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Official: Motorola releases Android 2.1 update for the Cliq

If you recall, last month we posted three different stories about the Android 2.1 update for the Motorola Cliq.  First there was the rumored November launch timeframe, followed by Motorola seeking a handful of users to test out the new build.  The last story we ran was supposed to be the official release of the Android 2.1 build for the Cliq, but it turned out that it was simply the test build which was never supposed to be shared with the general public.

Well, today we’re back and it finally looks like we have the final product!  Those of you who still own the Cliq (and have not rooted or hacked it in any way) should head on over to the Motorola Cliq’s Support page for detailed instructions on how to download and install the Android 2.1 update.  The update to Éclair will not wipe your phone, but Motorola does suggest you do a backup of your contacts and any other important information you might not want to lose just in case something goes terribly wrong.

We’re hoping this is the last time we have to write about the Motorola Cliq Android 2.1 update.  As always, let us know how the update goes and feel free to share your thoughts on the many new features now available on the Cliq.

Source: Motorola

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  • http://Website Tito!

    It’s bogus!
    it is exactly completely the same file/software given to testers.
    nothing was addressed
    And testers are mad.
    I am, for the most part :)

    I haven’t gotten a word from Motorola.
    I seek, better cooperation and requests addressed.

    • http://Website Kimbo

      This is good to hear, considering I’ve been using it for a while now :D

      • http://Website Tito!

        Right? Figured everybody would like to know. Lol

    • noriega713

      Im getting the same feeling to because, i cant even load this one up and on top of that since i had time i decided to talk to a moto rep and what they told me that it was the “FULL” update compared to the “beta”…

  • http://Website raz

    The 2.1update seems to have slowed my cliq down and drains my battery faster. Even with screen set to zero .

    • http://Website Tito!

      It’s ridiculous. We have discussed alternative options how to better it over tester forums.

      Some tried factory reset, I refused.
      that is an unnecessary step .

      I finally gave in yesterday; and tried this:
      turned off phone.
      Press & Hold, power+camera buttons.
      screen gives you options.
      press volume up button.
      phone reboots
      so far sorta seems improved

      Btw, we’ve determined Performance mode works best than any other mode .
      so try that(:

      Really disappointed in Motorola about this.
      in hope, Eclair is still being worked on as it should have been.

    • http://Website nicole

      Did u try adjusting your battery settings?

  • http://Website texnurse

    My Moto Cliq will soon meet its fate…

  • Clark Wimberly

    We taking bets on how long this update will remain available? It feels like they’ve officially announced the update like a dozen times.

  • http://Website keith

    How about the Cliq xt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website Keith

    Motorola is a fn joke company AKA HUFFY !!! They keep promising an update time after time !!!!!! And yet still NOTHING !!! They send out an upgrade to enhance certain features such as bluetooth ,and it made it worse !!! Now they release 2.1 on a FAR LESS SUPERIOR PHONE the original CLIQ !!! When the CLIQ XT is 20 times better !!! Ihad them both !!! I went through 5 Cliq phones each one was junk ,now I have the XT, with no problems !!! OTHER THAN ITS ANCIENT 1.5 HUFFY ANDROID SOFTWARE !!! I SO CAN’T WAIT TO DUMP MOTOSUCKA !!!!! (~);}

  • robertrhyne

    I’m enjoying 2.1 on my Cliq a lot. I especially appreciate being able to use Google Navigator and the Fox News app. The second year of my contract will pass much more happily now, and then I can upgrade to the newest state-of-the-art android phone. I’m glad Motorola went to the trouble to enhance the Cliq. It would have been easy not to.

  • http://Website websurf

    I just loaded up the update and my CLIQ is working like new! I dunno what you guys are complaining about…

  • http://Website Tito!

    Nobody’s complaining. You weren’t a tester.
    Let me just ask you this:

    Do you like being cluttered with unnecessary apps?
    We have Google Navigator now, why do we need Telenav?

    Check your music app.
    will you be using True Country, etc?
    I didn’t think so. :)

    Come back in a week, and tell me how your battery life is. :D

  • http://Website nicole

    Update has too many apps I don’t need, taking up space. Was looking forward to live wallpaper & that didn’t happen either. & pic gallery is down graded & forcloses ugh. Is everyone having the pic gallery problem? I thought it was suppose to improve media

  • http://Website Madman

    Did it for my friend today.. took forever and I didn’t see much change… I wish they would of done it sooner.. But I dont know.. Rooted droid x

  • http://Website JadeKing

    I ran the update, and agree that there are far more Force Closes on existing apps, and I have noticed issues with the WiFi connecting to previously Stored/Remembers Connections….anyone else have this issue after update?

    • http://Website Frank

      I had the same issues. Once I updated all the apps the market had suggested everything on the phone started flowing much smoother and no force closes. Try that. If not uninstall your apps and re-install. I had to do that on a few of mine as well. Give this a try. Im sure it will help. Good luck :)

  • http://Website bif

    is there any difference at all between the beta update and this one?

  • http://Website Matt

    It does slow down the cliq but a lot of apps don’t work with 1.5.

    I’m just hoping we get 2.2 with flash. As long as they keep up with updates that allow me to use my apps until I get a new phone and I can watch flash videos, ill be fine with a little lagging.

  • http://Website CGH

    Is it possible to flash CLIQ Android 2.1 original on Motorola DEXT?

    I am from Singapore.


    • http://Website The man

      Not really recommended. If you follow the method as the US users to upgrade your phone you may brick it. If you really want 2.1 and dont mind voiding your warranty, just root the damned thing and flash adlxmod, its is a modified ver, of the rom from motorola but MUCH faster
      -a lot of bloat apps removed!
      -fast, if you use launcher pro!
      -Live wallpapers! works great
      -has all the motoblur feature and new widgets.
      if you want more info, check out modmymobile
      regards, fellow singaporean dext user. ;)

  • http://Website Choz

    Updated last night, updating apps all morning now. No more FC than before, generally as stable, and similar battery life, maybe better. The whole upgrade hassle is worth it for the improved search system and screen-shots in the market. I have to redoi my desktop widgets, but now they look to be more organized and flexible.

  • http://Website SgtCisco

    Updated my Cliq and every app i use. the phone is almost unusable. even Angry Birds is unusable. been getting force closes. i love the new features and added functionality, but this is by far the worse phone i have ever bought. it drops calls every time i call Tmobile. I have to call on speakerphone to get through a call. i can type a message or email and be 30-40 characters into it before the first 5 letters show up on screen. i’ve missed calls because unlocking the screen and taking the call took so long. n battery i am not too worried with but it has been draining faster. I was able to remove many of the crapware i couldn’t before, but now i see more that are not even accessible on my apps screen. sometimes the screen is unresponsive. this is my 3rd Cliq. the first one the keyboard went less than 30 days from purchase, then about 5 months later the Headphone jack goes. 45 days later the phone starts rebooting. called Tmo and they will not replace the phone because the replacements haven’t happened in the last 90 days…. I am waiting to get a Galaxy and never again purchase a motorola phone. ever.

  • http://Website cody