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HTC Mecha (Incredible HD) spotted with 4G LTE support

The Incredible HD (or HTC Mecha) was originally rumored to launch on November 23rd, but new information suggest it could have been delayed till early next year to add 4G LTE support. New pics from a tester were posted at Android Central which clearly show the new HTC phone with a 4G symbol in the notification area.

The tipster goes on to claim that the device is “consistently getting 9 Mbps downstream and 5 Mbps upstream”, which is a good sign for Verizon 4G. The download speeds are in-line with those of Sprint and T-Mobile, but the upload tops anything we have tested.

It appears the Incredible HD rumors started over at DroidForums by a source that broke the Droid Incredible launch date. Forums’ admin Miami1683 was claiming this mysterious device would go on pre-sale tomorrow, but he hasn’t posted any updates since yesterday. The last note he left said Verizon would have anĀ “iconic device going on pre-order on Friday in the AM”.

For all we know, there could be two versions of the phone that are both being launched. Verizon has released three versions of the Droid 2 now, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see multiple versions of the Incredible HD (or whatever they decide to call it).

One final interesting thing to note is that Verizon appears to have cancelled their CES press event, which was scheduled for Wednesday, January 5th. This is when we expected Verizon to announce a half-dozen LTE devices, so it is not clear what their plans are now.

Source: Android Central

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  • http://Website Inquisitor

    I so hope it’s called the Droid Mecha. Would make for some awesome marketing. Then again, the only time the droid marketing sucked was with the original Incredible. Very disappointing how they put little effort into it. But if this is their flagship 4G product, I’m sure they’ll have a big push. Droid Mecha just sounds badass, and I doubt they’d want a flagship phone to just be an “HD” version of a previous one.

  • http://Website mikey

    with two users on the LTE network currently thats expected get back to me when those are the speeds after the phone is out okay?

    • http://Website Inquisitor

      While you wait, try brushing up on your grammar.

  • http://Website khush

    seems like when this site isnt hyping rumors its busy copy and pasting stories from engadget

  • http://Website Andrew53517

    Dual-Core?! :) I read somewhere this might be out end of December… I think it was a comment on Phandroid! Taylor, have you heard any truth to that?

    • http://Website AceoStar

      If they make this dual core, I’ll probably just go ahead and put in my preorder :p

  • http://Website firethorn

    Hm, both the 3G and the 4G radios appear to be active in the picture up top. What’s the deal there? You’d assume that when 4G is in use 3G automatically goes dormant, right?

    • http://Website slbailey1

      3G for voice and 4G for data, if in a 4G area. 3G for both vocie and data, if not in a 4G area.

  • http://Website AceoStar

    I think this will be the phone for me this holiday season, Im starting to wonder if theres a point in waiting on the dual core phones when my contract is already up. Unless the Nexus S gets LTE, then it’ll be a hard choice.

    • http://Website Bod1ggity

      This blows Nexus S out of the water, HTC is a better phone maker IMO and Verizon is a better carrier than T-Mobile hands down. This is a win-win. Besides the new “Samsung S” looks cheap.

      • http://Website J.

        Agreed that Verizon is a better carrier.

        -Sent from my T-Mobile G2 (while on a call and browsing the internet at the same time in 2010 rather than 2012 when LTE brings Verizon into the 20th century) and paying less than half what a Verizon contract would cost for the same features.

        • incrediblecub

          Well when you start travelling around and losing service and having dropped calls.. keep that more expensive price point in mind. You get what you pay for in a wireless provider. Enjoy your 4G where you can actually get service in T-Mo’s “4G” network. When Verizon launches its LTE network, it’ll soon surpass the T-Mo coverage with HSPA+ LTE will be dominant again, just like Verizon’s EVDO 3G does now. You can hate on the prices, the company policies and whatnot all you want. Unfortunately Verizon still has the largest, most usable, most reliable network in the US.

      • http://Website AceoStar

        I also agree that Verizon is the better carrier, I was speaking under the assumption that nexus S would goto all carries like the other galaxy phones. I also love HTC, but if I had the chance of getting a good stock device from samsung instead it gets a little tricky, esp if they both get LTE and Dualcore

  • http://www.YouPake,com PR1361

    I’ve been wanting to get a phone since September and this whole LTE phone has made me wait all this time but I have to get one now . because my current phone is not working any more and I hate to get a phone and after 31 days realize I could get a LTE phone. What should I do???