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Sharp introduces another glasses-free 3D phone for Japan

We weren’t expecting glasses-free 3D phones in the U.S. till the second half of 2011, but several Japanese carriers have already announced 3D phones for this year. Softbank already announced a pair of 3D phones from Sharp and today NTT Docomo also revealed they will be offering a 3D device from Sharp.

The Sharp LYNX 3D (SH-03C) will go on sale in December and offer the ability to capture 3D pictures and view them in 3D on the 3.8 inch display. Sharp is using a vertically zoned parallax barrier, which enables 3D viewing with the naked-eye. In addition, you can convert your own 2D photos to 3D (by software processing), and watch mobile TV in 3D as well.

Unfortunately the LYNX 3D ships with the older Android 2.1, but NTT Docomo said Android 2.2 should be available in the spring next year.

We couldn’t find anything in the Japanese press release, but we expect the LYNX 3D will also support the new 3D games that are coming to other Sharp phones this year.

Check out the demo video below and let us know if you can picture yourself wanting to own a 3D phone.

Via: DigiInfo

Source: NTT Docomo (JP)

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  • http://Website jjose

    Man Japan gets everything….sharp needs to make phones for us…me want 3d..

  • http://Website Manuel

    The second Nexus S was scrapped, new 3D version already in testing.


    • http://Website Mista2x

      Thank you! :)

    • http://Website Andy Jr.

      I wish!!!
      I’m trying to wait for a technology plateau before upgrading, and I thought I was almost there.
      I almost jumped when the GPUs got powerful, but then I decided to wait for the dual-cores. Then came 4G. Finally, it looked like the Nexus S would cover all the bases (including niceties like FFC), and this comes along. Ouch! ;^)
      I’m a natural-born sucker for 3D, so this is a big deal for me. I’ll need more info before deciding to wait for longer, but this sure makes the decision more complicated.

  • http://Website Leonardo Leal

    Dude… It’s Japan! It they say they’re getting Holographic Projections for their World Cup, U better believe It! :)

  • http://Website Mike

    If I didn’t find Japanese so hard to learn I’d totally learn it and move there just for this phone.

  • http://Website Arthur181

    This phone also has a TV tuner with telescoping antenna . Here is one person in Japan showing all that it can do: