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Is Gingerbread Android 2.3 coming in the next few days?

The “Nexus Two” might have been delayed, but there is still a possibility that some lucky users might receive Android 2.3 this week. Our friends from Android Police spotted a tweet from an Open Handset Alliance member that suggest Google could release the next version of Android soon.

Translated from Spanish – the tweet from Alvaro Fuentes Vasquez reads, “Prepare your Nexus One (Developer version) for Android OTA update 2.3 (Gingerbread) for the next few days :-D.”

We last expected Samsung’s Nexus phone to be the first device with Gingerbread, but we heard that Google has Android 2.3 builds for most of the stock Android phones (Droid 1, Nexus One, myTouch, etc.) and I wouldn’t be surprised if they went ahead and released it without waiting on Samsung.

Over the weekend I contacted Google to see if there were any Android-related press events this week and their response was that nothing is planned. Google normally holds some type of gathering to tout their new Android features, so either this is a silent launch or the above tweeter got a little anxious and spilled the beans early.

Phil Nickinson from Android Central also posted over the weekend that Adobe has scheduled an update to Flash Player 10.1 for November 9th to ensure it works with “future OS updates”. We recently found that Google Maps was also updated to work with Gingerbread, so clearly the actual release is looming.

What do you think Google will do? Will they wait on Samsung and the “Nexus Two” to launch Android 2.3? Or will they go ahead and push it out to existing devices this week?

Via: Android Police

Source: Twitter

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  • http://Website Taylor

    That would be awesome if it hit most devices next week. Very very very doubtful, but that would be epic if I had 2.3 on my DX

    • Taylor Wimberly

      The Droid X is not a stock Android device and Motorola is not always that timely with software updates. I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

    • http://Website MC

      Bet I know someone named alvaro vasquez that no longer has a job! WHY would you publish the poor sap’s name?

      • http://Website hesoyam

        Highly unlikely. He is actually a member of the leadership of the open handset alliance! :)

  • http://Website UKAndroidConvert

    As a Nexus One owner I’d hope that Google will go ahead and push it out regardless of what happens to Samsungs device. I think Google know there’s a lot of pressure of them to deliver this since the ‘Gingerbread Man’ went up a Google HQ. They also need to get it out before ‘Black Friday’ in US and obviously Xmas for rest of the world if they hope to keep their impressive activation numbers growing.

    • http://Website Spencee

      Agreed. I don’t feel like togetheron samsung to get their act together.

  • http://Website Bandare

    Does this mean if it will work on the Nexus One, it will work on the Desire?

    • http://Website Ben

      The Desire will run gingerbread but since it runs sense you will have to wait for HTC to push out the update, which might take a while

    • http://Website SquirrelWithAGunAtTheZoo

      If you install a rom like Cyanogenmod it will.
      I honestly doubt HTC will update the Desire to Gingerbread / Honeycomb.

      • http://Website Dags

        I think they will. It’s practically the same hardware as the Nexus One and so will be the easiest to convert to Sense, as they’ll already have access to a stock Gingerbread ROM that runs on their hardware (with a few driver modifications). I think it will be the first phone they do.

        • http://Website Nate

          Probably true, but if not theres always CM7 :D

    • http://Website May

      I never understood the mentality on this site of when people ask honest questions, they get thumbed down just for trying to get more information.

    • http://Website Primum Agmen

      Gods I hope so. Maybe they’ll even do the right thing and give us 2.3 with the new Sense while they’re at it. No reason 2.3 or the new Sense can’t run on the Desire, after all. It’s a shame the Z and HD are so damn unpretty, to be honest. Plus, I do love my AMOLED screen. :)

      I’d be really quite disappointed if they abandoned the Desire this early, though it would seem somewhat out of character for HTC to do so.

      As to Gingerbread not being 1GHz+ devices only, can I get a link to that being debunked?

  • http://Website Art

    I think Google will release Android 2.3 and not wait for Samsung, in the other hand that’s good news for the people that have a Nexus One I sold mine,and got the G2 hopefully I will get it too cause the G2 is the closest to stock Android. One thing that I would really like is for Google to develop an application for video chat so I can use it on the MyTouch 4G :) I use Yahoo Messenger but I think Google should have its own.

    • Gomez

      Why would you sell your NEXUS!!!!!!???

      • http://Website Christian

        I also sold my Nexus for the G2.. Lol. And I have no buyers remorse.

        • http://Website Usman

          We’ll see how long that lasts once you realize that your getting a software update is totally at T-mobile’s discretion now. There’s no way it will be any sooner than a couple of months after the Nexus.

          • http://Website Al Bundy

            He won’t have to wait that long. He can root that sucker and get cyanogen!!

      • http://Website archboy

        I love my N1. It maybe be almost a year old but it can still kick some butt against all these phones coming out. I hope tit is true with 2.3. It just keeps getting sweeter. :)

        Samsung is like a plague which I run from. Terrible phone support. Their main interest is just selling you the phone after that you are left holding the stick shall we say.

        • http://Website Keefers

          Droid X rocks.

    • jivemaster

      I called it several days ago via tweet (@jive69) ;). The gingerbread man is on the googleplex lawn. Gingerbread is coming, and something has to showcase gingerbread. If the samsung phone wont be out – it has to come out for something. And the nexus one it will be. No doubt.

  • http://Website dethduck

    Does anyone even know what Gingerbread is going to bring to android? Wonder what the features will be. I’m betting hardware accelerated UI.

  • http://Website Luke t.

    Woot! Hoping they roll it out for the original droid asap.

  • http://Website GregS

    In the past, Google only releases the SDK at the announcement. then a month or so later the OTA update comes to the Nexus One.

    • http://Website Nate

      and there are leaked builds that we can install on our nexii’s

  • Christian B.

    I hope my G2 gets it super quickly…
    It’s basically stock Android :P

  • http://Website Calvin

    too bad I have a freaking vibrant,diablo 3 will out before I see 2.2, we all know how long blizzard takes to release a game

    • Dharmabhum

      I got to play a good bit of Diablo III at BlizzCon… it’ll totally be worth the wait, I promise!

      And luckily, my Nexus will be lovin whatever gingerbread has to offer very soon! These release times always remind me how great it is to rock out with vanilla Android!

  • http://Website Devesh

    …MyTouch? If this happens I’ll be incredibly overjoyed, I’ve been hanging onto an original MyTouch for months now and I’ve been really tempted to upgrade to a higher end phone like the 4G…but I really want to have Gingerbread as soon as possible once it’s released. With the Sense UI T-Mobile has on that phone, I doubt it’ll be getting Gingerbread anytime soon…if the original MyTouch gets Gingerbread I should hopefully be able to hang on to it for a few more months until those dual core phones start coming out :D

    • http://Website Rushdamian

      I don’t believe the original myTouch 3G will be getting Gingerbread, considering it just received FroYo. I’m happy with 2.2 on my MT3G and the phone will keep for another couple of months until I can get my full upgrade discount.

      • http://Website Nate


      • http://Website mkrmec

        Just like Nate said… CyanogenMod 7 will be 2.3 and it will be available for your phone.

    • http://Website anthony

      @Devesh you are right gingerbread will take a while to get to that mytouch4g. I would stay away from these hocus pocus ui’s. The best way to go for now is gone that was the N1. I think the g2 will see gingerbread long before the mt4g

  • http://Website Gabriel L.

    Do you guys think the Smasung Captivate s going to be updated to 2.3? Looking forward to it!!! :)

    • http://Website archboy

      I wouldn’t hold your breathe with Samsung updating your phone. Good luck with that.

    • http://Website some internet dude

      Being that samsung is making the next Nexus 2, i think they will show some gingerbread love to the Galaxy S.

  • http://Website Southpaw2k

    I might have missed something, but I thought Gingerbread was designed to only work on phones with processors of 1 GHz or faster. That would mean the original Droid wouldn’t be able to be updated for Android 2.3. Am I nuts? Or do I just have my wires crossed and 3.0 will be designed for 1 GHz processors and up?

    • http://Website Andrew

      that rumor was debunked a while ago.

  • http://Website Dragonthe

    As much as I hope that google will go on and release Gingerbread this week, I think they’ll wait on for samsung to get there device ready, because I think it will give samsung a nice boost in sales if it is shown at the same time as gingerbread.

    • http://Website nexuscrazii

      No way Google goin to wait on Samsung. If anything Samsung will make Google look bad lets all remember the big issue or the behold to and not receiving the updates as promised. Google will push this update to us nexus users so prepare to be envious of us all u g2 users and Samsung galaxy users. As far as a nexus two I wouldn’t hold my breath regardless if its made by Samsung or not after good stated there will not be another and if there is God help us and pray its not made by Samsung. PS I would never get rid of my nexus one worth every penny. :)

      • http://Website anthony

        Well said I totally agree. I also pray nexus 2 isn’t made by Samsung but if it is it’ll only raise the value of my nexus one. I surely wont trade in my sturdy solid nexus for a pile of plastic would u

  • http://Website jbn

    i sold my nexus one for the new my touch and have NO remorse at all!!

  • http://Website Scott G

    I’m coming to agree with a few sites out there that people are confusing a stock google experience Samsung phone with a Samsung made “Nexus” phone.

    On top of that, to think google would wait on a device launch to announce a new version of the OS is silly

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Android 2.0 was tied to the Droid. Android 2.1 was tied to the Nexus One.

      • http://Website Dags

        And what was Android 2.2 tied to?

  • http://Website slw

    I received 2.3 on my Droid 2 about 11:30 pm CST last night! I was shocked as I wasn’t expecting gingerbread this soon, knowing Verizon’s delay pushing updates.

    I don’t know if it made a difference that i just upgraded to Droid 2 from Droid 1 on Saturday.

    • http://Website Alex

      That’s the software build number and not the os number.

    • http://Website Raul

      That update you got wasn’t Gingerbread. It was just a maintenance update for Froyo. Here is a link detailing the update:

      Just thought I’d let you know.

      • http://Website slw

        Thanks for being the only one to let me know instead of the other scum who left me negative feedback!!! Gee, maybe someone else thought the same and my orig post has been hidden. I guess there’s still one good person out here!

        As I said…new phone. I googled 2.3 as this “maintenance update” was going on and all I got was gingerbread responses, so I just assumed that was it. I had surgery and missed any communication about the update as I usually stay on top of everything! Sorry for wasting everyone else’s time! I guess there’s a reason I never posted out here and probably won’t again…thanks to those who are too high and mighty!

        Raul: Since you seem to know what’s going on, I have a friend that also got this update and now gets error messages for his non Motorola batteries and car charger. Is there a work around for this?

        Thanks again Raul for your post!!!! I’m back to being a reader and not a poster!

  • http://Website jay

  • http://Website anthony

    Wow once again glad I still have my sexy nexy. I see that gingerbread face is plastered on what device? My goodness that’s a nexus.
    I ask why would anyone trade down to another phone. The smart money is still on the nexus. I played with the g2 and the mytouch 4g on sunday. I prefer the g2 over the mytouch hands down and that’s shocking I hate physical keyboards but this one is a nexus with a keyboard. I say g2 would be my phone hands down if I didn’t have a nexus. I admit its a phone to get if someone was due for an upgrade but not worth shelving a nexus for if
    u had one. The difference between them just isn’t worth it. I was amazed by its multi touch capabilities it leaves my nexus with a walking stick but still not enough to pry my nexus from my hand. I can’t fault those who go that route because its truly a wonderful phone. The mytouch not a slouch either but not vanilla and that’s just a big not for me perhaps if it had stock android but it doesn’t. I say nexus and g2 all the way

    • http://Website mapin

      I agree 100% with everything you said. Great minds…

      • http://Website anthony

        @Mapin thanks just trying to call it as I see it. The G2 impressed me I decided that ill purchase one for my son he loves keyboards. The G2 definitely shares the nexus one’s blood line. The mytouch 4g with a faster processor and ffc and no physical keyboard I thought was a sure winner but it wasn’t. I think they dropped the ball with that ui and the genius button which I found annoying

  • http://Website B

    Anyone who sold their Nexus, how much did you get for it?

  • http://Website James

    Hopefully, they’ll FINALLY allow the phone to “see” non-broadcasted SSIDs.

    • Nicko01

      Something tells me that’s not going to happen any time soon.

    • http://Website mkrmec

      Huh? why would they do that? Hidden SSIDs are hidden by the network admins for a reason… so you DON’T see them .. dooh

      • http://Website James

        Of course, but maybe I would love MY phone to be able to connect to MY network with MY hidden SSID…I’m not talking about mooching anyone elses internets.

  • http://Website Gabriel L.

    I just dont know why my comment about the Samsung Captivate got -6… Dont you like the phone? I was just wondering if Samsung is going to take a looong time to update de galaxy S phones, or not… (I just thought: Oh, remeber your first G1 OTA update? I Live in Brazil…)

    • http://Website killer

      samsung sucked when it comes to updates… I have a Galaxy phone and there’s a news release that it will not be updated to 2.2 … This will be my FIRST AND LAST samsung phone… I will definitely buy other brands (NOT SAMSUNG ANYMORE)

      • http://Website mkrmec

        if you got a samsung galaxy i7500 phone you will not receive 2.2… if you got a galaxy S phone then you will have froyo before the new year with everybody else on the world. read more news.

    • http://Website Richard

      Samsung is the worst at updates I told my friend to leave that Epic alone but he didn’t listen now months later still stuck on 2.1….Motorola is the second worse with UPDATES….Then T-MOBILEB does not update there devices as much at all…..Trust me after the NEXUS ONE GETS GINGERBREAD THEN THE HTC EVO 4G WILL BE NEXT TO GET IT….HTC AND SPRINT STAY ON TOP OF UPDATES ON THERE FLAGSHIP DEVICES AND THE HTC EVO IS THE NUMBER ONE DEVICE ON THE MARKET TODAY STILL

    • http://Website Keefers

      There are alot of nexus 1users reading this post.. they hate any phone that is not nexus.

  • http://Website Cyborg

    The G2 will more than likely receive Gingerbread, when it becomes available for manual download on Google’s severs. The G2′s most recent OTA, (wifi-calling, restoring tethering and wifi-hotspot) was made available on Google’s severs for manual install, so I would think that Google will no doubt give the G2 the same kind of love again…

  • http://Website nexuscrazii

    is it me or does any one else notice that the rumored nexus two was suppose to be unveiled Nov 11th or so called launch of gingerbread but wad delayed due to hardware issues. Well if gingerbread is suppose to land in the next few days for us nexus users, i wonder if the launch of gingerbread is there hardware issue since samsung is always so late with updates. so now lets see if gingerbread launches in next few days or we just may have to wait for it jus a little longer. being a nexus user im sure its on its way real soon with more and more leaking out about it. looks to me is we wont wait passed christmas what a great gift from google.

    • http://Website anthony

      Hey as a fellow nexus owner Congrats on owning the right smartphone. I don’t know when we will get gingerbread but I know who will get it first.
      I feel sorry for all those people who put their trust in Samsung.
      I sent my nexus back lets say for a minor issue (call me anal)and received a swap today. I had to laugh at the box it came in. I know from past experience the swap comes in a regular white box. The swap came in a HTC box with a drawing of a bow on top a HTC business card and the box under the HTC said I’m back.
      I thought huumm perhaps its a cute way of saying look out for the N2. I know that’s reaching but Samsung making a n2 is also reaching. I really hope HTC pulls a rabbit out the hat. The thought of a galaxys with lipstick being called a n2 just seems wrong these guys should concentrate on updating the phones they left behind.
      I say if ya can’t hang with the big dogs stay on the porch

    • http://Website uzunoff

      I don’t think that Nexus will get gingerbread in the next few weeks. The post referenced developers nexus phones not everybody’s. Remember how 2.2 rolled out. First it was a control releas to developers and media and a few weeks later to everyone else. You guys make it sound like google will be pushing OTA before the end of the week. No chance. Maybe before the end of the year but doutful. There isn’t even an event scheduled to announce 2.3 yet. Don’t get your heads in the clouds just yet

  • http://Website Cameltoad

    Well that got me excited!
    But now I’m sad.
    How likely is that gonna happen? 2.3 in the next few days? Nope.

    But I wil settle for the vagueness of ‘soon’. I love me some updates

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    If Gingerbread is realeased this week, I plan to have it on my EVO by December at the latest. If Sprint drops the ball this time around and Gingerbread is feature packed, I’ll consider rooting my baby finally. Until then I’m happy with stock with ADW overlay.

  • http://Website Spencer

    I don’t feel luke waiting on samsung to get their act together. Just go ahead and update my nexus google. Please …

  • http://Website jk

    Now i dont want froyo on my captivate,, i want gingerbread..! Plzzzz release an update for my captivate coz its getting left behind…! :|

  • http://Website paul

    Any news about Gingerbread?? Today was the rumor announcement ????

  • http://Website mike

    First push was saturday

  • http://Website dominic

    I have 2.3 on my driod x now :))) Strong roots make for a flourishing tree.