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LG Star with Tegra 2 coming in early 2011 to T-Mobile 4G?

Previously we only had renders of LG’s Tegra 2 phone, but thanks to Engadget we now have our first real pictures. Updated specs for this superphone include the dual-core 1 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, 4 inch display, 8 megapixel camera with LED flash, 1080p video capture, front-facing camera, and a 1500 mAh battery.

Early renders of the device indicated it was headed for Verizon and would support 4G LTE, but our sources tell us those pics were just mock-ups and Verizon has not actually picked up the device yet. Believe it or not, we are hearing the LG Star will land on T-Mobile with HSPA+ support in mid Q1 2011.

Engadget is reporting the LG Star will be the first dual-core phone, but I think the Motorola Olympus (Terminator) will launch on AT&T in January and we also have the possible dual-core Nexus S, which could launch in the next few weeks. I still have a difficult time believing that Samsung will deliver a dual-core phone so soon, but I’m fairly confident that Motorola can beat LG to market with their Tegra 2 phone.

The version of the operating system remains a mystery, but the LG Star is said to run a nearly untouched version of Google’s mobile OS. We have heard that current test units were running Android 2.2, but my hope is that LG will update it to Android 2.3 by launch.

Look for LG to unveil the Tegra 2 device at the upcoming CES on January 5th.

Check out the pics and let us know what you think. Does the LG Star look better than the leaked Nexus S pics? Would you buy a dual-core phone if it shipped with Android 2.2 after Android 2.3 has been released?

lg-tegra-2-chapstick lg-tegra-2-front lg-tegra-2-back

Source: Engadget

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  • http://Website Galen20K

    T-Mobile is really Bringing it lately, Nice!! I don’t typically like LG phones but I’m sure it will turn out to be a very nice device even if its not for me, I welcome it. = )

  • http://Website Miguel Lopez

    I hope this phone comes to T-Mobile this phone looks pretty sick

    • http://Website 2FR35H

      Did you not read the Article? they just confirmed it was going to t-mobile with HSPA+

  • http://Website elnene20

    Dat is one ugly phone omg lmao it looks weird in da front!!!

  • http://Website Scott G

    Another reason why a non dual core Nexus S is destined to fail

    • http://Website zymo

      exactly! As i said before, “if” the nexus s don’t have a dualcore processor, than R.I.P Nexus S!

      • http://Website 2FR35H

        Well then its a good thing they decided to swap the processor for Samsung’s Orion of which is a dual-core.

  • http://Website Héctor

    I want one now!!

    Wouldn’t mind the Terminator, though…

  • http://Website Andrew53517

    Is this the phone you guys tweeted about last night? Or is there more leaks coming this week?!

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yeah I had a feeling this was coming. Look for Motorola to leak their dual-core phone in the coming weeks.

  • http://Website Ltown

    Me likey. This def is a better looking phone than the plastic nexus s. Although I would probably get the nexus s (if it is dual core) over this because I have an N1 now and I have been spoiled by getting updates first. What I really want is an HTC Nexus Two…

  • http://Website Karl

    What do they mean “nearly stock”? It wouldn’t be a deal breaker if they add a couple crapware apps that I can delete but if they start taking away control/flexibilty of the device from me to the benefit of the carriers or OEM then I will go for the Nexus S.

    • PhineasJW

      “Nearly stock” implies that the OS won’t be skinned, however, it will likely either have:

      1. Unremovable carrier apps.
      2. Certain stock features removed, like tethering, so that carriers can (attempt) to charge extra for them.

    • http://Website Jared

      It may use LG’s app drawer, which is pretty nice actually.

  • orginn

    Oh yea, tmo ftfw!!!, this will me with a dilemma either this or sexi nexi s, choices choices, i need to get rid of vibrant,

  • http://Website bod1ggity

    If verizon chose not to pick up this phone it was a major slip up… why the hell does T-Mobile (such a crap provider) get some of the best phones? I just dont get it… verizon should dominate the android market, but instead were getting stupid motorola’s filled with motoblur and binged HTC’s… wtf.

    • http://Website Drew

      Tmo has only recently started getting better phones in the US. And praise the powers that be! I hope it continues and they become the number one company in the US of A also. Go Tmo!

    • Virtue

      Aww too bad. You guys had your chance with all those nice phones while we were stuck with crappy phones. Now the tables have turned and you’re whining? And tell me why T-Mobile is such a bad carrier when they give the best bang for the buck unlike Verizon’s ridiculously expensive service and has great coverage in all the major metropolitan areas?

  • SGB101

    Tmo may be small carrier in us, but it is one of the biggest in UK. And now they have merged with Orange it is probably one of the biggest in Europe nethermind UK.

  • http://Website sabp

    So which one? Nexus S or this? I really want to get the Nexus S because it’s a total google phone, but should I wait? Since both are T-Mobile, i don’t really care because i have tmo currently. So what would you say?

  • http://Website Alexander

    If this drops on T=Mo it might be a worthy upgrade to my, still awesome, Nexus One. Also fuck Samsung and their cheap lookin Nexus S.

  • http://Website nexus s all tha way!

    the nexus s will rule, and that’s because if google employees themselves are using it we know it will be the best, just think of the nexus one…the n1 still rocks today despite evolution! if people are looking for the next great phone that will withstand time I suggest waiting to get the Nexus S.

  • http://Website DB

    If this gets rooted with CyanogenMod, I think I’ll be going after this one instead of the Nexus S. I just don’t like the plastic look of it, maybe if they change the back cover’s look a bit. Although, I do agree with Cyanogen’s Tweet about the Nexus S: “The N1 raised the bar for competitors by a huge margin and is hacker friendly. The S seems like more of a business deal than anything.”

  • http://Website TechPreacher

    Tegra 2 is super fast when it comes to 3D. 27FPS in Neocore.

    • http://Website Hans

      27fps is nothing. My Droid can catch up to that.

      • http://Website TechPreacher

        and it does 1,911 in Quadrant. Galaxy S have to overclocked to 1.6ghz to get 3,000+.

    • http://Website Donovan

      Are you serious? Even my stock Captivate gets 49.3 FPS, so 27 FPS is really bad given this phone has been out for months.

  • http://Website Donovan

    For me, that is one ugly phone, compared to the Captivate – the bottom bezel is huge! Really not liking that metal piece in the back either, and the display would only be LCD, but different strokes for different folks are always good.

  • http://Website Mike

    Wow, that’s almost identical looking to the Incredible. I’m so tired and done with every new top of the line android device being a huge slab of screen.

    • http://Website Jimmy

      Yeah that is smart. Maybe you should tell HTC or Moto to build you a touch screen phone with a small screen, giant QWERTY keyboard, and a lot of empty space on the front. Why should the screen not dominate a touch screen phone…

  • http://Website Grifff

    Is HTC making this phone ? It sure looks like one of their designs.

  • http://Website Norman Abarca

    After all the advances in technology…. would a more attractive camera flash be out of the question?? (xenon)

    • http://Website 2FR35H

      Out of all the things you ask for a better flash? Galaxy S has proved LED flash is a frivolous accessory. I would rather a better battery improvement.

  • http://Website 2FR35H

    Damn at this rate I will never buy a new phone I would settle this year but why when dual-core and glasses free 3D phones are only like a month or 3 away?? with T-Mobile 4G!

    • http://Website g1user

      I know right? i thought i was the only one with this problem!!! lol

  • http://Website matt

    As an android enthusiast, and owner of every ‘latest model’ android phone they’ve made, i will NOT purchase another phone, until they come with a better battery than 1500mAh, period.

    Android devices simply SUCK for battery device, I dont care if its Myns battery hack, JuiceDefender, etc etc. The battery life on your average super phone, is absolutely horrible.

    And I just wont support it anymore.

    Google, Developers, Manufacturer’s, FIX THIS PROBLEM!

    Hopefully these new dual cores will consume less power, and have better battery management, but i doubt it.

  • http://Website Hans

    I hope this comes to Verizon as well. The more choices, the better. :D

  • http://Website hoosiercub

    It looks ugly and cheap. I’m glad Verizon isn’t getting this.

  • http://Website francomur99

    The battery life is not the only problem, the memory too is crap, any android superphone should have at list 5Gb internal memory + 32 Gb on Micro sd card class 6 and more important the APP 2 Sd card for all the applications on the market or build the copy and paste like windows mobile….is it asking too much?, one more thing….in UK we haven’t got yet ONE Android handset with Froyo. 1 GHZ processor and the Front facing Camera for Video call plus Flash camera on the back….not even the HTC Desire HD have all these features…. while you in the States have already 5/6 maybe more handsets with these capabilities. The Samsung Galaxy S has not Front camera nor flash not even Froyo
    A better market store would be pleased and why not even iTunes …..this the reality in UK…..I love Android…very much but please give us more choice or I will be pushed to get the iPhone 4,

  • http://Website some internet dude

    very cool, this looks like it should be on verizons line up. If true good for Tmobile. Cant wait