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Motorola Defy goes for a swim

Can your phone do this? We heard the Motorola Defy was water-resistant and dust-proof, but my friend Vincent from Android Community put that claim to the test. Watch the clip after the jump to see him toss the Defy into his pool while it was recording a 720P video.

The Motorola Defy is currently available at T-Mobile for $99 with 2-year contract. I have a hard time recommending the phone since it is running Android 2.1 and we don’t know if it will ever be updated, but if you need an Android phone that can swim then this is your best choice.

Source: Android Community

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  • http://Website Ivan

    Yo Taylor t mobile still sucks !!!!!

  • gamefreak1218

    well…im impressed….but id like to see more of the phone after it got out!

  • http://Website leftbrain99

    I’m a little disappointed with the audio quality from that microphone while submersed. I’m guessing the underwater call quality will be lacking. FAIL

    • HardNoks

      well since the vast majority of the human population cant actually talk underwater, i highly doubt that it would even be a problem..

  • http://Website Mark

    shitty video. I can’t even see the phone.

  • Adam Clark

    what is that line going through the phone in the pic?

    Was it broken?

    • http://Website Leo

      it is partially submerged under water. the line you’re seeing is the water.

    • http://Website Dave

      One word. Refraction

    • http://Website Jeff

      Wow…are you serious?

  • http://Website john

    I see tmobile having alot of returns due to water damage in the near future. Hope they are prepared for exchanges or law suites.

    • http://Website watbetch

      That’s exactly why it says water-resistant and not proof. They can water damage it all they want, T-Mobile won’t have to foot the bill. I hope they have insurance.

  • OrganizedFellow

    I for one will spring for this phone.
    I went to my local T-Mobile store today and I actually liked it.
    IT’S NOT FOR ME, I have a modded Nexus. The Defy would actually be for my wife. It’s her first android phone.
    She isn’t the most careful with her phone, and has broken her last 3 phones. A Nokia candybar, a Samsung slider, and another Nokia (clamshell). One fell. One got wet (my little girl). And the last one … hellifiknow?!

    She really needs a solid phone that is scratch, impact ANNND water resistant.
    It couldn’t have come at a better time.

  • http://Website Gunfan

    I wonder if someone would actually pick up the phone if it falls in a public toilet

    • http://Website shr1k3r

      i believe that is motorola’s next twitter contest

  • http://Website Mufasa

    Why are there stupid people commenting?!?! Anyways would this be the 1st smart phone to be weather resistant?!

    • http://Website Anonymous

      Most likely for the same reason stupid people get out on the roads & drive… drive us sane people insane. Its human nature, they cannot resist.

  • http://Website leftbrain99

    Where are all the people with senses of humor? Not here, I guess….

  • http://Website Igor

    This is 720p video, but defy can make only 480p…

  • http://Website sivarter

    when he dropped the phone i swear i was watching Sphere again. . .that phone whould be good at the beach when u dont want to leave ur stuff while in the water.

  • http://Website JaylanPHNX

    Wow, ton of hate today. Cool video. If I wasn’t demanding my next phone be absolutely top of the line (MT4G) then it would be this.

  • http://Website laurence

    If my phone fell in the can you better believe ill be elbow deep in water fishing it out. Washing my arm hoping the phones dries right is better than paying for a new one because I’m scared of cooties.

  • Brock

    Finally! A phone I can take into the shower with me and read about the weather and stock prices. Also to properly use the twitter hashtag #intheshower.

  • http://Website Coco

    Great! Now I can tweet about how this phone is never going to be updated while am throwing it to the sharks :)