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New HTC smartphone with 4G WiMAX clears the FCC

A new HTC phone with WiMAX support was spotted on the FCC’s site with the model number PG06100. We don’t know which smartphone this is, but the model number resembles the HTC EVO 4G which used PC36100.

HTC recently trademarked the name EVO Shift 4G and many are speculating this device will be Sprint’s 4G WiMAX version of the HTC Desire Z. The FCC documents specifically mentions different configurations like “slide off” and “slide right”, so it appears this device includes a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.┬áBasically, it sounds like a T-Mobile G2, but with Sense UI instead of stock Android and Sprint 4G WiMAX instead of T-Mobile 4G HSPA+.

Several of the FCC documents were dated September 20th, so this phone has been in testing awhile. How does an EVO Shift 4G on Sprint before Christmas sound to anyone?

Via: Engadget

Source: FCC

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  • Christopher Chavez

    I am all over this. I’ve been waiting for this phone ever since the Verizon version was announced.

    So long Samsuck Epic 4G

    I’m coming home, HTC! :D

    • http://Website Chris Samuelsin

      Ur right Chris the Samsuck Epic 4G no good hate TouchWiz all together HTC Sense rules

      • http://Website Nate

        While I agree that sense is better than touch whiz I have to say stocck android FTMFW

        • http://Website Gee

          Sprint is pushing Sprint ID now. Even the Epic will receive it in a update. It’s very possible that this will have ID instead of Sense which I welcome. ID is almost completely stock Android and with a replacement of the launcher, it might as well be.

  • http://Website Bill Nye

    Sounds good, but at this point in time, it’s hard to be excited about anything that isn’t dual core.

  • http://Website Chris Samuelson

    Well I currently have the HTC EVO 4G since May Love it but if the HTC EVO Shift 4G is Sprint HTC Desire Z I may give it a go hope it has New HTC Sense used that on my Rooted EVO love it want official release soon

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    I don’t know if I can sacrifice the smaller screen. I’m sure the device will be really nice though. I’ll wait until mid next year or a device for sure that will hold it’s own for a while.

  • http://Website Richard

    I am a very proud HTC evo owner cause I know I have the best smartphone on the market made by the best manufactor on the market as well as the best carrier in sprint. Us evo owner can look forward to future version of the HTC evo for years to come since HTC earmarked the name evo. Know this makes me so happy to know how HTC and sprint supports this handset. The HTC evo is the flagship device for sprint and the only way I purchase the new HTC evo shift 4G is if the form factor stays the same meaning 4.3 or higher inch screen…the new HTC sense on board as well as the new gingerbread operating system that will be out as well as that front facing camera must be on this device. I can except the keyboard if I must as long as this new device has everything I just stated otherwise I will remain with my current evo the father off all new upcoming device on sprint. There will be plenty of new devices coming on sprint from HTC in 2011 I will sit back and wait to see what will show up. We should all await the 7inch tablet that HTC will make for sprint in 2011. It is so great be part of HTC and sprint/google we are in for a beautiful ride. MEANTIME I NEED SOME GINGERBREAD FOR MY EVO WE ARE HUNGRY

  • http://Website dan

    I love my Evo but no one has real 4g or real 4g speeds. I only have the Evo because I get better “4g” in my city. All I need to know is that it can transfer to LTE. As long as webpages load in 3 seconds and i watch Youtube videos in HQ I’m happy. As for a Evo successor I think its to early.

  • MC

    Sprint and, “4G” (quotes intended) from Clearwire…
    Somehow the idea of spending an extra $10/month whether I have access to the Sprint WiMax network or not doesn’t excite me.
    Somehow the idea of being contractually obligated for two years for a service that may be bankrupt or out of the WiMax business (Clearwire) within a couple months doesn’t excite me
    Somehow the idea of being contractually obligated for two years to a carrier that may be bankrupt (Sprint) within a couple months doesn’t excite me…either

  • best android apps

    AA new 4G android device with a physical keyboard would be really good.

  • alfonso bautista

    does htc sense 2.1 model PGO6100 hav a sim card