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Dual-screen Samsung Continuum coming to Verizon on Nov. 11th

Verizon recently cancelled the LG enV Pro, but the carrier has a second dual-screen device that is also expected to launch on November 11th. The Samsung Continuum is an Android 2.1 phone similar in specs to the Galaxy S, but it features a second mini-display called the ticker right below its main 3.5 inch display.

Other than the second display, the other notable features about the Continuum include full integration of Microsoft Bing services and Verizon’s new V Cast App store.┬áSamsung is expected to announce the Continuum on November 8th, when we might also receive word of another special phone.

For more details about the Samsung Continuum, check out Phil’s hands-on video from Android Central.

Via: Android Central

Source: Verizon

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  • http://Website blog

    You are probably holding your thumb over the light sensor and that is why the screen is so dark!

  • deltaslight

    Is the little screen “Ticker” going to be that useful? I mean, another display could affect battery life, although there isnt a specific size of it.

  • http://Website X

    why on the back is writen galaxy s ?

    • Sean the Electrofreak

      Maybe ‘cuz it’s a Galaxy S phone?

  • Gone

    V Cast? Bing? Is this even a google phone? SMH

  • Healthy

    yeah why the hell was he holding it like that? trying really hard to cover whatever was up there above the verizon loco. it was especially awkward when he was showing it side by side to other phones, with a weird pinchy thumb covering the ear speaker (and yeah, probably also the light sensor)


  • http://Website Riot_Van

    Don’t you think the Continuum is the only phone they are going to announce on November 8th ?

    • Chigurh

      The article says that the Continuum is going to have Android 2.1. Other sources say that they are going to launch a Android 2.3 device, known as the “Nexus Two”.

      Is the Continuum and Fascinate US only? I live in Sweden.

  • http://Website Mark

    Very pointless second screen imo. “Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Weather…blah…blah”. They are already fine on the normal screen and one can have shortcuts on his/her homescreen. No need for some second screen just to put “ultra” shortcuts on.