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Honeycomb tablets with Tegra 2 could arrive as early as February

This week we learned that Android 2.3 should be available in the next few weeks and now it looks like Honeycomb (Android 3.0) could be ready to go as early as February. In a report from Digitimes, sources from the PC industry have indicated that NVIDIA has received many orders for their dual-core Tegra 2 processor from companies like Asus, Acer, Toshiba, Motorola, LG, and HTC and that Honeycomb tablets should arrive by February-March.

As we reported yesterday, it appears that NVIDIA has scored a deal with Google to make Tegra 2 the lead platform for tablets running Android 3.0. We were already expecting to see some of these tablets in early January at CES, but this is the first time that a real launch date has been floated around.

If you are wondering how Google could release Honeycomb so quickly after Gingerbread, that is because their Android engineers have been split into two different teams – one to work on Gingerbread for existing platforms and one to work on Honeycomb for tablets.

In addition to the companies listed above, we have also heard rumors that Dell, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson are also working on Tegra 2 tablets.

We don’t have the exact statistics, but I think Tegra processors are only found in less than 1% of Android devices so this would be a huge win for NVIDIA if all these rumored tablets actually happen. If NVIDIA becomes a major player in tablets, it should help their smartphone efforts as well.

What do you think about the timing of Honeycomb? Are you getting excited about Android tablets yet or do you need to see the goods first?

Source: Digitimes

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  • http://Website Jason Vail

    Not surprised by this at all… With Honeycomb coming with a complete UI overhaul this should be a concurrent effort to Gingerbread. Add to this the number of manufacturers that are beating down the tablet door and I can see the timeline being rather aggressive.

  • JamTheMan

    This sounds so great… Really looking forward to some real iPad killers running Android. Both as a tech user and developer, this is GREAT news!!!

  • http://Website Adam

    I have a feeling that Honeycomb is going to include a lot of UI features from BumpTop which was acquired by Google this year.

  • http://Website kevlars9

    Haha I love the graphics you guys come up with!!

  • http://Website Rubrewskey

    I’m really excited about the Android tabs that are coming but I confess that I’m holding out for a wifi only version. I just can’t justify paying for another carrier plan.

  • http://Website AC

    Will Honeycomb carry all the new features of Gingerbread? I hope separate development doesn’t mean certain Gingerbread features would be missing from Honeycomb…

  • http://Website Tim

    Didn’t this happen before with 1.6 and 2.0 only coming out a few months apart? I just like updates so I’m looking forward to seeing what 2.3 brings first.

  • PhineasJW

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Honeycomb brings a ground-up, completely new UI to Android.

    I’m *really* looking forward to seeing what Matias Duarte can do for the platform.

  • http://Website Rich

    I keep reading how the Android development team split into two team for
    gingerbread and honeycomb, and with honeycomb being optimized for tablets will there be any issues with 3.0 on smartphones?

  • Terrormaster

    *SIGH* Honeycomb really is gonna be Android’s last chance to wow me. I’ve been on a Droid Eris since the beginning of January. I love Android. I’ve even written a handful of apps for it and absolutely love the development experience. I love the openess.

    So far every Android tablet experience I’ve seen has been a complete and utter let down. Slow, clunky, and laggy. I’ve had hands on with the Galaxy Tab and wasn’t in the least bit impressed. The Admitanly the Tab has been one of the better offers on the scene. But for a device that’s not only smaller than an iPad it’s also unfortunately bound to a bloody carrier contract to even come remotely close to matching the price point of the WiFi only carrier free iPad – it felt more like a smack in the face than progress. Other devices seem to fall short by having various combinations of old versions of Android and/or resistive touch screens. The Nook Color was promising but the early reviews I’ve seen describe the UI as clunky, laggy, and missing a lot of polish that the Nook “app” on the iPad has.

    For me Honeycomb is Android’s last chance to wow me. Come end of Q2 2011 if I don’t see an Android tablet that doesn’t at least competitively match the 16g iPad wifi version in terms of size (don’t want anything smaller than 9″), specs (16g+ and dual core), polish, smoothness, and price point (less than $500 without carrier hassle) then I’m walking away and not looking back. Can’t beat em, join em…

    • http://Website UniqueNate

      No real Android Tablet has came out yet. Google even said 2.2 is not meant for Tablets. So I mean what do you expect? And you can’t fault Android itself because of what Samsung did with the carriers for their Tablet. What handset makers do with their devices have nothing to do with Androids UI. See what Honeycomb does then make your choice. I mean you can definitely expect a Wifi version of a Android Tablet to come. It seems like you haven’t even gave it a chance yet. I mean get a iPad if you feel that way then. it’s nothing more then a big iPod Touch with some cool polished apps. It’s not even dual I don’t think. Let it all happen first before you knock on the door.

      • Terrormaster

        I’m not faulting Android per se. And yes several tablets are indeed out – just look at the garbage coming out for the holidays that can be bought at Walgreens, Kmart, and Sears. And while the Nook Color isn’t a tablet it isn’t really an eReader either. Not that there’s a lot out but the implementations that are have proven time again to be let downs to all but small groups. Android has done well in the phone market and regardless of what tablet I end up with in the end I still love my Android phone. As soon as I can get out of this crappy contract (still another bloody year) and dump the Eris I’m getting a Nexus S even if I have to switch carriers to do so.

        Android tablets showed such promise at CES at the beginning of the year before the iPad launched. But after the launch it feels like they fell behind the eight ball and are struggling to catch up after Apple beat them to the punch. Since then we’ve been through Donut, Eclair, Froyo, and soon Gingerbread. That’s soon to be FOUR versions of Android and yet not one decent tablet implementation (or promise of one that looks to be fulfilled).

        The implementations that have gotten out and reviewed have all been sluggish and laggy and in most case featuring a resistive touch screen (does anyone honestly want one of those). No, I don’t blame Android. I blame the manufacturers who are building these things. Too much emphasis is being place of the geek and tech community in terms of what they do. Little to no focus has been put on polish, cohesion, and over all smooth and seamless user experience. While techies and phone geeks like us really care more about function over form thats not what the average consumer looks at. They could care less on the resolution, gigabytes of memory, etc. Not saying Android should be dumbed down but it’s far from smooth. And when Joe Consumer fires a device and there’s lag, studdery animation, and unintuitive steps going between and using application like the web, ereaders, etc. the device comes off as cheap. We dont see that in general but they do.

        Honeycomb is supposed to be the tablet version so I’m hoping someone can put their money where their mouth is because we’re a year behind. The technology’s there so that’s not an excuse anymore. So again, if by the end of Q2 2011 I don’t see an Android tablet on the shelves that’s closer to 11″, less than $500 without a stinking contract, sporting Honeycomb, and offers a completely smooth, intuitive, and lag free user experience I’m walking away.

        Why?! I don’t have loyalty to a brand no matter who it is. I use whatever product meets my needs best at the best cost. I’ve been burned once before. I avidly supported my Meizu M6. And I maintain to this day it sounded better than ANY Apple product. But it had some other bugs which they never addressed and eventually support died as the moved on to the M8 iPhone clone (shiver) and now the M9. I switched to an iPod Nano. Not because I like Apple but because it had the best support and actually worked. Didn’t sound as good but it worked.

        I’m on the fence but wont hesitate switch. I’m not one of those people who sit around waiting on the promise that something better is coming along. Life’s too short for that.

    • http://Website badMongo1973

      I have puchased the Viewsonic G-tablet (not the ViewPad!) for 400$ from (in most stores right now as well). The G-tablet is wifi only, 10.1 lcd multi-touch, tegra2 dual core cpu w/512mb ram, 16GB storage, currently Froyo with a crappy “tap” UI layer (I put the ADW_launcher on it -fixed, and holy crud is it fast!!). Real usb ports! and on and on.

      It is usable as Froyo 2.2 (with the ADW_launcher that is), and has the correct hardware to upgrade to Honeycomb 3.0.

      I can upgrade therefore this is a great deal.

      -check it out for yourself:

      People who rate this device down on the site, did not read the start/unpack guide from viewsonic as they have a dedicated support line for tablets only.

      • Taylor Wimberly

        I would be SHOCKED if Viewsonic upgrades the G-tablet to Honeycomb.

        • Nicole Scooter

          Viewsonic has already confirmed that the ViewPad 7 and 10 will be upgraded to 2.3. If they are already doing the firmware upgrades. . .

        • http://Website badMongo1973

          Taylor, agreed. I do not expect any sort of timely upgrade support from Viewsonic. I accept that since the tablet did not ship with Honeycomb that it may not ever officially get it from the vendor.
          Like with porting senseUI-froyo on my HTC Aria, I will work with the rock-stars @ XDA-developers to port Honeycomb onto the G-tablet. I realize this is not experience most people want from android tablets, but some of us have to boldly go forward

          @Nicole Scooter, unlike the much more expensive ViewPad(s) that are upcomming, the G-tablet has not been confirmed to get Honeycomb as of yet. Here’s to hoping :)

  • ayocuz

    I can’t wait till the newness of these tablets wears off I haven’t heard of honeycomb even being produced for a smart phone yet. Sure heard about those dam tablets thou

  • http://Website warrenbzf

    Since I’ll be buying a 2.3 phone with an A9 ARM dual-core processor, I’ll need to see the goods first and see how it benefits me beyond what the cell phone can already do. I would personally like to see these ARM devices replace my x86 laptop.

    Would really want a device that acts as a Google TV, and has accessories for TV input, a Dolby and DTS decoder/amplifier, and a home control wireless network so when I come home I can automatically have my cell phone tell it to turn the lights on.

    It’s a good time to be a creative developer, and a business that eagerly looks for new revenue streams while not forcing their customers to keep doing things the old way through dumb devices.

  • http://Website vishal

    yeah finally honeycomb and tegra2. but I think we should wait for another year before buying a tablet as they are just coming in market and we aren’t sure if they work right.

  • http://Website TareX

    Tegra 2 + Honeycomb = Instabuy.

    Can’t wait….. but I’ll likely have a 4″ dual-core smartphone by then, so I will be getting this for my wife and parents…

  • http://Website TareX

    I really love your honeycomb image btw

  • http://Website Daws

    Great. I’m getting antsy over here. I have an iPad but am ready to ditch it for a solid Android tablet. Getting the G2 was my best purchase all year. I’m an Android convert.

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