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Open & Awesome is here! New And Me Artist Series tee available

We’re back for week two of the And Me Artist Series with another new tee, Open & Awesome. The black shirt features plain white text (set in Helvetica) reading Open & Awesome & Evolving & Robot.

For those not familiar with our little project, the And Me Artist Series is a set of four tees, revealed one at a time, with each tee running only for a week. Each Monday we get a new t-shirt and the previous design expires. This produces a limited run of tees that will never be reproduced again (we know nerds like to be exclusive).

For more details or to order the shirt, check out:

About the artist

This tee was designed by me, and I am awesome, so you should buy it. (Seriously, it feels weird to write my own bio, but I’ll do my best).

Taylor and I started Android and Me about two years ago. He handles most of the news, I handle most of the website. I’ve been building them for almost a decade now, along with random design, video, and mobile work that comes my way.

I wanted to make a simple tee that didn’t immediately scream IM FROM THE INTERNET! (although I probably give it away about the time I get to & Robot). The design nerds amongst you will probably recognize this as a parody tee, the uninitiated may have to do some Googling.


This week you’ll have a chance to win a free tee by Tweeting blank & blank & blank & blank – #whyIchoseAndroid You, of course, are supposed to fill in the blank, tell us why you chose Android. We’ll pick a winner (randomly) on Friday to give any holdouts a chance to get their order in (there were a lot of you last week!). Check the shirt site for more details…


Clark is a developer living in Austin, Texas. He runs ClarkLab, a small web firm with his wife, Angie. He's a big fan of usability, standards, and clean design.

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  • http://Website @neidlinger

    I really like this shirt. I think i might be ordering one and supporting the artist. The other shirt was really nice, but a tad g33ky….

  • http://Website Joshua

    I’m still waiting for the shirt I ordered Monday morning the 8th to ship.

    • Clark Wimberly

      Hey Josh, thanks for the order! As detailed on the order page, the shirts go into production every Monday (today) and should ship within a few days (this week). The slight delay lets us make shirts in everyone’s size with no waste.

      • http://Website Joshua

        Good to know! Ill be sure to buy this week’s shirt as well.

  • Dain Binder

    This is sweet. I love the little android robot on the upper back!

  • http://Website Donald Karvis

    I like the first design better, this one not so much

  • http://Website Joey

    Not sure this block of text is considered art. Therefore is the creator really an artist? This isn’t the type of shirt i’d expect to see in an “artist series.” Too many people are calling themselves artists these days. This doesn’t even qualify as typographical art, its just one typeface. It could be considered art if he was the typeface creator maybe? Anyways its a nice shirt and cool slogan. But the “Artist” needs to be careful in calling himself that. Especially if he’s using helvetica. Are those whom print street signs set in helvetica considered artists as well? #trollingangrydesigner

    • xaml

      Talking about blocks of text… ^^