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Friday Favs: Top Android apps to discover new Android apps

Welcome to the second (late) edition of Friday Favs where we list our favorite Android apps and games. This week we take a look at several applications that will help you discover new Android apps to download. The official Android Market has some tools to help you find the most downloaded apps, but the discovery apps we will talk about today take it to the next level. Our top five picks are after the jump.


Out of all the apps installed on my phone, AppAware is by far the most used one. AppAware is the only app to offer real-time stats which makes it like the unofficial stock ticker for the Android Market. The new Version 2.0 also added friends lists so you can watch what others are installing in real time. If AppAware continues to add more features to the friends list and make it easier to find popular users, it could become the Twitter of Apps.


AppBrain was started by two ex-Googlers and has more users than any other discovery service. I enjoy using AppBrain’s desktop site since they offer 1-click installs that send apps to your phone. These guys are adding new features at an amazing pace and it wouldn’t surprise me if they become a hot acquisition target soon.


Appsfire is huge on iPhone and just released their Android version. They offer some unique features like VIP users and App Mixes, which are a collection of apps from popular websites. Appsfire also has some cool tools like the ability to move all your eligible apps to the SD card or uninstall them in a single click. Make sure to visit their website for an idea of what features are coming next to Android.


Big App Show offers hand picked apps by Adam Curry, the “world’s first AppJay”. Each day Adam post a new video that explores an app and then offers the ability to easily download it. If any of the other apps on this favs list look too confusing, then Big App Show is for you. Adam is a pretty funny guy and uploads one new video every day, so check out his show and give him your feedback.


StumbleUpon has offered an Android app for awhile that helps you find news, pictures, and video but the new version also does apps. It is light on features right now, but StumbleUpon has a strong discovery engine that might be pretty useful after they tweak it out. Sometimes the app suggestions are completely random, but that’s why I like it. If the other apps on this list bore you, then Stumble some apps and see what pops up.


What are you favorite apps to discover new Android apps? Did we leave any big ones off our list? If you have any suggestions for future Friday Favs, please leave a comment.

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  • Clark Wimberly

    AppAware continues to dominate my phone.

  • http://Website Jonathan

    I have a suggestion. Can you all put AppBrain links with your app recommendations? I know it sounds kind of trivial, but it saves me from having to open up a new tab, go to AppBrain, and search for the app. I would scan the barcode, but removing my phone from its dock is a pain in the ass.

    • http://Website Bee

      wish i could give Jon more than one plus one. I kept clicking on the marketing link thinking i was going to go 2 appbrain. LOL

    • Taylor Wimberly

      We are thinking about using the AppBrain embeds again. In the mean time you can click the Market link on your phone to download it or if you use Chrome 2 phone then it will send it to your phone.

  • http://Website Bee

    This is a good list. I had most of them, and when I looked at my appsfire, I realized I had appsaware as a “favorite” on there, which means I meant to dl it. So I just added it to appbrain. Thanks!!

  • http://Website pax

    is that a Nexus One?

    • Piano DJ

      Yes pax, it is a Nexus One

      • http://Website Usman

        G2 bro. Notice the T-mobile branding. ;)

        • http://Website mjrtom

          well it kinda depends on whether he meant the phone from the video or from the picture (up top).

  • http://Website Kevin

    to Pax

    no its not N1 its the g2

    • Piano DJ

      You don’t need to be such a jerk with pax, he may not know as much as you do about cell phone models, so he asked a question asking for a answer.

      • http://Website JYanz

        I don’t think the response was rude at all…

  • AndroidGames

    all those apps remind me of a xzibit meme, sup dawg, i heard you like apps so we got you app that gets you more apps, so you can get apps within apps. Do we need to go deeper? :D

  • http://Website Stella

    Great Friday Favs! I’m only used AppBrain but now I’ll want to try a few of these apps especially AppAware. Thanks, Taylor.

  • http://Website Mikey droid

    AppAware is fantastic. To anyone reading this who hasn’t heard of it should check it out for sure. Great way to stay in touch with what is hot on the market or to just see what people are downloading.

  • http://Website Matrix Gingerbread

    I’ve got a suggestion for you guys :)
    It’s a great android alarm application that I love using all mornings : WakeVoice. It’s so fun to use it at wake up …. it is able to use voice recognition to stop the music from your bed without even touching your phone. Then, with speech synthesis, it announces weather forecast and latests news. Awesome!!!

    • Aakash

      By any chance do you have a video of that? I currently do not own a android phone. Had a N1, got bricked :(

      • http://Website Matrix Gingerbread

        I’ve never seen a video review of this app (would be great if a member do this, I’m a noob for things like that).

        Ahhh wait, there is a “video” section on its site but there is a “coming soon” mention. However, there are screenshots here:

        • http://Website Sacha

          Hey, this app look great !
          has anyone ever tried this app ?

          • http://Website Dex

            I’ve got this app since two months and it’s really a pleasure to use it at every wake up. Dunno why it hasn’t been reviewed yet :(

        • http://Website Flofloo

          Sounds good, love the website ;)

        • http://Website Foxtrot

          Tried it, loved it, paid it. Thanks for the share.

    • http://Website MaxMonster

      I’m gonna try the TRIAL version now, thx

    • http://Website Droidlover

      Great alarm clock. I’ve been laughing when I said “shut up” to the app and it has replied to me. A must have!!!

      • http://Website French Man

        Indeed, wakevoice is a very fun app. I tried it with success. It’s really futuristic. Worth the look.

  • chief113

    Hey, great site. I can’t wait to get an android phone. I’m on att, and I’m just waiting it out for iphone to go to verizon. I think after that happens, att will get some really good android phones. Anyway, I had the droid x, for a few weeks, which I loved, but verizon’s service was horrible for me. Anyway, my comment was on the camera you used for the video. Was that a video phone recorder? I never saw such a clear youtube video.

    • http://Website Todd

      The iPhone is not leaving AT&T; it will just be available at other carriers in addition to AT&T.

  • http://Website Muller

    I played the app dimulco. But now I have another question. Where can I find information about app marketing.

  • http://Website markoskar

    About to try AppAware! Thanks!!

  • cobaltleo

    does anyone know if theres a full screen clock app for android 1.6?