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LG Star prototypes pose for the camera, show off new UI

A lucky fellow over at the Phandroid forums scored two prototypes of the upcoming LG Star and uploaded a few pics to show it off. The device hasn’t changed much since the first pics leaked two weeks ago, but this time we get to see some of the UI and the included HDMI port.

Just like the leaked Motorola Olympus, this Tegra 2 phone is also running Android 2.2. Originally we heard LG was going with a stock build of Android, but the new screens reveal a UI that looks a little like Samsung’s Touchwiz UI with HTC’s Sense UI widgets thrown in.

The tester includes a respectable Quadrant score of 1700+, but I’m not really confident in that benchmark anymore and I don’t believe that Android 2.2 is even optimized to take full advantage of the dual-core Tegra 2 processor. We have heard that Honeycomb was designed from the ground up for dual-core hardware, so we expect the performance of the LG star will get even better in the coming months.

No carrier partners have been announced, but early renders of the LG Star included Verizon branding and one of our sourced indicated that T-Mobile would pick it up. Sprint and many regional carriers also have a strong relationship with LG, so the Star could show up on a number of carriers.

Look for more information about the LG Star at the upcoming CES in Las Vegas on January 5th.

lg-star-7 lg-star-6 lg-star-5 lg-star-4 LG Star hdmi lg-star-2 lg-star-1 lg-star-8

Source: Phandroid

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  • http://Website Manny

    c’mon bro -_-…smh

    • http://Website momma

      more like SMD!

      • http://Website Manny

        Anyways…i was kinda hoping for stock 2.3 but it still looks pretty cool. You cant deny that the hardware specs are phenomenal. Heres hoping for 4g for Tmobile…. its either that or the nexus s for me.

        • http://Website DroidCLH

          T-mobie doesn’t have 4G.

        • http://Website Mufasa

          You’re right! T-Mobile doesn’t have 4G, neither does Sprint, or Verizon. But T-mobile does have the fastest data speeds so far

  • HipHopIsLyfe37

    That looks exactly like TouchWiz… -_-

  • Mike Leahy

    I played around with the LG Star last week myself and highly approve of this device. Got a Quadrant score of 1959 though as Taylor mentioned I’d like to see a more specific benchmark especially for OpenGL ES 2.x performance. Tried out Auriga3D on it and my Java based Quake 3 class engine gets 60 FPS easy when not rendering curved surfaces (just like Rage demo, but that was to be expected). I have a little video of this, but nothing too crazy. Overall from my 30 min usage I’d give 2 thumbs up for this device and the Tegra2; I’ll likely pick up this one if it hits T-Mobile and it could be my next personal phone for a while too. Still prefer stock Android and we’ll see what happens in coming months though. I’d still get whatever latest dev phone with Gingerbread and all too.

    • http://Website Manny

      You have video of the LG star??? u should upload it to youtube : D

      • http://Website Manny

        nvm…i probably misread : /

        • Mike Leahy

          nah.. I have a video, but as things go it’s an old build of Auriga3D and I don’t have the overlay controls hooked up, so it’s just panning around from the start position of a level. Nothing too flashy, but enough info I need to know this thing flies. While I don’t have a Galaxy S on hand or directly compare I’d say the general GPU speed/output on rough estimate seemed 1.5-2X that of Galaxy S. Tegra 2 is definitely the first mainline 3rd generation processor/GPU for Android. I consider the Galaxy S to the be a 2.5 gen device.

          • http://Website Zhi Hao

            Well can you still post the video? It is pretty interesting to see how the Tegra 2 performs. I hope that the reason why the Tegra 2 got such Quadrant scores is because of the “IO” section, since we expect it to leave the Hummingbird in the dust for both CPU and GPU. Nonetheless, a Galaxy S with lagfix gets a score of over 2000. So let’s hope it’s just firmware/something that a lag fix can, well, fix.

  • http://Website Steffen

    Oh good another bad attempt to make Android look like the iPhone… Makes me cry a little inside every time I see something like this. They need to accept Android for the great OS that it is, instead of trying to duplicate iOS. Both are good operating systems so I don’t see why you would try to make one look exactly like the other.

  • http://Website adam

    new website for android news.

    • http://Website Adam

      Ok I need to create an account. Who knew Adam was such a popular name

  • http://Website adam

    what lg is now copying what samsung? Samsung copy iphone?

    This why the only company that make custom rom is good it htc.

    I rather have stock ui or sense ui then this dumb ninja blur/motoblur and touch wiz ui.


    • http://Website 2FR35H

      Twiz 3.0 > Sense UI

  • IHTCEvo

    Ok Ummm Srry but this phone will be mine if the Evo 2 is not announced

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    This phone is not even finished yet. I also think the score is not for certain. because some phones not get that or even higher. Once Honeycomb and this thing is fully finished those scores will be through the roof.

  • http://Website Miguel Lopez

    I hope this phone comes to T-Mobile I really would like to have this phone it looks really nice and I want to replace my Samsung Vibrant because I hate this phone especially the lack of Firmware Updates such as 2.2 Froyo :(

  • http://Website zedklind

    i noticed that a specification in one of these pictures looked familiar… the processor is and armv7. remembering that on thanksgiving xda dev gave us some leaked specs with the same thing.

    armv7. anyone make those connections? taylor?

    • http://Website Zhi Hao

      It is unlikely that Sammy will use the Tegra 2 in the Nexus S, since a report has already shown that the Nexus S uses a hummingbird although it is a possibilty. NVIDIA did comment that Samsung will be a “major customer”, and the report could have been based on a prototype ROM. Now’s a really tough time to buy a phone, huh?
      I’m considering this, the Olympus, Nexus S, Galaxy S or Desire HD.

    • http://Website billbob

      Good eye on that pal ^^
      Well the phone looks good and hope its fast and all and the UI looks like touchwiz but lets hope its not just like it. Although I dont mind it.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      ARMv7 is just an architecture. It includes all the ARM family of Cortex-A CPUs which are found in every high-end Android phone.

      • http://Website zedklind

        Ooh I see. Thought I was on to something.. that’s too bad :(. I really don’t want to wait until next year for a dualcore phone. I want to start developing unreal engine 3 games for mobile with a couple of buddies of mine already and what a better phone to do it on besides the new google dev phone :)

    • http://Website metafor

      ARM v7 is the instruction set version. Like x86. The 7th version first debuted with the ARM11 I believe and is the instruction set used for all modern ARM based chips including Cortex A8 (Hummingbird, A4, OMAP3), Cortex A9 (Tegra 2, Orion, OMAP4) and Scorpion (Snapdragon).

  • http://Website warrenbzf

    I’m glad to see this has HDMI output. That’s a requirement for me, because I want to hook it into my AV receiver and watch streaming video on it. Plus I’m keeping my finger crossed that the phone makers take advantage of the multi-monitor support of these 3rd gen ARMv7 processors.

  • David Shellabarger

    Screenshot shows DivX Video On Demand registration.
    Looks like Netflix might have some competition if its done right.

    Amazon still doesn’t offer streaming video to Android right?

    Am I the only one excited about watching video on my phone?