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Nexus S spotted on FCC site with new antennas, still no release date

Another week went by and there is still no official sign of a Nexus S release date, but Samsung did update the FCC filing for a model number we have been following (GT-i9020).

The letter to the FCC was dated November 22nd and included the following note, “The device is identical to the previously certified Cellular/PCS GSM/EDGE and AWS WCDMA Phone with WLAN and Bluetooth except for the BT/WIFI antenna and the GPS receiver antenna.”

Samsung has been receiving a lot of complaints about the GPS issues on their Galaxy S series so it’s a good sign that they reworked the antenna on this upcoming device.

At first we expected the Nexus S to land in stores on November 11th and that might have been the original plan since it briefly appeared on Best Buy’s site that day. Recent rumors suggested the Nexus S was first delayed due to a serious hardware issue and later scrapped in order to upgrade to a dual-core processor.

There are definitely dual-core Samsung phones in testing, but I’m having a hard time believing that Samsung could have one ready this year. We believe the release dates of the Nexus S and Android 2.3 are tied together, so we still expect to see both soon since Google CEO Eric Schmidt said Gingerbread was coming in the next few weeks (unless they delayed it again).

After talking with several of my usual sources, it seems like no one has a clue about the actual release date of Gingerbread yet. From what I have gathered, either Google will release a single-core version in the next couple weeks or delay the project till next year when a dual-core version would be ready.

We know for certain that dual-core phones featuring the Tegra 2 processor are arriving early next year, so a single-core Nexus S does not sound that exciting if it would be surpassed in performance just a few weeks after its release.

We should also note that the FCC letter for the Samsung GT-i9020T which was dated November 22nd requested “short-term confidentiality for 180 days”, so don’t go holding your breath and expecting to see it anytime soon.

Hopefully we will learn more on December 6th, when Andy Rubin is scheduled to speak at the D: Dive Into Mobile conference.

Via: Engadget

Source: FCC

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  • http://Website UniqueNate

    This is not the news that you told us to expect on twitter is it? Just asking cause i read this story already. Its good they have better radios and atennas so you wont get that GPS issue like the galaxy s, but if so i was hoping for a little more jucy rumor news.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Nope this is not new. It came from Nov. 22nd and was just reported now. You didn’t think I would hype a FCC document did you?

      • http://Website UniqueNate

        Lol, I was over excited and ready to hear anything you had to share. Sorry. The way you go about telling the stories on anything here is really cool. I mean even this story is neat. Can’t wait to read what you have for us later. Good news on my birthday about dual core is great.

  • http://Website Westy

    Ehhh this just took the wind right from beneath my wings. I guess I might wait till next year then for a dual-core Vanilla Android phone.

  • http://Website Scott G

    I hope we hear something about it soon. I also hope it supports HSPA+ on tmobile. If it is a dual core with HSPA+ i’m overlooking the questionable design and buying it day 1

    • http://Website nico


  • http://Website andy-roid

    this proves that the gps can’t be fixed on the galaxy s this is the last time I’m going to buy a Samsung mobile…amazing should fix the galaxy’s or pay up

    • http://Website Steve

      Agreed, this does not bode well for the GPS situation with the Galaxy S… I wish they would just be honest about it…

  • http://Website Mikey

    Enough of this, give gingerbread to my mytouch4g.

  • http://Website Andy

    Enough of this…jeez. When it will be released, they will announce it. Sheesh.

  • http://Website Usman

    Taylor, should we take this to mean that the rumor of the Nexus S getting a dual core processor is no longer on point?

    • http://Website irishrally

      I’d also like to know this. I was excited when xda announced that one of their sources said that the Nexus S would have a dual core processor (Orion) and have been waiting since for further confirmation. I agree with Taylor that getting a dual core out this year would be difficult but hopefully that is the Nexus way, one step ahead of the pack. Personally, I can live without HSPA+ because it is not available in my area anyway. I would certainly trade HSPA+ for a dual core processor. Both would be nice though :)

    • Taylor Wimberly

      The info I’m getting on this is mixed at this point. Many expected the Nexus S to be out already but it got delayed. Yes, there is a dual-core version in testing but we don’t know if that is what will actually get released.

      • http://Website Freer

        Many thanks for the updated info. The thought that this years Nexus would barely be better spec’d than the year old N1 is driving me mad. I guess my N1 spoiled me, but the thought that a new Nexus would be outclassed within weeks of release just doesn’t add up when making the (assumed) comparison to the first Nexus model. This FCC news certainly isn’t comforting for those who hoped that this phone would be this years version of the N1. Instead of being the more perfect offspring of a Nexus One the Nexus S is looking like it may be the uglier, younger sibling who is currently in rehab.
        Are there any ideas as to what the thinking may be on Googles part regarding the logic behind branding this a Nexus phone if it’s purpose is not the same as the N1′s was(to set the standard for what Android phones should be/developer phone)?

      • http://Website Dan

        I just wanted to ask if there are any rumors of it going to all carriers? More specifically, Sprint? If so, when do you think it would happen?

  • Detox

    Let’s hope it’s wrong and it will be just like the nexus 1 was, a power house ahead of it’s time

  • http://Website anthony

    The N1 defined what was to come and what it should be. The N1 was the phone to get one year later and its still the cats meow.
    Samsung perhaps just isn’t worthy. I think unless its a dual core ffc camera and hspda+ respectively T-Mobile its a failure. The N1 set the tone and though other phones surpassed the N1 with specs the N1 still overall held its own to all.
    Samsung better not drop the ball here. I see no reason to retire my sexy nexy perhaps it was a job too well done. The N1 not only set the stage for android phones it also shattered the concept that the iphone reigned supreme

  • http://Website Manuel

    SamFirmware via Twitter

    By Google: Nexus S in December. By Samsung Galaxy S II February (Both run Anroid 2.3)