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Samsung announces global Galaxy Tab sales have crested 600,000

The Galaxy Tab has only been widely available for a few weeks in most of the 30 countries where it is currently sold and they have already moved 600,000 units. Samsung boldly pronounced that they would sell over a million by years end and they are easily on pace to meet or exceed that mark.

Considering the less than wallet-friendly pricing on the Tab, the current lack of a WiFi only version, and the direct statements from Google that Froyo isn’t optimized for tablets these figures seem pretty remarkable. By comparison the iPad sold a million units in its first month of availability, but that was with a substantial Apple marketing push as well a $499 option for those preferring to forgo 3G connectivity.

The Galaxy Tab is unquestionably the best tablet option to date for Android and these sales figures seem to prove that the 7″ form factor has wider appeal than some would have led us to believe. Hopefully we will see the other manufacturers gather around a couple different sizes (and maintain the level of hardware quality seen in the Tab) and not splatter the landscape with too many variations.

With Gingerbread due to make its appearance in the next couple weeks we might at least get a glimpse at the kind of tablet optimizations that Android will enjoy with Honeycomb.

For those of you that have already picked up or at least played with a Tab is there anything specific you will be hoping to see in the updates beyond just some resolution bumps?

If you haven’t had a chance to check the Galaxy Tab out in person you can get the next best thing by watching our video series which highlight the Tab’s browsing, camera, and gaming.

Source: The Korea Herald

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  • MJ

    What about any of these devices including a mic? And the option of a free/paid earphone/mic combo?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      All of the versions include a mic on the side of the device, but the U.S. versions have the voice calling feature disabled. I think I’ve actually seen some carriers overseas offering up a free bluetooh headset as you suggested.

  • http://Website Tim

    I have to believe that if/when the wi-fi only model comes out their sales will be massive. I’ve played with the tab at best buy and it is really great, I was salivating over it, but it’s just not justifiable or necessary to add another data contract to our household. I bet there are a lot of other people like me who would buy it if wi-fi only was available. As it is, they’re running the risk of waiting so long to put it out that when it comes out we’ll want to wait for the next big thing instead.

    • monlosez

      You can buy it with no contract and use Wifi.

  • http://Website Ben

    I’d like to see a better camera, some SAMOLED action, and better CPU/GPU specs for the upcoming versions.

    I’d also like to see an official bluetooth ‘handset’ for this device, as it can easily act in place of a smartphone, without forgoing the small-phone form factor. Isn’t the stylus supposed to do this?

    Oh, and while I’m at it, I’d like to have a stylus that can replace pen and paper. This would be a killer feature which would allow me to take notes in class.

    Other than that, it’s nearly perfect.

    • Sean Riley

      I’m with you on wanting a stylus, I really miss being able to take notes on my TC1100 and this form factor would be fantastic for jotting things down.

  • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

    Wow thats low, the dominant iPad already sold a staggering 7 million!

    • http://Website calvin

      7 mil in how many months? Tab been out since when? It may not surpass the ipad it has a very good start

    • http://Website ANDEEE


      Ben Johnson probably is an Apple stock holder.

      Dude,…..wake up

    • http://Website ANDEEE

      have you every read a interview from one of those Apple’s top dog?

      they said Android will probably win the game in the long run. What Apple has is the momentum.

      But guess what dude,…..the momentum is already gone.

    • ZackC456

      Still, in comparison to other Android tablets, it’s not bad.

    • Sean Riley

      Pssst…the iPad has been available for over 7 months now as compared to 2-3 weeks for the Tab.

  • http://Website Mark

    I haven’t seen many comments about what is right about the tablet. I have the vibrant and I was constantly thinking, when this gets froyo its going to crush every other phone out there. Well the tab is a big vibrant and 2.2 didn’t disappoint. I can’t believe what a difference it makes. The vibrant is very laggy with the big ridden 2.1. I love the tab and think it runs smoother than my N1, icrap 3gs, ipad, and the vibrant. The DB talking about the ipad, go follow the rest of the mindless sheep and download some apps since that’s all it can do.