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Man behind the Dell Streak launch shown the door

The Dell Streak launch was a disaster. The Dell Aero was a flop. This week we learn that Dell’s mobile communications group is being rolled back into the broader company and the man in charge, Ron Garriques, is on his way out.

Reuters reports that Mr. Garriques was a high-profile addition to Dell when they hired him in early 2007 after he had previously led Motorola Inc’s mobile phone unit. One year ago he took over Dell’s newly formed communications solutions group to manage the companies smartphones and tablet devices, and we know how that turned out.

When he leaves Dell in early 2011, Garriques will receive a severance payment of $1.44 million and another $3.15 million under his consultancy agreement.

Dell has yet to impress me since they started producing Android phones, so maybe the reorganization of upper management will get them back on the right path. What do you think Dell needs to do in order to excite Android customers?

Source: Yahoo

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  • http://Website Chahk

    Hey, I can also screw up a launch and run an entire mobile division into the ground. Can I have 4 mil too?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yeah I’m just a kid, but I think I could manage a launch better than the Streak and I’d be willing to do it for half that.

      Give me a call Dell. I’m just down the road.

      • ExtremeT

        eesh you were quick on the draw with that response lol

      • kstagg

        By chance does this guy run the marketing and launch of Android phones on AT&T’s network as well? What a disaster that group is.

      • chris0101

        Truth be told, Dell should seriously consider you.

        You’re actually passionate about Android itself … the other guy did it because really, it was a job. Plus you’ve got a ton of insider information and you are going to do a better job of getting people pumped for launches.

    • ExtremeT

      To hell with that, I’ll do it for 3 million

      • http://Website Eric

        I’ll do it for 2 mill. No outdated android and keep it vanilla.

    • Nortisan

      Exactly what I was thinking! Where do I sign??? LoL

  • http://Website Richard

    Dell should throw in the towel and sell……GOOGLE WILL BUY EM AND ANDROID CAN TAKE OVER

    • mac08wrx


  • Prince77

    Best they can do is not even try. Leave it to the ones that know what to do.

  • slowz3r

    Last i checked, Dell was never big on phones, they have done well enough without a mobile phone division so why keep trying

    • http://Website Eric

      Because all the computer companies know that the PC is done its all going to be mobile in the future why not get a jump on it now. Dell is just getting a feel of this new industry. Better to have your mistakes early on.

      • jjl84

        The PC is done? The record sales of Windows 7 begs to differ…

  • http://Website Steve Nash

    What’s wrong with that dude’s right thumb?

    • http://Website Mista2x

      They let Garriques do the photoshopping

    • http://Website Kev

      that’s the only thing i can focus on. it’s memorizing… like watching a little-person doing jumping jacks.

  • http://Website dagamer34

    I hope this is also the same guy that decided only to sell the Dell Venue Pro at and select Microsoft stores… because that is a STUPID plan if you really want to sell a lot of phones.

  • http://Website Mista2x

    I’ll do it for 2.5 mil…first order of business: all dell phones will come with vanilla android!

  • Mobile Brazzers

    Hahaha nice photoshop work with the thumb ;)

  • sky

    From the little I’ve followed so far being a new android user, I would think using the most recent 2.2 os would be a start.

  • PixelSlave

    Let’s see, that guy left Motorola and it launched the Droid, which is arguably the most successful smartphone launch since the iPhone. No wonder Dell hired him. By hiring him, then kicking him out of the door, Dell is betting it will launch something as successful as the Droid. Good move, Dell.

    So, which company is the next? If you are a CEO of a smartphone maker, it’s your chance to have hire most valuable executive in the world. It’s as easy as a hire-n-fire! Your next smart phone will be a big hit!

  • http://Website Xman

    Hey, give the product away!… Get a laptop, get a free phone/tablet….

  • http://Website CTown

    What is wrong with this phone? It is basically a 5-inch Nexus One with a webcam isn’t it?

    • http://Website Russ

      It is running Android 1.6, biggest fail ever.

  • http://Website Anon

    That’s nothing. Their former COO Mike Canon was there for two years, gutted the company (initiated the plans that led to them shutting down all of their manufacturing and shipping hubs) and he got fired and took $18M with him. Ron got the shaft, Dell usually pays much more than that to have their company f’d up.

  • http://Website alex

    Another Dingus getting paid for doing a crappy job. Im sure that pay off will tide him over before some other idiot company hires him to run things.

  • http://Website Jordan

    the streak is brilliant, the launch of it, and the fact it STILL is on 1.6 in some places is what screwed it up…

    there was absolutely no advertising, or marketting, even a large amount of phone nerds had never heard of the thing… so horrible work there…

    secondly, it would have been a crazy, cutting-edge product if it would have had an o/s that wasn’t 3 versions behind… its about to be bumped up to 2.2 just as 2.3 comes out.. so more horrible work there…

    I have hyde’s froyo rom on mine and its a brilliant device, but jesus, they handled the release so badly… :l

  • Batmensch

    I’d have bought a Streak, if it hadn’t run on AT&T. And if it hadn’t run 1.6.

  • http://Website Joshua

    I followed word of the Streak from day 1 and slowly got bored with it as the release date lagged and lagged. It was pathetic, exhausting and in the end to have it come out for only AT&T when there was a rumor that there was a tmobile version floating around. I think part of the reason they didn’t advertise it well is because they knew they were screwed with it only having 1.6 out of the box. Why tout something less than average. It could have been a big deal and it really still looks like good hardware. Staying with only 1 carrier when you do business with more than 1 is just stupid and putting a lawnmower engine in a lexus is even dumber.

  • Streak owner

    Well, after all the criticism of the size of the Streak, then the Samsung Galaxy came along and everybody wanted one. Go figure.

    At least the Galaxy didn’t have a lawnmower engine in it. (Good comment Joshua)

    Streak: a product too early for its market.