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Samsung commences Froyo roll-out for the Galaxy S in the UK

Froyo for the Samsung Galaxy S has arrived! Samsung recently sent out a tweet via @samsungukmobile letting their UK customers know that Froyo is already being rolled out to the Galaxy S and should hit every handset in the UK by the end of November.  Keep in mind, in order to get the Android 2.2 update you will need to have Samsung’s Kies software installed on your computer.

While this is great news for our friends across the Atlantic, we still have no new update as to when Samsung will be releasing the Froyo update for the Galaxy S phone in the United States.  We know it’s coming, but it looks like some people will be enjoying Gingerbread before Galaxy S owners will get a taste of Froyo.

Source: @samsungukmobile

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  • Taylor Wimberly

    Here are my guesses:

    First, TMobile gets it
    Then Verizon gets it after they cram Bing in the update
    Sprint comes in 3rd as the turn on Sprint ID
    And AT&T will be last since they struggle with large OTA updates

    • Wayne

      There’s a rumor going around that November 15th is the date for t-mobile. Based on some internal screenshot saying a big update is coming for the galaxy s on that date. From someone on the xda forum whose manager showed them. They couldn’t provide the shot (boss’ user name was in it he said) so it could just be another “i know a guy” story.

    • http://Website frenzy

      Its not an OTA update, its via Samsung Lies.

    • http://Website frenzy

      Its not an OTA update, its via Samsung kies.

    • Wayne

      I’m here to report again that we may have been graced with leaked versions of the epic and vibrant froyo on the same night. The devs over at XDA are playing around with the builds.

  • Nick Gray

    I say T-Mobile will be the only one to get the update before the end of the year. Let’s just hope I’m wrong.

  • http://Website Chris

    I knew I shouldn’t have trusted samsung to roll out an update at any decent time. I should’ve learned my lesson after my wife’s epix haha. At least we’re getting closer.

  • http://Website Richard

    As I stated before the nexus two will launch with gingerbread out the box….The next android device that will recieve gingerbread will be the HTC evo on sprint since they was the second android device to recieve froyo after the nexus one.. Sprint is the best carrier when it comes to handling there updates for there flagship devices..Samsung its sad what they do to there customers they launch all new devices with old 2.1 software that’s wild now the nexus two is also being made by Samsung and it comes out with gingerbread out the box how crazy is that…matter of fact maybe the g2 might come before the evo for gingerbread either way by the end of November middle of December the evo 4G will have gingerbread…. all devices on Verizon looking till the end of December early Jan 2011 for some gingerbread same with t-mobile devices except the nexus 2 and the g2….MYTOUCH 4G will be in a holding mold mark my words on ALL OF THIS

    • http://Website Roger

      i seriously just marked your words. Evo owner.

    • http://Website Ltown

      No way the evo gets gingerbread before the nexus one! The evo will take longer because its not vanilla android. N1, G2, and OG Droid will probably get it before the evo. But evo will still probably get gingerbread before the galaxy s phones even get froyo…

  • http://Website zymo

    beside uk, today samsung started rolling out froyo for german galaxy s.
    These are some sweet news, but what about the stock android samsung phone?
    tell me, tell me! :)

  • http://Website Marco P.

    I’m still hoping Samsung wows up by saying: “here is 2.3 for everyone who stuck with us and our Galaxy S phones! Woooohooo!”

    …We can dream can’t we?

    • Joel

      lol I suppose we can..seems unlikely though. *sigh I dunno, if it wasnt for Taylor’s heads up about the nexus two I would have picked up a Galaxy S already.
      We’re so close now..Taylor the next time you post about the nexus two it better bring a smile to my samsung-forsaken face.

      • http://Website Leo

        That would be pretty cool. I mean look at the original mytouch 3g for t-mobile. They made the jump from 1.6 to 2.2. they skipped 2.0 and 2.1, so you never know for t-mobile :)

    • http://Website DROID Sam

      dreaming is nice, but I hope you’re not disappointed when reality settles in. I’m hoping next week we will finally get to see what Gingerbread has to offer.

  • http://Website Scott

    Meanwhile, I’m still stuck with 1.6 on a Vodafone HTC Magic in the UK. FML.

    • http://Website Sally

      See, now that’s Vodafone’s fault. HTC has updated the T-Mobile myTouch 3G in the US to Android 2.2, but it was T-mobile which demanded the update. Vodafone is the one who needs to get on the ball and demand which update they want to roll out to their customers.

  • http://Website Jack

    You guys, the Samsung Nexus 2 is not going to happen. It’s been debunked by Samsung, and I would think that HTC would have some sort of rights over the name Nexus, since they made the first one. I’ve seen no facts to back up a Samsung Nexus, and multiple indicators that it’s not happening.

    Logic makes me think that the first phone to get Gingerbread will be the Nexus, since it’s always first. Next I would suspect the G2, and I’m hoping that the Mytouch 4G would be next since I just got one, but it seems less likely due to the HTC Sense on it.

    • http://Website Coolio

      I don’t think Samsung using the name nexus would be a problem because there was no problem when HTC came out with the Droid incredible even though the MOTO Droid had already been released

      • http://Website Nick Gray

        The Nexus name is trademarked by Google, just like the DROID name is trademarked by Verizon (not Motorola). If the Samsung “Google Phone” is real, I do believe they will stick with the Nexus branding, but I have my doubts about the Nexus Two name.

        • http://Website clocinnorcal

          Close, actually LucasArts owns “Droid”. Verizon is just renting it :P

  • http://Website Me

    Can you imagine phones getting gingerbread before the galaxy s usa gets froyo? That would be messed up. Samsung is focusing on their tab and it looks like they dont care about galaxy s owners now that they’ve sold a lot of phones. Thats sad.

    • deltaslight

      I really really REALLY hope thats not the case. I would like to see FroYo before I see another phone with Gingerbread.

    • http://Website Nick Gray

      I know it looks like Samsung is just playing around and not really delivering anything, but that’s far from the truth. If you follow the development community, you’re probably used to seeing new ROMs for phones every other day, but the truth is that most of these ROMs are not built from scratch and are simply bits an pieces of other ROMs pieced together.

      It takes a lot of time and effort into updating a phone from one version of Android to another. Samsung is rolling out Froyo to their phones and actually used Froyo for the launch of the Galaxy S in Japan two weeks ago. The update is coming, but since all carriers in the U.S. have custom builds, Samsung has to cater their Froyo builds to all carriers which adds addition development a test time.

      • http://Website anakin78z

        which is why Samsung should not do custom builds for each carrier. It only makes them look bad, and it frustrates the customer. It’s a loose-loose situation.

  • Kingsigel

    It is more bs. As a consumer we should have got it(epic 4g/galaxys) the minute our devices were on the market. But did we, no we are not important we are just test dummies. Yet some how every one else gets it. I wouldn’t even be suprised if u.s. celluar ggot it before I did

    • http://Website DROID Sam

      “as a consumer” you got exactly what you payed for. No one was twisting your arm into buying one of the most feature rich android phones currently available.

      I know we all want updates, but Froyo isn’t going to make the Epic 4G or any other Galaxy S phone significantly better than they currently are. Yes, you get Flash and apps to SD, but that’s pretty much it.

      Samsung does not owe their customers anything. just be thankful that you are getting an update which enables new features which are not listed on your handset’s packaging.

      • http://Website Me

        @ DROID Sam, really? Samsung don’t owe us anything? samsung HAS to update the galaxy s, it’s for their own good too. And yes they owe us everything, we bought their phones because it is a good phone and they promise 2.2 at launch so technically THEY OWE US EVERYTHING .

        • http://Website Erin

          Wow, the sense of entitlement around here is amazing. What ever happened to buying a product because it was good and worked as advertised? The Galaxy S phone works and most the Android blogs have rated then as being some of the best Android phones on the market even though they are all running Android 2.1.

          It’s not like your phone is broken or anything. If someone told me that they were going to give me they were going to enable new features on a TV that I purchased 3 months ago at no extra charge, I’d be thankful and ecstatic even if I had to wait another 2-3 months.

          I’d understand a lot of these complaint if Samsung had come out and said that the Galaxy S would get Android 2.2 by X date and then they missed the release. To my knowledge, that has not happened. No one is going to die here. It’s just a phone (an pretty great one at that). I’m fine waiting another 3-4 weeks for my update. The fact that it’s rolling out in the UK should be good news, not a reason to complain.

          • http://Website Wed

            Correct! I work in testing for a company that designs graphical user interfaces for other companies on a worldwide scale. And it takes a LOT of work to produce stable software. Android has j had tons of problems but considering its capabilities this galaxy is amazing. My buddy has an evo and I have access to a lot of test phones and they are amazing. The hardware even more so. The htc is different but for a different breed.

            Samsung is not going anywhere nor are they a company that has ever really accepted defeat. You’ll see a polished 2.2 and 2.3 but in the meantime it’s a great phone if you love toying with with everything. L2nerd

      • http://Website anakin78z

        I have to disagree with your froyo statement. It brings a lot more to the table than that. Every time I pick up a phone running 2.1, I’m surprised how soon I realize that something is missing, doesn’t look right, or doesn’t perform as well as it does in 2.2. It’s a significant upgrade.

  • http://Website cj

    I am in the UK and have an unbranded sim free SGS, I still cannot get the update via kIES.

    why the f**k is this ?

    • http://Website Nick Gray

      You need Kies to install the update, but Samsung is rolling out the update in waves just as they would with an OTA update. Samsung’s tweet mentions that everyone in the UK will get the update before the end of November.

      Be patient, it’s coming.

  • http://Website Jay

    I get NOTHING from samsung customer service, i’m just happy I have 16 more days of my 30 day trial period, I guess samsung would rather people return their devices for ones that actually follow thru withE updates, gues
    s I will go back to the evo.

  • http://Website mkrmec

    I FU**** hate it how they change Android.. remove functions, add crap apps that nobody wants, create stupid differences on the same damn phones, etc.

    UK mytouch is stil on 1.6 and in america some are officialy on 2.2… WTFFFF!!! what the hell is going on.. it’s the same damn phone.. there should be 1 stupid update for the whole world not gazzillion updates for evey unique phone.

    I hate it how phone manufacturers comply with stupid demands of big mobile operators. They should just say buy the phone or get lost. it’s stupid not to have a single android.

  • http://Website RVA_Mike

    Just had a friend get his new captivate one of the most recent from Samsung to his surprise and mine when we check the about phone it shows already has to 2.2 preloaded out-of-the-box and his GPS works fine which really aggravates me because my GPS has not worked since I got my phone in July talk to AT&T and they said there is a problem with the GPS Samsung told me it’s a software issue that will be fixed with 2.2 sometime in November which is good when you consider I live in Roanoke Virginia and I’m getting tired of having the GPS show me driving through a mountain … I really do feel Samsung owes me a working phone . the GPS problem has shown up on countless phones across all the carriers it’s a great phone but we need this problem fixed and we need 2.2 and gingerbread we purchased our phones in good faith that they would work as advertised just my two cents

    • http://Website Derek

      I dont believe you. New captivates are not shipping with Froyo.

    • http://Website Brian

      Obviously you are one of the many that used the GPS fix, by changing the supl to Google’s servers. If you go back into that same menu and delete the GPS information and reset the information back to default, you will see it works again. I, like you, was upset after the UVJI6 update and yet my GPS was still not working. So I went back in to the menu and did what I stated above. Like magic, I now get a locking with in a few seconds. Good luck.

  • http://Website Miguel Lopez

    Samsung should just wait until Gingerbread 2.3 comes out and release it to all Galaxy S phones in the UK and US instead of waiting for Froyo 2.2 so we can all get some Gingerbread love with Android 2.3 that way no one is behind I think that’s a good way to handle it. Samsung should also keep up with the updates I don’t want to wait for a year or more just to get a update who’s with me

    • http://Website anthony

      @Miguel that would be nice but unfortunately that the price you pay when the wrong choice is made.I think samsung from past history has shown they can’t be trusted with updates. I think the only way to go is to purchase a phone with pure vanilla and let google handle the updates.

  • http://Website neilb

    This is the major reason I took back 3 epics and got 3 evos while still in the first 30days. Samsung has a history of abandoning products– look at the moment if you want history. HTC has an excellent history of support.
    I voted with my purchasing power. Too bad, the epic had good hardware!

    • http://Website Hans

      This is why patience is a virtue.

    • http://Website watbetch


    • http://Website watbetch

      >>HTC has an excellent history of support.
      No they don’t. Just because they updated the HTC Evo, Desire, and Incredible quick (phones with Sense and the same hardware basically) doesn’t mean they have a history of updating phones “Fast”.

      They have devices left on 2.1
      They have devices left on 1.5
      They have phones waiting for 2.2 update STILL

  • http://Website Graham

    Well Vodafone Customers need 2.2 to take off the bloat ware that does not work on our phones even Samsung hate Vodafone for messing up a good phone but Vodafone is messing us around big time

  • http://Website Anthony

    Ah once again as I look across my kingdom. I see zebra,gazelle, giraffe and yes that pesky hyena. I smile when I see my pride grow stronger each day cubs that share my blood are getting stronger every day. I SAY KNOW THIS , STILL AFTER ALL THIS TIME. I AM THE NEXUS ONE STILL KING OF THE JUNGLE. I may be old but who can argue I’m still fresh as a Daisy. I will one day retire but rest assured not today and only by the hands of one who shares my name and blood flows pure vanilla pure. ROARRRRRRR.

  • http://Website Epic

    what the hell happened to froyo for epic 4g?

  • http://Website Dexter

    I upgraded my Samsung G last week to Froyo 2.2 and all went well, but my GPS cannot get a lock now even outdoors. Message I get at the bottom of my screen when I go inot maps and the navigation is “Searching for GPS….” anyone had this problem? I am with Vodofone.