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How smartphone users see each other, Android vs. BlackBerry vs. iPhone [COMIC]

What does the typical Android user look like? How are they seen by iPhone users? What do BlackBerry users think of iPhone users? Full comic after the jump.

I think this guy did a pretty good job and it gave me a laugh. What do you think? Is it accurate?

Via: IntoMobile

Source: C-Section Comics

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  • gamefreak1218

    HAHA at the how android users see iPhone and Blackberry users…

  • dr3amcast3r

    Great comic :) Congratulations to the guy that draw it!

    • http://Website check spelling

      drew it

  • http://Website Pedro Rodriguez

    Love it! Accurate sand funny. I love how the android users see Iphone users as the cult of steve, lol.

  • http://Website Todd

    Blackberry = dinosaur is the best one.

    I don’t see my self as “Einstein” though.

    If I was to pick a stylized idea it would be that I think for myself and I don’t need someone like Steve Jobs dictating what I can do with my data on my phone…

    Cartoon image = Braveheart? Montage from Orwell’s 1984?


    iPhone = Jersey shore kids and/or Paris Hilton


    • http://Website Irony

      “If I was to pick a stylized idea it would be that I think for myself and I don’t need someone like Steve Jobs dictating what I can do with my data on my phone”

      I think they were implying that we (android users) think we’re smarter than the rest. if you weren’t intentionally trying to prove the cartoonists point, you just did. The 1984 reference does not help your case, either ;)

      I thought the cartoon was great for a laugh, and maybe something to consider next time I’m letting the things I own define me as better or worse than others. They’re just stupid smartphones, after all.

  • http://Website some internet dude

    Pretty cool, this is my new T-shirt, lol.

  • My inked space app

    Lol hysterical…. Pretty much got it good…. Download my inked space app.. Thanx

  • http://Website some internet dude

    And the Geeks shall inherit the earth.

    • http://Website ChimChim

      And the geeks shall end up working for whoever inherits the earth. For minimum wage.

  • http://Website joe

    funny but sooo true

  • etschuetz

    Where is the Palm on there? That makes the Blackberry look like a spry young chicken!

    • Zacqary Adam Green

      Android, Blackberry, and iPhone users don’t see Palm users at all.

  • elijahblake

    that’s pretty spot on..

    • elijahblake

      except for the Einstein thing..

  • krazytrixxxsta

    the almighty steve jobs was hilarious

  • http://Website My Galaxy

    That’s funny and close to the truth. I do think myself as being smarter by picking android so its probably were the Einstein character comes in, Because I made a choice I didn’t follow the crowd.

    I think only android users in the know would see iphone users like that, I tend to find them people who have jump on the latest fashion with no real reason why they have it other that they were told it was the best thing ever and at a time it was, I don’t think so now.

    I was playing with my sisters blackberry yesterday and couldn’t believe how out of date it felt so the dinosaur again hit the nail on the head. The poor girl suddenly realised that my galaxy s (rooted and running fine) wasn’t a fair match. if it was a fight, the blackberry wouldn’t be allowed in the ring on humanitarian grounds :)

    • Brock

      Unless you competed on battery life.

      • http://Website New Contender

        If that’s the case, we should let my wristwatch compete as well.

  • http://Website JoAnn

    iPhone users are the Real Housewives from New Jersey.
    Android users are on NCIS or How I Met Your Mother.
    Blackberry users are on The Apprentice.
    Symbian users are on radio.

    • http://Website Stella

      LOL. I love your list.

  • http://Website Stella

    Hilarious! I try not to be judgmental but this comic is pretty accurate on how phones users see each others. At first I was “WTF?! Einstein!” but I whether see myself as smart than the cool kid.

    • Beauness

      I would rather see myself as smart than cool too.

  • http://Website mikey

    Its like the cartoonist drew what was in my brain validating my genius.

  • http://Website K. Bouterse

    Certainly feel like an Einstein but only when sitting next to Iphone users.

  • http://Website Audio

    This was pretty damn hilairous!

  • http://Website Conrad

    I know I’m stupid… but i dont get the pizza thing… kindly explain?

    • http://Website Heywood Jablowme


      • http://Website Conrad

        I honestly dont know… lol

        • Beauness

          Prediction: you will end up broke and working dead end jobs because; despite your intelligence you lack sense as have many of the ‘great’ minds of the past.

          how do you get a philosophy major off your porch? Pay him for delivering your pizza.

    • http://Website Chris

      Has a minimum wage job, but scrounges up $N a month for a smart phone. If he worked in the business world, he’d throw out that low budget stuff and get the BB so he could “do emails”

      • http://Website Conrad

        Oh… gotcha, thanks lol

  • http://Website thereisnospoon

    I always thought of myself as Neo from the Matrix.

  • http://Website Jo Dean

    OK this makes a lot of sense dude. Wow.

  • http://Website ted

    This is good one. HaHa

  • Robert

    Hahahaha… classic. And honestly spot on.

    As an Android user I’ll just pretend that the Einstein is a generic scientist where all things are possible. ;)

  • http://Website Vishal

    Spot on :-)

  • http://Website G1Joe

    I love this comic! I feel that the Einstein character is an Android user who is interested in the specs of their phone and the development of the OS. The other day I was talking to a friend of mine who has the original MyTouch, and I was telling him about the specs of the new MyTouch4G. He looked at me like I was speaking Latin! Lmao! Thanks to the Android and Me website and the mostly educated comments left here, I have become someone who looks at the “internal” workings of a phone and not just whether or not it is visually apealling!

  • http://Website And

    What about Nokia?

  • http://Website Chris


    How the Blackberry is viewed is also a good sequential time frame of how the blackberry has been percived over roughly 15 years. Within 5 years, you can add a frame showing him as a fossil, because they will both only be welcome in a museum!

    • McLovin

      Yeah, kinda like Franklin Quest day planners and Palm Pilots.

  • http://Website Captain Database

    I love this! I’m not sure on the pizza guy part, though I guess it may be true for die hard BB fans. I would think that it would be more appropriate for them to view us as hippies or something though.

  • http://Website ChimChim

    How the Android user looks to iPhone users is pretty spot on. Think Fogell in Superbad. Missing the smirk of Gawker trash, though.

  • Sajal Dutta

    LMAO.. Android Users have a way of looking at things! Stright to the point. :)

  • http://noneoftheabove steve jobs

    obviouly he is a blackberry user. I had a blackberry, and comparred to the IPhone it seems to me like a dingle berry.

  • Nokiastarteditall

    all these phones would be useless if it wasn’t for Nokia

  • http://Website Tony


  • http://Website Leth

    Haha, my girlfriend has an iPhone!

  • lifeinflipflops

    Now you just need to add Windows in there!

  • http://Website Bruno

    yeah, and all you guys will be working for us, for minimum wage, making us rich, but full of pride holding your androids… hope you be happy… #losers…

    • http://Website geoff

      Android phones are more expensive than iphones. So if we can afford them we make a considerable amount of money. Plus our phone does not dictate our lifestyle, we do. No go back to your iphone and let stevey do it for you or go with the bb and send text in various ways

  • mr.taposh

    how can us thes wab piles te

  • http://Website darrin

    iphone user is my ex– no seriously! looks just like her!! and i don’t even have a droid yet…

  • http://Website Sam

    LOL! I’d like to see the iPhone user topless as well but not as a baby!

  • http://Website markus arwan


    • Pipot

      Stop whining just because you’re on minimum wage.

  • Simply Ridiculous

    Really funny stuff!!

  • http://Website Bberrydude

    Yea, funny!
    I’m still on BlackBerry, albeit the 9780, so at least it’s current. I did see a dude using an old Nextel Blackberry 7520 from about 2005. That was scary.

    I’d love an Android, but I really love the way BBerry does email, and I do use BB Messenger.
    When I’m in Europe, I find that BBM is still a hot messaging app.

    Anyway, funny as hell! Thanks!
    The Dinosaur Dude

  • Alok

    Love this comic strip, amazing creativity!

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  • 3Pillar

    Interesting Drawing…

  • TRNR

    Hahahahahaha! This is amazing! Nice little portrayal of smartphone users and their ridiculous views of each other. I like the first “typical iPhone user” image, especially since this is how someone in my class acts!