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Samsung Nexus S poses for the camera, still no release date

We were the first site to report on Samsung’s Google-experience phone and not a lot of people believed us at the time, but thanks to the guys at Engadget we finally have the picture proof everyone was waiting for.

A tipster from inside Google sent over a half-dozen pics of the upcoming Samsung phone, which has now been dubbed the Nexus S, and it appears that most of the details we previously reported are accurate. The device runs a pure version of Android 2.3, features a front-facing camera, and is likely headed to T-Mobile first (although it should eventually hit multiple carriers).

For complete rumored specs, please see our previous report.

Engadget is also reporting that the model number is GT-i9020, which is close to the GT-i9010 that we discovered a couple weeks back. From what our sources tell us, there appears to be two versions of this phone – one featuring stock Android 2.3 and one with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI. Phil from AndroidCentral has been using the name Samsung Elite, which could be the product name for the TouchWiz version but we will have to wait and see.

As of right now, we are still uncertain of the exact launch date. Originally Samsung was to unveil the Nexus S on November 8th and Best Buy would begin selling it on November 11th, but those plans were changed at the last minute due to some serious hardware issues. Google has yet to inform us of any Android-related press events to announce Android 2.3, so we could be waiting a couple more weeks before this phone is officially announced.

Now that pictures have leaked, I expect the floodgates of information will soon open up.

Source: Engadget

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  • http://Website @neidlinger

    file this under “random acts of sexiness”.

    • http://Website Brian Douglas Hayes

      Sexy? Looks like a Vibrant with a chin. Plastic, plastic, plastic.

      The other manufacturers are building their flagship phones with steel, aluminum, and glass — not only do those materials look nice, but they’re more durable and they FEEL nice, too. There’s nothing “Elite” about this phone at all.

      Even the LG Optimus T appears classier than this thing.

      • http://Website Tony

        Well half the phone is glass, and the rest is plastic but for me personally i like it, for me my Evo is TOO heavy, so lighter is always better. Again, my opinion, obviously you disagree, but if you don’t like it don’t buy it, i’m sure Google will have a few other “nexus”series phones including a true sequel with HTC early next year so stop complaining and just wait for that one.

        • http://Website @neidlinger

          you know i’m really sick of seeing post about “it’s ugly it’s made with plastic”… true… but look at every female model out there. most of them are made of plastic parts but look [email protected]# fine in my book.

          Looks, and feel are not one in the same…. just saying.

          • http://Website Daniel

            Huh? The biggest problem with plastic IS the feel.

            A friend of mine was considering buying a smartphone, and he got to play with a Galaxy S and an iPhone 4 from friends. In his own words, after the iPhone 4, handling an SGS “feels like a cheap knockoff”. Then I showed him my Desire, and his general opinion on Android greatly improved, he was afraid everything felt like the SGS.

          • http://Website @neidlinger

            I said it looks sexy, nothing about how it fees. NONE of us have actually held the phone to know how it feels.

      • http://Website watbetch

        Glass? The touch screen is glass – the iPhone 4 is comprised of glass and metal. It feels nice but it’s fragile. Not sure why anyone would want a glass phone.

        Metal? It’s nice and it feels nice but it does contribute to heat.. the DROID X gets unbearably hot in normal operation because of the metal.

        This phone is much thicker than the Galaxy S, and it probably has good heft. That’s the only thing the Galaxy S doesn’t have. It’s not heavy.

        • http://Website joe

          Actually, the metal helps conduct heat away from the important parts. If the droid x feels hot, it’s because it’s wicking heat away from the processor. Plastic parts are much worse, as they tend to insulate, keeping the heat in where you can’t feel it.

        • http://Website Stephen

          Unbearably hot? I hear this on occasion from people who (I guess) turned down the phone. True it gets on the warm side occasionally, but I took mine on a move across the US at the end of July and, when it wasn’t my turn to drive, was simultaneously streaming (or listening to my own) music, navigating via gps, plotting our route in my tracks, staying up on the weather, browsing the internet, and grinning like an idiot while playing with Layar, Where, etc. on my new smartphone. (Whoops! And making calls…can’t forget that! ; ]) Actually, the same thing was basically going on when I was driving (…of course, my girlfriend was the one on the phone…not me), and never once did we have a problem with it being too hot in the hand or pocket (or on the thigh) in our three days of 12+ hours/day of driving through 90+ degree weather. Of course, the phone would feel pretty warm at times, but it essentially required doing a ton of multitasking to reach the higher temperatures. I find the same has held ever since (i.e., that over 99% of the time you won’t have temperature issues).

    • http://Website Saoolv

      Wow, why does Samsung keep making their designs look like an old iphone 3GS. Change it up for goodness sake! Thats why I didn’t get the Fascinate oh and the small issue of Bing!

      • Christopher Chavez

        Yeah, they really need a new design team to come up with something ORIGINAL.

        I mean, look at Motorola, at least no one will ever confuse their phones for an iPhone. =p

    • http://Website Wonil

      Might still be the Nexus Two. Look at the korean in the pictures: — they said it is “Nexus 2″

      Probably still Nexus S… like Best Buy had it.

  • http://Website Ric

    Aww. Single led flash :-(

    • http://Website 16309A

      “Aww single led flash’??? How many do you need?

      • http://Website Inquisitor

        Considering most if not all other android phones have dual-flash nowadays, I don’t think it’s so terrible to expect the next flagship device to have it as well. I don’t think he was exactly crying over its lack of dual-flash, either. Just disappointed.

  • http://Website Nayef


  • http://Website Kenny

    Ahhh man, I don’t like how it looks. Nothing special imo, HTC makes the sexiest phones

    • http://Website Maurizio

      maybe you’re right about the appeal and material, but if you look at the last 2 devices made by HTC the quality sucks.. Hinge for Desire Z/G2 and gaps between the pieces of the cover for HD!

  • http://Website Gee

    Doesn’t look anywhere near as good as the Nexus One. The front looks like a iPhone 3GS and the back like a cheap mid level phone. Aggh.

    • http://Website @neidlinger

      How many different phones are you expecting to see. After a certain point in time they all will start reflecting each other.

      • http://Website Gee

        Not my point. I’d gladly take a phone that looked like a Nexus One or any other newer HTC phone.

        I’m sure that it’s a top notch phone spec wise, anything that improves upon the Galaxy S is, but this just looks like crap. Disappointing.

      • http://Website Saoolv

        so basically your insinuating that design creativity is basically dead and that all phones will now be homogeneous and look the same… major FAIL! its those companies that allow creativity and innovate that will succeed…

        • http://Website Sarcastic

          the fact that you just said “major fail” delegitimizes anything else you say.

      • anakin78z

        Look at a Nexus One, and you immediately know it’s a Nexus One. Same for the Droid. Same for the Palm Pre, and it’s easy to spot a Blackberry.
        Show someone a Galaxy S Vibrant, and it’ll take a while to figure it out.
        The phone above looks so generic, there’s nothing to make it stand out, and that’s what we’re talking about here. There are plenty of good designs yet to be drawn up… things don’t have to look the same.

  • http://Website Dev1359

    I’m not really liking how Gingerbread looks here…

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yeah Gingerbread is not a complete UI overhaul. It is mainly just tweaks. Honeycomb on tablets though….

      • http://Website @ryansavaiano

        I think they may have found a way to make stock android look worse. Hopefully there’s ways to customize the notification bar and the launcher icons.

      • http://Website Dev1359

        Yeah I knew it was gonna mostly be aesthetic changes to the UI…I’m not liking this green color scheme at all though. I hope that pic is just a bit oversaturated because the green and black is a little too intense for my tastes and to be honest stock Froyo looks more appealing to me. But I guess I shouldn’t be basing my impressions off of a blurry ad photo…hopefully we’ll be seeing more of Gingerbread soon

    • http://Website mkrmec

      to me that picture looks like a copy paste crap a 5 year old would slap together.. you seriously don’t think that’s ginger…

    • http://Website Steffen

      I refuse to believe that is actually what Gingerbread looks like. No design team for a major product release would design something like that. Design teams generally go for a more moderate look that will appeal to more people. This will pretty much appeal only to people who’s favorite color is green.

  • http://Website Albert

    OMG Definitely my next phone, now just waiting for 850/1900 version ;)

  • http://Website @ryansavaiano

    I want to see comparison shots next to the original Nexus. This one looks huge; on par with the EVO. But based on first impressions, I don’t like it. Looks too plastic-y. It doesn’t have that solidly manufactured look that the original has.

  • http://Website mikey

    Congrats Taylor. Let the games begin.

  • Clark Wimberly

    Wow, Samsung sure does have that “unsexy” look mastered.

    • http://Website watbetch

      Compared to the hideous Nexus One? This phone looks like a Galaxy S with most of the problems fixed and that’s a good thing. The look is improved here, I like the removal of chrome around the edge and I love what they did with the back layout in terms of the camera and trim.

      • http://Website Scott G

        Only a communist would think the nexus 1 is ugly. Are you a communist?

        • http://Website Eric

          Ha what? Are you 70 and fear the “reds” LOL silly….

        • http://Website Eric

          Ha what? Are you 70 and fear the “reds” LOL silly….

          Typed on Nexus…

        • http://Website watbetch

          No you’re right, the Nexus One isn’t ugly, it’s fugly. It starts with the ugly brown color and ends with that trackball that they stuck on the front at the last minute.

          • http://Website Ronnie

            may i ask what phone you own ? and btw the nexus one is beautiful the color is a lil ugly but far as everything else its great

      • Clark Wimberly

        I can only assume you’re joking.

        • http://Website watbetch

          I’m not joking, Nexus One fans can downrank me all they like, all 500 of them. It’s an ugly phone.

      • anakin78z

        At least the Nexus One has character. The Samsung phones are unfortunately very bland. The captivate came out a little better, but all the other ones can be filed under ‘generic touch screen phone’.

    • http://Website Jroman

      Hey Clark, are those inductive charging connectors for a back cover I see to the right of the SIM and on top of the battery in the pic below??


      • http://Website Annievan

        This phone looks awesome and sounds awesome. I don’t get the plastic comments about the Galaxy phones. I have a Vibrant and yes it had a plastic back, but the front and sides are glass and metal looking and the phone is so sleek and thin, who notices anything about the back?

  • http://Website Alex

    despite the plastic look of it (which is solved by a case) I can’t wait for this phone. I wouldn’t get rid of my nexus one if it wasn’t for the crappy digitizer, as a FFC really doesn’t interest me.

    However, it’s hard to resist a 4inch SuperAMOLED screen and stock Android.

  • noriega713

    Fingerprint magnet…lol…Specs porfavor??? Im ready to throw my cliq away for this.

  • http://Website greg

    I wonder how samsung will gimp that thing up, just like they did to my poor vibrant. I will never buy a samsung phone again.

  • http://Website 360nitrous

    reminds me very much of a samsung jet without the hard butttons.. which is not a bad thing!

  • http://Website Hans

    If this has a single core processor, I’m going to be disappointed. :(

    And for those complaining about plastic, answer me this: how many of you keep your phone unprotected? Without a case? That’s what I thought.

    • http://Website @ryansavaiano

      I use the soft case that came with my Nexus One. I don’t like the bulk most cases add to phones. This phone looks big enough as is…I wouldn’t want to add to it with a case…especially from Samsung.

      • http://Website Hans

        What does the phone being made by Samsung make it bad to put a case on it?

        @Splendor: That’s cool,I guess. I’d rather keep mine safe. Accidents happen when you least expect them and I wouldn’t want dents and scratches on my expensive phone.

        • http://Website @ryansavaiano

          I really don’t like how any of Samsung’s phone have looked to date. I’d hate to see what their cases looks like. I’m just not a fan of how this phone looks. Google should’ve stuck with HTC if they intend to continue a Nexus series.

    • http://Website Splendor

      I do. I keeps mine nekid as a jaybird.

    • anakin78z

      I’ve kept my G1 and Nexus 1 without a case. Cases get in the way of docks, and generally just add bulk. HTC makes some very sturdy phones and so far I’ve been ok (except a minor scratch on the front… but I can live with that). Some phones need cases more than others (and iPhone owners need them the most ;) ).

  • http://Website Scott G

    Well, its better then some of the galaxy s phones, but its still one fugly phone

  • http://Website Charlotte

    That thing is beautiful. But then I have a Vibrant that I love. This will likely be my next phone once all the bugs are mostly worked out. And congrats on being right about this phone, androidandmeblogger guy, eff the haters.

  • http://Website Greg

    I can’t wait for this. But yes, it’s ugly. If manufacturers would just read what people have to say, they could be so much more successful. Yes, the power-using, Internet minority does make a difference.

    And for those who use a case, good for you. I would never put an ugly, bulky case on a sleek phone.

  • http://Website Jroman

    Here’s hoping the brains the Nexus S is Samsung’s new ORION Dual core ARM Cortex A9 with a “Quad Core Mali-400″ GPU!!

    Pretty please?!


    • http://Website @NasLAU

      LOL! Dream On.

    • http://Website Scott G

      Ha, no chance in hell. At least you can feel comfortable with the fact that the hummingbird chipset is still the fastest/best chipset available.

    • http://Website Virtue

      A dual Cortex A8 Hummingbird would be more plausible than the dual Cortex A9 Orion. It would still bring a massive boost to performance and would not be that far behind the processors of 2011.

  • http://Website InTheKnow

    I hate cheap look of it. To this day the Nexus One reigns supreme in the looks factor.

  • http://Website ANDEEE

    get real people, opinions are opinions

    Despite the crappy marketing strategy, the Nexus one would have been less disaster in terms of sales IF CONSUMERS THOUGHT THE NEXUS ONE WAS ONE BEAUTIFUL PHONE TO LOOK AT.

    if you love Nexus one design stick with it, but please don’t ruin for everyone else

    • http://Website Scott G

      Its ok that you bought an ugly phone. I’ll probably buy this even though its ugly, still not reason to yell

      • http://Website ANDEEE

        what an awesome troll

        long time no see

  • http://Website maurizio

    My huge complain about the new wannabe Nexus is the lack of a trackball or a physical keyboard..

    I wanted so bad a G2 but since I’m living in Europe I don’t want to pay 50% more the cost of the device if I buy it in USA (and taking also an HTC Sense Phone and not a Google Experience) The other solution is to arrange to get it sent from friends or but I will not do it since I’ve read about the problems of the spring/hinge..

    Anyway, I think I will go and buy the new nexus, since I don’t want to wait for the OTA update from Samsung/HTC/whatever buying a notPureGooglePhone ;)

  • http://Website Fresh

    That is horribly UGLY! Why does T-Mobile get some of the UGLIEST phones? HTC> Samsung

  • http://Website ANDEEE

    I have Vibrant and I love the design……Vibrant wins over this new phone on the aesthetic part.

    Nexus S’ front is good, but the back is so so….. I hope it’s just the light I hope

  • http://Website Marvin

    The Google Logo looks like it was photoshoped. Is it really written on the phone? Zoom into the photo. It looks strange.

  • http://Website Virtue

    I don’t really care about how it looks. Stock Gingerbread is all that matters. Plus, it’s going to be tucked into a case anyways because we all don’t want to scratch our phones.

  • http://Website Christian

    Ew. This is an embarassment.

  • http://Website Kevin

    Why do you care about if it’s man of plastic ? You can get a case for it and it will feel lighter than other phones made with steel etc

    • http://Website dee

      Have you held the galaxy s ? It’s like if you hold it too tight it might crack..

  • http://Website DEE

    No thanks, ill pass, probably get the droid 2 global, just too big, desire HD looks way better for the same size..

  • http://Website mikey

    G-g-g-give it to me, j-j-j-just give it to me! NOW!

  • http://Website Jason

    It seriously looks like the retarded step-brother of an iPhone, and cheap.

  • http://Website zymo

    nice looking phone, with stock android, even better, but why google wants an updated samsung galaxy s to be the successor of the nexus one? i mean ces is arround the corner with motorola and lg having dual core android devices in ther roadmap just waiting to “rock” us.
    by the way, is there an hdmi port on the nexus s?

  • PhineasJW


    Front: 7.5
    Back: 5.0

    Fact it’s running wind-driven snow pure Android: 10.0

  • http://Website Josh

    Clearly people don’t like masturbation

    • http://Website Sarcastic

      It was just Christine O’Donnell from 9 different computers.

  • http://Website khush

    is it me or does that look like a iphone 3g/s. personally i prefer the more square looking phones like droid x or droid. motorolla and htc really know how to design a good phone. As for this phone theres nothing “nexus” about it form factor wise or even spec wise id say because it will soon be over shadowed by the tegra 2 and dual core phones

  • http://Website muhadi

    If they increased the 512MB crappy internal memory and fixed 3G issues of Nexus one, I am in for it.
    And please Samsung “battery life”

    • anakin78z

      512 is crappy? What are you running on your phone?

      • http://Website muhadi

        I have a Nexus one, but the app storage is too low for me. always getting full

        • http://Website Jason

          So, buy a bigger memory card?

        • anakin78z

          Oh, sorry, I thought you were talking about RAM. Yes, 512 sucks. Anything less than 2 gigs sucks. Moving apps to sd barely helps. Add one big app like the Nook, and you’re screwed. I’m always struggling with freeing up space on my N1.

  • whalecliff

    Here is what’s been established by comments so far:

    If you think it is ugly —> get a case
    cases to bulky? —> get a skin
    plastic is lighter metal is heavier.

    other random facts: some are easily aroused. others can barely control themselves at the thought of having one of these.

    my response. WOOHOO can’t wait for full specs!

  • jivemaster

    Yay there’s a flash on that camera!

  • http://Website Rubrewskey

    Well fuck me sideways Taylor you were right. This phone makes an excellent successor to the Vibrant with added LED flash, front facing camera and stock android but it makes a terrible successor to the Nexus one. No single phone will ever satisfy everyones personal preferences. I think this phone is great but should not bear the Nexus name.

  • http://Website Bod1ggity

    I see all this argument over looks is all in the eye of the beholder. I for one think the samsung is ugly. I however dislike samsung as a company so anything that resembles galaxy s looks cheap and ugly to me. The real problem I have with this phone is that its coming out so soon to a major leap in phone performance, most notably duel core processors. It just seems odd to come out with the nexus 2 and have it be outdated 2 months after release. I’ll pass.

  • http://Website Wounded Snake

    most of you guys still only care about the look which is ofcourse important, but to me i’ll choose hardware specs over the look any day anytime in the blink of an eye, i am not gonna look at the look of my phone as much as i am going to to watch the screen, play the games, and feel the smoothness fast prepossessing software i want

    thank you

  • http://Website Virtue

    I normally don’t make a second comment unless I’m replying to someone but I’ll make an exception just this once. People thought the myTouch 4G looked like a tacky piece of junk when it was just a picture. Now look at them eating their own words. We have no right to judge a phone just from a picture so save the hate for the launch alright folks?

  • http://Website Charlie

    Having owned a HTC Touch Diamond, HD, Hero and Legend. You might notice that I like smaller phones. I’d kill for a Nexus phone with the looks of a Hero/Legend. Even the Diamond without the stupid back cover.

    Back to this Nexus S, meatl beats plastic in almost any aspect. For one, the phones FEEL great, it just has a different touch. Maybe it makes it heavier, I find the Galaxy way too light for such a big phone, it feels like if I twist it too much I’ll break my HUGE 500 euro phone. But that’s just me.

    I’ve seen what happens to the back of a Galaxy S when it’s dropped, horrible. That’s why you MUST buy a cover for it. With the Diamond, Hero and Legend, should you drop it, you get a tiny lil scratch in the metal casing. It’s really noticable with the Diamond and the Hero, the back was all dinged up and scratched, but the edges looked perfect. Just tiny lil scratches in the finish! No case needed.

    They do all that work, to make a 12mm phone, I put a case on it and make it 14, maybe 16mm thick? What for?!

  • http://Website Am123

    Many, many props go to Taylor for sticking to his guns and insisting this thing was real even when getting ridiculed by some other sites. Thank you sir!

  • http://Website Am123

    Taylor, do you know if the Nexus S will have an LED notification light? From the pics, it doesn’t seem so as they just look like sensors.

    • http://Website Virtue

      The Nexus S has three holes on the top section. One is for the camera, one is for the ambient light sensor. It would make sense for the third to be a notification light no?

      • http://Website Donovan

        The two on the left are light and proximity sensors (just like on the other Galaxy S models) and the one on the right is the front-facing camera.

  • http://Website Mike

    Did anyone see the side view pic of this phone. it looks thick and massive. It’s bigger than the guys hand. I sure hope this isn’t the nexus two because that’s one ugly ass phone. Surely no where near as nice as the Nexus One. The back looks like a fat chick. Front is so-so. Although I hate that iPhone look, where there’s two thick blank spaces on the top and bottom. At least with HTC phones they try to use as much of the front for the screen as possible. I don’t know why anyone would like edge-to-edge glass. The thing is so damn relfective it’s like looking in a mirror. What happen to the good old matte finish?

  • http://Website Jeremy

    Just by the design alone this phone is NOT worthy of the Nexus name, nor should it even be considered a spiritual successor. A name is given to the design and presence of a phone, not just the experience, and from what I can tell this Samsung POS’ only claim to fame is having stock android.

    If Samsung really is for sure using that name, they are exploiting the near legendary status of the Nexus One in which case I hope the phone is a flop. Otherwise who cares, it’s just another ugly Sammy.

    Also it better damn well be as open (to root) as the N1 if it holds the Nexus title.

    • http://Website ANDEEE

      Hi there, you sound like hardcore Nexus One fan

      But get the facts straight

      Samsung was the first one to get the Nexus One manufacture request from Google, but they didn’t accept it because they were not sure with their smart phone business at that time.

      Phones are phones and phone which are made by various manufacturers.

      Nexus One was just one of them with higher Android Standard that Google pushed for.

      “name is given to the design and presence of a phone” not really….. The name is given to the experience BY GOOGLE.

      • http://Website Jeremy

        Ok, you got me, but really I don’t care who makes it, it’s who makes it a good phone and makes it live up to the name that Google intended for it.

        The N1 being the benchmark smartphone it was for a while, it seems like it would be important to build a strong lineage of solid phones with that name so it’s something to be excited about in the future, like we all WERE until now. Instead Samsung is taking the name and slapping it on a mediocrely-updated generic piece of plastic with stock Android so they can units out the door.

        Maybe we can just slap the Nexus name on any future phone that has a recent version of stock Android because that’s the “Google experience” right?

        Eh, whatever I’m just getting worked up over a name I suppose.

  • Techblogger

    Drive by post: Fantastic title for a story.

  • http://Website lolobabes

    looks cheap to me…. google should have stuck it out with HTC… ahihihihi

  • http://Website Harry

    why on earth do samsung make ugly phones! The nexus 1 is the most beautiful thing in the world and its reputation for being awesome will be ruined by this! In my eyes, its only a nexus phone by name :(

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    Wow I’m glad that thing was scrapped! Front doesnt look too bad just plain and that huge chin. That back is butt ugly no pun intended.

  • http://Website spinkid

    oh my, thats a big disappointment. very low end and toyish :(

  • http://Website keith

    I can confirm this is the new google nexus phone. I live right next to the google campus in Kirkland WA and I was at the local store where I saw someone using this very phone. I asked if it was the new google phone and he quickly hid it and said.. “nope” BUSTED!

  • http://Website some internet dude

    Google should of made a deal with HTC to make all there Nexuses. Ha is that even a word. Anyway this is kind of fugly, im gonna wait to see whats on the horizon.

  • http://Website Daniel

    Guess I’ll have to agree with (almost) everyone else. This is too much plastic for me. Too bad, was looking forward to a new quality phone, guess my Hero will have to do for a bit longer.