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Metro PCS goes with LG Optimus One as their first Android phone

LG is continuing their rollout of their Optimus One line with the introduction of the LG Optimus M for Metro PCS. Like all the other Optimus One handsets, the Optimus M will feature Android 2.2, 3.2 inch capacitive HVGA display, 3MP camera, 600 MHz processor, and all the usuals like GPS, Bluetooth 2.0, and WiFi.

Metro PCS will launch the LG Optimus M on Wednesday, November 24th for $229 with a no-contract $50 service plan which includes unlimited talk, text, and web service on their CDMA network.

While the LG Optimus M may not be on the top of your Christmas wish list, it seems LG is one of the only manufacturers to realize that current generation Android phones should be released with the current version of Android. The strategy seems to be paying off since LG reported over 1 million units were sold during the first 40 days.

Let’s hope LG can step things up early next year with Gingerbread powered handsets and some specs to rival Motorola and HTC’s latest offerings.

Via: Engadget Mobile

Source: Metro PCS

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  • http://Website watbetch

    MetroPOS’ network is mostly 1X. What a waste. 4G and nothing good to use it with.

    • MC

      @watbetch: not really. metroPCS, as of 11/4, has “4G” (quotes intended) LTE networks up and running in Las Vegas, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Detroit, LA, and Philadelphia and plans to continue to expand. Note also that I don’t believe they’re marketing this as an LTE phone – only as CDMA (Sprint, Verizon compatible)

      • http://Website watbetch

        It’s not an LTE Android phone and that’s the problem.

        Their 1X network dwarfs any LTE that they have.

  • ayocuz

    If metro so happens to get a top notch phone that’s LTE I’d switch in a heartbeat. I live in detroit plus no carrier will match or even offer unlimited everything including data. I like tmobile but I could use hotspots to watch netflix. Who messin wit dat?

  • MC

    Here’s a link to the ONE phone metroPCS is currently offering that can take advantage of their LTE network. Most of us of an Android persuasion will be sorely tempted to state, “….meh…”,2817,2369973,00.asp

    Note article goes on to state it’s anticipated a true Android-based smartphone could be available early next year.

  • http://Website jak2rocks

    Hmm… I could’ve sworn they already had an Android phone. O_O

  • http://Website addictive

    If the optimus only has a 600 processor and gets android 2.2 than why can’t the samsung moment from sprint get it??

    • http://Website brandon

      samsung moment could get it but.. its samsung

    • Nick Gray

      just because the processor speed is the same that does not mean the performance is equal. These second generation 600 MHz processors from Qualcomm have nearly double the processing power of first gen 528 MHz processors.

  • MC

    Just found this. Not a NEW article, but relevant (also interesting: intent to launch VoLTE!)

  • buryjohnnyalive

    This phone seems so awesome and especially since its running android 2.2 but ughhh what is a bummer is that it runs on no G network…i wonder or at leat hope metro will update it to their 4g network.

    • http://Website VANE

      metropcs is moving to 4g network here in sac on the 15th of this month

  • http://Website TruFactzâ„¢

    Welcome to the android family Metro!

  • http://Website mike

    has anyone heard if metros going to update the android 2.2 softwear to where the optimus can acsses the 4g network

  • http://Website cas

    they make it seam like the LG OPTIMUS IS ALL DAT N SOME but is realy not i went n got it n wuz not impress by it i had the samsung code n wuz much happyer it ran off windos vista n it wuz much faster to me over all metro does have good serves for the price u pay they came a long way but still have aways to go

  • http://Website da_guy charles

    I love my Lg android….I pout my Iphone in its casket it came in lol… I have heard of it going to 4g network…….the question is when

  • http://Website The LG Optimus is a horrible phone

    I sooooo want my old Samsung Messenger back….the LG shuts itself off, the screen flashes when I am trying to use an automated computer on the phone. Neither myself or the DEALER can figure out why I have absolutely no tones/noises for my emails or my texts. It rings when it feels like it and I have less service bars than my old Samsung…..To top it all off, NOBODY can get my wifi to work anywhere……I am so very sorry that I bought this piece of #@# and will be going back to return it today and have my old phone turned back on…..very dissappointing

  • Tina

    This phone worked at first then sucked after the second month! It freezes up, turns off, then when you go to push the end button after the call the light turns off and you can not end the call until the light stays on long enough to push the end button!