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Samsung announces Verizon Continuum, launches Nov. 11

Today Samsung tweeted that the Verizon Continuum will arrive in stores on November 11th. This is the dual-screen Android phone that leaked back in September and has already been captured on video. No official price was announced, the but Continuum is widely expected to go for $199 with a 2-year contract.

The Continuum comes from the Samsung Galaxy S family and features nearly identical hardware specs, with the exception of using dual screens. A 3.4 inch Super AMOLED WVGA display sits on top of a smaller secondary 1.8 inch touchscreen (96 pixels high) that is being referred to as “the ticker”. The smaller display works like a news ticker and can display a wide vareity of information including weather, news, scores, calling info, and music controls.

Just like the Samsung Fascinate, the Continuum is expected to ship with Android 2.1 and use Microsoft’s Bing as the primary search provider.

I think the secondary display is a pretty cool feature, but overall I’m not too excited about this Android 2.1 phone. Samsung is hosting a press event tonight in NYC to promote the new phone, so maybe a few surprises will pop up that get us hyped. Hopefully they reveal it has been upgraded to Android 2.2, and maybe they shock us with Android 2.3 news.

Is anyone out there getting pumped about the Continuum? Do you think a secondary display is a feature you would look for in your next phone or does it not excite you?

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  • nickd02

    boring…nexus 2?

    • Joel

      My thoughts exactly. Im switching from Metro pcs to either Sprint or Tmobile (both networks are really strong in my area) and its the announcement of the Nexus 2/S that has delayed me from hopping to Sprint and picking up the Epic.

      Patience is a virtue but still….jeez enough already.

  • http://Website TAKE IT EASY

    Come on Samsung, REALLY????

  • http://Website watbetch

    The screen is probably ridiculously sharp at that size. Anyway we’re getting FroYo this month, it’s up to Verizon mostly when they push it out to this thing. Getting it over to this phone should take no work at all but Verizon has a TON of crap to put on it. Verizon bloatware is right up there with AT&T bloatware.

  • http://Website richeyrich81

    Is that all the hype I’ve been waiting for all day….

  • http://Website Simon

    Why did i take the advice of buying any android phone now since the Nexus 2 or S is coming out? i’m stuck with a shitty old nokia, when i could have been sporting the HTC Desire HD!

    who cares about a second screen!

  • http://Website Adam

    Well, I like the idea of music controls and time on the second screen, I can see it being a little perk but weather or anything else I can live with being on main screen. And because it’s got 2 screens it’l be even further behind other phones with android updates. Easy music changing or faster Android updates..hmm haha

    • Francisco Dalla R. Soares

      Kinda sad that we actually have to choose :/

  • http://Website mikesy

    YAWN. Nothing to see hear move along people.

    • http://Website Thaghost

      Lol, funny.

      • MC

        Isn’t, “Nothing to see hear move along people” the text moving across the lower screen of the Continuum? If not, should be!

  • velveteen

    Wow. Super anti-climactic. Dual screen? Who cares?

    Also, what’s with BING as the search? BING??? On a Android? Why??

    Still happy as hell with my N1! Gingerbread this week!! (maybe)

    • MC

      Believe the Bing Search engine’s exclusive to Verizon Android phones due to VZ’s interest in maintaining some consistency with their iPhone offering later this year or early next. As we all know, iPhone’s don’t come standard with ANYTHING, “Google!”

  • http://Website davidjspooner

    I could be wrong, but i suspect the ticker could come to a tablet device early next year. Specifically it looks like maybe the 4 navigation buttons are displayed on the top p[art of the “ticker” display? Might they actually be part of the display and not fixed buttons? imagine a tablet device where the navigation buttons “changed” orientation when the device did…. rather than build two separate screens you could just have a longer panel and control the power to the bottom inch separate from the rest of the screen… one wonders if the latest super amoled screens Samsung have been showing off have that functionality….

  • http://Website Usman

    Does anyone still honestly think this website’s rumors of a Nexus Two being announced today were anywhere in the ballpark?

    • MC

      Piqued my interest, but I’m STILL going to wait for a dual-core before pulling the, “drain account” trigger again! I learned my lesson well due to a 12/09 purchase of a Cliq!

  • http://Website Hans

    It’s actually one screen split into two parts.

  • http://Website Android Ninja

    I wouldn’t buy this phone based on this: