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Samsung’s 2nd Gingerbread phone leaks, not Nexus S

Chris Ziegler of Engadget scored his second Samsung exclusive of the day with new images of a flagship Gingerbread phone which is slated for the first half of 2011. This new Samsung superphone is said to feature Gingerbread (Android 2.3), 1.2 GHz processor, 4.3-4.5 inch “sAMOLED2″ display, 16 GB memory, 8 megapixel camera with flash (1080p record), and support for HSPA+.

We don’t know much about the “sAMOLED2″, but the possible 4.5 inch size matches the new flexible AMOLED displays that Samsung unveiled this week.

Leaked product slides promote a revolutionary, ultra-sleek design, but no measurements are provided on how thin it might be. The first half flagship phone is rumored for a February unveiling, which could mean we see it at Mobile World Congress.

The timing of this leak is a little odd because Samsung is expected to release their Nexus S phone before Christmas, but we always know something faster is right around the corner. It kind of reminds me when Samsung finally announced the Galaxy Tab at IFA and then said they were working on a Honeycomb tablet at the press conference that followed.

After seeing the leaked Nexus S photos and now this new flagship phone, which do you prefer? Will you make the jump to Android 2.3 this year and grab the Nexus S, or hold out till the first half of next year for the chance at this newer ultra-sleek design?

Samsung flagship 1h11 samsung-flagship-deck-2 The Samsung flagship phone that leaked earlier this month.

Source: Engadget

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  • http://Website @ryansavaiano

    I’ll just wait until my Nexus One is updated to 2.3 and then make a decision on a new phone sometime next year.

    • http://Website anthony

      Well said

    • http://Website Brian H

      I agree. If my Nexus One handles Gingerbread well, I don’t see any reason to switch away. I think that darker status bar would look great with the Nexus One’s hardware design. I’m rather attached to my Nexy, the timely updates have kept it from getting boring.

    • Wonil

      It’s called the Samsung Elite. It is THINNER than the iPhone 4, features a mix-metallic frame, and is probably coming to multiple carriers!

      • http://Website Finraziel

        Honestly, thinner than the iphone 4 is impressive but not an advantage I think… I have an iphone 4 (free from work) and it’s too thin in my book, before I put a silicon skin on it was hard to pick up off the table or lay it down without letting it fall on its back a bit. Also the square edges are uncomfortable to hold so I’d much prefer a rounded case even if it makes it slightly thicker.

  • http://Website Galen20K

    Definite strong Possibility for T-Mobile USA.

  • Christopher Chavez

    Me and some other friends have very good reason to believe this is a hoax.

    First off, the ad looks incredibly cheap. Horrendous.

    Second of all, the OS in the picture is actually the MIUI ROM from those Chinese devs.

    I’m almost positive this is nothing more than bad/good PhotoShopping of an iPhone 4 with the MIUI ROM thrown on top. =/

    • NPHHaru

      It’s not an ad – it’s a powerpoint – hence the ‘crappy’ nature. Notice all of the stock powerpoint layout ‘gotchas’. Also, it’s legit; really. It’s not faked or photoshopped in a malicious way – it’s just not ‘real’ yet, and putting together slides of forthcoming products is often both ugly, and heavy on the ‘fantasy’ factor. You should see my weekly powerpoints… much worse.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    I’m not calling it fake but if you notice in the picture it has the MIUI rom on it based on the icons. It could be some random place holder for a image or what they think Gingerbread is going to look like with the small UI tweaks. Idk, but that MIUI look throws it all off for me to believe it. I definitely can see Samsung building something like this though.

    • http://Website Bod1ggity

      Agreed… MIUI Rom gives away its uber fakeness… Not to mention the 800 mAh battery that would fit in that little thing… id’e be afraid it would get lost in my buttcrack or something. I like my phones to have some substance.

  • http://Website Alex

    Ill take stock Google supported Android over a sleek never updated device for 1000, Alex.

  • http://Website chris

    it looks like the iphone4… they really like to replicate apple

  • KyleHase

    A strong reason against buying the Galaxy S, Nexus S, and this phone for me is because they all look like iPhones. (the AT&T captivate is one exception).

  • Nortisan

    Possibly Touchwiz? No thanks.

  • g.isreal

    Im not tryna rile the crowd but this looks a lot like the iPhone 4. Let me explain my case before I am considered a troll.

    1. The flat on both side design.
    2. Touch wizard with the rounded square icons.
    3. And even the surrounding of it has that metal border look.

    And I must say that I love the way the iP4 looks *kudos to Apples industrial design team* but to ”re-create” and add slight differences it is a bad look upon Samsungs design team IMO. Originality and Innovation goes along way. And maybe that’s there goal to attractive iUsers, *Samsungs is a gargantuan over seas in Asia* where people have iPhones by the time they can speak. But enough of my thoughts what do you guys think?

    But its still Android FTW.

    • http://Website Brye

      Can Samsung seriously step off trying to copy Apple? They’re not even doing a decent job of it IMO. I must say I do like the back side of the phone though, but the front looks like a mauled iPhone 4. Sammy, find some originality, please.

  • jivemaster

    With a processor the same as the nexus s 1.2ghz, the only advantage of this is the screen size and 1080p recording.

    You’d be crazy to get this over the nexus s. A google supported phone wins in the end, and nexus s 4″ screen is the sweet spot. Big but not too big.

  • Alex

    Looks exciting, but has a really, really, fishy smell. It’s such awful quality it can’t possibly be real.

  • http://Website Mike

    Now that’s a nice looking phone. Bit worried about the size though. For me 4″ is just a little too big, but still ok. Anything over that, have fun keeping that in your jeans all day.

  • http://Website Mark

    Stop wetting your pants. The Nexus 2 or S isn’t coming this year.

  • http://Website JayDubya

    It’s an iphone 4 with MIUI plastered onto it… I say BULLSHIT.

  • http://Website Jonathan

    This just screams fake.

    First photo:
    The sideways view demonstrating the “revolutionary design” looks nothing like the rest of the phone, with its obvious iPhone 4 rip.

    How can a document straight from Samsung not be able to clearly say how large the screen is?

    1.2 Ghz Application processor? REALLY? Never heard of that processor before.

    Third photo:
    The photo of the MIUI rom interface doesn’t even stretch the entire length of the screen!
    Not to mention the photo of the rom nor the button have been skewed to match the angle the phone is tilted.

    • Alex

      I’m with you in thinking this is fake, but Qualcomm have three Snapdragons rated at 1.2Ghz in the pipeline.

  • http://Website Kwasi

    I’d buy it if they could spell DLNA right…

  • http://Website TareX

    It’s missing a front camera.

  • Alex Carlson

    I’m definitely going to hold off. I went to tmobile the other day asking if they knew anything about the upcoming nexus phone since i want to upgrade from my TERRIBLE Motorola CLIQ. He said he didnt know much about the upcoming nexus 2/S but he said to definitely hold off on upgrading since there will be some real game changing phones coming out anywhere between January and March of 2011.

  • http://Website Wakaka

    Is Samsung an Apple wanna-be? First the nexus S has the design of the iPhone 3gs, and now this flagship phone is just another copy of the iPhone 4. Samsung is just terrible in design! Be original!!!

  • NPHHaru

    Reading all of these ‘fake’ comments – I am amazed nobody else realizes it’s not an ‘ad’, it’s a comped powerpoint, probably from a sales/marketing positional slide deck. Look at it through that lens, and the ‘weird’ stuff goes at the window as normal (for the medium). It’s legit, and it is also heavily photoshopped.

    As for copying the the iPhone4 – that’s _great_. It’s no mistake that the Galaxy S on many carriers was black with silver bevel. It was designed to mimic (as was touchwhiz) the iPhone they had at the time of design. They know they are filling gaps relative to iOS devices, and are shameless. But by the same token – 5+ million G.S phones are out there, and by-and-large they are excellent phones that definately show Android in an excellent light. I know few people that ‘hated’ their G.S phones. In the end, for an Android fan site, supporting the people going ‘all in’ (for now, more on that later!) on Android is an oddly distant notion. Don’t knock the guys doing a great job of supporting my favorite OS… it just makes no real sense.

  • http://Website thaghost

    With all due respect, why r you guys playing and promoting that waiting game? With that game plan you’ll never get a phone because new phones are always surpassed by the next new phone in two months or so.

  • http://Website xallies

    OMG this phone is amazing! It is so thin! This is to die for. Im on board.

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    meh No thanks again

  • http://Website Ryan

    As a Vibrant owner, Samsung will no longer be getting my services from this point forward for obvious reasons. That being said, this looks like a fake. The grammar doesn’t exactly reflect that of a hugely successful corporation.

  • http://Website Jouten

    You’re either Nexus, or against us…

  • http://Website royemi

    you can find on the market.but no stable yet and just for usa.

  • http://Website Joe Flacco

    iPhone 4eva

  • ginock

    It is a nice looking for I won’t deny it but I prefer the button interface of the HTC Desire, the only think I would like to see in the Desire is a roller ball like other HTC’s on the market and on my Blackberry. I am not a fan of that one button design. I will see if I can get the new OS and see how it handles.

  • http://Website sookster54

    This seems like Samsung wants to put something out there to compete with the HD devices (MyTouch HD, Desire HD, Evo 4G), this seems to be the real thing unlike the frigging unrealistic conflicting incoherent rumors of the Nexus S.

  • falmc

    Spotted on another forum

    Kids got epic photoshop skillz with his mad mirror tactics. Look familiar ?

  • http://Website lolcopter

    samsung should work more on propping up the galaxy s line worldwide before they give everyone the collective finger with a superior product less than a year after the galaxy s release