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Nexus S takes a trip to Cowboys Stadium, snaps some pics

Another week passes and we still don’t have a release date for the Nexus S, but there are still a lot of test units floating around in the wild. One month ago Google placed the huge Gingerbread man in front of their offices to signal Android 2.3 was finished, but then we heard the original Nexus S launch on November 11th was scrapped and we have been waiting patiently since.

This past weekend Google’s Director of Media & Platforms Solutions took a trip to Dallas to watch the Cowboys game and he took his Nexus S along for the ride. Mr. Saitz was kind enough to snap several pictures inside Cowboys Stadium and he uploaded them to his Picassa account. In addition to the pics he took with his Nexus, he also accidentally took some pics of his Nexus.

All the photos have since been removed but Engadget captured the photo of the Nexus S (above) and I saved one of the photos taken with it (below).

Taken with the Nexus S.

Taken with the Nexus S.

Right now I honestly have no idea when the Nexus S is coming to retail stores like Best Buy, but Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt did say to expect Android 2.3 in the next few weeks. We have heard that the launch of Android 2.3 and the Nexus S are tied together, so hopefully we see this superphone before Christmas.

If you want a random date to circle on your calendar, I heard November 29th might be a good one.

Via: Engadget

Source: Picasa

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  • http://Website Tim

    How are you sure that this one photo was taken with the Nexus S? Just curious.

    • Christopher Chavez

      Its in the jpg’s properties. I know cuz my Sidekick 3 left behind that info whenever you snapped a pic. =p

    • Taylor Wimberly

      The EXIF data said Nexus S.

    • http://Website Secret Cowboy

      its tony romo´s phone. tonys got a lot of time on his hands lately…

  • Christopher Chavez


    I’m not even ON T-Mobile but its the suspense thats killing me!!! =/

  • Eric

    29th would be nice…but I was thinking they might announce something when Andy Rubin speaks in 2 weeks at D: Dive into Mobile (

  • Detox


  • http://Website Sufian

    I was at a local TMO store over the weekend and the rep there told me that he heard a version of the Nexus S sans HSPA+ was going to be out around December and one w/HSPA+ (depending on when Samsung releases it) sometime late January.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Sounds like the story I was told where one version of the phone got scrapped so they could upgrade the specs.

      • http://Website NEXUS 4EVER

        Does that mean the phone will initially release with HSPA+?

      • http://Website Raveesh

        Does that mean your Nov 29 date does’t look that good?

        Personally, I don’t see Google delaying this past the holidays. The Nexus One lost out on a lot of sales because of it’s launch date, so they’d have learnt from that.

  • http://Website 2C

    If that pic inside the Cowboys stadium was taken with the Nexus S then I can’t wait to upgrade from my Nexus One.

  • http://Website NEXUS 4EVER

    Oh god, :(

    Did anyone else realize that there’s no LED notification light? It could’ve been lit if the phone was charging.

  • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

    Yes its really ugly (but my iPhone 4 looks beautiful)! Have a nice day.

    • http://Website Will

      Who has a “beautiful” iPhone4 and reeks of feminine cleanser, hmm?

      ^THIS douche.

    • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

      I love sticking my iPhone 4 up my ass…

      • http://Website Will

        so do I, you are welcome.

    • Virtue

      Remind me why you’re here again? Do you just like to be hated or is that iPhone 4 up your ass driving you crazy?

      • http://Website Virtue

        btw, i have an iPhone too and I absolutely fell in love with it!

        • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

          Thx for your support, Virtue. I appreciate it.

          • http://Website Virtue

            I also love sticking my iPhone 4 up my ass. <3

  • http://Website asdf

    So what exactly is the November 29th date Taylor was referring to? Is he assuming the announcement of the phone itself, or the launch date. Man, I hope to god it’s the latter haha. But the phone looks great, just cannot wait any longer

  • http://Website Myclock187

    How does one “accidently” take a picture of your own phone WITH your phone?

  • http://Website Nexus aSs


  • http://Website khush

    ben maybe u should give this phone a chance im sure that concave to it will help slide it up easier than ur totaly square iphone and as a bonus with the nexus S ul probably still get service up in their.

    • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

      Well you might have a point here, but at least my not-so-broken-GPS-iPhone should help me searching for the next hospital!

      • http://Website Raveesh

        But why do you pay so much for an iPod Touch that once in a while can make calls?

      • http://Website Prototype V

        Does iOS have turn by turn navigation with Google maps?

        • http://Website ddd

          I don’t know but I do know with the new iOS update you can make a folder and put stuff in it! Revolutionary!

  • http://Website Raveesh

    Taylor, you’re killing me. You write that 29th seems like a good date, then in the comments agree with the fella who said T-Mo told him probably Jan because of the initial scrap.

    Will Google/Samsung tell us already!!!!! We know it’s coming, we’ve seen it, what’s the damn point about not telling us the details. I need to get a phone but the knowledge that this may be around the corner just doesn’t let me take out my wallet.

    • Aakash

      maybe thats the whole point! does anyone agree with me that if the release was near, the would have announced it by now? i think 29th Nov is not the date for Nexus S. Its a new year gift for us.

      • http://Website asdf

        Wow, really? Honestly, I am tired of waiting too. I just want the f’in thing to be announced. I feel a little anger over google for leaking crap over, and not even assuring anything. They are just gonna keep leaking pictures until the announcement. What else can they do to keep people hooked? I’m pretty sure that many more ppl, like you and I, are going to be fed up and uninterested. Google and Samsung have to do something or else they are gonna lose a lot of interest. What do you think?

        • Aakash

          yes exactly. whenever i see the Nexus S ‘leak’ post, i just say one thing, “whatever!” And if the phone doesnt have dual core, it would be a huge let down….

  • Aakash

    *yawn* not interested anymore. will see when its released. tired of waiting. also, i think, i think that even after its released, i will wait for a market review and then buy it. if google / samsung are hurrying it up to release, there might be some bugs in it… lets see..