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Early adopters report: How do you like your new myTouch 4G?

The myTouch 4G debuted this week for $199 at T-Mobile and from the sound of it many of you went out and purchased this phone yesterday. As with any big Android launch, we like to poll our readers and get their initial impressions about their new toy. We just heard from the T-Mobile G2 owners last month and I’m curious now if more people opted for the myTouch 4G.

If you were one of the early adopters who raced out to pick up this phone, please sound off and let me know if you are happy with your purchase.

Are you satisfied with the overall performance of the second-generation Snapdragon processor? Do you like the phone’s mySense UI? Have you made any video calls yet? What kind of 4G speeds are you getting on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network? Are you a fan of the Genius button? Have you recorded any HD videos yet and used screen share to watch them on your TV?

Please share your feedback so that other T-Mobile customers on the fence about upgrading can make up their mind. Would you recommend the T-Mobile myTouch 4G to a friend?

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • http://Website waitingforNexus2

    I wanted to get the myTouch 4G and would have happily let you know how it’s going; but you said to wait. I’m waiting for the Nexus 2. Don’t fail me now Taylor!

    • http://Website uzunoff

      I was gping to get it too, but Taylor reccomended G2 instead.
      Seeing no point from phisical keyboard and the lack of ff camera I am waiting for the Nexus 2 as well

    • johnny

      You should change your name to ‘waitingforSamsungToUpdateyDevice’ b/c that’s what you get with a Samsung Android device… Still gonna happen with a stock device

      • http://Website bpear96

        Well, im pretty sure that if its the nexus 2 that like the nexus 1 google will provide all the updates not htc/samsung!

      • http://Website jdog

        Why, I don’t wait for HTC to update my Nexus One and thats exactly why I bought so I’m not at the manufacturers or carriers mercy.

  • Seth B

    Picked mine up last night on the way home … so far really liking it.

    Some of the pre-loaded demos were interesting but … not really being used, and while I toyed around with the senceUI that they have which is nice, I have since put Launcher Pro back on.

    But from the hardware end, it’s definitely a nice phone, nice and solid & stable so far.

    • http://Website Leo

      Did you think the plastic on the screen is kind of flimsy?
      I played with one in the store, and everytime I pushed on the icon on the screen, the actual screen is also getting touched (like as if you are pushing directly on an LCD screen some ripples) appears)

      • http://Website Jon

        Had the same problem when I went to check it out at T-mobile store. Noticed if pressed on the screen to add a widget…like u said it was like when u touch on a LCD screen ripple effect

        • http://Website Galen20K

          Its not plastic, its a glass screen with no ripple effect what so ever.

        • http://Website olejoshieb

          cool lies bro

        • Jonathan

          I think you’re mistaking the live wallpaper for screen/lcd flow.. the screen is VERY solid, and I’ve never seen any flow of the liquid crystal when I touch the screen. This phone is a very solid, very nicely built system!

    • http://Website Wes

      Same thing happened here BUT its because of the security holder they put it in the TMobile store. I took one home and the screen acts normal.

  • http://Website leonardo

    I have the new MYTOUCH 4G and today i just got a software update. JUST A DAY OLD AND THERE IS AN UPDATE.

    • http://Website Anonymous

      I remember back in June when I got my Evo, I remembered it also got an update the day of its release also.

      It’s normal for them to make a last minute change that wasn’t available before they shipped.

  • http://Website leonardo

    I just got a software update for my new MYTOUCH 4G! SO NEW AND THERE IS AN UPDATE ALL READY!!!

    • johnny

      OH NOOOO AN UPDATE!!! Chill out dingleberry, the update was for the native Qik application…

  • http://Website BiGMERF

    I was thinking of the Mytouch4G also until you ruined it taylor! LMAO !! Now I am going to wait for the Nexus 2… I love my orig Nexus and just wanted the 4g to experience what TMOS HSPA was all about.. But now I shall wait!

    • http://Website Houston

      I bought my Nexus One on Day #1. Absolutely love it! It’s my 2nd HTC-built device. After messing around with the myTouch 4G, I’ve only reconfirmed that I will continue to stick with HTC-built devices. I am not impressed at all with Samsung’s various Galaxy S options. Not a fan of the excessive use of plastic. I want to feel good about the $400-$500 I spend on a phone, and so far, HTC hasn’t disappointed with their build quality. Samsung phones just feel to cheap (in my opinion). If HTC manufactures the Nexus Two (or some other Nexus device), I’d definitely consider getting it.

  • Donald

    I just did one of these on another forum. COOL copy paste. Its long…

    Ill answer your questions first.

    Are you satisfied with the overall performance of the second-generation Snapdragon processor? HELL YEA

    Do you like the phone’s mySense UI? I dont think its that bad. I have had worse.

    Have you made any video calls yet? Tried too but dont know who to call.

    What kind of 4G speeds are you getting on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network? 5627kbps Down 661kpbs up

    Are you a fan of the Genius button? Used it and not too bad. Its actually simple

    Have you recorded any HD videos yet and used screen share to watch them on your TV? No. Honestly probably wont.

    One day of use… Over all its 7.5 – 8 out of 10

    Things that I LOVE:

    - FAST AS HECK>.. I have not had one bit of lag and thats with MULTIPLE apps running.
    - Big Screen
    - The size is not too big just right…
    - FAST
    - Bright colors
    - Speaker is LOUD!
    - Android 2.2 (Official NON Root)
    - 4 G speeds downloads are fast almost computer speed (cable).
    - Lots of new applications (coming off of 1.6 and 2.1)
    - Games that actually work (3d games)
    - The Non Track ball
    - Apps to SD (kinda)
    - WiFi hotspot
    - Camera with Zoom and Bright Flash
    - Some widgets
    - the media room
    - FM Radio
    - HQ Youtube and Video’s
    - when battery low will turn off all the crap till charged
    - Swype is better then i thought.
    - The detail that was placed in this phone.
    - The actual Themes for the phone. I think its nice and clean.
    - Built in slacker radio
    - Ability to run plenty of apps while running slacker/music and internet without any lag.
    - Internet is BLAZING fast
    - Car dock is cool
    - A few built in gadgets. (stop watch, flashlight, Front facing camera)
    - Feels solid. Not plastic or cheap at all.

    Things i hate:

    - Sound quality when headphones plugged in… (had an ihome external speakers and it was worse then no plug in. Gotta figure that one out)
    - Crap APPS… The free games are not free only trial periods and you cant remove them.
    - Cant remove APPS that you will never purchase or use
    - Cant use the apps to SD on all applications including the ones you just installed from market
    - Tmobile Mobile TV is NOT FREE.. Will automatically sign you up if you use it ONCE. a monthly fee of $10. You have to physically cxl the subscription. Pain in the REAR
    - Hitting home button does not turn on the phone (or any dedicated button at the bottom) Must use the one on top to wake up or sleep
    - Its taking the place of my ZUNE which is hard to do.
    - Cant remove APP’s i will never use or shoot even hide them would be nice. Without them starting up EVER. (ie: amazon, FACEBOOK i hate facebook)
    - Yahoo is embedded in this thing. Cant get rid of it. Dont need it nor want it. I have google for that stuff.
    - Unable to delete music on the fly
    - Unable to figure out the home screen for the net. Dont care about tzones.

    Please take in consideration that i am coming from an ORIGINAL Mytouch v1.0 with root. So some of my pros and cons may be trivial to some and yes i did duplicate some of my answers, I hate or love them that much.

    This is a short list i have figured out at work while on my breaks (times: 20 min – 30 minute – 20 minute not all at once) Overall 1 hour and 10 minutes of actual play time.

    I did drain the battery before showing up to work (was dead anyways) then charged while working. I did use slacker radio, music player, youtube, internet, market like crazy, text, camera, showing off to friends, video, FM radio, played a few games, for the times i was on break. Full battery and all that stuff going on, and i mean mass consumption of data i got a good 5 solid hours. Yes it seems like a lot but i move fast and hate to waste time when on break. Also seems like i drained it faster then i should have. First day give it and me a break.

    Ill see how things are in the next few days when the nostalgia wears off of owning a FINE machine.

    -side note-
    I hope they find a root for this beast so i can get rid of all the crap apps and use the apps to SD properly.

    • http://Website GT

      what city are you in? I wish when stating download/upload speeds that a city is given.

      • Donald

        Sorry that was in Phoenix Arizona next to the Airport. Here in Gilbert (home) i get crappy speeds. I think i hit 900kbps. I use the wifi option anyways while at home.

    • http://Website Anonymous

      Actually there is a way to remove those apps…
      You could go to the market & download an app called VISIONary, which will provide a soft/temp root. It will do the root each time the phone boots up.

      Secondly, you need SystemApp Remover (also in the Market).

      With those 2 things, you can remove a lot of Apps (Bloatware).

      Also, with the soft/temp root, you can access several other features of root, like quick reboot, etc.

    • http://Website Me

      Um, do u actually have the MT4G? Because u can wake the device my pressing the track pad….

  • http://Website Rob

    Replaced wife’s Vibrant. Removed sense UI and put ADW.launcher on it . Did some other things to it and the wife loves it. She said, “No more lock ups from a Vibrant.”

    • http://Website watbetch

      You didn’t remove anything, you just replaced the launcher.

      • http://Website Brian H

        Seriously, what’s with you? You comment on posts all the time and it’s always some cranky, cantankerous comment. Now you’re correcting people? Chill out.

        • http://Website watbetch

          So what, ignorance should be excused? Just because you replaced the launcher does NOT mean you removed the “Sense UI”. It’s a common misconception and one that needs to be nipped in the bud. Just like confusing DROID for all Android phones and the Android OS. No, I don’t have a DROID, I don’t have Verizon or one of their DROID series phones!

          • http://Website Rosedale19

            U mad?

          • http://Website SHUTUPwatbetch

            …shut up. and btw the term “Droid” is not limited to just Verizon phones, common misconception.

            “Droid, brand name of a number of Android (operating system)-based smartphones from multiple manufacturers”

            If you’re going to get mad at ignorance, don’t perpetuate it.

          • http://Website whimpleseth

            You’re freaking ridiculous. Who cares.

  • Uncemister

    so far its fantastic. I’ve been getting average download speeds of 9 to 10mb down and nearly 2mb up. Very fast and smooth performance overall with the new sense. Overall fantastic phone.

    • http://Website Galen20K

      same here my download speeds have been 6 to 9 mbps on cellular and surprisingly even my wifi-N is faster on this than my Nexus One as well. On my Nexus One 2.2 wifi-N was getting 9mbps on my myTouch 4G I’m getting 16 to 20 mbps on my wifi connection. very nice.

      • Gomez

        Where are you guys at getting 16-20mb?

        • Gomez

          lol ok never mind u get that on wifi, 6-10mb is still good.

  • http://Website Jojo

    I am waiting for the Nexus 2 now…

  • http://Website Galen20K

    I’m Loving my Plum myTouch 4G very much. It’s FAST as hell in all aspects from UI to the Internet speeds to just general snappiness. The Build quality is just Amazingly impressive with the soft touch rubberized soft touch, the Metal back and rim on the front and of course the glass Super LCD screen is the right combination of materials that feel solid in the hand. I am REALLY impressed even more so than I thought I would be considering just how much I loved my Nexus One and to my surprise I really love this phone even more so its really saying an awful lot.

    I read the blogs from insiders who handled the phone before its release who were saying all those good things about it and in my head I was like yeah yeah, we’ll see. But I shouldn’t have doubted them one bit. Pleasantly surprised.

    Bravo HTC and T-Mobile, you have a Winner. thanks for not disappointing.

  • http://Website anonyflip

    I’m loving my mytouch 4G so far. Pretty snappy and the gpu is miles ahead of my Nexus. I kind of wish I could change the functionality of the genius button though. Video calling works pretty well. All in all, I’m glad I purchased this instead of the G2. All I have to wait for is a permanent root method and maybe some CyanogenMod support.

  • http://Website Big Z

    Very nice. I upgraded from N1 and particularly like the Wifi calling since reception in my home is limited to Edge. I could do without some of the bloatware. The 4 buttons at the bottom instead of the capacitative buttons are a welcome change.

  • http://Website Mark

    Picked it up yesterday when the store opened. I own an N1, Vibrant and have had an icrap. This phone is best out without a doubt. Speeds are averaging above 10 down and 2.5 up on HSPA+. Even faster on wifi. I think i will sell my laptop! The rumors about the N2 are very interesting but if Samsung makes it I would still choose an HTC phone 1st.

  • http://Website surfinghawaii

    My new mytouch 4g had grey stuff UNDER THE SCREEN UNDER THE GLASS.. CHECK YOURS IN A BRIGHT LIGHT OR SUNSHINE !!! I made them exchange it on the spot..

  • http://Website Devildog1040

    I picked up a Vibrant on Day 1 – GPS was screwy, then got 10x worse with the Samsung update. Traded it for a Nexus One (old reliable!). Picked up the MT4G yesterday and have now put the N1 up on Ebay. I’m extremely happy with it!

    Screen is much better in direct sunlight, HOWEVER, viewing angle is not as wide as the N1 was.

    EXTREMELY snappy and responsive – two thumbs up and no regrets – would definitely recommend to a friend! In fact, a co-worker of mine who has been waiting to abandon his G1 is going to get one after having played with mine for about an hour.

  • http://Website Thorpeland

    Ok ive had my new MyTouch 4G about 2.5 hrs now. I am blown away. One the things im most happy about is the antenna strength. So far it appears to give me a stronger signal in my dungeon like office, than any past smart phone ive used. Android 2.2 is great to have of course. Although I know as soon as I can root this puppy there is some bloatware im ripping off of it. I can’t say it effects the devices performance but it bugs me knowing its there. lol

    The screen is really gorgeous. I was afraid 3.8in would be on the small side. But its really quite nice. Very bright and sharp. The entire UI is incredible responsive. So far im really happy with this upgrade. I came from an original MyTouch 3G… so I was probably easy to please. ha

    I made a bit of a scene in my office. When the phone was delivered to my desk i let out a little girl scream. lol

  • http://Website anakin78z

    Played with one for about a day and a half. It was very pleasantly snappy. It has ‘themes’ built into it, which affect the launcher, but also the selection colors and probably a few other UI details throughout the phone. While I’d probably replace the launcher anyway, I have to admit that they actually did a really nice job with the themes.
    At first, I was very disappointed in the cameras. The front facing camera was terrible, choppy, just no good. The rear camera was a bit better, but I could never get it to record a smooth video. Later on I realized it reeeeally hates low light. In better lighting conditions, it was less terrible, but still not good, in my opinion. Kind of a shame, cause the rest of the phone is really nice.
    Not a fan of the gallery and some of the other sense replacements. They’re just not as good as the stock ones.

    Overall though, it seems like a great phone.

    • http://Website anakin78z

      Forgot to mention the screen! It’s gorgeous… very sharp. Looked tons better than my N1… text was clearer, it was brighter… overall just wonderful. Also, the glass was less prone to smudging. I was impressed.

    • jason

      Really? i thought it was HTCs best go at a camera to date ( i mean its no iphone or n8) but i thought they nailed the camera

      have you tired to use a an iphone camera in low light. it hates it

      • http://Website anakin78z

        Nope, have not, and probably won’t.
        I liked how responsive the camera software was, but I could not record a single smooth video. Even in bright sunlight it would stutter every now and then. And the front facing camera was really bad in my office, which, granted, is pretty dimly lit, but that’s where I am all day, so that’s where I’d want it to perform well.
        (and yea, I’m focusing on video, not stills)

  • http://Website Houston

    Mine’s in the mail. Messed around with one in-store. Pretty snappy device. I’ve never had a problem with any incarnation of Sense. Will be looking forward to root though. Definitely interested in removing all the excess crappy I won’t ever use (e.g., demo apps, anything Yahoo!-related, etc.). If the myTouch is supposed to be “my phone”, it’d be great to easily remove the crap you don’t want/need. Oh well. I’m sure someone over at XDA will figure it out.

  • http://Website tracksforhire

    picked mine up yesterday at 1pm so far am loving it. i ditched my samsung s for it and it feels so much sturdy and well built. one thing samsung does have for the mytouch is the crisp screen. but all the bugs that i have on my samsung i was glad to pick the mytouch

  • http://Website tinydream

    Picked mine up last night; impressed so far. It is really responsive and fast. (Although I’m only getting 1.58Mbps up, 0.55 down, Birmingham AL).

    I tried the videoconferencing via Yahoo Messenger to other MyTouch4gs. Three calls were perfect. Twice it was very (unusably) laggy. Once it didn’t work – I could see a picture but no audio came through. I’m sure the “slow” network speeds aren’t helping – I haven’t tried on wifi yet.

    The phone is just a tiny bit heavier than I’d like, but feels solid. I wish I could change the function of the “genius” button (just a plain search button would be great) and get rid of the “MyFaves” and the game/tv/crapola bloatware. But I’m very happy with the phone overall.

    I can’t wait until someone comes out with a car dock for this.

  • http://Website Khush

    Lol sounds like taylor is going to be a key factor in low sales fire my touch

  • http://Website Ramon

    Guys! Wha about the battery life? Is it any good? Or better than the vibrant?

    • http://Website JaylanPHNX

      Battery life will be hard to determine until after the first week. Everyone will be playing with their new phones more than normal and the batteries need to be conditioned and to settle into proper usage. It usually gets better after a couple of weeks. From what I’ve heard, it’s pretty good out of the box, so that’s good news.

      • http://Website Ramon

        thanks! I’ll wait then

  • http://Website Art

    I got it yesterday and I already did a video call and it works wonderful the battery life is great, I constantly use it and I got through the day just fine. I’m happy to say I have the best of T-Mobile the G2, Vibrant and The MyTouch 4G, right now I’m happy with my new toy :)

  • http://Website JaylanPHNX

    I was waiting for more information on the Nexus S, but I re-thought that. One, I doubt it will have the build quality of this lovely device. Two, if this is to be sold direct (ala N1) and is to be a multi-carrier developer phone, then I think that lowers its chances of using T-Mobile’s HSPA+. Three, the myTouch4G is an awesome phone with more RAM and some neat proprietary features. As far as Gingerbread, I have no doubt that we’ll see it on the MT4G soon enough, since HTC has been better than most about updating. So I’m not waiting on the Nexus 2/S anymore. Now I’m just waiting on my wife to say yes, LOL!

    • http://Website Alankrut

      Thats exactly what i went through and decided to pick it up yesterday night. coming from the original Mytouch i do have to say it is far more superior.

      Just like everyone else up above, the ONLY thing i hate is the preloaded apps, such as yahoo (really), TRIAL games, amazon mp3, facebook, etc.

      I tried to remove them using VISIONary, which works just fine on everything else, but /system/app is a closed system even with temp root

  • http://Website Anthony

    Hey glad ur all enjoying your new phone. I still will keep my Nexus like vanilla flavoring. I wonder if someone who has a nexus one can compare the 3g oops hspda+ I would like to know does it keep a solid signal or does it flip flop like the nexus does at times. I thought that was a nexus problem many say carrier please advise may determine hopping on board. I could care less if samsung makes a n8 they just can’t be trusted IMHO

  • http://Website bbman911

    Just picked it up yesterday to replace my Vibrant, very happy I did! Was going to wait for the fabled Nexus 2 but if it’s going to be made by Samsung, I will pass, no more Sammy phones for me. Here is why I like the MT3G better:
    - Solid phone, easy to hold, easy in the pocket, nice to use
    - HSPA+, very fast, haven’t clocked it’s download speed, but it’s noticeably quicker for webpages, app downloads, etc.
    - Snappy and responsive: unlike the Vibrant, I didn’t need to root it, replace the ROM and apply a lag fix and use SetCPU to get it to work correctly, it just does, right out of the box.
    - GPS / Compass actually work!: compared to the Vibrant, this was the nicest change, when I drive, the MT3G actually shows me on the right road…in the right city! And when I tilt the phone, the arrow moves on the map to the direction I moved it (unlike the Sammy when the arrow would spin and jump around most of the time)
    - FFC- haven’t used it much yet, but I like that it’s there.
    - Camera is more responsive and it has a Flash – no searching for the camera app, just push the camera button and it’s a REAL camera button (half press to focus, full press to shoot-awesome!)
    - Physical keys instead of capacitive-I can see the right key to use in the dark and I know when I pushed it (plus I don’t accidentally hit the Home capacitive key when I try a massive swing on Fruit Ninja)
    - LED notification light-how did I function with a phone that omits this basic functionality?
    - LED Flash with a Torch app-always better than a white screen to see in the dark
    - Froyo
    - Touchpad for easily getting to the right place if I misspell a word and need to move back.
    - Base QuadScore of 1702 versus around 900 on the Sammy

    There are two things I liked better about the VIbrant:
    -The screen, but the MT3G screen is still very other phone has a screen like the Vibrant, but it is after all a smartphone, not a portable display so I can live with the screen on the MT3G.
    -16GB internal card+16GB SD card -I used one for primary storage, the other just for music/video, but now I can’t carry around quite as much music…unless I get a larger SD card.

    Love this phone!

    • Donald

      who would have thought that the OLD 3G was that good. Maybe i should have stuck with it. … We all know you meant 4G… i know your excited like me. :P

    • http://Website Virtue

      Before I get this phone, I have one last question. Does the maps have the new feature that the new Sense has where the map rotates to face your orientation? I have no sense of direction and I find navigation a pretty big point for me.

  • jakmayhopher

    I’m still rocking the myTouch 3g with new Froyo update. but as soon as i am able to get to a store and see if i apply for a one year upgrade, I’m getting this phone…well maybe, but the N2 might be awesome. I might just wait for few more months. But I still LOVE the myTouch 4G, it just looks and seems amazing. Specs are pretty awesome for a high end Android device.

  • http://Website theHman

    Does anyone know if you can hook up the mt4g to a TV/PC Monitor via an HDMI cable?

    I’d like to use the phones wifi/internet as my source of tv watching instead of getting cable.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      No the mt4G does not have an HDMI port, but you can still connect to your TV over WiFi using DLNA.

      • http://Website theHman

        Thanks. How do I do that?
        I’ve never heard of DLNA before.

      • http://Website anakin78z

        That won’t let you simply display your screen though… you can only stream media files that way.
        Granted, HDMI won’t let you do it either… if you can somehow get component cables for it, that would do the trick .

  • http://Website Shazey

    My mytouch 4g has problems.. I’m pretty upset.. got it last night… didn’t really sync anything so before a lot of you guys start saying ohh i need to turn so many things off.. trust me i did that.. and well went to work today… with 100% battery in the morning.. got off work.. majority of the time the phone was in my pocket locked…. i used it probably 15 minutes during lunch for texting and calling.. anyways.. 70% of the battery was gone.. I was down to 30%!!!!!!! Came home from work.. put it on charge…. have had it on charge for about almost 2 hours.. and well.. the battery is only at 50%… this blows!!!

    • http://Website Galen20K

      you’re either crazy or lying, the Battery life on my myTouch 4G is Phenomenal. I don’t really think you even own this phone.

      • http://Website JaylanPHNX

        It’s entirely possible he got a bad battery or a bad unit. It happens. If the problems persist, take it back and get another.

  • http://Website Shazey

    Also… one more thing.. the back of it heats up… this is really frustrating.. i mean within 24 hours?????

    • http://Website JaylanPHNX

      That’s not really surprising. With heavy use, the back of my Cliq XT gets pretty warm and it’s all plastic. Metal conducts heat better. But to be honest, that’s a good thing, because that heat is getting conducted away from the battery and processor better than with a plastic back.

  • jon

    can’t get wifi to hold a connection, battery drains quickly. other than that it’s great… but, i really need the wifi.

  • http://Website Ryan

    Really glad I haven’t jumped on one of these hspa+ devices. Sound like my n1 is getting speeds just as fast as anyone is reporting so far, it’ll take some time till they start getting close to those theoretical peek speeds, I guess. I’ll stick to phones with a quality build over all that plastic and a nearly imperceptible data speed increase.

  • http://Website Art

    Every time I get a new phone I always charged it 100% then use the battery till it dies then do that about 3 or 4 more times, Yesterday was the first time I did that to the MyTouch 4G and in less than 2 hours it was ready to go again fully charged. I think this phone is great, my biggest surprised was that the phone felt really solid like the Nexus One or the G2 and I like that. I got the read one by the way :)

  • http://Website KB

    LOVE this phone. Have had for a couple weeks thanks to a friend in the biz. Just got another one for my wife 11/3. Love the build quality, form factor, totality of function, and the call quality is excellent. Big complaints are the same as listed above: Bloatware. Amazon, Facebook, Games (that are not free beyond trial) T-Mobile TV, Yahoo stuff, etc. Not only can you not remove them, you can’t even hide them. Major complaint. Wish they would leave the base OS alone. I’ll get over it – the rest of the phone outweighs the bad.

    Battery life was not great initially, but I come from using a Blackberry 9700 – which lasted forever. Have taken heed of battery saver tips (No live wallpaper, adjust brightness, no Homepage apps that require updating (weather), turning off GPS/Bluetooth/Wi-fi if not in use, haptic off, vibrate off when possible, etc. Has helped considerably.

    Just bought some extra 1.5ft USB-to-Micro cables from Monoprice and picked up the Duracell Instant USB Charger from wa lmart – best pricing I could find. Also picked up the gelskins t-mobile sells w/screen protector – really nice fit. Hopeful that a desk dock and car dock are released soon – though I’m wondering if I will need to remove the gelskin every night when I dock it? We’ll see.

    Need to sync thru DoubleTwist with Mac – we’ll see how that goes. Also need to see if my Oppo blu-ray (which has DLNA capability) will recognize and play the Screen Share stuff. Downloaded Astro – nice file manager, Tivo Remote, Remote for iTunes, and Splash ID for Andriod – all good stuff. If you have Gmail and your contacts, calendar, and email is nicely organized – the syncing is seemless. All my info populated nicely. (My advice – If you have a mess in Gmail – clean it up first.) Also the phone seems to ‘Sync’ with T-mobile by default – which causes some ‘Link” issues. You can go into setting and knock this out so you don’t get dupes. Great phone – you should get one. Prefer over iPhone and if you are lucky to be in HSPA+ market, as I am, speeds will blows up away.

  • Christian B.

    Besides the front-facing camera, I personally think the G2 is a lot better. This phone just looks childish, and I hate the myTouch UI.

  • http://Website Steve

    The pictures don’t do this phone justice, I have the red variant and it is the best looking phone I have used. The red version has red sides and a black back and front, looks very sharp. Out of all the phones I’ve tried (EVO, Epic, Droid X, DINC), this feels far and away faster than all of them. So far internet speeds have been great, HSPA+ coverage is really good in my area, and I haven’t had any problems using wifi at all.

    Also I like the new sense a lot, the sense on the EVO is ugly IMO and the launcher is jerky and slow, but the new sense UI is much more fluid (could just be newer processor) and looks far far better than the old sense UI. The bloat on the phone isn’t that bad either, verizon phones are 10000x times worse in this regard and there aren’t even that many t-mo apps on here. The physical buttons are very nice, much better than the droid X, and the trackpad works well and is pretty nice to have. I’ve only been using this a couple days but it synched with my works exchange server just fine and hasn’t had any problems synching mail contacts or calender.

    Honestly coming from someone who has tried pretty much every high end android phone out I have to say this one is the best I have tried. Internet speeds are phenomonal, Everything feels faster/smoother than any other android phone I have used (and I rooted/OC’ed every one i could), and the new sense UI looks great, usually I’m a staunch launcherpro guy but the new sense UI changed my mind about that. The only thing that has annoyed me so far is the genius button, I don’t really like using voice commands and it’s annoying they turned the search button into a dedicated voice button.

    • http://Website Virtue

      Wow, you think Sense on the EVO was a POS? I have the opposite feeling. I would have jumped on this phone immediately if everything wasn’t so… bubbled in. And if they changed the ear piece grill. It looks horrendous.

  • http://Website Billsteve

    This is my first Android phone coming from a Windows Mobile 6.1 (what a POS!) so this review will seem different.

    I was wavering between android and iPhone, but went Android to get T-mobile instead of ATT or Verizon (soon-early 2011). I was torn between the G2, Samsung or this. I didn’t want the added weight and heft of a keyboard and liked 4g better than the great Samsung screen so I now have a nice Red MyTouch 4g.

    What a huge difference. This phone is fast and responsive! Something MS products are only good at for a month. The screen looks great, even if no Samsung or iPhone screen. The size is nearly perfect for the hand or pocket. I used it heavily for 4-6 hours before needing a charge (from about 25% charge left) and then I hooked it to my computer to move some video and music over. This took OVER AN HOUR for about 6GB. I’ve never seen anything so slow, can’t wait to swap out the microSD card now for something quick, but the bonus was the phone was fully charged after that. The Camera is OK, but slow like most phone’s I’ve used…but not a camera replacement yet. The color is only around the edges and the phone looks nice, but not as cleanly aesthetic as the G2.

    The interface kinda sucks though. The “homepage” the home button takes you to is NOT the screen with Google search; calendar; Mail; Market; Maps and Gallery but a screen with nothing on it but Contacts; Messages; internet and Video chat. And yes, T-mobile puts crappy “trial” apps on you cannot remove. I got an android device instead of an iPhone to customize and root though, so hopefully these problems will be soon solved.

    The Twinky server to “beam” media to TV (DNLA or UPnP device; for me a FAT+) was too simple an interface as I mistakenly turned off all the media and then couldn’t change the settings. Haven’t tried video chat yet. Front facing camera is nice to see the screen at the same time though. The internet is so nice to get REAL web pages instead of the “mobile” sites MS had people use for their POS phone, but not gestures means it can be hard to zoom in and out. I hope this is just my learning curve. Gmail is OK, but suffers from UI problems like the rest of the phone. How do I shut things off or move away from them? The “back” button seem like the only way. Why can I make some screen gesture to do the same thing?

    Well those are some thoughts from someone who hated his last phone so much he won’t even take a free Windows seven phone.

  • http://Hatetheinterfaceandbloatware nun ya

    Did I mention how much I hate the bloatware and interface? Enough that it’s going back, awesome hardware that it is, they fraked it with the bloatware.

  • http://Website John

    Mine showed up in the mail today surprisingly since tmo said next week. I’m blown away by the many things this phone has to offer! Everything said above about this phone is accurate for the most part. The most amazing observation I can share is that I live between two major cities both now hspa. On my g1, 3g only when near one or the other, edge in my house. With the mt4g, I have the H at my house! The speed is phenomenal!! I am extremely happy with this phone!

  • http://Website Ko

    Its a very nice phone but I wish the speaker volume was louder right now its really low and yes its turned all the way up

  • http://Website Steven

    The phone is great. Really passed my expectations. I would prefer stock ui but I do like the sense widgets. This phone does has an amazing camera and display, its super fast. I don’t think I’ll have any regrets even after the nexus 2 comes out.

    • http://Website Thaghost

      I love my red one. It looks good and is fast. The screen brightness is amazing. Video chat display is better than iphone and makes da evo’s screen look horrible. Downloads are super fast. Sense sucks of course, but da widgets are cool. Can’t move all apps to sd tho.

      This is definitely a top android phone! For those who dnt wanna wait forever for da nexus s should consider this phone.

  • http://Website Gooseilini

    I am happy with the phone itself. Coming from a G1 it’s a major difference. The only problem I have is with the speed. I live in Boston and there is NO difference between 3G and HSPA+ I seriously hope that the problem pertains to them still building the network out. I get 245kb/s down and 1mb/s up (my up speed is much faster than my down, go figure).

    • AndyB

      I’m in Boston too and I’ve been underwhelmed with the network speeds on the Orange Line corridor. I wonder if it’s better in Cambridge or something. I hope it improves with time.

      • g.isreal

        shameless_random_interjection but i have to do it, BOOOOSTTOOOONN!

  • http://Website Nicolas Henao Melo

    i just got my mytouch 4G 2 days ago and the first i did is to set the settings on how i want and i found out that the notification sounds don’t work. So i figure that it might be the phone so i change it for another and it still does the same when ever i put a certain notification for example, for TxT messaging it wouldn’t play that sound it will just play the sound it had from factory settings. If you have a mytouch 4G check if it does that and please emal me for info or any comments. thank you

    • http://Website Michael

      Mine does the same thing. You have to look in the main settings, or hit the menu button when in the Messages screen. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

  • http://Website Matt

    I just got it! Love this phone. I am a prior mytouch 3g first gen user. This phone feels 5x faster than that. I havent seen a loading screen yet. I was testing out the speed. I downloaded a ton of apps to fill the 7 home pages. Scrolling through them with no lag at all as fast as i could scroll. Returning to the home screen takes no time at all. The phone feels expensive as hell. MUCH MUCH BETTER THAN THE IPHONE. I cant wait to develope some apps for it and root it.

  • http://Website J240

    I absolutely love it! Coming from a G1, I am probably easy to please, but this is a magnificient piece of hardware. Fast, fast, fast! Also, I never thought I would like Sense, but it makes this device. I am very happy with my purchase and glad I did not wait. Now, if i could just get the video chat to work, my life will be complete. PS – I went out on a limb and picked up the plum color. Surprisingly happy with this color.

  • http://Website LG

    Everything worked just fine the past few days, but as soon as I walked into my hotel room tonight, the problems started. Network showed full bars on HSPA+, tried to send a text and no luck. Restarted the phone, and all of a sudden I had no bars. No HSPA, no edge, nada for a good 30 minutes. Used the Wi-fi calling feature until I left the hotel for dinner. Came back after dinner, phone shows full bars again, but the display wouldn’t time out. Everything worked fine again after another restart, but still weird. Gremlins….

  • http://Website Michael

    I have a black model and it has what I consider a bad LCD. There is noticable vertical banding in the LCD. It’s worst on solid white, and looks like yellow lines. Drives me crazy in the messages screen or in the email. Does anyone else have this?

  • http://Website Gene

    Is anyone getting poor quality on mp3 playback on their headphones? I tried 4 diff headphones and an aix jack… All are poor.

  • ootherocoo

    I picked one up 3 days ago, and I love it so far. HSPA+ works like a charm in Brooklyn, NY. I was a bit hesitant about the MyTouch UI….but WOW!, I’m impressed with it. I didn’t think anything could top regular HTC sense (I love the sense UI), but the MyTouch UI is great. Phone feels great in the hand, and is very pocketable..LOL.

    I would give this phone a solid 8.5/9 out of 10.

  • http://Website NEO

    I have had mine for about 4 days now, like everything EXCEPT the fact that I’m able to pinch zoom my work email but NOT GMAIL. Am I missing something here? Is iPhone or any other phone capable of doing this?

  • http://Website Jim miles

    Really cool phone except that it keeps crashing.

  • http://Website Heather

    Was impressed for the first several days, but finding that it has more issues than I expected. It isn’t fast at all, and can’t seem to load and watch utube videos out any other. Hubby and I both got the mytouch 4G, his completely stopped working today. Wouldn’t receive calls, wouldn’t light up at all, wouldn’t do anything. He took it back and they replaced it, but I’m not sure we will keep them. Quite disappointed!!

  • http://Website ed

    liking it so far. lots of pros but a couple of cons.

    -with sync, wifi, bt on all the time -battery cant last for more than 8hrs.
    -some apps cant be removed
    -qik video chat is still not reliable on “4G” network
    -built in browser not that good
    -wifi setup with enterprise network
    -did not come with user manual book

    • Allen S.

      Ed, you ought to either condition the battery (charge to 100 then let it drop to 0 before charging again) or get the battery swapped out. My dad and I have had nothing but superb battery…in fact it lasts longer than my Nexus One or Samsung Vibrant! I use the phone every chance I get, and to the max, so I feel I’m a good benchmark for what battery results should be. This one gets me through the day and then a little if need be. Good luck!

  • http://Website JayDubya
  • http://Website Randompat

    I kinda wish I waited for MyTouch 4G but I needed a phone fast after my myTouch 3G kaput …eh the G2 is pretty good. Really no regrets although the MyTouch 4G looks awesome.

  • http://Website Thorpeland

    Hello again.

    This is a follow up to my original comment which I made after owning the MyTouch 4G for only a couple hours. Ive now had it for almost 2 weeks, so I thought id come back and give more feedback.

    This device still continues to impress me. One point im very happy about has been the battery life. EVERY single smart phone ive previously owned, I have always had to purchase an after market battery just so I could use it normally. So I gave this phone a week of normal usage and charges to see how it responded. So far, battery life with the stock battery is giving me no urge to buy a 3rd party battery! Its really very good for stock. Of course this all depends on how you use and setup your phone. My screen brightness is on 35%. I only toggle wifi on if i need it. GPS stays on. My phone comes off the charger at roughly 7am and the battery is in its “yellow” range by about 6pm. I do have a car charger which i will sometimes plug it into while I drive to lunch. But thats only giving it about 20min extra charge during the day. And I probably could get through the day without doing that. Overall, battery is good.

    Speed. The device is fast. I watch movies, stream youtube, load graphic heavy websites and run multiple apps at once. The phone doesn’t seem to blink. I have had one crash. I as using Google Talk and suddenly the phone rebooted. It only happened once and who knows what was going on in the background. When using Advanced Task Killer, I do notice available memory will drop down below 200mb after a couple days of use. Rebooting the phone seems to free up that mem. So I do that every couple days. Its like cleaning house and keeps things running smoothly.

    Signal strength. I am continually impressed with my reception on this phone. Before owning the MyTouch 4G… I had an original MyTouch, then a G1 and before that just about every Tmobile Sidekick that came out. So ive been with Tmobile quite a while. None of those other phones listed have kept as many signal bars in as many places as the MyTouch 4G. Which has been really nice. Although I do notice the phone sometimes randomly cycles from G (GPRS) to E (EDGE) then back to H (HSPA+). I guess it’s hunting for the best signal.

    Photo/Video. Really no complaints here. Compared to the crappy photos and videos my past phones have taken, this one shoots awesomely. I know there are probably phones that take photos and vids with better contrast and in lower light… blah blah. Its phone. Im a photographer so if i want a serious image, ive got the gear to do that with. If i want to snap a pic for FB or a quick video of my dog playing… the MyTouch 4G works just fine. Now, ive had mixed results with Vid Chat. Which i do blame mostly on network speeds and connection strength. Ive been using the Yahoo IM with vid chat. I talked to a buddy on his EVO 4G, another buddy on his iphone 4 and my mom on her pc at home on Yahoo. The best conversation was with mom on her home Verizon connection. Second place was to the iphone, cause he had to use WiFi. (HAHAHAHA) And the EVO 4G was the choppiest because that buddy lives in the boonies and was on 3G only. Long story short, the faster both parties connection speeds the better experience you’ll have.

    Final thoughts. Id been waiting to upgrade my old MyTouch 3G because I wanted a solid device that could even make my iphone 4 carrying friends do a double take. This phone has accomplished that. Its built solid, very fast and includes lots of great features. It can stand toe to toe with the iphone 4 in every category except screen res. It even has a few bells and whistles my iphone friends were wishing they had (fast boot)! Tmobile may have me roped in again for another 2 year contract now. But at least i feel like ive got a device that can keep me happy for a large portion of that commitment. I can’t see this phone being reduced to out dated G1 status as fast as the G1 was. If you’re ready for a new phone and like how the MyTouch 4G looks, I say go for it. Or… keep waiting for the next great thing. There will always been one.

    • SDscorch

      nice review

  • http://none Anthony

    Where is the DOCK? I want the DOCK.
    MMS SUCKS on this thing how do I send a damn video or pic message? I try and only very few go through.

    Other than that this thing rocks… Coming from Iphone….
    Free at last…

    Thanks Anthony

  • http://none Anthony

    People that have a iphone love to say I can do this better…. But in all reality I want to see them play a .avi movie…. That was a pain for me…. I could never get my iphone to play a real avi movie

    This is way open… Do what ever you want… Just need to get used to it… Oh and the keyboard is great as long as you dont look at the keys when you type – Look at the top bar.

  • http://Website Bianca

    I have had myne a few days now I’m a major fan of swype. I love this phone. My battery life sucks though. I haven’t video chatted yet but it looks cool. &i love the genius button

  • http://Website Eli

    These idiots are crazy with the ripple screen thing….Unless you are just unusually strong fingered, there is no ripple effect, I have to literally push down as if to break the screen to get ripples. People are crazy, no one pushes that hard on a touch screen unless they have NO BRAIN.

  • http://Website Matt M

    There is no doubt the Mytouch 4g is a great phone, but I like stock Vanilla so i went with the G2. I had the HTC Magic (New Zealand Version on Mytouch 3g), and I was pleased but i wanted something new. I went to test out the G2 and Mytouch and Sense Ui on the Mytouch was a deciding factor. I dont like Sense UI so i went with the G2…the G2 does everything the Mytouch can except the front facing camera. But if you use a mirror you can use the rear camera for video calling. But I do like the Mytouch 4G, but it wasnt for me.