenedByPenguins

        I agree with that in principal because I had the same horror myself waiting for 2.2 but putting the Gingerbread Man out on their front lawn is already a massive tease I just wish they were a bit more forthcoming with actual dates for their updates. Even some sort of estimate or statement to their faithful customers would be nice. Its not like the world is going to be stunned that the next release is “gingerbread”.

  • http://Website rvirga

    Looking at the Engadget pictures and comparing to those of the i9000, one thing that I noticed is that while the i9000 has a microSD slot under the backside cover, the Nexus S doesn’t. The Best Buy document, under “box contents” doesn’t list a microSD card either (high-end phones usually include a 8GB or 16GB card). All this suggests that the Nexus S might not have a microSD slot at all, and that Samsung used the extra space for the led flash (which the i9000 lacks).

  • http://Website josh

    So what’s this about the hardware issue being that phone only has 1 core

  • SGB101

    Can we talk about decent devices please, this is being flogged to death, and there isn’t even great interest in it.

    Samsung does not equal nexus.

  • http://Website J Rush

    Interesting enough Google just said they didn’t have anything scheduled [this month, perhaps?] So given the recent technical issues , and the name sake for the new version of Android, could we exxpect a December announcement? Or am I being to hopeful?