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New tee: The Underdog is here [UPDATE]

We’re back for week 3 of the And Me Artist Series, and oh my do we have a treat today. The Underdog has finally arrived, direct from the brain of @frenden.

The tee features our lovable Android mascot in a different light, as the scrappy underdog not looking to make any friends. The hand-rendered illustration is printed in four colors on a gray American Apparel tee and is available now.

About the Artist

Ray Frenden is a ridiculously talented horror/comic illustrator I’ve know through the internets for a few years now. Not only does he consistently show up with the tightest line work around, he does a good bit of it traditionally (you know, like with ink and paper?). Which, in an increasingly techie time, is pretty awesome.

He also lives on a farm, where he and his wife spend their time rescuing animals. I only mention it because you should totally follow him on Twitter, where he will regale you rad stories of ducks and piglets. Also don’t forget to keep an eye on his Flickr, he has a high work output and posts tons of in-progress stuff. Or visit his website, where you can view all his work or hire him for your own ridiculous illustration needs.

Go get it!

The shirt will only be available for one week, at which point it will expire and no longer be available for purchase. We’re two shirts down, one to go, we’re coming down to the wire!


You guys have done it again! We’re so impressed with the day one totals we’ve decided to throw in a little bonus contest. Anyone who purchases The Underdog during the first 24 hours (including you guys who already bought one last night) will be entered into a drawing to win next week’s tee for free. So some lucky early-adopter will score TWO shirts for the price of one. You don’t have to jump through any hoop to enter, your purchase automatically enters you into the drawing. We’ll announce a winner tomorrow morning, good luck!

just for fun, everyone who buys The Underdog tee today will be entered to win next week’s tee for free. than a minute ago via Brizzly

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  • http://Website George

    I…don’t know what to say…

  • http://Website @neidlinger

    Got mine on order. … this shirt is pretty wicked.

  • http://Website darcyli

    im from canada, is the for men and for women exactly the same? (just differ in size?)
    would u charge me once on shipping if i buy two together?

    thanks, please reply via [email protected]

  • Eric

    i’d buy this one anytime if it was available as a Polo-Shirt and not only a t-shirt. Can’t wait to put it as my desktop wallpaper/phone wallpaper !

  • http://Website Cristian

    Can’t say I’m impressed, Honestly looks more like a frowning Gumby than Android.

    • Clark Wimberly

      Gumby is awesome though.

      • http://Website Cristian

        ToucheĀ“ my young grasshopper. Point well taken.

  • asdsdasdsadas

    Good article. I previousally to spend alot of my time water skiing and playing games. It was probably the best sequence of my life and your info somehow brought back us of that period of my life. Cheers