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Samsung to announce flexible AMOLED displays next week

Next week in Japan at the Flat Panel Display Convention, Samsung will announce their new flexible 4.5 inch AMOLED displays. These new products feature a full WVGA (800×480) resolution and offer the same vivid color quality we have seen on the Samsung Galaxy S series.

These new displays bend and twist without damage or image distortion. It also appears they are quite durable (see video below). You can wrap them around your wrist or into a radius of just one centimeter.

We don’t know what products these flexible displays will show up in, but it opens the door for new types of wearable gadgets. Hoon-gi Min, a senior researcher at SMD said that “with this revolutionary technology to make products that are thin, light, and flexible, we will overcome the current limits for designs of IT products.”

For an idea of what to expect, check out this demo of some early prototype flexible displays. And make sure you pay special attention to that sound track.

Thank you Wonil for the tip.

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  • http://Website Jake

    Been waiting for this ever since I saw videos of it on youtube about a year ago or so. Its gonna be sweeeeeet.

  • David Shellabarger

    wow. You guys got all the cool stories today!

  • My inked space app

    amazing!! I also been waiting to see this come out… Samsung deffinatley starting to be a factor in the android dept… long live galaxy s…… Download my inked space app

  • http://Website AndroidLuvR3R

    This is amazing……..

  • http://Website xallies

    omg im imagining a device with a flat battery structure and wireless feed transmitted display. Imagine the possibilities!

  • http://Website Brian

    Wow really really neat.

  • http://Website BiGMERF

    Very Nice….

  • droidguru

    This is truly going to be the “big thing” in mobile devices. I expect Samsung to have a device for us a CTIA 2011.We shall see…

  • http://Website nevetsg

    Where does one download that funky AMOLED track that is playing in the background?
    Oh, and the screen is pretty cool too.

  • http://Website Bod1ggity

    Finally! A phone screne I can hit with a rubber mallet when im upset! THANK YOU KOREA!

  • http://Website Carpatus

    That’s awesome and I can’t wait until that’s integrated into phones and other electronics, though I do have one problem with the video. They should have smashed an i*hone instead of the phone they did. What phone was that, by the way?

  • http://Website 7771

    Samsung AMOLED phone Commercial music video by Son Dambi & After School Collaboration \/

  • http://Website JFetch

    I was talking to someone the other day who said their family member was working on this. When he described it I thought he was mistaken. I see now I need to meet this family member.

  • http://Website detox

    who wants a bendable screen whats the purpose?

    • http://Website 5768
    • http://Website 6921

      @ detox

      Imagination, do you have it?

    • http://Website amazd

      If it bends can it be molded or stretched? Think of how advertisers will be salivating over the fact that they can overlay this onto any object. Attach that screen to a high speed wireless connection, geolocation tracking and marketing data tracking your every purchase, web site request, you can be bombarded with targeted marketing in every aspect of your life. A car that becomes a rolling commercial, Nascar are you watching?

      You could have a small band on your wrist you could resize to a 36″ viewing screen. (Smaller? Larger?) Give that same item a wireless connections to human interface and processors and you have changed the face of mobile computing. Heck your smart phone wouldn’t even need to be anything more than a small black box you carry in your purse or in a belt holster.

      Wrap them around eyeglass lenses with a translucent or opaque image. Is it possible that it would create a 3D hologram or the future of virtual reality gaming? (or reality)

  • http://Website Ryan

    I don’t get it. Isn’t amoled, by its very nature, flexible? I don’t see the innovation here.

  • http://Website Shanikwa Johnson

    Hey Mr Wimberly, Ummm ya you, you fine piece of white chocolate. I have to let my baby know that video is so old. I saw that video like 6 months ago on youtube, why are you barely posting it now?

    Thanksgiving is around the corner. You like sweet potato pie baby? I personally like me some white chocolate.