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One third of Android users would much rather have an iPhone?

Do one third of Android users really want to switch to the iPhone? That’s a headline I saw this weekend and it’s being reported over and over that a good portion of Android users secretly lust for Apple’s iOS.

It turns out the source of the survey is a website called MyPhoneDeals and they only sampled 524 respondents, so I wouldn’t put too much weight in the results but it did get me thinking. How many Android users are unhappy with their phones?

The latest Android Platform Versions report shows only about 36% of users are on the latest Android 2.2 while about 23% of users run outdated Android 1.x versions. It certainly makes a lot of sense that there are customers out there who are stuck with an outdated version of Android, so they might be experiencing some buyers’ remorse right about now.

If you have a bunch of friends with Android phones, what do they think about Google’s mobile OS? Do you think they are generally satisfied with Android or do they long for an iPhone or Windows Phone 7 device? If you are one of those people unhappy with their Android phones, what is your major complaint?

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  • http://Website Angelo Giuffrida

    I’ve gone from a HTC Dream, to a iPhone 3GS, then to a HTC Desire and now to an iPhone 4.

    Until something is done about the ‘fragmentation’ of Android, I’ll be a happy iPhone 4 user. The phone I’d buy (if it was actually released straight away in Australia) is the Google Nexus, simply for the fact that Google control the updates, so it’s standardised, and doesn’t run any HTC Sense or other awful UI skins.

    • themetatron

      Cuz there aren’t multiple versions of ios, and the newer versions run so exquisitely on older hardware? Fragmentation is something every operating system encounters. Eclair and froyo run well on first generation hardware, the same cannot be said of current ios on iPhone 2g.

      • http://Website Steven

        Yeah, but lets see Gingerbread, or Honeycomb, or Ice Cream run on a Dream, or a Magic, or any other obsolete hardware.

        Hardware gets old, iOS is not fragmented. Apple has one supported version. 4. They discontinued hardware that’s obsolete, and are working on obsoleting the 2nd iPhone.

        • http://Website brandon

          True all the iphones are on ver. 4, but the older models are mssing features. Apple is good at covering up their fragmentation.

          • http://Website Steven

            The older versions (Only the iPhone 3G) can’t handle them. Trust me.
            I wouldn’t expect all the features of Froyo on a mytouch. And they’re not there. Because it can’t handle it.

            Obsoleteness does not equal fragmentation.

          • http://Website Tony

            There’s no “fragmentation” on Android either, but in order to say that i first need to define fragmentation. If you define it as not having all phones running the latest most up to date version of Android then by that definition yes it’s “fragmented”, BUT if you define it as a certain version of Android, for ex, 2.1 not being able to run 1.6 software, that’s simply not true, pretty much 100% of all the popular Android apps are backwards compatible and may lack a new feature or two that say 2.2 has, like push notifications, but that doesnt mean the app won’t run just fine on “fragmented” phones.

          • http://Website Daniel

            Pretty much 100%? Did you forget about Gmail? YouTube? Twitter? And notable newcomers, like Winamp.

            Google itself is quickly becoming one of the worst examples in backwards compatibility.

          • http://Website Ivan

            Steven tell me which features are not on my mytouch running froyo? I have every feature a nexus one has except for the great speed. What people dont get is now a days phones go outdated within 6 to 8 months, every body know that you sign a two year contract when you buy a phone. That does not mean you have to wait two years to buy another, specially if you want to be up to date.

    • Techblogger

      Here you go with talk about fragmentation and it is the reason you picked up the iphone. What specifically does a my Android 2.2 have to do with your Android 2.1?

      On the issue of fragmentation and the iphone, here are a few facts. Without jailbreaking…

      Can I air print on a 3G or 3GS? NO.

      Can I get Game Center on the 3G or 3GS? No.

      Will I be able to take advantage of FaceTime on the 3G or 3GS? No.

      Does it make my 3G or 3GS less of a good phone? No it does not. But all this is fragmentation in the line.

      No one I know who currently own a 3Gs has said a word about fragmentation and most don’t even know what it is. Not that it matters to you but I can’t believe you are being straight with us and slinging buzzwords like fragmentation like it’s some human rights issue. Its not but be happy with your iphone 4. Its a good handset as long as you don’t drop it or hold it right. ;)

    • http://Website MJT

      My friends that are using Androids are really happy with their phones but i think that phones like the x10mini family is bringing android down.

      X10 is really popular here in sweden and i personally think that they messed up their UI with the maximum of for icons on each screen and with a limitation of only one widget per screen.

      My brother and sister both got a x10min pro and they are not happy with it.
      At first i installed AWDLauncher on both their phones and with ChompSMS which made them like the phone more but later on the phones got slow.

      I myself had an HTC Hero but upgraded about two weeks ago to HTC’s Desire HD and both my sister and brother asked if they could get the Hero.

      I installed the new update (2.1) on my sisters phone so it can run LauncherPro and so far she likes it better. She has’nt installed all the apps she used to have though.

      • http://Website Jin

        One of my friends has the X10 mini and absolutely loves it.

        This phone is for people who like *small* phones and don’t mind making some tradeoffs for the sake of size (and there will always be tradeoffs).

        The X10 mini only has four icons and one widget per screen because of the space limitation – if you must have more than this then a bigger phone is probably the way to go (or customising it like your sister did with launcher pro).

    • http://Website Daniel

      And how do you expect the average consumer to make the right purchasing decision? I.e. you’re not addressing the issue on topic at all. This line of thought will only create an army of people dissatisfied with Android, raising the perceived value of the iPhone.

      • http://Website semajhan

        People with iphone 2g probably have already upgraded to an iphone 3g/3gs/4.
        Why can’t people with mediocre android phones do the same.
        People were really happy with iphone 2g and 3g.
        People are NOT that happy about android 1.X because they know there are updates available but in regards to iOS there WEREN’T any and it was the “best” OS at the time.
        Apple is good at covering up their fragmentation issue.
        If any logical person would sit down actually take 2 seconds to think about fragmentation, they would realize it happens with everything, INCLUDING apple.

        • http://Website Daniel

          Any “logical person” will realize you’re comparing a 2007 iPhone to 2009-2010 Androids.

        • http://Website JJL84

          I love Android (I’ve convinced many people to get phones that run it), but as a Droid X owner it does get frustrating. I didn’t buy a Backflip, I bought a premium “Google Experience Device.” As such, it is frustrating that I have no idea whether or not it will be running the newest OS in another six months. I realize that Android is open source and the manufacturers can do what they wish with it; however, Google needs to stop handing out its GApps package without an agreement from the manufacturers to provide timely updates (within a month of the SDK being released) to the phones, and a promise to update the phone for a minimum of a year.

          Again, I love my Droid X (and my previous Droid), but the lack of updates from manufacturers will cause people to move to devices that are supported for more than six months. Google really needs to start enforcing some update policies before stamping a phone as a “Google Experience Device.”

          I personally buy phones at least once a year, but a lot of people are locked into their two year contracts; they need some assurance that their phone won’t be outdated within two months. I’ve owned an iPhone and I’d never go back, but this is one area where Apple got it right: you know that your iPhone will run the latest iOS for at least two years.

      • http://Website Josh

        How do you expect the average consumer to make the right purchasing decision? Really? I’ve got a great website you should check out! (you’re on it)

      • http://Website Vinter

        The average user doesn’t know the difference, or what fragmentation is.I’ll keep my fragmented device for the ability to have variety and control. Thanks!

      • http://Website semajhan

        Then compare a 2007 iphone to a 2007 android device.
        Let me know how it goes.

        • http://Website Daniel

          Judging by how the 2008 Android device was abandoned a year after its release (while the 2008 iPhone is still supported, 2 years later), we can only conclude the hypothetical 2007 Android device (which wouldn’t even have a touch screen, look at the original prototypes and Android screenshots) wouldn’t compare very well.

      • http://Website Mindstormer619

        How can a user make the right purchasing decision on which Android phone to buy? It’s called the net. It’s called reviews. Look into it sometime

    • http://Website DonnyDee

      Simply put i went from Iphone 3gs to Htc Eris, to Droid 1 to Htc Incredible, to Droid X to Samsung Galaxy S (fascinate)……… I would give anything to go back to Iphone…But on Verizon only!!

      And yes Ive rooted, used custom roms on Android…..But Apple just does it best!!! And its not anew phone every week….1 phone a year!!!! There genius!!!

      • http://Website semianonymous

        So buy a flagship phone or an equivalent and quit bitching. Phones like the nexus one, droid 1&2, etc are all still high end. With the exception of a front facing camera and better flash, there is no phone that is a large enough of an upgrade for me to consider leaving my nexus one. All these “weekly” releases are usually just more choices in external appearance rather than hardware upgrades.

        • http://Website Massive Stapler

          He bought like 80% of Verizon’s flagship phones.

          • Noice

            Kinda illustrates the Verizon problem.

      • http://Website semajhan

        And that is why they will ALWAYS be behind in the hardware department.
        One phone a year?
        Dam, must look pretty bad when their friend’s android device is running dual core tegra 2 while their iphone is… getting old fast.

        • http://Website Brandon

          “And that is why they will ALWAYS be behind in the hardware department.”

          Comparing specs on the processor doesn’t prove much. Why is my brand-new Samsung Intercept MUCH LESS responsive than my old first-generation iPhone? It certainly has got to have a better processor, and it’s running Linux for goodness sakes, so don’t blame the OS (or at least not the kernel!).

          User Experience is what matters, not hardware. The iPhone has (in my opinion, and the opinion of the majority of the world) a vastly better user experience, and have managed to squeeze every bit of responsiveness out of their possibly inferior hardware.

          “must look pretty bad when their friend’s android device is running dual core tegra 2 while their iphone is… getting old fast.”

          If you buy phones to impress your friends, then you may care about the hardware specs–if you hang around the kind of people who care about that. (More people will be more impressed with an iPhone, for what it’s worth, although I don’t recommend you hang out with ANYONE who judges you by what phone you use.) Find the phone that fits your needs, preferences, and budget, and don’t worry about it.

          I’m currently using an Android phone because Virgin Mobile has a SPECTACULAR deal right now, and I’ve been dying to ditch AT&T for a long time. It fits my budget, and it’s good enough for now. Who cares what my friends think!?

    • http://Website jason

      “So what you are saying is that you need to start making better purchasing decisions when you buy android phones. You can’t buy a motorola backflip and expect a nexus treatment. Just like iphones you need to spend the money to get the quality. Lucky for you Apple has made that decision for you”

      He didn’t buy a motorola backflip. There is no way you can make a motorola backlip comparison with what he said. This is a stupid comment.

    • Tes

      There’s that word again. From the story you told it’s clear this whole “fragmentation” thing everyone complains about is complete nonsense.

      you went from an HTC Desire to an iPhone because of fragmentation? You see you story would have made sense if you didn’t mention you owned one of the most recent Android phones. In other word there was literally NO way fragmentation could have had an effect on you.

      Are you saying the plight of some OTHER guy with an older phone running Android 1.6 got to you so much you gave up your perfectly fine 2.2 device that was compatible with 100% of Market apps. Exactly how did your very up to date Desire cause any fragmentation issues for you?

      • http://Website ahmgsk


        On top of that android has varity of hardware
        Android is at present on more than 150 mobiles + tablets and netbooks different.

        I love android! And love the way its making progress to the sky.

        And abt fragmentation > my pentium 1 can run android on it :-P

    • http://Website Perry

      Fragmentation, that’s Apple speak for “it’s not under our total control”

      when you compare apples (no pun intended) to apples, why someone would want to purchase an iPhone is beyond me. The very fact that you can’t replace your own battery is enough for me. I won’t go into the SD card issue or lack thereof and a host of other advantages Android has over iPhone.

      Whatever the case may be if Mr Jobs says you need an iPhone then that’s enough for most of the lemmings

    • http://Website Kenny

      Uhhhhh, Angelo is right. I don’t know why you all are behaving like Android fanboys. I myself have a G1, still waiting til my contract ends in Feb to purchase another Android OS phone.
      Angelo’s satement is accurate though, Android’s fault is the fragmentation issue. Is it OUR fault if we buy a phone WE like which happens to have Sense or BLUR and delays in updating? No.

      Android rocks though and I loff it!

    • masterpfa

      Hence the reason, before my contract expired, getting the Nexus 1. The fragmentation issue for existing phones is the major distraction for Android phones and I do hope this issue is addressed by Google and soon.

  • Lemon

    Would certainly be very interesting to see the % of phones of the respondents. I suppose they didn’t capture THAT little piece of information.

    LOL @ Stats

    The survey would be better reading “Random selection of respondents with different phone brands, models and OS versions have opinion varying opinions about one specific brand.”

  • http://Website bjhoppy

    I’m rocking the EVO, so screw the iPhone! Even when I was with Blackberry I didn’t want an iPhone.

  • Techblogger

    Last check, AT&T is in every state in the union. So are Wal-marts. If they truly wanted an Iphone, there wasn’t a thing preventing them from getting one. Its not like they are rare or hard to find. There are tons of them on Craigslist and more on Ebay.

    As an aside, recently in my local Sams club there is a LIVE iphone on display surrounded by Android and multimedia display phones. Not one person milling around the display table paid any attention to this Iphone 4.
    Granted this isn’t scientific by any stretch but I expected the live phone would at least have more of an impact. It didn’t.

    I’d mark the story as something for Apple’s FRUIT FLIES to feed on. They eat this stuff up.

  • http://Website Ariel

    I’m extremely happy with my HTC Evo. Absolutely perfect running CYANOGEN. I can live without 4g for now.

  • http://Website Steven

    I’m happy with Android, I’ve got a Galaxy S and actually like Touchwiz. It’s really not as crummy as Motoblur or any other skins (I’d rather have sense, but I’m on T-Mobile and I don’t like the Espresso Sense we get) I find plain ol’ vanilla Android to be rather blah, and I can’t stand the messaging app or the music player.

    As far as Iphone vs Android.. I had a iPhone 3G and I swapped it for a mytouch 3G within two months. The notifications, and lack of widgets.. guh, horrible terrible experience.

    I do wish that when I’m playing music and have my phone on ring that it’d do what iOS does and just quiet the music versus pausing it like Android does. It’s the only thing I miss about iPhone

    • http://Website Marco

      You should try using the PowerAmp Music Player. It is by far the best music player on android (plays pretty much every file type and lots of customizations). There is a trial version on the market, that last about 2 weeks. Lowering the volume the volume of the music when you receive a phone call sounds like a great idea and you should definitely let the developer know and hopefully he will implement it.

      • monlosez

        IS it just me or the Galaxy S default music player sounds better than PowerAMP.

  • http://Website rob

    Basically most people in society are technologically inept. The iphone is for those people. It does not suprise me that many android users want an iphone. Android is way better, but it is above a lot of people.

    • http://Website Brandon

      You’re killin’ me. You say

      “Basically most people in society are technologically inept. The iphone is for those people. It does not suprise me that many android users want an iphone. Android is way better, but it is above a lot of people.”

      So everyone who doesn’t agree with you does so just because they’re idiots, eh? People who care about usability (which is superior on the iPhone) are idiots to want that. People who want a larger supply of high-quality apps (iPhone), which have had more care in quality control (iPhone), are all just idiots. Okay, I get it. Mmm-hmm…

      (And yes, in case you’re wondering, I do have an Android phone, and I switched away from the iPhone because AT&T sucks rocks. So I’ve used both and am not just an ignorant fanboy who only knows one or the other.)

  • http://Website Dev1359

    I’ve got a few friends who have phones stuck on either 1.6 or 2.0 who aren’t happy with Android and are dying to switch to AT&T once their contracts are up and get the iPhone…I think if Google took the initiative to end (or at least do a better job at managing) the fragmentation of the platform and came up with a strategy such as pushing hard for all the manufacturers and carriers to release updates at the same time, consumers with Android phones would be much happier and less willing to switch to the iPhone. Although I know this is a hard thing to ask for considering that manufacturers need time to configure the updates for the silly custom UIs they put on their phones…

    • xavier7


    • http://Website Trevreds

      @Dev, your friends who are dying to switch to an Iphone could just as easily switch to a newer more feature rich Android phone. Following this line of reasoning every Iphone is obsolete in one year when the newer model comes out. Because of the rapid pace of Android development the Android phones do in fact appear to be dated more quickly. It does not mean that the phone you have is a bad phone…just that there is now something better out there.

    • http://Website roisto

      “I think if Google took the initiative to end (or at least do a better job at managing) the fragmentation of the platform and came up with a strategy such as pushing hard for all the manufacturers and carriers to release updates at the same time”

      Well if Google would start “taking the initiative” on android updates wouldn’t that start scratching the whole idea of open source? Google just provides the update and then it’s to everyone’s own interest to choose the version they would be most satisfied with. I personally am happy with the fact that Android keeps improving. And the fragmentation isn’t that bad, if you take 30min doing some background research on which phone you should buy you will find the pros and cons and will be able to make a decision based on that information, I don’t understand how someone can just blindly go and buy a 200-500€ phone.

    • http://Website The_Omega_Man

      This is where the Apple fans forget, this is not up to Google! Google releases and updated OS to the phone manufactures. They take that code and determine what version of Android OS gives the best balance of performance for a given hardware platform. This way they AND the carriers can cater to every possible demographic. From the Smartphone Noob to the Super Nerd! The wealthy to the cash strapped. (unlike apple that has determined that one size fits all and caters to the lowest common technical denominator) This help to get feature phone users acclimated to the smartphone world and encourages UPGRADES and renewals. If we all only buy one super device and use it for 2-5 years then there is a blown financial model here for the carriers and manufactures.

      To your point. Google release their own phone (Nexus 1) to act as the baseline benchmark to all of the phone makers and carriers, as the future base platform for Android. Now you have most newer Android based phones with 600+ Mhz processors and 2nd-3rd generation chipsets. However, because of the carriers and the phone makers, there are phones in the wild that may never see an OS upgrade. Does that make them any less functional for what they were originally intended to be (starter – smartphones)? I don’t think so. Sure some newer software may not run on these older phones well or at all. But they were never able before , and never intended, to run that newer software.

      Can a intel 286 based PC run Windows 7? can an original MAC run OSx 10? They both served their intended purpose well at the time they were introduced.

      When you buy your car do you expect the car manufacture, or the dealer, to upgrade it to the next years model capabilities at no additional cost to you? No? Why is that?

      An Android phone with 1.5 or 1.6 is basically a Smart-phone Trainer. Phones introduced running 2.x, are the more advanced, powerful and full featured smart-phones. If you have young kids and want them to have a smart-phone but not too much access to download any app out there…guess what? There’s an Android based Phone for that! (apple’s solution = Limit EVERYONE!) Want a phone for a highly social teenager? Guess what? There’s an Android based Phone for that! Want a SUPER phone with all the latest bells and whistles? You got it! There’s an Android based Phone for that too!

      Morale: Android offers Choice!…..So get informed and Choose Wisely!

      People really need to do a little bit of research, before plunking down their hard earned cash on the next great fad item! They do due diligence when buying a $600+ PC or Laptop, why are $600+ smart-phones an exception? After all, with a mobile OS like Android, these are Mini-portable computers (and most with a phone capability).

      • http://Website JJL84

        The issue isn’t even comparable to an Intel 286 computer running Windows 7. You’re talking about a chip that is over 20 years old running an OS that was released a year ago. I think people have problems with a phone that is less that 6 months old not being updated. As an aside, my 6 year old Dell Dimension 8400 runs Windows 7 beautifully. No one expects a 3 year old phone to run the current OS, but I think it’s reasonable to expect the manufacturers to update their phones for the first year at least.

        This isn’t an issue that is limited to the low or even mid-grade phones, it’s an issue that also affects those of us that own the top of the line devices (I own a Droid X). Google doesn’t have control over how others use their code; they do, however, have control over their Google Apps package and they need to leverage that more over manufacturers.

        I would have loved a Nexus One. I was waiting for it to come out for Verizon and I would have easily upgraded from my Droid 1. However, it never came and my Verizon service outranks my need for an N1. I realize that’s a choice I have made, but it shouldn’t have to be.

  • http://Website Ryan

    I cant help to think that maybe I should have gotten an iphone instead of my HTC Desire. Don’t get me wrong, I really like my desire, but I got a lemon I guess, its been in twice for repairs already (bought it in Aug). I suppose I could have also gotten an iphone lemon, but it doesn’t seem likely.

    My other issue with Android, which I knew going into it, is that businesses still come out with the iphone app first. Sure for most apps their is an equivalent for Android, but, but for example when a bank comes out with a banking app, its always for iphone. Or things like Netflix.

    Comparing my battery life with an iphone 4 owner at work makes mine look really bad, but that is hard to compare because it is all in the usage, plus with widgets it seems android is doing a lot more all the time.

    I am also very super disappointed to the length of time that it takes to get updates. In a way I should have bought the Nexus One when it was brand new. Maybe I will be able to get the Nexus S if it gets all the android updates right away.

    Other than getting a lemon, so far the downfalls of the android are what I expected going into it. I do like the customization very much, my wife also has a Desire, and they are completely different set ups. I like that it doesn’t use itunes.

    I think most all of the things I really like about my Android I would have done just as easily with an iPhone, and I would have been just as happy with an iPhone 4.

    So if I had to do it all over again, would I still get Android? Probably. Would I switch now? Not really sure, I doubt it. Would I be happy with an iPhone instead of Android, for sure, they are both very good smart phones.

    • http://Website Xman

      Yes you can get a lemon iPhone. I got it twice in a row. And the worse part of it is having to go the mall for Apple “support” so they tell you time after time that is you, not the phone. I think I’ll go to a pay phone before buying an iPhone again…

      But that is just me…..

    • http://Website Futureboy

      Yes, as of this moment, many businesses/devs are releasing iphone apps first, but keep in mind, Apple has a few years head start on Android. For a long time, the iphone was the only game in town. However, the numbers are changing. Check the androidandme archives… recent numbers show that Android handsets are outselling iphones and Android is rapidly gaining market share. At this rate, you will soon see apps released either before, or at the very least, at the same time as iphone apps.

      Yes, the iphone interface is very slick, but you can’t beat the freedom of customization you get with an Android. Given the choice between a super smooth UI (ios) or an Android with the ability to use and customize my phone the way that suits ME best, rather than the manufacturer… I’d pick a slightly less slick but much more usable Android any day of the week.

      So stick around and give Android a bit of time… it’s already awesome, but it’s gonna be huge!

      • http://Website The_Omega_Man

        Agreed. I reminded an iPhoner just today that the current version of Android is 2.2 with 2.3 on the way! for iOS its 4.1! With 4.2 right around the corner in less than 4 months! Where was iOS, in it’s features and capabilities, at version 2.2? ;-p

    • http://Website David

      Lol the security guard where I work has had four iPhone 4′s in 2 months all being lemons, all with different issues.
      Since i started using android i couldn’t bare to be on any other os, i had a satio symbian it was rubbish 1 week and bye bye, Samsung h1 with limo os rubbish too no support, Nokia n900 maemo good phone but nothing good for it, then i bought a HTC hero my first android phone WOW amazing but i sold it and bought the Samsung wave, oh dear bada no apps or Widgets. I missed android too much so bought the 16gb Galaxy s and out of the box was laggy but now it is amazing i love being able to customize my phone and install overclocked kernals. All I’m saying is i have never even looked at an iPhone, the idea of everyone having the same boring stuff and not being able to do what i want is rubbish. No wonder the apples been bitten then spat out…….

  • http://Website Chris

    After getting the Hero the day it launched and initially being furious with it’s slowness (until rooting of course) I still never found myself hankering for an iPhone as I knew exactly what I was getting with Android – an open source (multitasking capable) platform with backing from Google and a lot of great phone manufacturers pushing the tech spec limits of smartphones.

    HOWEVER 16 months down the line with my upgrade due and I am now becoming sorely tempted to switch to iPhone or Windows 7 and for particularly shallow reasons – gaming.

    I understand that in part, Android has suffered on this front due to a number of issues such as fragmentation, difficulty in 3D coding for programmers and a lack of secure DRM.

    What I don’t understand is why it is taking so long for Google to get a move on in sorting this out. I could go out and get any Windows 7 phone and instantly have access to some very good games and also some very polished iOS comparable apps.

    I’m beginning to think that Google should…perhaps…implement a little bit of Apples iron fist type rule and start filtering some of the stuff that gets through or at least do a major update of the market to improve finding the decent apps with great GUI and the slightly better than average games – Robo Defence has been top of the paid games list since I owned an Android phone…it’s a good game but SERIOUSLY?

    In all honestly the only thing holding me back from making the switch is the developing rumours surrounding the Nexus S and the fact I have spent a micro-fortune on Android apps and games.

    Anyone else having similar concerns?

    • http://Website Steve


      I’ve found some really good games in the market (I’m into rpg’s & strategy), but I’ve had to hunt, hard (sword & ear is an example, great rpg, almost impossible to find).
      Just wish there was a) an easier way to find stuff (open faint is a good start, but it needs genre sections).
      b) that game developers would go android first.

      I love my (highly modded) SGS & would not ever change it for an iphone, I just hope tegra 2 & honeycomb are game changers.

  • Dain Binder

    I am happy with Android, but am considered the “computer guy” by friends and families and am able to find my way around things. Android is great but it is not the most friendly for the general population.

    To succeed beyond all expectations they need to be able to update versions on existing phones better. Also, the market needs a revamp (in the works). I have had to direct install .apk files to get things I want because my new phone (Motorola Charm – Android 2.1) does not find many apps it should in the market).

    I don’t trust this so called survey, but I am sure it has merit. iPhones are expensive and good credit is needed to get a favorable AT&T contract.

    Perhaps Android will not ever be better than iOS, but it will be more widespread in time; the new Symbian. iPhone/iOS may just be the Rolls Royce of smart phones.

    Love you Android! :)

  • http://Website Adam

    I don’t think I would have switched to Android if it wasn’t for the Nexus One. I have a G2 now and I can’t imagine myself ever swapping to a phone that was non stock. I would prob go back to an iphone before non stock. My friend got a G2 the same time as me and loves it but I have another friend that has a captivate and I’m doing my best to stop her going back to an iphone.

  • http://Website Mark

    Apple already has cult status and it is only a matter of time before Apple becomes a religion. The requirements to join?

    1. Believing that Steve Jobs is god and his word is the truth even if he says the iPad will make your bed for you.

    2. Believing in the shiny Apple trinity of the Mac Book Pro, iPhone, and iPad.

    3. Observing at least one pilgrimage in a lifetime by attending an Apple convention.

    4. Building a small altar or statue in a small room at home to worship Steve and also to pray to him daily so that one is kept safe from the hands of Microsoft/Android users aka the devil or demons.

    5. Last but not the least, always pay your yearly tithes by buying the “newest” upgrade to your current device even if the upgrade is a “camera”, “usb port” or Steve just says its “faster”.

    Observe these and you will be proudly granted the title of……………..FANBOY!


    • http://Website Ryan

      Fanboys aren’t unique to apple :)

      When I was doing my research for which phone I wanted to get, There was just as many google fanboys as apple fanboys.

  • http://Website Xman

    Nonsense. I love the uniqueness of my Galaxy S. I have a different look in it every week. Small icons, big icons, all back, all colors, just orange…. Endless possibilities. It has become sort of a hobby. I change MODs once a week. If you want to be like everyone else then get an iPhone.

    I choose to be me… Fragmentation and all. That is the price of innovation.

  • http://Website DTGbaby

    Left the iPhone 3G behind in April for the Desire and find that Android is by far superior. My only bug bear is the music player isn’t all it could be and onboard memory is too little. I’m down to the wire and don’t have all that many apps installed.

    • http://Website lazycoder9000

      A good music player I recommend is PowerAMP, which has (super) quick file scanning, a FULL EQUALIZER that will make your music sound excellent no matter how crappy your headphones are, and other amazing features. It’s like Winamp for your Android.

      A good video player I recommend is RockPlayer. This supports pretty much EVERY format (M4V, AVI, WMA, FLV, MP4, MPG, MOV, etc etc etc) and it runs very well.

      PowerAMP and RockPlayer are both available in free or paid versions. PowerAMP paid will get you more features, and RockPlayer paid will remove the logo on the top left and give more abilities.

      Also, LauncherPro is an excellent home replacement. (If you do install, remember to enable the 3D application drawer! It’s very cool)

  • Gone

    The ones who want iphones have the wrong Android phone. Because the Evo, Nexus One, Droid lineup shits on the iphone, period.

    • http://Website Alankrut

      This is so true.

      But dont forget the Galaxy S lineup, as well as the G2 and MyTouch4G

  • http://Website jk

    yeah i think android users who have outdated version of android would really want an iPhone. FOR ME the eClair on captivate is not really updated, i want froyo. i am the kind of guy who wants the latest version of OS on my phone. i am still on my 30 days of trial and im thinking about returning my captivate for an iPhone 4, if i don’t see froyo on it this month

    • http://Website nexus one

      Just be patient. I know it gets tough but android is well worth the wait for an update. Android is much more customizable in so many ways. I wanted an iPhone until the g1 came out. Started with that and have been faithful ever since!

    • http://Website Richard


    • http://Website The_Omega_Man

      Is that meant to be a “Threat,” to Samsung and at&t? Seriously?

  • http://Website Jonathan

    A sample of 524 respondents most likely would be sufficient to generalize about the population of Android users, but since they reveal virtually nothing more about their methodology, I’m going to be extremely skeptical of their findings. They don’t have a reputation as a respected polling organization, so without knowing their methodology, I can’t assume anything they present is even remotely valid or reliable. At this point, I have to assume that this survey is pseudoscientific. For all we know, it could just be a convenience sample taken from a website poll.

  • http://Website mikey

    Sometimes I dream that I own an iphone then I wake up in a cold sweat and happily see my G1.

  • http://Website wallingsworth

    I’ve been on the android hype since G1. would I trade my nexus one for an iphone 4? absolutely.

  • Jon Niola

    I am clearly unhappy with Android phones – so much so that I have four lol

    Seriously, these surveys are so non-scientific and unreliable. I won’t dis the iphone or iOS I think it is a nice platform. I just prefer the Android platform. It is more open, easier to develop for, and gives me more choice in carrier and handset manufacturers.

  • mac08wrx

    F the ICRAP all os has issues. ICRAP thinks its the only good os but they are not. Yeah google has some improving to do but nothing that’s a deal breaker. I love my Moto X and HTC Incredible anwill never buy a Ianything.

  • http://Website Terrell

    I am completely satisfied with Android and have converted just about everyone I know over to the movement. A select few still are on 2.0 or 1.6 but the rest of them have either upgraded to a newer device or have the newest handsets and still enjoy them for the most part. I myself switched from the G1 to the Vibrant. Parents both have iPhones (3gS and 4) but after using both would never say I would switch to an iPhone. Yes, my phone has its quirks but my satisfaction with android Greatly outweighs that.

    • http://Website The_Omega_Man

      Are you saying that the iPhone is primarily good for the previous generation?

  • http://Website Matt

    I’m a droid x user and I don’t want an iphone. I have a mac computer that I really like, but I’m very happy with the droid. credit must be given to apple for starting this technology in cell phones, but I think google and motorola have done an amazing job with the droid x. In the end, just get what you like and enjoy it! Peace!

  • mac08wrx

    On a second note if you are sooooo unhappy with your droid then why the F are you still part of Android and Me or any Droid Forum/Community. Sell your Droid get your ICRAP and get gone.

  • http://Website Steffen

    I think thats probably about right. I think the lesser informed people probably only buy an Android phone because they don’t have AT&T. They probably still think of Android as an “iPhone knock-off”. I would venture to say that anyone who refers to all Android phone’s as a “droid phone”, probably would prefer an iPhone.

    • http://Website The_Omega_Man

      Most new smartphone buyers don’t seek to buy an Android phone… At least that is not their intention when they go phone shopping. They are looking at price, features, capabilities, aesthetics, support and what others that they know have shown them or what the commercials have shown. The sales person shows them the capabilities of whatever phone they want to look at. Many have now hear of the name Android and want to know what that is, but when they hear OS they begin to glaze over. EVERY time I am in my local Verizon store I end up explaining what Android is to confused customers and how it is different from Black Berry or iPhones. Android has become the new “Cool” thing so people are more open to hear about it now. All of the in-your-face marketing of Android based phones has helped to raise some awareness, however, the catchy product names tend to drown out the Android mobile OS part, to the uninitiated.

  • http://Website vishal

    yeah I’m not happy with my android. I’m still stuck on 2.1 and I’m getting 2.2 in Q1 2011!!!!!! at that time nexus one and others are getting gingerbread.and this is the last motorola handset I’ve bought.

    • g.isreal

      Get a G2 or a Nexus One or wait for the Nexus S. Best android update potiential phones.

  • http://Website Kyle S.

    I’m struggling with this decision right now. Available for an upgrade in March, when I’m assuming there will be a VZ iPhone available. After using an OG Droid, I love Android (notification bar, Google integration (obviously), free navigation, and customization) but I use my iPod all the time and I hate having to carrying around both. iTunes does a good job of organizing/updating my music, podcasts, and Audible books so it’s pretty simple to use my iPod for all of that. I tried doubleTwist but it wasn’t simple enough/automatic. I want to plug my phone into my computer and that’s it. I don’t want to have to open up iTunes, open doubleTwist and update all my playlists, and then plug the phone in. If Apple offers a free nav app and shows willingness to build that new mobile payment hardware into their phones, I’ll switch to iOS.

    • whiteythomson

      And you have reminded me right now of the main reason I keep refusing to switch to an iPhone…that niggling little voice in the back of my head that keeps on reminding me that iTunes is a truly horrible piece of bloated software.

      If I could get away with using the iPhone without iTunes things would become a little more complex on the upgrade front…

      • http://Website Kyle S.

        I’m not tied to it just because it’s iTunes…but my Audible books automatically import when downloaded and so do my Amazon MP3 purchases; and my podcasts download automatically. It’s just one less thing I have to think about. I keep going back and forth on switching, especially when I’m using Maps navigation. I don’t want to have to pay $60 for a nav app.

        • http://Website Allan

          If audible is a big issue, you should definitely try out the audible app for android. Can download books straight to the phone and shows your entire collection in the app.

    • http://Website 02warrior

      Tunesync is a great alternative to doubletwist. Its automatic and wireless as well.

  • http://Website Vito

    I love my droid x android phone but iphone has way better apps and battery is better… also I love my big screen 4.3 maybe if iphone makes a big screen like my droid x i would go to iphone if verizon gets it…

  • http://Website Deej

    I’ve been with android since pre order of the G1. My only issue with android in itself is nothing. The Carrier with the OTA’s. Also my lack of money, for updated phones. I would love to get the mytouch 4g, or the vibrant or hopefully the nexus S We shall see. But for the iphone NEVER and I’ve converted many people away from the iphone to android with no matter their carrier.

  • http://Website ThisIsMyName

    While I appreciate the kick in the ass that Apple gave the mobile market, I rank iOS 3rd on my list of most desired mobile OSes. WebOS is #1 (if only it was available on decent hardware) and Android is #2 (if only it had a slicker default interface and they prevented companies from locking the phones down – I’m looking at you, Motorola).

    Full Disclosure: I’ve used every mobile OS except for WP7 and my current phone is a Droid 2. I am also a journalist for an Android-based news organization (not though).

  • http://Website mkl

    If I’d wanted an iPhone, I’d have bought an iPhone.
    But I preferred Android, so I bought a Desire, and have never regretted it.

  • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

    I already own an iPhone 4 and its the best device you can ask for! The Android apps are simply atrocious compared to the apple apps regarding quality and overall fit & finish. Android phones arent bad per se, but they are like a Tony Romo and not a Brady/Manning.
    I cant wait for iPhone 5…

    • http://Website Kyle S.

      TweetDeck for Android > TweetDeck for iOS

    • http://Website meazy

      You mean android is like michael vick come with all the features iPhone is Rome standard

      • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

        android is like michael vick? no, androids not a criminal….dunno but it may have dogfight apps dunno

  • http://Website Alex

    Steve Jobs voted 174 times

    • http://Website Steve Jobs

      No, i didnt

      • http://Website Alex

        LIAR! Yes you did, you were just holding your phone wrong when you voted.

      • Andrew

        The real Steve Jobs? Lets be honest. Both the Iphone and the Android devices are great phones. maps and navigation is better on Android. Iphone can stream Netflix. I phone is super controlling with their software. If android would add Zune and Netflix it would be a very hard phone to beat. I have the mytouch 4g now and had a Iphone. I vote android as of now.

        • http://Website Alex

          Netflix is coming next year to select handsets. Zune is owned by Microsoft, you’ll never see it on an Android phone….officially.

          Glad you’re enjoying you’re mytouch4g…it wasn’t for me. It’d be one thing if it was running HTC Sense, at least I knew I’d get updates in a somewhat timely manner….but to be running a custom version of HTC Sense? You might as well plan on getting gingerbread next december.

          • http://Website The_Omega_Man

            Never say “Never” on the Zune thing! After all we have M$ Bing all over many Android based Phones and M$ phones have Google tools and services too! M$ has shown that $$$ is more important than a captured platform customer. Millions of Android users might appreciate an Amazon MP3 alternative source for music and media and M$ can use the revenue! ;-p

    • http://Website AFD

      If Steve jobs have come to vote he would have definitely left a note “voted from my iphone”

  • http://Website mikey

    Why are iphone lovers so desperate for the rest of us to love their product. If we wanted it we would’ve bought it.

  • http://Website Alex

    I can’t stand the fragmentation talk.

    Look, I learned through trial and error what kind of Android experience I wanted.

    At first I had the g1, like almost everyone who’s hooked on android..

    Next, there was the mytouch 3g

    I picked up a moto cliq (I know, I know) in November of 09

    I picked up a Nexus One the day they went on sale and had it January 6th (Free Overnight FTW)

    I learned that nothing beats a stock google phone. I want the newest updates fast, and I realized that I wouldn’t get that with moto cliq (not to mention the phone just sucked and only just went from 1.5 to 2.1)

    The problem here is that your stock phones (i.e. developer phones) are not advertised like the others. If Google spent a couple million on advertising their nexus series of phones, I guarantee you they’d sell like hotcakes (things still sell like hotcakes, right?)

    The iPhone was great in that it was simple and everyone could understand it….hell I had a jailbroken iphone for half a year before I bought a g1. For me, once you experience pure android, there’s no going back. If you want simple, controlled, and an interface that looks like it did 3 years ago, iPhone is for you, but personally, I’ll take android every time.

    • http://Website Adam

      I think Google were very careful in the way they advertised the Nexus One. They didn’t want to go head to head with the carriers. Will be interesting to see what happens with the Nexus S.

  • http://Website DK

    I have a friend that played with all platforms and still prefers the iPhone. Simply, because he’s an Apple fanboy. Not a fanboy as in going around calling everyone stupid for not buying an Apple product or defending every little detail about Apple, but as in he buys every single Apple product whether he actually uses it or not and prefers their products over any other.

    Then I have some friends that used both and right now prefer Android. Some of them even have both phones still.

    All in all, if you have Android and want iPhone-like experience, just download the aHome app, if it’s even being supported till this day.

  • http://Website jeff workman

    The main thing for me is battery. I had to buy an extended battery for my incredible. IPhone battery lasts all day no problem. Next would be crapware. I sure hope Apple doesn’t let Verizon put that stuff on the iPhone. My 3gs was awesome but ATT wasn’t!

  • g.isreal

    For me its undestandable that we have a lot of users who want to switch over because of the quality of phones. But there is the factor that Android is a bit behind Apple as in actually being in the cellphone game but look how far they have come in so short of time. So I’m expecting things not to be completely worked out but give Android a year or 2 and thing will be so much better

  • http://Website Inhuman

    I dont get why people complain about android UI. YOU CAN CHANGE practically ANYTHING (without rooting) , to whatever you want.
    I got a Nexus one. I customized, the home launcher, dialer, messaging app, icons, widgets, etc.
    I can make it look like an iphone, windows7, blackberry if i want.
    On an iphone4 you cant even change the ringtone/notification to anything not included with the phone. Plus you have that ugly/outdated WALL OF ICONS.
    I briefly had an Iphone as a gift , and sold it. It was so limiting compared to my Nexus.
    You dont have to be a tech god to appreciate android but on the other hand i feel like iphones were made for women or technology simpletons.
    Also, the apple dictating what i should have in my phone is BS.

    • g.isreal

      If I didn’t know better you probably think woman shouldn’t leave the kitchen also. Because I know plenty of woman who use Android and can’t stand the iPhone.

      Ladies I got your back :)

      • http://Website Inhuman

        When i said women, i meant those airheads that buy anything that they think is hip, fashionable or “in”. And it seems the phone is right up their alley with simple use UI that seems to be tailored for a child to use.
        I take my women comment back (other than the ones i described) , because i know all girls are not this way (ex. my girlfriend) :)
        I still dont see what killer feature(s) the iphone has over android. other than simplified UI.

    • http://Website mostlyDigital

      While I played with my wife’s iPhone before I left AT&T to get an Incredible (so you know which side of the fence I’m on) I have to say that changing the UI to look like an iPhone or a BB doesn’t change the underlying functionality. The OS isn’t the UI even though some companies will use their UI as their major selling point – hello,IE7.

      Most smartphone users are too young to remember the period from 1984 to 1995 which saw the Mac OS appear though the early versions of Windows and then Windows 95. Apple had an 11 year lead, better hardware, a more polished experience and a closed system. Ultimately Windows took over the PC market and only the iPod kept Apple above water. The iPhone was ahead of its time, and like the iPod, defined a market. In the long run, however, a single product with a closed architecture cannot prevail over an open platform with a multitude of rapidly evolving form factors from multiple vendors.

      The latest Android offerings are no longer competing against the iPhone. They’re competing against other Android models from other manufacturers and that should show you the direction of the market.

  • http://Website MickJacobsen

    I had an iPhone 3g for 2 years. I loved it!

    Well, that is until IOS 4.0 came out and slowed it to a crawl…. The updates helped, but by that time I had grown disenchanted with it. When my contract ended I was planning on spending $200 on a new phone. The only choice was iPhone or Android?

    I chose Android (Epic) and have never been happier.

    I used to pity those without an iPhone, now I pity those with one.

    Enough said!

  • http://Website MikeyDroid

    Before you read this, drop your egos and pledges to appl/goog…

    Like many people have said, if you bought a low end android device, truth is it is pretty shitty. Things are slow, its choppy, etc. You get what you pay for.

    I’m 100% google/android, but if you look an an iphone4, play with it, diddle, whatever and still can walk away saying its crap – you’re judgemental, half retarded, and obviously biased. They’re smooth, quick, great apps, look nice and feel solid..

    I’ve had my droid1 since release. Its currently rooted because I needed more speed out of it just to compare to the smoothness the iphone brings. I’m overclocked to 1125mhz and its 100% stable and love my phone again and would NEVER trade it for an iphone.. but do you think everyone wants a rooted phone? Everyone knows how/is willing to overclock? Of course not.

    Ill be honest, id have to say any high end android phone pre a rooted droid1 is definitly a pos next to the iphone4.

    Anyway point is, …. never mind…

    Rock what you enjoy.. for me, it’ll always be android – infinitly more entertaining OS in my book.

    Zzz..the end.

    • http://Website Steffen

      I agree with this. I have been loving android since the G1, and have owned the N1 since day one. I dislike Apple and Steve Jobs’ elitist attitude, and would never buy an iPhone. However, I believe it is a very good phone. Obviously numbers don’t lie and it has sold like crazy.

  • g.isreal

    For me its undestandable that we have a lot of users who want to switch over because of the quality of phones and there phones.

    But there is the factor that Android is a bit behind Apple as in actually being in the cellphone game but look how far they have come in so short of time. So I’m expecting things not to be completely worked out but give Android a year or 2 and things will be so much better.

    And the pressure really need to be on makers of these cusmtom UI’s and how diligent they are with keeping up with the times with the latest updates.

  • http://Website Monkeydroid

    After discovering roofing and cyanogen mod I’ve been happy with android, but before that I wasn’t that happy. Rooting your device really puts you in control of your handsets destiny.

    There are a few things the iphone has that I wish android had.

    1. Some kind of optional desktop client to assist with file synchronization out of the box. The average person either doesn’t know about or is too lazy to install double twist-like programs. I personally don’t use it and get by fine but my friends complain about this.

    2. Effing hardware acceleration!!!!!!!! Am I correct in thinking this would make games and animations smoother while boosting battery life a little?

    3. i do like that the iphone has a unified ui and no crappy slow overlays that delay updates.

    Other than that I love android. I can do so much more now that it’s rooted than I would with a jailbroken iphone. I never get bored.

  • http://Website brandon

    I would rather have an iPhone for sure, they have better apps, more support and a higher build quality. I dont care what people say about the “antenna” problem, i’ve never seen it personally be a giant problem. i’ve had 5 android phones and loved every one of them but in the end it always seems like there is something better on iPhone. dont get me wrong there are some amazing things on android like google maps and rooting and all the different device choices but look at most of the app market, its complete trash. Apple is getting a little out of hand thinking they are still #1 in the phone market and if they continue on that route they’ll end up just like Blackberry but they continue to innovate and push the market in a way few phones can, and whether you agree or not, they’ve made android what it is today. Before the iPhone, the coolest phone out was pretty much a slider phone with a camera and maybe a led flash.

  • http://Website D.J.

    I could see some buyers remorse, if for no other reason than this version issue with Android and how spotty and unreliable updates are for the phones.

    With the iPhone you don’t have to worry about that. Every phone gets every update at the same time, every phone can run every app (as long as it is an iPhone within 2 generations and as long as it doesn’t require any hardware that isn’t there ala Facetime), you know when the next iPhone is coming and at&t has done fairly well at allowing people to upgrade every year if they really want to. You get less freedom, less choice but you get security and regularity. And most people don’t care about freedom as long as the trains run on time.

    Unfortunately I don’t see too many options to fix this on Android. Android is open, but that means open to manufacturers and the carriers, and slightly less open for the customer. These companies don’t know how to support a platform or single phone and they really don’t want to. Their goal is to supply you with the least amount of support and upgrades they can while forcing you to buy a new phone every year or two. Smarter buying can help this, but realistically it is impossible to inform enough people for this to make a difference. Yes, we all know you shouldn’t be messing with crap like the CLIQ, the Wildfire, or the X10, but to the average customer they just want to go to the carrier store, they want the cheapest or nicest looking thing running Android (they may just say Droid) and then they want to leave. If you have to train them on the differences between Android versions or why these specs are better than the other specs you have already lost the sale.

    The silver lining here is that the version fragmentation has gotten better, less than a third of Android phones are on 1.x versions of Android. And Google has already said they are going to slow down their release schedule to 2x a year if not slower. Hopefully that gives the manufacturers and carriers more time to upgrade phones.

  • Sean Doe-Simkins

    I’d rather have one of each…duct taped together. iAndroid Phone 7 would be unstoppable!

    But since I had to pick one, I went with the one that offered an experience that wasn’t spoon-fed to me. Call me an old-fashioned geek, but I like my technology with the option to explore and troubleshoot. That way I can feel clever when I figure out how to root my phone, navigate through the system files, and delete that awful “DROOOOOID!” notification into oblivion.

    And I have no regrets!

  • http://Website Marcus22

    Most of my (female) friends are digging facebook and they pretty much use it all the time (ATT, iphone 3G/3GS). As long as the android- facebook app doesnt catch up to iphone standards substantially, they will never ever switch to an other phone. Im dead serious about it. They are addicted to this app…

  • krazytrixxxsta

    i can honestly say after buying an android phone (original mytouch 3g) i cant see myself buying an iphone. being able to download apps from other app markets beside the official android market is fantastic, i love the ability to have or not have app icons on my screens, the ability to change my wallpapper to whatever i want is awesome, even the little things like the back button is so useful, instead of having to use the home button and start all over again. not being a slave to itunes is great, no more waiting for itunes to convert my files and telling me some of these files cant be converted, do i have the original cd. i just toss my music on my sd card with no problem, not having to wait for some slow syncing to finish is great.

  • http://Website Drew

    I think it really depends on which Android phone you get. I’m sure everyone with a backflip has the idea that Android sucks (for good reason). Their are so many Android phones done badly that some people get the wrong idea. As for me, I couldn’t fathom the idea of going to iPhone, I laugh just thinking about it. However some people need the simple lackluster experience of the iPhone, that’s all they know and all they want to know. The true Android faithful will stick around when their contracts are up, and others will switch to an iPhone. To each his own.

  • http://Website androiduser

    rooted, ROM’d, overclocked, kernel and radio tweak’d and still my Nexus One + every android phone on the market still fails to be as fluid as the iPhone. FACT.

    • http://Website Inhuman

      On the other hand you can jailbreak, and you will still not get anywhere close as the customization you get from a NON-rooted android. I mean how can people not get tiered of the same ol “wall of icons”? I cant believe you have to jailbreak an iphone4 to be able to change a ringtone to something that wasnt in the phone originally lol. a 1995 nokia was able to do this.
      Also all top of the line android phones smoke the iphones browser in speed. And even with flash content.

      • http://Website Calum D

        You say it’s not as fast, but I compared how long it takes to get back to the home screen with the home button on my HTC Desire and my dad’s iPhone 4, and the iPhone has a delay of 1-2 seconds whereas on the Desire it’s pretty much instantaneous. Try it and see. The stupid delay and the fact that you HAVE to go back to the home screen, because there’s no back/search/recent apps button, means the iPhone feels much slower to USE! Just my take on it anyway :)

  • krazytrixxxsta

    still waiting for htc to deliver an 4.3 in, htc sense bad ass beast on tmo so i can say goodbye to my mytouch 3g

  • http://Website detox

    If only android didn’t have such shit phones, I have the MyTouch 3g fender edition, and i have had it for a year, at first i wanted an iphone i thought the mytouch was t-mobiles iphone, then i started learning more about android and i rooted my phone and have the latest cyanogenmod. I really wanted the nexus 1 when i learned more about android but was to poor to get it so now i want the nexus s coming out when i get money. I don’t even care about apple now.

    • http://Website The_Omega_Man

      Really? Android or T-Mobile has the “sh!t phones?”

  • http://Website Elnene20

    Im proud of htc evo had iphones in the past plenty of them guess what on tmobile lol atnt is garbage had plenty android phones also eris2x,mytouch,cliq,g1,im tired of iphones having me tied down and sucky os I hate them blocks lmao ill keep my evo there can be a iphone 5 or 6 [email protected]#$ 5g speed idc im keepin my evo any day.

  • http://Website JayDubya

    Ok, so, what’s the percentage of iPhone users that would rather have Android? HMMMM??

  • http://Website Michael Huntrr

    I wonder how much this is correlated with people who are not on ATT and the grass is greener elsewhere?

  • http://Website Jon Speed

    No, however I would LOVE-LOVE-LOVE to have hardware acceleration.

    Whenever I see an WP7 device or an iP4, and think about the stellar hardware available for Android, it is a bit depressing knowing that my, our, devices are more powerful, yet their full potential has yet to be tapped.

  • http://Website bobby

    hardware acceleration.

  • http://Website Umox


    I went from a Nexus One to Iphone 4 for some pretty realistic reasons… The UI on Iphone is just way better, the Android OS is not user friendly, you can tell that’s it’s open and way better all you want… But the fact is I still have to load an app killer and an app manager to kill apps or just to go from app to app… Apple got it right …

    There’s also a great level of convergence with Apple you go straight to itunes and your music is organized, classified in an elegant fashion… With Android there’s no such things… Your SD Card is just a freaking mess…

    The battery life of most Android phone is terrible… You have to wonder what’s wrong with Google’s programming… The iphone 4 is Barely more powerful than a Nexus One and I have a day and a half of battery at full use, with my Nexus one I’m lucky if I finish the day

    ! There’s also a terrible amount of crashing apps … The OS is pretty clungy…
    I’m waiting for Gingerbread to fix those things, and for Google to get it right… I’m waiting for a mature Android OS to go back to Google… But being a previous Iphone user I had terrible frustration using an Android phone… It seems Google has good intention but lacks general attention to details… Every detail of an Iphone is covered …

  • http://Website Rich

    Although I love the openness and customization of Android, I certainly am jealous of some aspects of iOS such as updates coming directly from Apple and all the iPhone being upgradeable. Currently I am stuck with an out dated phone (Droid Eris) and tire of seeing new apps for 2.2+ and desiring the new version of Android whatever that may be at the time. It would be nice to see Google implement phone standards like Microsoft (shudder) is and require manufacturer skins to be separate from the OS so that all phones can be upgradeable the day the new OS is available and those skins be upgraded separate from Google and the carriers. I also wish carriers would quit ruining the experience and wasting my valuable phone storage with their bloatware (amazon mp3 store and Bing). If these aren’t addressed by the time my contract is up and I can’t get a stock Google phone on Verizon’s lte network I will have to take a serious look at an iPhone although I will greatly miss Google maps navigation and native Gmail.

  • http://Website Max

    I would not pay anymore for any other Mac product. The reason is simple: they always add another component to make the product better and they call that a revolution each time (Steve Jobs is pretty annoying on that thing). I can already predict that the new iPad will have a front camera.

    I had an iPod touch 1st generation and I could say having one button (home) is not a good choice. Mine broke after years and the 2nd generation of my sister is currently doing the same thing (it works half the time). However, the 1st generation is now stuck with iPhone OS 3, generating more frustation.

    This is not a coincidence now if I have a HTC Desire Z instead to have an iPhone 4… and I’m a very happy customer.

    And seriously, I love to have flash in my Desire Z and Android is very open to any method of installation. It’s just stupid to block something because Steve Jobs didn’t want it (html 5 is better, blablabla). Let the users chose what they want (even if it affects the battery).

  • http://Website mikael

    Im a PROUD OWNER of the Samsung Vibrant. No way would I trade it for an iphone. I get to do whatever I want to do with my phone. IPhone owners r only allowed to do what apple lets them.

  • http://Website Robert

    My wife has an iphone and wouldn’t swap with her ever. I’m loving my samsung galaxy, it does everything I want it to do, just waiting for the new update and all will be sweet.

  • http://Website Alex

    iPhone is shit! Happy I went with my nexus one. Still in love with all the freedom it offers. Screw everyone who’s up that guys ass. You know the Guy with the faded jeans and black turtle neck. Since I don’t care about apple. Then I don’t know his name XD

  • http://Website Zach

    Ok here is a valid point, you pay for an iphone, but you can’t dish out the same type of money for the android handset thats comparible to the iphone 4? I’m completely happy with my Droid 2 and i plan to upgrade to a better dual core phone next year. That’s something lse the iphone doesn’t have, dual core, or here try this on, how about flash. more than half of all android devices currently run a newer build of android(2.2 or 2.1). iOS used to be amazing, now i look back and think what a boring lifeless phone, i wanna be able to customise my home screen’s they way i want. Have you ever asked an ihone user what a widget is? they look at you like you a clown. then you show them and they’re like damn thats cool. Iphone needs to face the fact that it’s being beaten

  • http://Website looey

    This comment is for the techies.
    Terminal emulator………nuff said.

  • http://Website Herman

    I’d love an iPhone, but I would probably sell it to buy a Desire HD. :-) It would also leave me with at least 100 Euros to put in my bank account.

    The iPhone is beautiful and it’s OS is awesome, but I prefer the customizability and openness of Android. Plus it’s cheaper.

  • http://Website drone3

    Based in Australia the android options are not as vast, but out of the majority of people I know with android, the only happy ones are with the htc desire. Most of my friends got the samsung galaxy s, due to the specs but with all the bugs and no updates, many are considering jumping ship.

    Personally, I got a hand me down iPhone 2g and hacktivated it, I used that phone for two years, I actually just passed it on to a friend, so it’s still going! I updated to the iPhone 4, but until the ios4 hack arrived, I felt very restricted and almost regretted not going with android.

    Bottomline, best choice is hacked iPhone 4. It’s got everything you could want and more.

  • mrben

    There will also be a proportion of Android users who have an Android because it’s the poor mans iPhone. Some of those will always want to have an iPhone, until it becomes unfashionable, which will probably be never.

    As ever, there are lies, damn lies, and statistics. To balance these stats, we need to know:

    a) How many iPhone users want an Android phone
    b) How many feature phone users want Android and iPhone

    Additionally, it would be good to know _why_ people want iPhones, and whether or not these are issues that can actually be addressed, because I know for damn sure that some of the reasons will be things that are nothing to do with Android, and nothing that can be “fixed”.

    • http://Website Daniel

      Precisely. Some people want to switch because the iPhone is fashionable, some because they do miss features Android can’t really provide, some simply because they don’t know how to use their phone properly (I went the other way — the first time I used an iPhone, I was confused as hell by some of its features, like having to press Home to stop repositioning home screen icons). Understanding this and addressing things when possible is the right course of action, stating a number with no methodology doesn’t really mean much.

    • http://Website Daniel

      Also extremely important: some people want to switch because they went for Android simply because it’s cheap (Cliq, Tattoo, Moment, pretty much every Galaxy besides S, etc), then they discover they have a crappy experience. I blame it on the manufacturers and carriers for shipping loads of crappy unsupported phones that in the long run hurt their image, but still, were these same people to spend as much as they would on an iPhone (on the Droid family, Desire, etc), they would be more satisfied, so they have to realize they’re comparing apples to oranges.

  • http://Website bemymonkey

    Interesting – after seeing my Desire running CyanogenMod6 nightlies, most iPhone users have said they want one :p. Of course, most of my friends have older iPhones (3G & 3GS I think), so I suppose they could just be feeling the age…

  • http://Website Massive Stapler

    Honestly, I kind of want both. I’ve never owned an iPhone, but I had a 2nd gen iPod Touch and, jailbroken, it was like a tiny UNIX server in my pocket. My rooted Eris (which I’ll be the first to admit is a crappy, last-gen phone – I had to buy it w/o any research as my previous phone was stolen and I needed a phone at that very instant. The Eris looked nicer than the Droid and, on paper, seemed similarly spec’d) is more like a very, very open phone. It does most things I want, but it’s also slow and pisses me off every single day in one way or another. My iPod never really did that, so I’m pretty curious about what owning an iPhone would be like. When upgrade time hits in July, if VZW is in fact selling an iPhone, I’ll probably get one with the knowledge that if it pisses me off even more than Android did (and that Eris was INFURIATING from day one, before root and 2.1), I have (i think?) 30 days to exchange it for whatever the top-of-the-line Android device is at the time, less some minor restocking fee.

    I love that Android offers choice in hardware, but it’s so much like running linux as a desktop OS. It doesn’t ever just work like you want…you have to fiddle and adb push and flash and wipe and blah blah blah just to get something simple like a full 24 hours of battery life or an on-screen keyboard that doesn’t drive you insane. I ran linux as my main OS for years, advocated the hell out of it too to friends and family…and then I said fuck it and bought a Mac because I was sick of working so hard to be able to even start doing work. “I want X feature so let me add some PPA and then resolve a bunch of dependencies and … ok it’s four hours later and just one sec honey, I just need to compile this … no really, i’m almost done … ” and suddenly it’s 6AM and I’m writing some script for a cron job to restart some daemon every time the time of day passes a second that is a prime number because of some weird bug that only occurs when you’re using an AMD machine with a VIA chipset and two NICs and a LiteOn DVD-RW drive, which I don’t even actually have but that’s what the kernel is detecting for some unknown reason. Not that this ever literally happened but any of you ranting about choice and openness know exactly what I’m talking about and you’ve every single one of you been there.

    My Mac runs great and I haven’t touched some bullshit like ndiswrapper in a good long while now. I don’t have to settle with Inkscape – I’ve got Illustrator, and everything I ever, ever try to do with my Mac just works. I’m kind of missing that sort of experience with my phone. In fact, the opposite is pretty much true with my phone. Would an iPhone be any different? I don’t know, but that iPod Touch was, before it got eaten in a house fire.

    On the minus side of that, though, Apple’s never shown how much of a dick they could be so much as they have regarding their phone…and Apple are huge dicks so that’s saying a lot. I would really miss the level of integration with the phone that Android developers can accomplish even on non-rooted devices. Apple will never allow anything like that but…all bias and haterism aside, if you put down your “ANDROID OR DIE” picket signs for just a second and think objectively, you have got to realize that Apple’s stuff is made pretty well in most cases, both hardware and software, even if you don’t agree with most (or any) aspects of their culture and philosophy.

    As a Mac user who follows Apple news as well as Android, it starts getting a little tiresome reading about some awesome shit the iOS guys just got that maybe, maybe will get (lazily and crappily and with less features) ported over to our side of the Force in 6 months or a year. Just saying.

    Google’s got a GREAT thing going with Android but they need to step it the fuck up. They’ve had plenty of time to play catchup. Now it’s time to pull ahead or concede a loss. New phones every day or two are not the answer. That’s like expecting Dell to make some amazing PC that makes Windows not suck. Ain’t happening. Google needs to, above all else, make it easy as hell for a dev to make an app that looks great. Without trying. You make an app, it just accidentally looks freaking awesome. Without that, Android will always feel like oh, I don’t know, pre-compiz GNOME to people who always see their friends and family running OS X or W7.

  • http://Website Phil

    I highly doubt it. Most of the people I have known that have had iPhones have switched to Android. In fact I now see far more Androids that iPhones. So I don’t see how there are many at all that want to switch BACK. Because I know alot of these people have to have switched from iPhones.since I’m not seeing them anymore.

  • http://Website IceBone

    I would rather flambe my own genitals than own an apple product.

  • http://Website mbd

    Massive Stapler said it perfectly.

  • http://Website Andy

    Yes, when the iPhone comes to Verizon, a lot of people are going to ditch their Android phones. In big numbers I believe.

    I had the first 3 generations of the iPhone and switched to the Evo last summer because I played around with it and had to have it. I don’t regret my decision at all. I believe that the Evo is clearly a betteroverall device than the iPhone 4. I don’t believe this about most Android phones.

    People ask me if I will ever go back. Maybe. Apple would have to make at least 4 inch screen and also have true multitasking and change their intrusive notification system. All those are locks accept the screen size. Steve Jobs bashed “bigger screen phones” this past summer and I don’t think his ego will let him change things up.

    • http://Website The_Omega_Man

      So your answer is really, No?

  • http://Website Simon

    I’m not surprised by these numbers…
    We can’t blame the users. Android’s problem isn’t fragmentation like every iPhone fanboy is claiming. The problem is with the manufacturers and telco companies.

    So many times i’ve seen telco sales pple pushing crappy android phones like the backflip, lg phones on customers who don’t have a clue wat they’re getting into. And manufacturers are leaving their customers in deep waters without any updates to their phones (exhibit A: SE x10…)

    I don’t see why everyone is up in arms against this… Yes these pple would get the iPhone if they had the money or the chance to do so. Lots of teenagers are getting android simply coz its the second best thing (as in they can afford it)

    I love android, i bought my G1 the week it was out and now waiting for the delivery of my HTC Desire HD, but at least i’m not blinded by my fanboyism.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    Apple CO Founder even says in due time Android will be the dominant OS. Gives reasons why to:

  • http://Website liz

    I own a Droid X 2.2 and am absolutely satisfied. My roommate has the original Droid with 2.2 and loves it. Her son has the Vibrant. Many of my friends have a Blackberry. Most of them are in awe when I let them play with my unrooted Droid X. I know 3 iPhone owners. One of them is impressed by my Droid X.

  • http://Website Richard


    • http://Website The_Omega_Man

      Interesting perspective, but really unnecessarily rude! There is no need to bash people for their choices that differ from yours. They will see the light one day…….hopefully! ;-p

  • http://Website Louis

    Anybody who wants an iPhone over the an android 2.2+ experience is either an Apple fanboy or mentally retarded.

  • http://Website AceoStar

    Taylor, please fix this image. You know better than to help wash away the Android brand in favor of “droid”.

  • http://Website Ben 1.0

    Thought I’d add my two cents, as I’ve very recently come to Android after using a BlackBerry for almost two years. I couldn’t have made a better decision.

    I’m very fortunate that here in the UK, Vodafone are still offering the Nexus One so I snapped one up and have manually updated it to 2.2.1. Android is the most intuitive OS I’ve come across, and it’s a genuine pleasure every time I pick up my phone to use it. I did have a go with a HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy S, but I’m glad I went for the Nexus as I just personally prefer the stock Android UI. It is leaps and bounds ahead of anything BlackBerry has to offer.

    I did consider an iPhone, but while iOS does have its strong points, in my opinion it doesn’t match up to Android. The number and quality of apps available is increasing, and the sheer amount of customisation available to the user can’t be matched. I have a phone and a UI I can tailor to my personal tastes and truly make the device my own, the same can’t be said for iPhone owners. Not to mention that the UI (on my Nexus, at least) runs as fast and as smooth as any iPhone. But I’m not bashing anyone who buys an iPhone – if you like it and it does everything you want it to do, then that’s fair enough.

    So basically, I don’t regret jumping to Android and I won’t be leaving it. I can’t wait to see where Gingerbread and future versions will take us.

  • http://Website Michelle Obama

    After reading all of your comments i am convinced to buy an iPhone! Thx everybody.

    • http://Website The_Omega_Man

      I’m afraid that the U.S. Secret Service is only able to tap into Blackberries at this time, so………………………

  • http://Website job 2

    Hey guys out of the 524 3 of us me my 2 cousins Ho have iPhone 3g and iPhone 4 and I have we were part of the survey and my 2 cousins wanted to show me how stupid survey is soe as you can see to guys with Apple phones Ho never owned Android phone participate in the survey and and say that they will switch from Android to iPhone when the true is they won’t to move to sprint just like I did because they love my Evo and how much less is the monthly payment and how cool is my Evo and one of them leaving at&t and iPhone on Dec for Samsung epic over sprint because hes contract do in Dec. Soe survey never true anyone could be part of the fake survey.

  • http://Website Derek

    I’d definitely rather have an iphone4 over my samsung captivate. I’ve even posted ads on craigslist and xda offering a trade. Not one response. People who get iphones love them and dont want android phones.

    • http://Website pax

      try this instead of CL:
      Not suprised you didn’t know!!!

      • AndMac

        LOL. This site is a joke — you have to be mentally challenged to sell your stuff to them, instead of going to ebay or amazon or CL.

    • http://Website The_Omega_Man

      “People who get iphones love them and dont want android phones.”

      You may need to get to know more people! Of the iPhone to Android phone converts, that I know, you could not pry their Android phones out of their cold dead fingers!

      Sure there are some who are die-hard apple fans, but when they see what the Android owners are capable of, they do drool a bit and run for the nearest apple house of worship (apple store) to restore their faith. Ironically, they ask me for the more complete directions, at times…..go figure!

  • http://Website LTown

    Apples and oranges…This is the same old debate about comparing Android OS to iOS vs. comparing Android OS to iphone4. YOU CAN’T COMPARE AN OS TO A PHONE! The truth is that over a 1/3 of android users own crap android devices. An iphone4 is a high-end device so comparing it to say a motorola cliq is not a fair comparison. I would much rather own a iphone4 than the motorola cliq. And I am an android loving fiend!

  • http://Website J240

    My two cents is that I like to use the product that works for me. IMO – Apple makes sh***y phones. I like to customize, root if I want, and have it be MY phone. However, I do own a mac book. Why? Because it just works. It has never failed me in all of four years and still feels like its new out of the box. None of the windows based computers i’ve ever owned or used could do that — But that’s just my opinion. I also own an ipod and as much as I hate carrying two devices – its the only thing that will plug into my car’s head unit and I can control it right there while its charging. Integration. Simple as that. Android just isnt there yet. Otherwise, I’d get rid of the lame ipod and use solely my MT4G. Until then, I am and have been happy with android since I ordered my G1 two years ago. I will continue stick with it because it works for me and apple can’t make me happy in the cell phone department. Sure, I own two other apple products, so what – Google doesn’t make computers yet. ;)

  • http://Website God bless Apple

    I love my iphone 4 and i wont purchase a wannabe-phone shipping with androidOS. Android is for you poor people while iPhone is for the wealthy, educated guys like me. I hate Android and Nokia Symbian with a passion!

    • http://Website Pax

      Educated and wealthy wannabe like you don’t bother Android fans. I paid $800 for my Android phone and earn low 100K for salary…don’t need to carry an iphone to show it.
      low class + wanna-be cool = iPhone

    • http://Website The_Omega_Man

      iPhones are for the educated and wealthy?

      Apparently, not in all cases my friend! Well I guess that Common Sense and Practicality was not part of your stated criteria for iPhone ownership. Try comparing the price of iPhones and equivalent Android based phones and see what you come up with… fact……..GOOGLE it…if you can get reliable service, to do so! LOL

  • http://Website pax

    BIG HEADLINE on a survey of only 524 people…these surveys are stupid.

  • http://Website Derek

    Right now I would personally rather have an iPhone 4 because I am into photography and the iPhone 4 camera is so much better than the one I have on my phone. They also have a lot more Photography apps than on Android. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE MY ANDROID but I just think iPhone would just be better for me right now. I will probably never get an iPhone though so I will always be with Android! =D

    • http://Website 2909

      I’m a pro photographer and I don’t know anyone who would consider using a camera on a phone (even an amateur) for learning any technical skill in photography, the very idea is absurd.

      The only use of a point and shoot is to post pictures on facebook or holiday snaps and anything else that’s just trivial…

      You are clearly an apple Fanboy. LOL

      • http://Website Derek

        Actually I don’t own any apple products so I don’t see how I could be considered an Apple fanboy. Also I never said the pictures had to be 14 mpx and the best in the world! It does have a good camera on it for being a phone though compared my phone.

        • http://Website The_Omega_Man

          There are some fantastic Android based camera phones coming! Stay tuned!

  • http://Website wayne

    I have one thing to say. Android supports flash, enough said. you can’t just compare all android phones to the iPhone. the best way to do it would be to get the best android phone and compare to iPhone.

  • http://Website Danferan

    My wife has an iPhone and I have a Droid X running 2.2. I previously had a Blackberry Storm 1.

    When I had the Blackberry Storm, I looked at the iPhone and thought it was advanced, fast, useful, and attractive. But I hate iTunes with a palpable passion, so I was hesitant to jump onto that bandwagon. I also kind of don’t like them as a company; their leader is a real douchebag, and while that shouldn’t affect my purchasing decisions, for some reason it really does. It also has a small screen (though larger than the storm), which isn’t a plus.

    So I decided to get an Android device; I admit I was curious about Windows Phone 7, but it’s not out on Verizon, and is still a little early in the product cycle to jump on right away – got to give it some time to mature. So the only other viable alternative is Android. I decided to go with the 4.3″ screen and 1Ghz processor beauty of a Droid X, and holy crap was I blown away. While I would prefer not to have to wait for updates until Motorolla gets off their asses to put them out, I have to say that the out of box functionality is mind blowing. I could never, NEVER go back to such a tiny-screened device as an iPhone. I like the browser better on Android, and the flash…the FLASH! How wonderful! And multi-tasking! and as many useful apps as the iPhone! And unofficial apps that compete with core products and that could be better! And the stock Swype keyboard! Widgets! Live wallpaper! 4 physical buttons on the bottom, not JUST a home button! I thought I was going to pass out from the pleasure of using it.

    Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone isn’t the Quasimodo of the cell phone world, but for anyone that isn’t utterly technologically challenged, there are such better options out there. I can’t think of a single reason to move to iPhone from the Droid X. I would enjoy hearing what some people think would entice me over. (Note: I think the concept of video calls are retarded. It’s been around forever, seriously, and never caught on. People are only into it now because Apple TOLD them to like it, and for some reason the masses have decided to convert to lemming mentality. I will NEVER get into face calling. A phone is wonderful because I can multitask while I talk. Video calls force me to focus on that one activity).

    As I said, my wife has an iPhone 4, and I look over at it in pity when we’re sitting next to each other. But hey, different strokes for different folks, amIright?

  • http://Website Danferan

    Oh, and about the camera…photography should be left to real cameras. While the iPhone has a decent camera, it pales in comparison with even a basic point-and-shoot. If you are at all interested in photography, get a Nikon (preferably D90 or better) or Canon. They will whip an iPhones ass any day, in every way, shape and form. And you can simulate toy cameras and other effects using freeware like GIMP. Point being – if you are compromising picture quality by using a cell phone in the first place, there isn’t enough of a difference between a Droid X and iPhone to mean anything.

  • http://Website rob

    Love my Android running 2.2 , dose everything and more . Nice to plug in and play on any pc . No messing with itunes or profiles . I have the HTC desire only down point is its video recorder .

  • http://Website baron9

    I started out with a G1 back in 2008, recently, early 2010, i’ve switched to an iphone 3GS now to an iphone 4. Why? Several reasons.

    1) music. I had an ipod touch since 2007, and in no way shape or form can Android match iOS in terms of music. the app is hands down better, and i can easily dock it to my iHome and listen away. Music management via iTunes is easy to use, obviously iTunes is quite shitty on my Win 7 machine but it works pretty well.
    2) Now i dont have 2 devices with me. carrying around an iPod touch and a G1 was getting kind of annoying, filling up 2 pockets(both devices would not fit in one pocket and it’d feel goofy).
    I’ve now slimmed down to one device that does what i need it to do.

    3) Battery Life. Granted some android devices have good battery life, but the majority have piss poor battery lives (cough EVO), especially compared to the iPhone 4.

    4) Apps, yeah the Android market has many many of the same apps as the App Store. But the App store simply has more (and dont say fart apps. there aren’t 200,000 fart apps in the App store. and yes, 200,000 is approx how many more apps the App store has than Market.). Namely, i like to play games on my iPhone when im bored. and get even kid yourself. the game selection on Android is piss poor to say the least. ANOTHER huge problem with android market is a) searching isn’t great and b) since i dont live in a country where they feature paid apps, i dont even see all the apps that are available for me to theoritcally download.

    BUT, is iOS perfect, fvck no. The notifications are absolute garbage, the mail app sucks completely compared to gmail.
    Do i think Steve Jobs is my lord and savior, no, he’s a good business man that can sell products.

    and ps, i had CM6.1 (Froyo) running on my G1 so i know all about its features and whatnot.
    and i’ve jailbroken the iphone so i do get all those customizable goodies via cydia.
    BOTH are great OS’s it just runs down to personal preference.

  • http://Website it_neverends

    I owned an iPhone 3g then i upgraded to iPhone 3gs then iPhone 4 and now Sprint EVO 4G… I spent less on my Evo and got more than I ever got out of my iPhone 4. iOS is a great dumbed down, easy to use, and pretty OS. it offers a lot of features for the average user.

    With that being said… for anyone who thought of jail-breaking the iPhone, Android is a better option. In the process of making the iPhone easy to use for a 14 year old girl, Apple locked down iOS and gave developers very little access to their APIs… there wasn’t an app market and many basic features such as MMS and a decent camera were missing all the way till rev 3 of the OS.

    As far as fragmentation is concerned, The beginning of any products life cycle leads to some fragmentation. I believe Google has done a great job releasing updates which helped improve the user experience. They released consistent updates to make sure the early adopters didn’t suffer too much.

    Now for all the people who complain that their old out dated android phones dont compete with iPhone 4 or android 2.2. Well… Good! My 2005 car didn’t have half the feature of my 2011 car and they are both the same manufacturer and model. As new features are added hardware requirements increase thus making upgrading not possible for all phones. Also you cant pay for a Toyota Corolla and expect Rolls Royce features.

    The next time you buy a phone pay the extra money and buy yourself the hardware capability to upgrade… even at that point… don’t expect the phone to last you longer than 12 months.


    Lets do a little comparison

    Evo 4G
    $99.99 at amazon – 16gb micro sd $40.00 – total cost for iphone 4 16gb equivalent $140.00
    Released with 2.1 – upgraded to 2.1 – slated to upgrade to 2.3 and 3.0

    Iphone 4
    released with iOS 4.0 then 4.01 then 4.02 then 4.1 and now 4.2

    The Evo 4g does everything the iPhone does and more but it might not be as easy to use. For its lack of dumbed down-ness I am able to modify every last aspect of my user experience.

    So why would there be android phones which aren’t as feature rich as the Evo… because unlike Apple… Motorola, HTC, and Samsung think less wealthy people and even POOR people deserve decent phones. You can get Android phones for a penny how many iphone 3g, 3gs, or 4g phones has apple sold new for under 199?

  • AndMac

    I came to a Galaxy S and a Vibrant from an iPhone 3Gs.

    Overall, the iPhone is a smoother experience, IMO. It just works, the UI is more consistent, and it has marked ly better battery life. Even though my Vibrant has considerably faster hardware, scrolling for instance is noticeably smoother on the 3GS than on the Vibrant. about 2/3 of my friends and aquintences have iPhones, maybe 10% have Androids. Most guys with Androids seem OK with them, but I have heard complaints from women, mostly on the UI or on FCs.

    I have installed an unofficial version of Froyo on mine, and it is an improvement over 2.1. But it’s still not as cohesive as iOS.

    The fragmentation in the Android world is real, and it is caused by manufacturers and service providers.

    There is absolutely no reason why the Vibrant doesn’t have an official upgrade to Froyo yet. It will probably not come until after Gingerbread is released.

    IMO, manufacturers should not be able to obsolete hardware which is still perfectly compliant with new versions of the Android OS. Without drivers, it is virtually impossible for third parties to bring the hardware up to date, as is evidenced by the Vibrant (we got leaked Froyo drivers only 9 days ago).

    Anyway, I will probably shy away from buying another Android, unless it is a Google Experience device and easily upgradeable as new version of the OS are brought out by Google. This constant flashing and reflashing, and the inevitable random issues which come with it, are starting to remind me of my old WM days.

    I can’t wait to see if with Gingerbread, Google will be able to reign in the manufacturers and stem the fragmentation tide.

    • http://Website The_Omega_Man

      Google can not reign in the Manufactures or the Carriers. That goes against the concept of any Open Platform from their own perspective. You bought a specific manufacture’s brand/model of phone, which happens to leverage a customized version of the Google OS.

      Remember the actual Phone manufactures support these custom OS versions, not Google.

      Google has listened to the industry pundits, App developers and to some cross-section of consumers, and does realize that having a more consistent look to the next generation of Android based phones, is of some value to the developers and consumers (and indirectly to Google in both the marketing an market share departments), thus there are some small requirements to get and use the next versions of the Android OS with access to Google’s back-end services as an incentive to conformity. But Google will can/not deny access to the new OS to non-compliers. (buyers beware! Which is exactly why there are web based Android reference sources, such as this web site, to evaluate and advise on the latest products, apps and services!)

      For any prospective Android smartphone buyer, remember that you get what you get, from that specific phone maker and/or carrier, period. If you wanted a pure Google Android OS based phone, you should have purchased a Google Phone (Nexus 1) when you had the chance or if you have that chance again in the future.

      If you want a completely constant UI and a totally controlled user experience, then the iPhone, WP7, Blackberry or Nokia N8-9 is probably for you and not the current landscape of Android phones. Google makes the OS and provides the consistent eco-system and back-end services for that OS. What people do on the front-end, or at the consumer level, is basically up to them. That is where the Android Mobile OS differs from the pack. Choice is Good!

      Pick your carrier, phone manufacture and phone model carefully when choosing to go with an open OS based phone platform!

  • http://Website daws

    I hate that you can’t upgrade (or swap out) the memory on iPhones. I’m also not a big fan of iTunes. I’ll stick with Android.

  • http://Website Danferan

    I say with complete honesty that I do not know how iPhone’s music player is any better than Androids – or the free Winamp, for that matter. If you want an EQ, there are even cheap players that are extremely full featured. But my stock player and winamp are both awesome music players. Plus, since every phone in existence has a 3.5mm jack every home system around can play your music, if for some odd reason you don’t already have your computer hooked up to a sound system.

    And I’ve yet to find apps that I like that aren’t on both platforms, plus I’ve seen some that fit my fancy on Android and not iPhone. And there are free emulators, so I have access to the entire library of SNES, GBA, and Genesis games that are more fun than iPhone games. Plus Android gets free Angry Birds, and Plants vs. Zombies is coming out soon.

    …and most adults can’t play games all day anyways, so that means I can only play so many anyways – the backlog of games means I can afford a mildly slower release schedule.

  • http://Website Danferan

    And I can switch out my battery, too! I can carry an extra battery, or just get an extended one. No sending it in to an authorized repairperson! I’m happy about that. :)

  • http://Website CTown

    When I had my G1, my brother swore that his iPod Touch 3G was better than Android (overall). Now we both have a Samsung Vibrant (they were buy one, get one free) he loves the Vibrant. He said it was because of Android’s much superior multitasking compared to iOS 4. However, he misses NBA Live. Just to note, he is not a techie at all.

    • http://Website The_Omega_Man

      Tell your brother to get set up on AppBrain with a PC/Mac web browse and to do a search for “NBA Live” I found lots of useful apps there!

  • http://Website bobby faber

    I had an iPhone. Gave it back because AT&T service was so miserable. I now have a Droid and love it. I’ll be honest though, if Verizon ever gets the iPhone, I am there.
    Why? Because there are a ton of accessories and consumer focused apps for the iPhone. That’s the big difference.

    Give me a real carrier, and it’s Droid No More…

    • http://Website The_Omega_Man

      What accessories are important to you? Have you looked in all of the various App markets for types of apps that you are looking for? Do you believe that the Android market will eventually get most if not all of the fully functional apps that you need/want?

  • http://Website some internet dude

    Thats not what the numbers are saying, Android number one in the US, Also if one third want iPhones what are they doing with Androids. I call shenanigans on this.

    LOL, wait this just in half of user polled want a windows phone over Android, LOL.

  • http://Website Tom

    I’m currently using a HTC Magic running 1.8 and I would admit that I am a user who would prefer a iphone. Here are a few reasons why…

    > Build quality – My HTC magic is okay but after owning it for over a year its certainly looking a little worse for wear. The back plate keeps falling off and cracks are appearing on the plastic. Compared with a iPhone that’s made out of much hard wearing material and seem to last a lot longer

    >Speed – My old HTC is just too slow, i’m constantly using task killer apps to try and keep things nippy but it just doesn’t come close to the speed of a 3gs.

    >Touch Screen – I’m not saying the Magic has a bad touch screen its just no way near as responsive as a iPhone. This isn’t a massive deal because my Magic is still very usable but I do notice people who are used to touch phones seem to struggle with mine.

    >Big Party Apps – The google app store is really good but I feel like the big companies that make the top apps seem to ignore android and prefer to develop for the iphone although this is changing.

    All in all I am happy with my phone and I do prefer the android OS to the iphone OS, however I feel that there is a lack of top quality handsets for android that measure up against the iPhone and unless this changes I fear my next phone will be an iPhone!!!

  • http://Website blurg

    I had an iphone 4 for about 3 weeks before returning it and getting a mytouch 4g. The only regret I have is that the games on the iphone are a lot better, specifically battle for wesnoth lol. Luckily that is free for any computer though so I can just play it on my notebook, plus I don’t game on my phone that much anyway since I live and work in the suburbs and I have multiple gaming systems at home. In the end there are too many huge flaws in iOS for me, the notification system alone was enough to make me long for android once again. On top of that the lack of any decent navigation, lack of control over GPS, lack of apps that customize the UI, lack of alternative messaging apps, the inability to use your phone as a filesystem, inability to customize things like notifications beyond turning them on/off and also the half assed folder system and multitasking just turned me off to iOS.

    Basically I feel that iphone users simply aren’t creative enough to imagine how their phone could be better. Maybe they don’t mind having the worst notification system out of all smartphone OS’s or having a boring UI with slow animations or paying 50$ for a second rate navigation app that is worse than the free one on android, but it really bothered me and I know a lot of people who went from iphone 3GS’s to android phones and don’t care about going back.

  • sandmanssicjoke

    My wife and I (as well as the rest of my family) both have the OG Droid 1, and love it. She isn’t quite the power user as I am, and was excited when my co-workers gave me their old iPhone 3G so she could use it as a media player. After she played around with it, she realized how much she hated the iOS after using Android’s.

    My point being, those Android users that are secretly longing for an iOS device, will soon feel the same way as my wife, once/if they make the switch. And my opinion is most Android users who are longing for iOS, and are using pre 2.2, are your basic “no-tech ” user.

    I wouldn’t read much into this survey, since many who decided to switch to the iPhone, will more than likely switch back. It’s like starting at 3rd base with your partner, and then deciding, “let’s just hold hands”. Not gonna happen. :D

  • IHTCEvo

    Haha This is true. People who have crappy androids they got for $50 are unhappy. You spend $200 for an Evo or a Droid X and any other high-end phone you get super powers. You get what u pay for.

  • http://Website LadynRed

    I have a Backflip and it was just upgraded to 2.1. Yes, it’s pretty much an ‘entry-level’ smart phone and that is fine with me for my use. While I could afford to buy an iPhone, there is just no way I will spend that kind of money on something that is so limited in so many ways. I have NO desire whatsoever to switch to an iPhone, I’m happy with my Android phone and after my current contract is up I will probably upgrade to a more robust phone, but for me, Android and the Backflip have everything I need.

    To say that most Android users secretly want an iPhone is absurd. I have friends with Android phones that are equally happy with their phones and have no secret desires for an iPhone either.

    I saw some comments elsewhere that opined that Android users were either poor and/or cheap and couldn’t buy an iPhone; and that Android owners are less-savvy and couldn’t understand or use an iPhone. Clearly the people posting such drivel are just Apple drones who can’t see past anything that doesn’t have an Apple logo on it!!

  • http://Website Kat

    Being a nerd, I did my research last year and bought a Droid. Turns out it was the wrong platform choice. Above anything-without even complaining about the hardware being nearly instantly obsolete-Android apps plain suck: there just aren’t enough good ones. When upgrade term comes around, I’m getting an iPhone.

  • http://Website Bruria

    I love my HTC Legend running Android 2.1 – I would not replace it with an iPhone !

  • http://Website Johan

    One thing I noticed when reading you guys´ who wants an Iphone and want to to so because of “fragmentation is that you (if I look at how the prices are here in Sweden) compare an 1250$ Iphone to an 100-400$ dollar android “Shitphone”. If you instead compare an android phone on the same price level ( even though there are non, the most expensive android phone here in Sweden is about 750$) you will get rid of the fragmentation.

    The prices I’m referring to are contract-free cash phones

  • http://Website Johan

    edited version***

    One thing I noticed while reading you guys´ who wants an Iphone posts and want one because of “fragmentation is that you (if I look at how the prices are here in Sweden) compare an 1250$ Iphone to an 100-400$ dollar android “Shitphone”. If you instead compare an android phone on the same price level ( even though there are non, the most expensive android phone here in Sweden is about 750$) you will get rid of the fragmentation.

    The prices I’m referring to are contract-free cash phones

  • http://Website Johan

    I made a couple of misstakes in my text above here comes a new version!!

    edited version***

    One thing I noticed while reading you guys´ who wants an Iphone posts and want one because of “fragmentation is that you (if I look at how the prices are here in Sweden) compare an 1250$ Iphone to an 100-400$ dollar android “Shitphone”.

    If you instead compare an android phone on the same price level ( even though there are non, the most expensive android phone here in Sweden is about 750$) you will get rid of the fragmentation.

    The prices I’m referring to are contract-free cash phones

  • http://Website DRoberts

    OK, here is my round up of everyone’s quacking.
    Iphone is better? Android is better?
    The answer is YES to both questions.
    Iphones are for thoses people who like to be like everyone else which isn’t a bad thing in some cases. This allows for apple to work all year on a specific handset and IOS, while making sure that it runs as seemless as they say it should. The only problem with everyone having the same phone is that everyone will have the same problems.
    And for the Android lovers, like myself, that like to differentiate in the products that we hold in our hands, well, CHOICE is what we crave. We want what Android first introduced C.H.O.I.C.E. No one saying you have to keep the format that I want you to have. No one saying ” Be like everyone else or become an OUTCAST”…..

    Choice is what gives ANDROID users the ability to choose between man and machince, and not not just sit there and let someone take a bite out of their behinds.

  • http://Website DeLaNate

    I get so tired of this lame iPhone vs. Android debate. I’ve owned a g1 (first Android phone) for a while now and while it is definitely obsolete at this point, that’s to be expected when it’s the first of it’s kind device. The beauty of Android is that it’s not just one singular phone, it’s a platform for which many different phones can be built on, so you have your high end devices and your lower end devices. So the real comparison is not iPhone vs. Android, but it should rather be the top Android devices (Droid X, EVO, Nexus 1, Nexus S, Epic 4G) vs. the iPhone. These are the premium Android devices, therefore they should be compared with a premium phone such as the iPhone. Yes, while I might be an Android loyalist, I do still admit that the iPhone is a wonderful device. So if you compare these premium devices, which should all now have the Froyo update (Gingerbread to come soon) vs. the iPhone an it’s iOS then you have a a much better comparison. All are great devices, all have pros / cons, and in the end it’s really just up to the user to what they prefer. So, can everyone please stop comparing iPhone vs. Android and start comparing iPhone vs. the best Android phones. I don’t think that by owing an iPhone you’re part of some mindless herd of sheep and I don’t think by owning an Android device you’re some kick ass rebel that’s too cool to be like the rest. It’s just a phone, so you should get the one that you like the most and don’t let it define who you are as a person.

    • http://Website rappr