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How to manually install the new OTA update for your T-Mobile G2

Today T-Mobile started pushing out a new over the air update to the G2 that adds WiFi calling and tethering. You can wait a few days and receive it automagically or you can manually install it now. Full instructions after the jump.

This update is intended for unmodified T-Mobile G2s that are running the current stock version of Android 2.2. You can trust this process is safe because it uses the same update file from Google that your phone would normally download. Check your current built number to make sure you have the correct version before updating.

Settings > About phone > Build number > 1.19.531.1

Once you have confirmed you have build number 1.19.531.1, you can upgrade to 1.22.531.8:

  1. Download the latest Android 2.2 firmware from Google:
  2. Rename the file to and place it on your SD card (File should just be in /sdcard and not any directory or folder).
  3. Power off your phone then restart it while holding VOLUME UP and the TRACKPAD button and then hit POWER.
  4. Wait for the fastboot screen to load (screen with skating Androids). Use the VOLUME keys to navigate the menu to BOOTLOADER and then RECOVERY. Selections are made by pressing POWER.
  5. When you see the “/!” symbol, press the VOLUME UP and POWER button at the same time to display the options. You should be presented with a menu and one of the options should be “Apply”.
  6. Use the VOLUME DOWN to navigate to “apply” and select it by pressing POWER.
  7. Wait 5-10 minutes for the update to install and then reboot your phone when prompted.

The whole update process took me around 10 minutes and I experienced no problems. We don’t have a full changelog yet, so if you install the new update help us detect what changes were made by leaving a comment.

For more information on T-Mobile’s WiFi calling read the official FAQ.

Via: XDA Developers

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  • http://Website justin

    i have no luck with this, says signature failed and aborts when I apply the

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Did you root or hack your phone? Worked just fine for me. Make sure you are on build number 1.19.xx

      • http://Website Nate

        Can I get some help please? I can not find the sdcard folder anywhere. The file has been downloaded and it doesn’t matter where I move it to, it will not work.


    • http://Website jurey24

      just name the file update. the first time i did it i named it and i got the same error. second time i just named it update and it worked. hope this helps

      • http://Website drizzl

        Had the same problem and renaming fixed it, Thanks!

        Stoopid windows hiding extensions >XO

    • http://Website jaymelu

      Just rename it update dont add the .zip

  • http://Website Alex M

    Updating now, thanks for the posting the download link always hate having to wait for any updates. Will let you know of any big changes that i notice

  • http://Website mar

    won’t update my phone at all, yes i’m upgrading from 1.19.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Did you get an error? What step did you get stuck on?

      • http://Website mar

        Didn’t get stuck on anything, got a message saying that the signature failed. also got another error cannot mount e:/cache or something to that matter. phone is not temp rooted either.

        • Taylor Wimberly

          Hmm sounds like a corrupt file maybe. I would download the zip file again and start over.

          • http://Website Mar

            Tried that as well, going to try the one on xda now though.

        • http://Website darkjuan

          I got that same error “E: cannot mount cache” or whatever it said, but It also gave me the selection menu at the top where I just selected update zip file from sd card and it worked fine. Whole process only took maybe 5 minutes.

          • http://Website darkjuan

            And I do use the VISIONary root but I just turned it off before I started this process. seems to have worked fine for me.

    • Kyle

      when it says cannot mount, try hitting volume up or down.

  • http://Website sunny

    I think they xda developers stated a long time time ago that if u want to get ur phone rooted in the near future, don’t upgrade your phone that will be released in october !!! Not sure though lol I did it anyways

  • asurroca

    So Taylor, any early thoughts on the update yet? I’m curious to know if there’s more to this than WiFi calling and tethering. Did you try updating Goggles yet on the chance they fixed thaft bug? ;)

    • http://Website Adam

      Goggles bug is fixed!

  • http://Website A Mont

    These instructions worked great on my G2! My only suggestion to people saying it didn’t install is to pay attention to Step 2. It says “File should just be in /sdcard and not any directory or folder.” At first I just downloaded the file without making sure it wasn’t in any other folder. Then proceeded to the next steps… IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY. Download a file manager or check on your desktop computer to see where the file downloads to. It honestly does work and now I can make wifi calls!!

  • Jon Niola

    Worked like a charm. Thanks Taylor!

  • http://Website Kenold Beauplan

    thanks! updated successfully – now how do I enable Wi-Fi calling?

  • http://Website Brendan

    I don’t think that it’ll work if you have used the MoDaCo app to remove google goggles. I got an error message pertaining to google goggles and it looked like it was looking to try and match the MD5 or something and failed there because I had the updated goggles version installed.

  • Kris

    Thanks for the tutorial. I am new to the Android OS and was wondering if the G2 is worth jailbreaking or should i just go for the OS update?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I don’t see any reason for the average user to hack/root their G2 right now. It does wireless tethering now, which is one of the main features people add when they hack.

      • Kris

        Thanks Taylor, it did not seem that there were too many advantages aside from the possibility of connecting a WiiMote to the G2, but i can wait for that feature. Looking forward to the wi-fi tethering!

  • http://Website jenny

    Taylor Wimberly thank you very much for your guide to install it, you are my sorry for my english thank…………..

  • havoc256

    Worked awesome and I had VISIONary installed.

    Wi-Fi Calling works when you turn on your wifi and connect to a network. The hotspot worked flawlessly as well.

    I noticied that there is a sound for when you lock / unlock the device now. There is also an option to play a sound when you select items (settings>sound> under feedback).

    I was able to update Goggles too once the phone was updated. I am still digging around for changes.

  • http://Website Deon

    I love it when carriers put in a ‘feature’ that you pay $15 a month for when the native stock OS supported that same feature for absolutely free. I could do Wifi tethering w/ my N1 all day long and it just used my regular data plan, no additional monthly charge. But T-Mobile has HTC remove that feature, only to later have a ‘paid’ version be put in later. I can’t wait til this phone is hacked permanently w/ CM6 and will have this ‘tethering’ feature at no additional cost.

    • http://Website Deon

      The Wifi calling did interest me though because T-Mobile’s signal sucks where I work but we have an advanced wifi network throughout the entire building. But since I’m leaving T-Mobile soon to go to Simple Mobile, an MVNO of T-Mobile, it’s doubtful this wifi calling feature would have worked with them anyways. Since there’s a possibility of this update interfering w/ future hack attempts and customer rom’s with this phone, for once in my life I’m going to pass on the upgrade.

  • http://Website Andrew

    So with the update Wifi hot spot and tethering are working for free. Do they charge you for using this feature or is it something you have to pay for before you can use it? Currently I’m able to connect my nook up through wifi. Anyone know?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I’m working to get an official response from T-Mobile.

    • http://Website J.

      Because a packet is a packet is a pakcet, I’m not sure how they could, but if they do…
      well, expect a market based soution in the extremely near future now that the APK in in the wild, if you know what I mean.

  • http://Website Tony B!

    Automagically… Thanks, I have just added a new word to my lexicon!

  • http://Website jonathan

    Wifi hotspot in network settings! (Although I’ve not tried it yet…)

  • Griff Wigley

    Great instructions!

    Just a clarification on the renaming file step:

    When you rename the zip file, don’t type

    because then you’ll actually have a file that is

  • http://Website kevin

    So wifi calling works great and so does wifi tether. I don’t get prompted to pay extra for tether. Will I? And, if I did why don’t I just temp root and use wifi tether from

    Anyone know?

  • http://Website john

    Update seemed to go ok, but now my G2 won’t stop vibrating every 10 seconds! Vibrates all the way from initial boot and keeps going. Yikes! How do I fix this?

  • http://Website dan

    Yep, mine is vibrating ever 7 to 10 seconds, too. I tried a factory reset and re-install of the update and it’s still vibrating.

  • Kyle

    in my wifi calling notification, it says “wifi calling uses plan minutes” any thoughts?

  • http://Website Anthony Tracy

    After a few tries, I FINALLY got it. Make sure that the file is not saved under the file “download”. Copy and paste it to the actual “sdcard” file and name it Not update. Not UPDATE.ZIP. Then it should work.

    • http://Website Nate

      I still cant figure it out after multiple attempts on multiple computers. I can not find the file that says sdcard on it?! Can someone help me find this please?

  • http://Website catalytic

    any risk of updating it this way over the way tmobile is doing it? will it void any warranties or anything. Pretty new at this. Thanks.

    • http://Website Nate

      Should not void any warranties. Youre just manually installing the same update they are pushing out. This is what they would have you do if you never recieved the OTA anyways.

      No harm at all.

      • http://Website Catalytic

        Thanks, appreciate it.

  • http://Website jake

    I keep getting an Installation aborted message. :(

    I’m follow the directions to the T. I even tried naming the file update opposed to

    Any help?

    • http://Website jake

      Tried everything I could possibly think of. I am not new to updating/rooting/hacking etc. either. I can’t figure out what’s going on. I guess I’ll just have to be patient and wait for it to come to me OTA. :(

  • http://Website Android_Kev

    Installed on the G2. Tethering works great. Finally I can once again do my school work from anywhere and now even get 4G full speeds.. The G1 running CM was my savior in the past. Matter of fact, it was the only reason i still have the G1, switch sim card, and tether.

  • http://Website darkjuan

    Well I have it installed and running, but now I can’t overclock the CPU. I’ve tried rebooting the phone, my computer, disabled WIFI calling, re enabled WIFI calling, but can’t for the life of me get it to work. I keep getting this message in the command field on my computer…

    “insmod: init_module ‘/data/local/vision_oc.ko’ failed (Exec format error)”

    any ideas?

    • Matthew

      To those who have overclocked, realize this is a new kernel build so oc-version.ko has to be recompiled. This will be the case almost every time an OTA update occurs. The solution can be found by Googling how to overclock the G2 and going to the XDA Forums thread. The first post will contain the updated oc-version.ko. Do what you did the first time with the file. (Make sure to change the name to the same as the old one!) Your gscript should now work and you should have overclocking back.

      For those with problems updating. Make sure you follow the directions to the T. The file must be titled Use Astro File Manager from the market to check which directory it is in. When you look at it, the top should say /mnt/sdcard/ not /mnt/sdcard/download/ or anything else. Once you are sure its named correctly and in the main directory of the card, follow the instructions to install it. NOTE: DO NOT PRESS ANYTHING AFTER YOU PRESS APPLY UPDATE.ZIP! Pressing things may result in erratic behavior. Do not attempt to power off or power on the phone, it does it automatically and will boot back to Android when it’s done. Also, make sure you have enough battery before updating (full is a safe bet). After it boots it’ll inform you about your new wi-fi calling and tethering. Congrats, you did it!

      For those with the vibrating issues, I haven’t heard of that, you may have pressed something during the installation. You’ll want to head over to the XDA Forums right away and ask for help or search, someone might have already fixed it. Or you can go to the T-Mobile store and say it just started acting weird and get a new one :P I suggest the first choice :) Good Luck!

      I did this first try, no issues. I also updated my girlfriend’s mytouch 3g to 2.2 first try. Made her happy :)

      I also highly suggest overclocking your G2 if you have about 30 minutes of spare time, it makes it even faster :O

  • Ervis

    worked like a charm, but have not seen anything other than “wifi call” and “tether” no notification settings for the led

  • http://androidandme jeze

    I had problems intially with the update because I unzipped the file and renamed the file The key is not to unzip the file, just change the file name you downloaded to update leaving the .zip at the end. With that you should be able to update with easy. Thanks guys.

  • http://Website Caroline

    o.k so I am feeling seriously slow here. I downloaded and installed the update fine. But when I tried to set up my wifi calling it kept saying unable to connect so I cleared out of it to try again later. Problem is I don’t know how to get back to it!

    help please!

    total noob here!

  • http://Website Caroline

    I found where to attempt to connect to wifi calling again but still am getting connection error. No idea why.

  • http://Website issac

    I Followed the instructions and it workd out good, he couldn’t of explained it better… the only thing is that wifi calling is retarded cuz u still use your minutes so can someone tell me what’s the point of it.

    • http://Website butch81385

      The point is when you are in a location that has wifi but not service (such as my basement) you can still make a call and send texts.

  • http://Website butch81385

    Had the vibrating issue have a “successful” update. No luck fixing it, so T-Moblie is sending me a replacement phone… should be here around Thursday or Friday…….. great…..

  • dawood93

    is there anyway to undo the manual update and go back to before?

  • http://Website monosh05

    Great tip and greater update. wwent smoth as butter

    thanks a lot

  • http://Website Nas

    (here is the REAL issue)

    I’m having the exact same issue, as I am sure many people are (this is copied from a different thread, was too lazy to re-write, keep reading for URL). I’ve tried almost everything. I’m on the same build as you (1.22.531.8), I also did a manual update. Everything is working fine except tethering. I was finally able to get the ADB interface driver working, after basically pulling it off a separate software which uses the same driver (PDANet). I also installed the latest SDK, in hopes of it containing some of the other files/drivers needed to make this work. Now when I open my device manager, I see an entry tree which says ADB interface, the child tree says Android original ADB Interface (This device is working properly). Further down in the list of devices in the Device Manager, there is another entry that says Other devices, when expanded it says RNDIS w/ a yellow icon (mind you this is only when USB debugging is selected and the Tethering option is turned on). If I uncheck USB debugging while the phone is still plugged in with the Tether option checked on, Device Manager will refresh itself no longer displaying the ADB tree entry, and instead will display Android Device under the Other devices tree, with a yellow icon i.e. not functioning. I am fairly certain that once I get the RNDIS driver configured that I will have solved the majority of the issue.

    Hmm what else can I tell you? I have spent a few hours trying to do this. I wanted to wait for T-Mobile to push the update but I got impatient so I did it manually a few hours ago. This has been my progress so far. I’m using WIndows 7 Home Premium 32 bit with all the latest MS patches.

    I wish I had an XP workstation to test this on, but unfortunately I don’t. I hope that we can get some more people here to share some of their experiences. I’ve probably searched all the same sites you have, and it’s all the same stuff. I am REALLY surprised more people haven’t been addressing this issue. From what I understand, if this function was working properly, we wouldn’t have to do much more other than plug our phones into our computers, turn on tethering and voila. That definitely isn’t the case. Let me know your status, I never usually sign up fr these forums, but I really want to get this working. I may copy and paste this response elsewhere and try my luck. (which I did, original string is here…. ) Anyone who says they can tether after the new OTA update for the G2, I want proof. I don’t believe you, and if it works for you, please give me all of the info you have. Everything else works PERFECT!


  • http://Website tee

    I followed instructions and I keep get that there’s a signature verification error or valid or something. How do I fix this?

  • http://Website mrbmg

    I followed the instructions to the point the first time, naming the file It would not work, renamed the file update, leaving the .zip off and it worked perfect. Thanks guys :)

  • http://Website issac

    Ok, now that I updated my phone manually, I don’t know if the update messed my phone up or not, but ever since I updated every time I put my phone on vibrate it never vibrates when I get a txt message. Anyone have any solutions??

  • http://Website TK

    Worked perfect!…so far lol. Remember people, if you download the zip file directly from your phone it will automatically be put into the download folder of your sd card. If you have file manager installed (from the market place), you can easily view the file and move it out of the download folder. The update will only work if it is in only the sd directory and is then renamed Also, remember not to unzip the file. For the last step, the phone stays on the power up screens for many minutes. So, do not get scared thinking that your phone is frozen and will never turn back on. Just wait it out around ten minutes tops. Furthermore, I noticed on a friends new Mytouch HD that the tethering feature was faded out and unselectable (as to show that it will be enabled only when the service if enabled), however, on this update it is indeed selectable. I am curious to see if the tethering will work from this update as it is currently.

  • http://Website Patrick

    following the instructions to the letter, however when i get to the /!\ screen i hold volume up and power and nothing happens. I’ve tried holding for just a quick sec as well as holding for extended time, again nothing happens…am i missing somehting?

  • http://Website ty

    nice, would have gotten it the first time if i named the file “update” instead of “udate” :D lol. but seems to work alright. now if i could just figure out how to connect to wifi where i have to login. any help from anyone?

  • http://Website Allyn Woghin

    This worked like a charm for me. I’m just curious – can you delete the “” file from the SD card now or do you just leave it there?


  • http://Website honey

    received G2 today and after update phone started to fckin vibrate :S Problem is that I can’t send the phone back as I live in India and phone was bought from US. what is the fastest way to get rid of this vibrating problem, thanks. plzzz help me.