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Early adopters report: How do you like your new Galaxy Tab?

Every time a big Android device hits stores we like to poll all the early adopters that read this site and get their initial impressions of the gadget they just purchased. This past week the Samsung Galaxy Tab launched on Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon and it will soon be in stores for AT&T and U.S. Cellular.

We just heard from the T-Mobile myTouch 4G owners earlier this month and now I’m curious what the Samsung fans think. If you were one of the first who raced out to pick up the Samsung Galaxy Tab, please sound off and let me know if you are happy with your new toy.

Are you satisfied with the overall performance of the 1 GHz Hummingbird processor? Do you like the phone’s TouchWiz UI? Have you made any video calls yet? Have you recorded any HD videos and used DLNA to watch them on your TV? Have you played any Gameloft HD titles yet? Have you purchased any movies from the Samsung Media Hub? How does Flash 10.1 perform in the browser?

Please share your feedback so that other customers on the fence about diving in can make up their mind. Would you recommend the Samsung Galaxy Tab to a friend?

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • Kellen

    It’s pretty much my go-to device at home now unless I have to make a call that is. :P

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Cmon, we all know you take it to the restroom and play Flick Kick Football :)

    • http://Website TheDrizzle

      Who makes calls anymore? That’s sooo early 2000.

  • http://Website Christian

    I am in love with mine. The hummingbird proccessor works wonderfully, videos and games look great. TouchWiz honestly isnt all that bad. Its really just chocolate (ew? I hate saying that. Lol) FroYo.

  • http://androidandme Kris Ostrander

    Yes, I love the Sam Tab, seems to be the perfect device.

  • Matthieu

    I love the device. Great speed, nice large screen, good capabilities. It is a bit of an attention magnet and thats not always a good thing. Calling in public when your Bluetooth earpiece is out of reach might get your mates’ jokes flowing.

    overal a good device, just a bit small for a tablet but definately too big for a phone in my opinion.

  • Oldkid

    I love mine too. I use it to read ebooks, play games, watch movies. Everything is really fast and Froyo can handle that big screen like a champ. Only 2 cons so far, the audio jack placement is not so good when you play in lanscape mode and the device should come with some kind of stand to hold it still on a table while watching a video.

  • http://Website Constantine

    I got mine a month ahead before it launches here in the US. Mine has the capability of making phone calls without any rooting required which is basically the UK version of the device. Im loving mine i actually now bring it more often than my laptop, making a phone a call is breeze plus i dont really use the speaker to make phone calls i use my Bluetooth headset and its great. Watching Videos/Movies on this device is more magical than the Apple’s iPad.

    • http://Website jjonn

      how is it that you’re able to make calls?
      that’s what i want!

  • anakin78z

    I love it, but it’s not all fun and games.

    -The size. It’s perfect. I can take it everywhere and not think twice. It even fits in my pocket if it needs to. And seeing everything on a larger screen is fantastic.
    -The battery. I’ll use it pretty regularly during the day, and am still left with anywhere between 30 and 40% at night.
    -Video and 3d game playback is flawless.
    -The wi-fi modem is the best of any of my devices. Fast, and great range.
    -more storage space than my N1. Finally I don’t have to worry about uninstalling 20 apps, just so I can try one other.
    -Video calling (also see below). When it works, it’s awesome.
    -All Share (DNLA software). A very simple way to share things over DNLA. Stream video to your tv, flip through pictures from your pc on your device… it’s great fun.

    Don’t love:
    -Inconsistent speed… some parts are blazingly fast, others stutter along. It’s kind of frustrating. For example, the notification bar is slow to pull down and stow. Maybe it’s because Samsung added those toggles? But given how common usage of it is, it should be silky smooth, like it is on my Nexus.
    The browser is a huuugely mixed bag, as far as speed goes. Sometimes I’ll load a page, and it will be completely unresponsive… can’t scroll or do anything, until finally, maybe 10 seconds later it’ll sputter back to life. And then scrolling will be slow. Very slow. Painfully slow. I’ve noticed that it occasionally gets better after a little while… not sure what’s going on there. But it’s really got me worried. Other pages, notably mobile pages with less going on on them, are plenty fast. This is true for the stock browser and Dolphin HD (which looks totally awesome with tabbed browsing on this device!)
    -No calling ability (on Verizon). This is turning out to be a bigger bummer than I thought. The Tab is quickly becoming my go to device, and it now seems silly that I have to carry around two devices. However, other than that, it also has some adverse effects on the os:
    -Can’t connect bluetooth headset. This one really pissed me off. I’m guessing it’s because you can’t make calls, so why would you ever connect a headset, right? Cause of video calls and voip, that’s why.
    -Video Calling. While I love video calling on this, I don’t actually have a single working solution. Tango works for outgoing calls, but I can’t receive calls for some reason (it just doesn’t ring). Fring is all kinds of messed up (even though the description says it works). Yahoo Messenger doesn’t use the ffc and force closes. Quick messenger has the video on it’s side, and also doesn’t really work. All together, kind of sad. I guess give it a month…
    -Freezes and reboots. In the first 3 days, it froze on me a good 6 times or so, resulting in forced reboots. That’s gone down since then, but it happened to me again today, so it’s not smooth sailing with this device.
    -No notification light. Seems like an odd omission, and is pretty annoying.

    Overall though I’m happy with it. But I wouldn’t get one for my mom (which I wanted to do, so that we can video chat easily, etc.). It’s got a lot of rough edges, and that’s a bummer. But most of the time is a joy to behold. The screen is great, and again, the size is just perfect. I’ll consider a 10 inch tablet for home use whenever honeycomb hits next year, but this is perfect for mobile. To those people who say it’s just a big phone… well yea, but having a big phone is awesome!

    • http://Website trdracer21

      you gotta realize this aint a tab os!!! this is a phone os!! but its good!!

      • anakin78z

        I do realize that (see last line). I’m not sure what you’re trying to say?

        • http://Website clbtch

          Try doing a factory reset for your phone as I don’t have any of the issues you are describing and I have 87 apps installed.
          as for tango, you need to register your real phone number and accept the incoming SMS for it to ring when someone calls you.

          • anakin78z

            Really? Just out of curiosity, what version of the Tab do you have?
            I might just try doing a reset. I’m assuming that won’t fix the bluetooth issue though (has anyone else tried connecting a bluetooth headset?)

            Also, Tango support contacted me and they’re trying some things on their end to fix my issue… might just be me after all.

      • http://Website mikielmo


      • http://Website mikieelmo

        Why should we except a less then perfect experience ,for 500 bucks it should work out the box. If Samsung and Google aren’t ready for the tablet game they should have waited for gingerbread . I will wait to see what comes out when gingerbread is running strong for a good couple of months .

    • MystaMax

      Thanks for sharing your detailed opinion. I don’t “need” a tablet right right now, but I WANT one. So, I’ll wait until 1st quarter 2011 to see what becomes available.

      I like the screen size of the iPad when I first played with it, but the mobility of a 7″ is more appealing. I need to go to a t-mobile store to get a hands on with the tab (I can do that, right?).

      I wonder if the “Inconsistent speed” you’re talking about is the same issue myself and all other Vibrant owners experience from time to time. This spawned the whole “lagfix” mods and custom overclocked ROMS, which I use now on my vibrant to rectify the issue (still working on the samsung bloatware that drains my battery).

      If I’m going to spend money in the $500+ range, I want a solid tablet. I asked myself, “How good can a 1st gen Android tablet be?”. It seems pretty darn good, but I’m too picky. Plus, I was an earlier adopter with the G1. While I loved it, I paid a price in performance.

      Again, thanks for sharing.

      • anakin78z

        Thanks for the info, both of you. I looked around the web and someone applied the OCLF patch on their Verizon Tab, and their Quadrant score doubled, mainly due to io, so indeed it seems to have the same issue. Since it requires root, I may just wait a few more days to make sure nothing else goes wrong while I can still return it (I’m still considering getting the T-mobile version to eventually hack it to make calls).

      • http://Website darcyli

        if you would take a look like “how good would the 1st gen android phone be? (T-mobile G1)”, i guess you wouldn’t expect sam tab to be too good. I have a G1 that drives me crazy and im waiting for my galaxy s from rogers (yes im from canada).

        i guess you are right, wait unil q1/q2 next year and see (hopefully htc tab, and other tabs that run gingerbread or even honeycomb).

      • jimtravis

        I have not experienced any noticeable lag with the Tab, but have experienced extremely slow email viewing with the Vibrant. T-Mobile has been no help. I did a hard reset which did not solve the problem. How have root, and other fixes worked out on your Vibrant? If they solved the performance issue with the Tab, please send some links for the mods you did.


    • http://Website adryan

      Love the last sentence. Going in my list of awsome quotes
      “To those people who say it’s just a big phone… well yea, but having a big phone is awesome!”

    • http://Website Todd

      I haven’t had a single freeze up or force close. You must’ve installed a bad app, or you got a defective unit.

  • http://Website Simon

    I like it so far, however the Tab seems rather slow to me especially when browsing. For example zooming in is no problem with my Nexus One but with the Tab I have to wait about a second while on the Nexus it reacts immediately.
    Scrolling is also a bit laggish. Not really bad but its noticable and again, slower than on the Nexus One.
    So far I don’t know wether it is the Samsung browser or the Hummingbird processor, I suspect the browser because I experienced the slower performance mostly during browsing.

    FYI: Flash is turned off.

    • http://Website trdracer21

      you should youse dolphing browser hd its much smoother

      • http://Website katvo

        I’m sorry, I’m trying not to be a grammar Nazi, but “youse”? REALLY?

        • http://Website President Kelly

          “grammar nazi” doesnt exist either and its disrespectful to all the people who died in ww2

    • http://Website Simon

      Thanks Dolphin works much better. So it is Samsungs Browser.

  • http://Website Zapote21

    Love mine. Its my go to device at home. Bought it outright, no data plan. Use it on wifi only. If I leave the house, I convert myself into a walking hotspot with my Nexus One and Bingo!

    Its amazing…

    • http://Website Todd

      Have you tried swapping in your N1 sim? I don’t have a data plan either because I expect I can do that. But I have no landline, so if my cell is off, no one can get in touch with me. I haven’t tried tethering yet, but I did get a tether widget.

  • Noice

    Got hands on with one for about 3 hours last night. Didn’t love it, but liked it (much like the iPad). Basically the tablet form factor itself is useful for some things… and if you need to do those things it’s awesome.

    If it was available in a wifi only package and stock android (with improvements for large screen in stock android), I’d be strongly considering 2 for myself and a few as gifts. With the carrier data plan stipulations and manufacturer fauxprovements… it’s a pass.

  • http://Website Matthew

    Sprint wouldnt allow me to purchase one with a 2 year contract because i didnt have the required 13 months with them to add another line to my plan. I just switched in june for the evo and epic for my girl. So it kinda sucks i guess. would have loved it, guess i’ll have to wait for the honeycomb tablets next year.

    • anakin78z

      Any reason you don’t just get it from another carrier? Sprints prices seemed to be the most expensive ones anyway, if I’m not mistaken.

      • http://Website Matthew

        Well I didn’t want to have sprint and verizon. But I think they are the same price..I think. I didn’t look into verizon really because I didn’t think I was going to get it. Another reason I wanted the sprint version was because the back was white and it matched my white evo. Lol. But I think I’ll wait…I don’t know if htc is making a tablet but if they do I would jump hoops for it. Waiting for that or the lg tablet.

      • http://Website illagod

        At&t is the most expensive at $650. They truly want the iPad to rule the table market

  • http://Website trdracer21

    i love my tab! couple of things i notice slow internet browsing i fix that with dolphin browser and it so so so much smoother! i love the size color is great i dont like samsung ui so i use launcher pro and it makes it a hole lot better. you can change the size of all the widgets so it makes it really nice fits perfect. no lag wats so over. the only problem i have i found out there a galaxy 2 coming out with amoled screen and with a faster processor! so imma return it and wait but this tab is fun for it to be on froyo and not an actual tab softwaree “3.0″ so will see how it goes next year looks very exciting for the future all i got to say to android is 1 thing APPS APPS APPS APPS APPS APPS APPS GAMES GAMES GAMES GAME. we need apps like apple they got the best game best apps thats all!!!

    • http://Website illagod

      Skyfire is also good if you like watching online programming

  • http://Website sax m

    Did anyone try and see how it handles ?

    • http://Website Deadsailor21

      Niccee lol

    • http://Website Todd

      For those who don’t know, Redtube is an adult site.

  • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

    From my point of view, these tablets are useless and facination wears off quickly. Only early adopters and geekfags buy them. You look so awkward with such a big display in your hand its embarrassing imho. Yours, Ben

  • http://Website NickN

    Background: Main phone is a Nexus One. I work for a mobile developer, so we have lots of devices around. Regularly play with iPhone, iPad, all kinds of Android devices etc.

    I have the T-Mobile Samsung. Would have bought the wi-fi only (and used it with the N1 hotspot) but needed it for a project and the wi-fi version isn’t out until Jan.

    While I think Ben is dead wrong, there is one key phrase in his comment “from my point of view”. Whether you like the Samsung will depend entirely on your use case.

    For me, an iPad is a waste. If I want to drag something that big around, I’ll just take my laptop. It’s a beautiful media playing device, but too big/heavy for a casual e-reader or game machine.

    Equally, for me, the 4+” smartphones are getting too big. I want a phone that goes in my pocket, not a giant billboard of a device.

    However, the Samsung, for me, is ideal. It is a very comfortably sized device. I can take it with me easily enough and shove it out of site (iPad has to go in the trunk of your car, can’t put it in a side pocket). Battery is great. Android 2.2 mostly works well. It’s a solid game playing device and e-Reader, and for me, it’s an ideal netbook alternative. I do wish some of the iPad apps were available for it (looking at you , Mujinote) as the current crop of good tablet apps is small.

    i was on a 4 hr flight today with inflight wifi. I took care of a bunch of email, set up a Drupal server via SSH, edited a couple of docs and sent some Google Voice texts, all while listening to music. I _hate_ the pseudo-multitasking on the iPad — wouldn’t even have tried to do what I was doing today on that device.

    Point is, I have 60+% battery left and was able to do all of this on a very packed flight without annoying my neighbors. It’s the first device I’ve owned that I actually could see reading a book on.

    There are some downsides. There’s a ton of preinstalled cr*p and no way to delete it. Samsung’s UI is okay, but inconsistent in many places. I really like the way the Nexus One handles copy & paste. Samsung’s solution is good when it works (very similar to iOS copy/paste), but it doesn’t work with every app. The autocomplete also often fails to recognize password fields, which makes entering passwords unnecessarily painful at times.

    For me, this will be a standard “don’t want to bring a laptop” device and it was money well spent. Of course, I’d rather pay $300 than $600, but such is life.

    • http://Website DaveC

      NickN>>For me, this will be a standard “don’t want to bring a laptop” device and it was money well spent. Of course, I’d rather pay $300 than $600, but such is life.

      Ditto on the cost which is why I’m holding off for the Archos 70. The few that shipped earlier this month had 2.1 but Archos is saying Froyo will roll out this month. It sounds like an awesome device for $270 with no data contract!

    • http://Website ACR

      For the Copy and Paste menu. Hold down Swype buttong and drag to SYM button. It should show you a copy and paste menu with directional arrow buttons and page up/down ect…

  • Kevin Schram

    I have a Galaxy Tab loaner from Sprint for work. I like it. Battery life is impressive thus far.

  • http://Website marco

    i have the evo and i went into the sprint store to purchase the tablet. i ended up playing with it for about ten minutes… i loaded websites simultaneously on both the evo and galaxy tab the evo won everytime and it wasnt even on wifi… so… its a no go…. ill wait for something better

    • http://Website Gnarf

      Thats what she said

  • http://Website valhelm

    I love mine.. I have the tmobile version no issues so far..

  • http://Website JoeS

    Can you get text messages on any of the carriers?

    • http://Website Galen20K

      T-Mobile’s plan for the tab includes unlimited messages, I think its extra on the other 3 carriers.

    • http://Website trdracer21


  • http://Website Debbie

    I have an iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab, I have to say that I love the Tab alot better than
    the iPad. The tab is smaller and has FLASH which can play videos that iPad can’t. I hate it when
    Apple controls everything on the iPad.

  • http://Website Mark

    Perfect size, 2.2 runs the tab perfectly. I like being able to hold the device in one hand. For those of you waiting, grow a pair and buy it. You won’t be disappointed. This has replaced my laptop at home. The 3g is getting 5 down and 2 up which is faster than my laptop on wifi.

    • http://Website Todd

      If you haven’t bought it already, wait for the inevitable price drop. I hear the price has already dropped in some European countries.

  • Dylan Andersen

    Too stoked on the Tab. Wasn’t really sold until I saw some games running on it and until Sprint announced a decently priced data plan and until I realized it would make sense to pay $30 a month and get 2GB data and unlimited text for a tablet.

    I dig it. Bought it for $399 and haven’t looked back (yet). Love this thing.

    Clark said it best. I feel shortchanged every time I pick up my EVO 4G (my daily driver).

    • http://Website Todd

      $30 for a measly 2gb? They’re really cheating us. That’s how much I pay for unlimited data on my Nexus One. That’s why i paid the full price without a contract. I’m glad to be on T-Mobile, so I can just swap my phone’s sim card in. Or I can just tether it to the phone.

  • http://Website Joe Sinkwitz

    I was finally able to get my hands on one and play with it at a Verizon store last night.
    It was very impressive, but expensive.
    I’m used to getting around in Android since I have a Samsung Moment with Android 2.1.
    This tablet is fast. The screen is bright and clear.
    [] The responsiveness of the capacitive touch screen is fantastic.
    [] I was able to download Graffiti from the Android Market onto it to try it as an input method — it’s the old Palm OS Graffiti 1 emulated by Access http://www.access-company dot dom. It worked really well on the Galaxy tab!
    [] A couple of pictures and a short video were as good as anticipated. You can’t “snap and move” like you can with a digital SLR camera, but the picture, if you hold steady is good.
    [] The pinch-to-zoom impresses me — don’t have it on my Samsung Moment.
    [] Web browser included was fast and easy to read.
    A very nice machine, for sure — no doubt better than the iPad (Son, friend and co-workers have them).
    However, for less than half the price, I’m putting my money into an Archos 70 Internet tablet — in addition to all the Galaxy Tab can do (almost – does not come with Android Market) it also has video out capability so you can see every screen of the device on your big-screen TV.

    • http://Website ACR

      I heard it has bad video codec support. You might have to convert alot of videos.

  • jimtravis

    I have the Verizon Tab. – I am very pleased with the device, and appreciate the free hotspot app Verizon includes without an extra tethering fee. I have an iPad, but it is too bulky to take out with me every day, and the iPad’s restrictive file access hinders the tasks I wish to accomplish. The Tab fits in the pocket of my winter jacket, is easy to carry, and is a nice size for viewing videos. Although I enjoy watching videos on the Tab, its codec support is limited compared to the Archos 70 Internet Tablet. Videos that play fine on the Archos 70, do not play, or have no audiio track on the Tab. I purchased the Verizon leather case for its protection, and it also makes a nice stand when watching videos. Please, any tablet over >5″ screen size, include a built-in stand. The Tab is also ideal for viewing photos.

    The included Think Free Office reads, and edits my spreadsheets fine. My favorite cross platform database, HanDBase, works fine on the Tab as well. Unlike the iPad, you have user access to the file system on the Tab which makes Dropbox an essential app for sharing data files etc among a plethora of devices. Dropbox has worked fine for sharing PDfs, spreadsheets, and database files.

    Another must have app for me is CatchTheBus which tracks the Boston transit buses in real time so you know when the bus is arriving, not when it is scheduled to arrive. I use the local transit buses daily so this app is essential for me on all my mobile devices. The app works great on the Tab.

    I have only encountered one app that did not scale to full screen, and eventually I suspect there will be a Tablet version of this app.

    Overall, I am very pleased with the Tab. It is a great size for mobile web browsing, and watching videos. It can also be used easily for business apps like spreadhsheets, and databases. I have no encountered any performance issues yet, so hopefully that will continue.

    Changes I would like to see – reduction in weight of about 4 -5 ounces, more native video codec support, built-in kickstand, and tablet versions of apps that utilize the increased screen size. I do carry my smartphone as well for making the occasional phone call. If the Tab supported voice calls, I could leave the smartphone at home.

  • http://Website Ms Longoria

    it looks like a cheap iPad. Why do you want this??? if you cant afford the iPad then dont let you trick into this korean-based me-too crapgadget! Im saving money for the real deal – the iPad from Apple.

    • http://Website Todd

      What’s an iDiot doing hanging around an Android blog? The one thing the iPad gives you over the Tab is a larger screen. I’d rather have a more capable device. Cameras and real multitasking. I notice no one’s talked about printing. I saw print on a submenu somewhere. Anybody tried that?

    • http://Website Denver Morgan

      Steve made the ipad but samsung perfected it. lol

  • http://Website Todd

    I’m pretty sure the iDiots remember all the “It’s a big phone” remarks directed at the iPad, and that’s why they’re throwing it back at the Tab. And when you get right down to it, both devices are simply upscaled smart phones. And that’s a good thing.

  • http://Website Todd

    I’ve been waiting for a quality Android tablet since I got my Nexus One. And this is it. Too bad it’s so pricey. Hopefully, B&N will release a Nook app designed for this form factor. The phone app doesn’t support variable sized fonts, so you can’t take advantage of the larger screen.

  • http://Website Ronny3547

    Galaxy Tab has FAILed big time, they are already phasing out stock units…a disaster for samsung

    • http://Website Denver Morgan

      Pure speculation where i am these things are selling like hotcakes they said they
      cant keep em in stock.

  • Ayman

    i love my tmobile galaxy tab. yes its expensive but way capable than my 500 Wifi iPad. you guys are so stupid honestly. i mean so what if the screen is smaller? i mean, if its 9 inch screen, its too big, if its a 7 inch, its too small. wtf do you guys want then? seriously? you can have both, its not like its gonna get bigger when u need to read a paper and smaller when u wanna put it in ur pocket. my tab does everything i need and i havent touched my ipad in a long time. im just missing one app that is on the appstore thats not on the makret, its called course smart for my textbooks. once i get that, im gonna use my squartrade warranty and get my money back. so ur gonna pay for an ipad for 500 and its only gonna do half of what the galaxy tab does. why not pay 100 more and get the one that does everything you need? yes i can make calls on mine, yes i can use 3G, yes i love hacking, yes i love tech…thats why i bought it. stop complaining that its too much. technology is expensive. you cant have something this small and capable and expect it to be 200 bux. its like medicine, you complain why medicine is so high. do you realize that it takes 1billion dollars for a company to synthesize a drug and take it to the FDA? 1 billion dollars and the arnt even sure if its gonnna get approved. if it doesnt, there goes the one billion dollars. im not even exaggerating. yes i wanna be a doc, yes i care for the patients that i work with today, but if u have a 30 dollar co pay, dont complain especially when there are others without insurance. my point is that drug companies and tech companies dont work for free. they have a right to make some money. im not spoiled, im not rich. i work hard, save up and get what i want and im a biochemistry student. if you dont need it, dont get it. its simple. if it was 200 everyone would get it and samsung wont make any profit. its not something you need, i realize this. i bought it because I LIKE TECHNOLOGY! so if you dont have that money to spend, then i understand. you have other responsibilities. do i wish it was cheaper? OF COURSE! who doesnt?!? but its not happening, technology is expensive and if you want it to be cheaper, then obviously dont get it when its released, wait a few months. i know i spent this whole time talking about the purchase and not about the actual tab, but im just telling it how it is. if you want to see what i really think about it, i talk about it all the time on my twitter. bye.

  • http://Website Jordan

    I bought the t-mo Tab right after it came out, and I’m completely in love with it. I know Froyo isn’t optimized for tablets, but the tweaks that Samsung put into it (and the fact that most Android apps seem to scale pretty well to the big screen) make it much more useable. Along with that, the screen is beautiful, the battery life blows away my Evo (even with the extended battery), and the Reader Hub (especially the Zinio app) gives me the e-magazine reader I’d always wanted from Android.

    Overall, maybe a little pricey (and the inability to change the UA string in the browser annoys me), but still a great purchase. I can’t wait to see what this thing can do packing Gingerbread or Honeycomb.

  • http://Website Ken Cagle

    I love the Tab too. It fits in my pocket and is the perfect size…. STEVE! I wish it did make calls if so I would not need to carry my phone….. Verizon! :( Otherwise its as perfect as you can make model 1.

  • http://Website Denver Morgan

    I like mine the brower was a little sluggish but after i installed dolphin browser hd
    no more problems other than the sluggish browers this Tablet is Great battery life could
    be a little better but video is stunning just a word of warning dont hold it up to your ear
    because it could damage your hearing from all the people laughing at you lol.