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Some Samsung Galaxy S phones will not see Android 2.2 till 2011

Do you think Samsung can pull off a successful roll-out of Android 2.2 in a timely manner?

That was the question I asked back in July when Samsung announced the Galaxy S series of phones in New York and told us that providing the Android 2.2 update was a priority. At first we expected Samsung would deliver the update in September, but here we are in mid-November and still nothing.

A lot of us are excited about the pending release of Android 2.3, but the reality is that only 36% of us are lucky enough to run Android 2.2 while the majority are still on the older Android 2.1. Over three million of those stuck on Android 2.1 are customers in the U.S. who purchased the Galaxy S.

We still don’t have any official release dates for the software update on U.S. carriers, but Samsung Mobile Canada just told their customers via Facebook that some models like the Captivate and Vibrant would see Android 2.2 in mid-December and others with the Fascinate would see it in early 2011.

I’m sure that Samsung Mobile US is fully aware many people are eagerly waiting for the software update (per all the angry comments on their Facebook page), but they still have been mysteriously quiet about providing any kind of timeline for the roll-out.

Some have speculated that Samsung might skip Android 2.2 altogether and go straight to Android 2.3 on the Galaxy S, but I have seen no evidence to support this. It might go a long way in upgrading their reputation when it comes to software updates, but I’m having a hard time believing that will actually happen.

If you are one of the 3 million plus in the U.S. with a Galaxy S, how do you think Samsung has handled the roll-out of Android 2.2? Do you mind waiting till 2011?

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  • http://Website Richard Ahlquist

    I have said it before and I will say it again, Samsung cant fix the broken GPS in these phones. They don’t want that negative press while they try to sell 1 million tablets. They will only update the phones after they are sure their investment in the tablets is safe. I say screw Samsung you turned a loyal Advocate into the most loud mouthed hater you can ever imagine.

    • http://Website Wade

      The GPS doesn’t really seem to be a problem any more, it has it’s WTF moments every once in awhile but for the most part it’s a major improvement compared to the shipped firmware. My biggest complaint right now is the horrendous battery life. That finally pushed me into trying out custom roms.

    • http://Website SirWally

      I had problems with the official patches for 2.1, which I assume is what you are running. However, since upgrading to 2.2 my GPS woes have almost completely disappeared. It is still a little spotty in Alaska, but I chalk that up to spotty satellite visibility — I had no problems in the Lower 48 recently.

    • http://Website ddd

      I’m curious if you know some inside info or is this just your opinion?

    • anakin78z

      Can’t speak for the Galaxy S phones, but the Galaxy Tab GPS works just fine.

    • http://Website Jessica M.

      I agree with you 100 %. I was very excited when I bought this phone especially since everyone at AT&T seemed very enthusiastic about it. I am now regretting my choice. Especially now that the new windows phone is out.

  • http://Website JayDubya

    Makes me EXTREMELY happy to read this knowing that I ditched the Vibrant for a MyTouch 4G !

    • daveloft

      I’m happy to hear whenever any phone gets an update. Seeing that your happy because Samsung isn’t releasing an update for a while kinda makes you a dick.

      • krazytrixxxsta

        i think you misunderstood what he was saying. he happy with the fact that he ditch his samsung phone because samsung is full of shit when it come to updates.

      • http://Website JayDubya

        Call me a dick if you like – but I’m a dick with a phone that is 100% up to date from a manufacturer who has a clue… Save yourself – jump ship while you can!

        • http://Website 2FR35H

          Don’t even try to act all high and mighty just because you switched to a device that was launched with 2.2 android. You may slander Samsung for having slow updates but in reality it is a t-mobile problem. HTC doesn’t even update the mytouch line in a timely manner. None of T-Mobile’s devices really get timely updates. To single out Samsung is childish, They only have had two samsung devices on t-mobile one was the Behold 2 which was a fail due to you people and the countless bad reviews leading to very few sales. The other one the very successful Vibrant of which as long as the galaxy S series does well as well should the support.

          • AndMac

            T-Mobile problem?! Really?!

            Can you let us know what other US variants of the Galaxy S have been updated to 2.2?

            So far, only a very small portion of Galaxy S devices in Korea and Northern Europe have received an official update.

            Samsung just sucks.

        • http://Website Kennon

          I dunno, I’ve been running 2.2 on my Captivate since mid October. Works great not sure what everyone is whining about. Anyone who relies solely on the vendor to dictate to them what software they have to run on their phone is a nub and should probably just switch to an iPhone now… ;-)

          • http://Website 2FR35H

            I agree.

          • http://Website boner

            How do you like not being able to save images from the browser at a higher resolution than 305×203? Or not being able to record more than 5 minutes with the voice recorder? Or the random reboots, or text messages being sent to the wrong person?

            The leaked 2.2 rom for the captivate is a pile of shit. It’s not optimized, eats battery faster than the stock 2.1 rom, and it’s full of really annoying bugs. I flashed back to 2.1 and I’m pretty pissed that Samsung/ATT haven’t released an official 2.2 rom that isn’t retarded yet.

  • Prince77

    That is why I will not be buying anything Samsung unless it’s a television and that is even a stretch.

    • Prince77

      I’m a victim of the Behold2 and I ditched that and Tmobile for Sprint and the EVO.

      • http://Website mikey

        That’s rough anyone that’s owned a behold2 deserves a hug. I’m willing to bet a bajillion bucks the vibrant doesn’t have 2.2 by jan31 2011.

      • http://Website Eric

        I am also a victim of the behold 2. I ditched T-Mobile for Verizon and the Droid X. Gave my wife the Fascinate because I knew Samsung would do this again. The only way they will be able to gain my respect now is if they ditch the 2.2 update and go straight to 2.3.

      • http://Website Dave

        I hate that I don’t have 2.2 but even with 2.1 my Epic runs circles around my wife’s EVO. There is a huge speed difference not to mention the EVO is not as smooth. the EVO does have some cool widgets though.

      • AlexDroid

        Jeez….what an a**hole…go cry to yo’ momma and please don’t buy anything Samsung…or ANY electronics, for that matter. It’s a phone…it runs on an open-source-based, fragmented OS…go get yo’self a crapple idevice, boy.

    • http://Website RICHARD

      amen,samsung should keep to making laptops,fridges,and tv”s

  • http://Website brandon

    thats unbelievable. Especially have the behold II debacle, you would think they would be on top of this. Im glad I waited for the G2

    • g.isreal

      Ahhh smart man G2 ftw

      point _____ .

  • Martin

    fuck no! pardon me for the word, i’did no even root the phone cause i was expecting OTA update… let me tell you this… “They should tell all of us when it come out”, honestely sometimes some companies shocks me from their actions o better say… no action at all…
    This knight i will go with Cognitive + Root xD
    Btw pardon me for my poor lack of english


    Damn shame. Reading this makes me hesitant about purchasing the NEXUS S.

    • http://Website Adam

      Except Google will be handling the updates directly.

    • http://Website Matthew

      They should have just kept the Nexus with HTC, they seem to be on top with firmware updates. Regaurdless if they are the google phone or not. Ex: HTC Evo 4g. Then again, MyTouch users i beliveve dont have the update yet either i believe. i dont know anymore..i just know samsung would never be my first choice. Im an HTC fan.

      • http://Website Mocha K

        Actually the mytouch has froyo already.

        • http://Website Charlotte

          The mytouch was originally released July 2009. they started getting froyo (from 1.6) in Oct 2010. Do the math, then highfive HTC. eyeroll

    • http://Website Ivan

      The updates have nothing to do with the phone. The Nexus S updates will be done by google (software) and the hardware by samsung.

      • http://Website Matthew

        What i was really trying to get at was that HTC keeps their people up to date. Where as Samsung always had problems with updates. Ex: Behold 2. But i know the updates will roll out through google since it is the Nexus. And the hardware on the HTC phones i think are better. I like the feel of it and the samsung phones just seem like plastic all around. But its my opinion. Some people think the other way around.

        • http://Website AmericanJedi

          As someone who has owned both the HTC Evo and Samsung Epic– both on Sprint– I’ve gotta agree with you, Matthew.

          The HTC Evo was just a more solid phone, with less random call issues, plus it was updated to Froyo in a timely manner.

          The Samsung Epic just seems a bit more cheaply made, with slightly lower quality control on the firmware side.

          Still, they’re both pretty sweet phones overall.

    • http://Website Rick

      At least with the Nexus S, Samsung WILL NOT be updating the OS, Google will be. Along with N1 it will be the first to get updates.

    • http://Website Kevin

      “how do you think Samsung has handled the roll-out of Android 2.2?”

      LOL. Oh how I laughed at that one. King, do yourself an enormous favor and never, ever, EVER buy a samsung smartphone.

  • http://Website BC

    I’ve already decided that as soon as the Nexus S (or whatever it’s called today) comes out, I’m getting it & saying to hell with the Galaxy. Yeah, I know it’s supposed to be a Samsung phone, but with the reputation of the original Nexus being updated before damn near anything else was, I’m hoping that Google will handle updates on the Nexus S & not Samsung.

  • MorphiusFaydal

    To answer the questions first: I think Samsung has handled it both well and poorly. They haven’t been promising the update by such-and-such a time, so they haven’t been breaking promises. But it’s been handled poorly, since upgrades should not take this long. At this point, since Samsung clearly has access to Gingerbread for the Nexus S, they should just upgrade all the Galaxy S phones straight to 2.3.

    I am of two minds about waiting until 2011 – I want to be upgraded, so I do have access to some of the new features/cool stuff, but then again, 2.1 does what I need it to. I actually am more excited for CyanogenMod, as I think stock Android is more functional/clean/well done than any manufacturer UI.

    My last comment is this: I personally will be going back to HTC or possibly a high-end Motorola phone, as they seem to be able to get the majority of updates done in a reasonable time frame.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      That is true. I remember when Moto promised some updates for the CLIQ and then the Droid and kept missing their target dates over and over.

  • http://Website frank

    the GPS is fine in the phones now … and anyways the vibrant has froyo up and running and there are like 4 very stable 2.2 roms … I’m on obsidian and there are no problems at all with the rom everything runs just like my evo

    • http://Website JayDubya

      Incorrect… After installing the JI6 update, which was supposed to correct the GPS issues, it actually got 10 times worse. I was driving home from work the night that it was installed to test it and it showed me in the middle of a river, that was literally a mile away, displaying that it was accurate within 30 meters. NO – it’s NOT fixed.

      • http://Website clocinnorcal

        Spot on! I own a Vibrant and I was waiting for the JI6 update to fix my GPS woes, only to discover that after the update my GPS seemed even more inaccurate and not able to even get a lock in a timely manner. I’ve tried the manual fix that is posted on various sites but that doesnt seem to have any effect either. Not to mention it took MONTHS for Samsung even release their worthless JI6 update.

        COME ON SAMMY!!!!

      • http://Website DK49

        Install one of the froyo roms. I have one of those on my vibrant and the GPS is spot on. The ASOP rom is stable and smooth. I haven’t had any issues whatsoever.

        Also, I heard all the talk about Samsung not updating their products. Also heard all the delays Moto had in their updates. I realized this could be an issue with the phone and love the developer community with their willingness to update the phones outside of Samsung. Frankly, I never got the proper update from T-Mobile with my blackberry that I had previously, so I blame TMO equally for this.

      • http://Website watbetch

        I’d hate to be the one to break it to you but if your GPS doesn’t work it’s not as a result of the software. My GPS works great. Your phone is broken.

  • chief113

    It could be worse. You could be waiting for a blackberry os6 update.

  • http://Website Adam

    I remember when the Galaxy S phones were announced in the US there were a bunch of commenters on tech blogs warning everyone to steer clear because Samsung are notorious for taking forever to provide software updates (or not at all) and I thought there was no way they would make the same mistake with the Galaxy S line because it was such a flagship device… but those commenters were right after all. It amazes me that you can have millions of customers and not make it a major priority to deliver updates to keep them happy (and make them return customers).

    Everyone I know with a Galaxy S phone has experienced major bugs. I think Samsung make some really nice hardware but fail miserably when it comes to software.

    • http://Website NeoteriX

      I know I was one warners — the stunt they previously pulled with the Behold… *shakes head at Samsung*

  • http://Website Jay dizzle

    I am getting a little pissed about this, I went ahead and got this the day it came out, with the “2.2 coming in September”in my deciding portion of my head. I didn’t even know about the GPS problem. Wish I would have never gotten this phone

  • http://Website Thorpeland

    This reinforces my decision I made to pass on the Vibrant and hold out for the MyTouch 4G with 2.2.

  • ayocuz

    This was talked about even before the release of those galaxy phones and people still brought em. Now people think they’re gonna get a update when in fact they shouldn’t even brought them

  • http://Website David

    Uh, yeah. I do mind. Looking back, I wish I would have passed on the vibrant and waited for the G2. Despite the amazing display, the gps problems and now the ridiculous battery drain (which started after the gps fix) are too much. Samsung has seen the last of me unless 2.2 happens pretty soon.

    • http://Website BC

      OH!! So THAT’S why my battery life sucks! Hell, I hadn’t even realized (DUH). I’ve been uninstalling apps trying to figure out what was killing the battery. I never put 2 & 2 together. Yet another reason to dump this phone. Hmmm… I wonder if I still have my old Nokia candybar laying around somewhere.

      • http://Website Charlotte

        “Hmmm… I wonder if I still have my old Nokia candybar laying around somewhere.”

        Dramatic much?

  • http://Website Mocha K

    Wow, Samsung is messing up. I should had known this would happen, and I fell for it. People tell me to be patient, but lets be real here. I bought this “high end” phone to be up to date with the updates. ugh

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    Another reason why handset makers need to stick with vanilla. Otherwise this will happen. They have to get it to play nice with their ui. Only handset maker I know is htc that can respectively push out updates. Some other handset makers to, but even then, they’ll have bugs or worsen up. Vanilla is compatible and natural to work with all future updates. And whenever this ui makeover comes from google, hopefully it can end most lay overs. Besides sense ui

  • http://Website BUbbles

    NOt mad at all, I have 2.2 already on my vibrant. Root and go to xda, don’t cry about it, just,root.

    • http://Website William

      yeah cause everyone like my sister knows what rooting is and is an androidphonenerd. gosh i like arrogant manners….

      • http://Website ddd

        If your sister can read at an 8th grade level in about an hour she could be rooted and running a custom rom/kernel that will blow away anything the factory puts out.

  • http://Website Dev1359

    …and this is why I decided against getting a Vibrant (despite how tempted I was at the time) and why I will never buy a phone from Samsung.

  • http://Website PaulD

    my company’s exchange email server won’t allow android 2.1 — android 2.2 is supposed to have new security features that might make it secure enough for my company — this is ridiculous to wait into 2011 to be hooked up to my company’s email server — 2011!!!??

    • http://Website BC

      I had to break down & buy TouchDown ( when the G1 came out so I could use it for work. Sucked having to pay $30 or whatever it was, but I’ve been using it ever since & I absolutely love it. When I got my Vibrant, I tried to connect to Exchange without it & was able to but the interface & features totally sucked in comparison to TouchDown so I dumped that & installed TouchDown & haven’t looked back. Native Exchange support will have to REALLY step it up in order for me to stop using TouchDown anytime soon.

      • MystaMax

        I use to use Touchdown and loved it, but now I use RoadSync by DataViz. It has a much better and easier to use interface.

  • Cyberpyr8

    At this point if you really want 2.2 root it and put a ROM on it. There are several good ROMs out there and they seem to address the GPS issues. I know people are worried about voiding their warranty but by the time that Samsung and T-Mobile get around to rolling out 2.2 your 2 year contract will be half way up. It is a great phone and 2.1 is not that bad but if you have to get the features in 2.2 there is a way to get them now. Plus these phones are hard to brick. If you need to return the phone for hardware reasons you likely could get it back to unrooted stock 2.1 before you give it back.

  • http://Website joey

    WOW its the behold 2 fiasco all over again…… with the new samsuck nexus s coming out the samsuck galaxy has its days number. No 2.2 or beyond for you galaxy owner . you will see…

    off topic my girlfriends tmobile mytouch 4g came with 2.2 . I love htc

  • http://Website Duckzero

    This is my first Android phone, and coming from a former iPhone user, this is extremely, extremely unprofessional on Samsung’s end. Any company dealing with Android should know that as soon as Google announces a new version of Android, they better be on the grind to ensure that an update comes out as soon as possible. I don’t mind rooting the phone for Roms, but I should not have to use that as an option to keep my phone up to date.

    It also reinforces my view that all phone manufacturers should at a minimum release a plain build of each new release (as soon as possible, if I were Google I would give them a 3 month window) for geek consumption and their modified version later. By doing this in a timely manner they can keep the hardcore happy and vocal about the positives of android on their platform.

    I’m at the point where if people ask me if they should buy a galaxy s phone, I tell them to get the iPhone or Win7 now.

    • iSunday

      You tell people to get a Windows 7 phone instead of Android because of Samsung?

      That gave away your credibility. iPhone users don’t see upgrade time as an issue because they all get them at the same time. Cleary you never updated a 3g iphone that became uselessbecause of the update. A warning not to update would have been nice.

      As much as Samsung has pained me with this, is rather wait on an update than be forced into one that essentially bricks my phone.

      • http://Website Duckzer

        Here’s the thing. I’ve used all three phones and to be clear, Win7 is a good alternative to Android if there isn’t a good or fairly future proofed Android phone available.

        Also, have you updated your Vibrant to find that your battery life has decreased? I have. That’s just as much as an issue for users as sluggishness.

        You should be OK giving people alternatives. Trust me, competition is a good thing. With iOS and Win7 having very tight integrated UIs and experiences, it’s only natural that Android will catch up.

  • http://Website mkrmec

    This is a partial fault of the stupid carriers and their utterly stupid modifications to the Android OS… it forces Samsung to make many different android builds for nothing !! Stupid…

    • http://Website Solo

      Samsung is already slow with updates, but when you combine with carriers modifications which make updates way slower.

  • daveloft

    My suggestion is root your Samsung device and install a custom ROM.

  • http://Website Mary Ann

    I wish I wasn’t so enthralled with T-mobile’s customer service… or I’d be running to a niftier phone. My Vibrant has to be charged 3x a day. And I hate that.

  • http://Website jason

    hey Richard Ahlquist…

    You should probably stop saying that because the GPS works fine with the pre-release leaked version of 2.2 that’s floating around. I have it on my vibrant, and it’s fine.

  • http://Website My Galaxy


    • http://Website 1342

      angry reply comment

  • http://Website jason

    hey Mary Ann,

    turn off your GPS and wifi unless you are using them. Even with the 2.1 software that came with the vibrant, you should get a full day with heavy usage. using the leaked 2.2 software that’s floating around, it’s substantially better.

  • http://Website Joseph

    yes I freaking mind waiting till 2011…it’s ridiculous to think they it’s a priority for Samsung because there are leaked ROMS all over the internet and if you don’t trust yourself flashing your expensive device (because you can BRICK it like me) then you are getting screwed over because 2.1 blows. these phones probably should have been shipped with 2.2 in the first place.

  • orginn

    First of all let me say this, I love my vibrant it handles apps like a pro, now that’s out the way, I say no they haven’t, do to the fact of this a flagship phone, 3 millin sold in the us alone, thats should be enough to say lets get ball rolling, and i also blame google too for having this let manufacturer/carrier deal with it atitude, we want our update preferably on day 1, or atleast a couple weeks later at the longest.

  • iSunday

    I’m actually furious.

    The only saving grace in my eyes would be a jump to 2.3 — explicitly since the update will be more significant to begin with. I’m not holding my breath for a December either, but it would be nice.

    I tweeted Samsung before I mage the decision to get a Captivate, and they assayed me that the September update was a priority. I’ve since tweeted them many times without a response.

    This Captivate will be the last Samsung phone that I buy, unless there is a Nexus, or other stock version, available.

    • iSunday

      That would be “especially”, not explicitly. Love swype… But sometimes mommy and daddy don’t get along.

  • http://Website Alfonso

    Root > Install Darky’s Legendary Steel Edition Custom ROM (froyo) > you won’t regret.

  • http://Website Mike

    Telus’ HTC Desire already has 2.2. They also said the Fascinate will get it this Winter before 2011. This is surprising, usually in Canada we get everything dead last, not the U.S. Eitherway Gingerbread will most likely be out already, so we will still be behind, seeing at how long it takes Samsung to release updates is just ridiculous.

  • http://Website Woohoo

    This is why I’m an HTC fan!

  • http://Website Addictive

    I have the epic. I really love this phone, but it sucks because I know it can do a lot more if it was updated. I have this phone but I can’t use what it can really do. So like many of you I’m stuck on android 2.1. When will they update my phone? And when they do will it be 2.2 or 2.3? These questions make me wonder if I will ever purchase another samsung phone.

  • http://Website My Galaxy

    Rooted and using 2.2 custom rom, now works the way it should, didn’t even bother with the 2.2 lagfix as its snappy enough. Samsung may have sold a lot of phone but they probably damaged their reputation irreparably and that of android with their buggy release and holding back updates makes it even worse.

    Though my phone is working ok, I can’t recommend it to others I just tell them to look at HTC stuff. Google needs to make a stand with a quality stamp on new android phone if they don’t come up to standard they don’t get the stamp (google verified or something).

    They should only be allowed to call it an android app compatible phone because the moment you start changing how android works and fill it up with bugs its stops being native android and because something else.

  • http://Website s15274n

    It’s ironic that every post that has a solution is rated poorly.


    GPS & battery are amazing on my Vibrant. I have 4 Android phones (including the Nexus) and the Vibrant is hand’s down my favorite.

    Should Samsung have been better about update’s, yes. Do they have an amazing phone that is already running froyo, yes. I’m running Azura 2.0.3 and I’m betting it’s better than whatever froyo you have on your Android phone.

    Quit whining and do something….

    • http://Website reddragon72

      Flashing your phone voids your warranty so a lot of people here wont do it for that reason. And FYI the Froyo you are running is still a beta of what Samsung was putting out so it’s not even a final production.

    • http://Website Sammy McSamsuck

      i LOLed as he wrote RIOT YOUR PHONE

  • http://Website Alex

    it’s simple….. This is my first time buying a Samsung Phone and my last time…. This is just ridiculous.

    I make mistake 1 time but not 2…. Next time I’ll go HTC…

  • http://Website JGreene

    I wonder if my EVO will get 2.3 before they get 2.2???

  • http://@jeffsandroid Jeffsandroid

    z4root + rom manager + obsidian v3 = happy Froyo times for you! I agree Sammy dropped the ball, but hey, at least they made their phones easy to mod. I can go from out of the box stock to awesome sauce 2.2 in about 20 minutes.

  • http://Website Artar

    Information like this, as well as the fact that CM6 is still not available on the Galaxy, makes me hesitant to purchase the Nexus Two.

    I suppose I can take comfort in the fact that Google will control updates with the Nexus Two, but still…..

    • http://Website Artar

      Someone already said this above. I should have read the comments better.

  • http://Website Name (required)

    And this is why production on the Tab is being slowed. Everyone is seeing a repeating process here all Samsung Android phones receive no support. First the Behold then Behold2 now the Galaxy line and soon the Tab. Samsung seems to be really up on trying to pump out new devices and then not supporting them, and in that stance this was my last Samsung purchase ever, that includes the Nexus S simply because Samsung has a hand in it somewhere and you know they’ll mess it up.

  • http://Website Me

    Samsung didn’t handle the 2.2 roll out well at all because there is no 2.2 roll out yet, at least not in the US. It’s a shame because i don’t like Samsung at all, but I do like my vibrant, I’m gonna miss the super AMOLED display but I have decided to sell it and buy either a my touch 4g or maybe wait 2011 for dual core processor phones. At this point, for me, it doesn’t matter when they release froyo because even when they do, then we will be disappointed with gingerbread and honeycomb roll out updates. Smartphones are getting better and better everyday, samsung should have seized the opportunity to turn their bad reputation around and give great support to their galaxy s line but they have once again failed miserably. Yes they have sold millions, but they won’t fool us again. Never buying a samsung product again.

  • http://Website Alakar

    I guess I just don’t get all the drama in this thread. Before the patch, the GPS issue was a valid grip, but since my Vibrant runs just fine. 2.2 would be nice, primarily for access to apps that only run on 2.2, but jeez, you people make it seem like you phones a non-functional unless you get 2.2.

  • http://Website mikey

    Y’all are soft I’m still rockin Donut on my G1!

    • http://Website TruFactzâ„¢

      Aww shucks! That phone with the 528mhz processor? And the GPU that only provides MotionBlur to games? Not to mention that awesome battery life man i hear u can get a whole day out of it and u can be a power user! Man that phone is awesome I gotta check that boy out! I heard Craigslist selling them for 25 dollars! That’s a steal right?

  • http://Website jk

    hhhm this got me thinking. samsung u failed me once again from my mp3 to my samsung captivate. i still have til monday b4 my trial is up. what do u guys think? should i return my captivate and get an iPhone 4? too bad i really love android but i wont get a crappy android phone and there’s only one high end android device on at&t. its the samsung captivate. now i have my middle finger up on samsung for delaying update too much. sorry for my some appropriate words.

    • http://Website Charlotte

      The Captivate is the most neutered of the Galaxy S line. I wouldn’t keep it. I would also not keep AT & T. There are plenty of great android phones on the other carriers. I have a Vibrant, and while I’m disappointed that it isn’t on Froyo yet, I still love the phone. I’m not going to cry about it, I’m going to educate myself so I can get a Froyo rom from XDA.

      • http://Website jk

        hmm yeah samsung sucks, i can’t go to other carriers, i’m just seventeen and i dont have my independence yet. i think ima keep the fcking SAMSUNG captivate and just get an iTouch 4g,.

  • http://Website James

    i wish i could take back my vibrant and get the Mytouch 4g. Samsung is taking too long to give us a update and 2.3 is around the corner. It would be nice if they would skip 2.2 and give us 2.3 in the beginning of January would be nice. Samsung is raking in the money selling millions of phones but screwing their customers. last time i will get a Samsung product.

  • krazytrixxxsta

    i dont know why you guys are complaining, all of you knew what you was getting into when you decided to buy a samsung phone.

  • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

    Thats why i love my flawless iPhone 4 sooooo much!

    • http://Website Charlotte

      except for that little antenna problem which is solved by putting a case on it that will break the glass. lol.

    • http://Website upon1wheel

      lol, sorry to burst your bubble, but even the galaxy s on 2.1 is way faster and more functional than your iphone 4. not to mention that even though there is no ‘official’ 2.2 update, theres so many 2.2 roms now that all that is gonna be is a new base and maybe some bug fixes. and with a beta(but functional) cm 6.1 now available for the galaxy s i9000 and the captivate, things are just starting to happen.

  • http://Website Snake

    Never day never you will buy another samsumg phone

  • http://Website charlotte

    Also, way to go on the inflammatory headline. The only SGS confirmed to “get Froyo in 2011″ is the Canadian Fascinate. It could still happen for us in the US, people. Dare to dream.

  • http://Website Richard


    • http://Website AmericanJedi

      I stopped reading once you started yelling and continued to do so for 2/3 of your post. Just sayin’…

    • http://Website ddd

      What? Speak up, you’re mumbling.

  • http://Website jk

    i wonder when we galaxy s line users will get gingerbread or honeycomb, maybe 2012 or 2013? yeah thats how long samsung takes to release an update.!

  • http://Website Casey

    I’m going to get the droid x early next year and be done with samsung. Not happy with them

  • http://Website Marco P.

    This makes me such a sad little boy. I wish I had the time to sit down and figure out how to root my phone! I tried the z4mod app, but I couldn’t get the free wifi to work nor download a custom rom. Halfway through the installation it’d say there was an error and then restart. So sad indeed….and I waited sooooo long to download that rom….

  • http://Website Runaway

    You could debate all you want for me last time I purchase a Samsung phone. An in reply to the comments about custom 2.2 roms you could install, I didn’t buy a galaxy s for that nor do I have the time.

  • http://Website Steve

    Samsung has great hardware (except possibly the GPS), but that is it. They are terrible at writing software, they are terrible at disclosures, and in some ways are terrible at PR (they have lots of great people on the PR front, but they are not given any useful information or the ability to take ownership for any question that asks specifics. I am not expecting too much from Sammy on Froyo, they can’t even fix the GPS firmware…

  • http://Website Itrustme

    I think waiting this long is unacceptable.the only way samsung would redeem themselves is if they were to release 2.3

  • HipHopIsLyfe37

    I will never buy another Samsun phone for as long as I live. They’re full of shit and I hate them for laying the update off. They do not deserve our money if they’re going to screw us over like this. F*CK YOU SAMSUNG!!!!!!

  • AhynesG1

    Yeah I definitely mind. I’ve waited for ever for the damn “GPS fix” but it’s not fixed. My G1 can lock in seconds and stay locked. I won’t be buying another Samsung phone unless it’s stock Android and it’s supported by Google (Nexus S?)… and wait to see if there’s any problems. Touchwiz is completely laggy and ever since this “GPS optimization” update my Gallery freezes up. Hate me all you want, I’m stating my opinion and my experience with the phone…. yours may differ but this phone does not meet my expectations.

  • http://Website pax

    Keep on ranting. I sold my Samsung Vibrant and bought myself an iPhone…at least the updates come from the source itself and does not have to be approved by carriers. Unless I can get a phone with Stock Android (google phone), I am sadly sticking with the iPhone.

  • http://Website Bmad185

    I think its messed up how they handled the roll out of the android 2.2 just think when they release 2.3 we might never get I have the Samsung vibrant I love my phone but I am leaving Samsung an getting the g2

  • http://Website Eric

    As long as they.fix the gps I don’t care

  • http://Website GabMacFadden

    I hope I can get the update here in Brazil… do you really think they are going to update the captivate to 2.3?

  • http://Website Jamie

    Pissed! My wifes mt3g just got froyo today! Total bs

  • http://Website ACR

    Samsung mobile software department sux so bad. The GPS problem is still exists. My Tmo Vibrant’s GPS is working but it takes couple minutes to connect to satellites unless I have the GPS on all the time. It takes 3 seconds on my MyTouch3G Slide and more consistence signal. The RFS proprietary file system on Galaxy S causes lag after 1 month of use or so, whenever reading or writing to the internal storage. The plastic cover in the back creaking after I dropped the phone couple times. I don’t want two plastic battery covers with two different colors. I do want a metal cover and a more durable plastic cover, not two same cheap plastic covers. Samsung, are you serious? Still waiting for official Froyo on the Vibrant before I flash a custom ROM. I am also waiting for Froyo on MyTouch3G Slide.

  • http://Website Miguel Lopez

    Samsung I hope you read this just skip Android 2.2 Froyo and move onto Android 2.3 Gingerbread its already around the corner ready to be released. I would love if you give us Gingerbread instead of Froyo please do that I wouldn’t mind waiting not like the other Galaxy S users I have patience. (Samsung Vibrant)

  • http://Website meazy

    Man I am glad I got a nexus 1 2.2 been having it for at least 6 months now

  • http://Website Bobbie K

    I was very excited for the Fascinate and I do love the phone, but now I’m just frustrated. I know it’s only been a few months, but OMG I came from a D1 with 2.2 of course and even though I love the Fascinate…I’m starting to regret purchasing it. I’m sure I’m just saying that because I want 2.2 now.

    I do think Samsung has gone about this wrong. Updating consumers is a damn good thing Samsung. Even if it’s not what we want to hear….at lease tell us something.

    Patience and I do not agree!

  • http://Website TAR 21

    AND FUCK TMOBILE, AT&T, SPRINT AND VERIZON TOO. They should hurry up to put their bullshit ass custom on top of the software too. Fuckers.

    • http://Website Derek15

      hi mom, hows your evening so far?

    • http://Website 2FR35H

      Why on earth would you include t-mobile in that sentence? they are the only carrier pretty much that doesn’t add anything extra. Actually sprint doesn’t either its only AT&T and Verizon.

  • http://Website RandyN

    I’m sure I’m not posting anything that hasn’t already been said but Samsung has lost me as a customer (not just for phones, but anything with the Samsung name on it). This is complete bs and obviously Samsung bit off more than they can chew. Fortunately, I’ve already persuaded several people to buy an HTC phone.

    • http://Website AmericanJedi

      They still make badass TVs and monitors, I can personally attest to that. Phones, well… I’ll reserve final judgement ’til I see how the SGS Froyo & Gingerbread releases go, as well as the Nexus S/2/whatever release.

      • http://Website G2Joee

        I completely agree! Love their LCD TVs, but I didn’t buy the Vibrant because of the update problems they had in the past (and present). My wife has one and loves it, but she couldn’t tell you which build version was on her phone anyway! LOL

  • http://Website Brian

    I mind. I really mind. It’s time for Samsung to put up or shut up. I had to wait 4 months just to use my GPS for christ sake. I think they can put a little effort into it, that’s all I’m saying.

    • http://Website 2FR35H

      Did you ever think that effort takes time? maybe they are working out the kinks.

      • http://Website Pax

        Nope..Samsung would careless what we think and want..

  • http://Website JJbeanbag

    I use to have the behold to but kept complaining to tmobile about the phone and finally got and executives email and now the traded me my behold for a vibrant, with a written promise that if is not updated to 2.2 by the end of the year i can pick a different phone.. but i must say i love the vibrant and my girlfriend has the g2 and i would not trade my vibrant for that. that is just my two cents and just do not like the hate for a great phone.. Samsung will update it because they know they have a major following with the galaxy s phones and if they screw this up then they will lose allot of customers.

  • http://Website JSloss

    They handled it so well in fact, that after 3 weeks of completely loving my Fascinate, I am sending it back to Verizon for a White Evo on Sprint. I can’t use a device for work that doesn’t sync with my global address list, or that doesn’t have forwarded mail caught as spam and kicked back to me.

    Thanks Samsung for making a totally rad device that I can’t use!

  • http://Website smarterthanyou

    You ever stop to think that carriers don’t let sMsung update their phones. If vibrant had froyo who would buy T-Mobiles baby, the mytouch. If fascinate had froyo who would buy verizons baby, the Droid. If captivated had froyo who would buy ATTs baby, the iPhone. If galaxy s phones were like overseas galaxy with ffc, samoled, gpu, and processor, flash most US phones would be shit compared to it. Closest is epic but keyboard killed it.

  • http://Website rev2redlineguy

    I think Samsung has handled the update poorly. First, they said they were going to make the update to 2.2 a priority….well, for such a “priority” I don’t see it yet so what happened? I’m not mad or anything because in the end it’s just a phone BUT here’s the deal…people don’t forget about bad press and stuff when it comes to products and things that fail (aka Behold 2 because people bad mouthed it so much that it’s remembered. Also, look at the Motorola Cliq too). So now you are looking at product #2 – the Galaxy S phones that Samsung mentioned they were going to make updates a “priority” and so far (for us in the U.S.) nothing. I think if Samsung would just come clean and give everyone some kind of specific and truthful timeline, then it would eliminate all the bad hype it’s getting right now. People always seem to remember more of the bad stuff that happens to products then good things so a company’s reputation could be at stake (not that they would be put out of business but it would cause the consumer to lose trust and faith in Samsung mobile products in the future possibly). For me, if I don’t hear something about the update by December, I’m going to cut my losses and move onto the G2. At least it has somewhat of a better chance of getting the updates sooner since it’s vanilla Android.

    • http://Website Galaxyman

      well, part of the reason is the carriers here in the US asking for certain features to be added or removed, thereby fragmenting the phones and making updates more difficult

  • http://Website Alan

    yea that’s what I thought…i thought samsung would surprise us with gingerbread instead of froyo to make up for the lacking in timely updates

  • Tony

    I do have a problem waiting until 2011, since have been waiting so eagerly since September for android 2.2. I’ve been checking literally night and day for any updates on the web from Samsung, I know I will have to just wait it out just I am crossing my fingers for mid to very close to end of December for a release, gosh I’ve been a good boy, Samsung surprise me with a gift on or before Christmas. I mean I bought the phone, thinking pshh…I can buy it now and deal with 2.1 but atleast Samsung will be releasing 2.2 soon after. Well now I have completely changed my view of Samsung, I don’t see myself buying another Samsung device. Due to the lack of priority on updates. Geez verizon, and sprint send out updates quickly, and Apple is quick on their iOS devices. Well I can’t take my captivate back, so I just need to wait it out but Samsung come on surprise me!

  • geeknik

    I’m find with 2.1 for now. I was never promised 2.2 when I bought the phone and besides, my StupidFast kernel for the Fascinate makes the phone fast w/o the need for any stupid lagfixes. ;)

  • http://Website Jarhead

    I have been an HTC fan for years loved their phones. Was in a self debate over the EVO or the Epic. Chose the Epic for the physical keyboard. HUGE HUGE HUGE mistake. HTC I will never stray again.

  • http://Website Allan Kelley

    All I will say is if my Epic 4g doesn’t get 2.2 this year, I will never buy ANYTHING Samsung the rest of my life. I advise all my friends when they puchase electronics and especially phones. I am only one person, but if there are million that feel the same way, we can make a difference.

  • http://Website dino

    why wait for a buggy release anyway. go to XDA and get the Froyo flavor of the week. Too easy. Thanks for nothing Samsung.

  • Aaron

    I am a very new user to the Android operating system after spending the last 2 years as strictly a BlackBerry user. I quickly jumped at the opportunity to switch from my trusted Curve over to my 1st Android handset, the Samsung Vibrant. I chose this phone after months of researching not only this phone but the outstanding product line as well as the seemingly reputation and user feedback from various forums that placed the Vibrant on the pedestal it so aptly fitted. That being said the layout of the phone (being all touchscreen) factored into my consideration of purchase also. Now 2 days shy of my purchase I have seen promises made of Froyo hitting the airwaves (OTA) or via Kies numerous times as well ill fated rumors of the 11th or the 15th or whatever. Still as this article reads Samsung has remained “mysteriously quiet” as to a timeframe when owners of this phone will receive the frozen tasty treat. I for one also asked and thought about Samsung and T-Mobile skipping the cold dessert in favor of the imminent cookie in a few weeks. As a phone and an Android at that, I’m in love with my phone. However, when one spends hard earned money on the device with promises made before and after purchase of updates just to make a sale, it leaves questions in ones mind as to the honesty behind those who make those promises. As I’ve stated I love my phone but like others across the USA who forked over cash for the Vibrant I am growing tired of it rather quickly because of delay after delay after delay. Reputation goes a long way. And my faith in Samsung is diminishing by the day. Restoration of faith is something Samsung should be looking at and seriously taking a long hard talk about to retain consumers of future products. Why on earth should us users wait months after an official update is released. Understandably manufacturers as well as carriers play a role in getting the updates out after they fill them with all sorts of bloatware yet end users like myself should not suffer with the overkill of time and inconsistencies. As some would say “man up Samsung,” and give up what is due or at the very least honestly release a set in stone timeline for the release of the update and not a ballpark range of mid-November to mid-December. Before the end of the year is not a good way to put it either again set it in stone. By doing this will dispel any all rumors if it comes from the horses’ mouth (in this case Samsung). Or else consumers will starting looking elsewhere for Android devices. I for one am thinking HTC here I come.

  • http://Website j.

    i have never been happier! I swapped my epic for the evo 3 days ago, and do not regret anything I have already gotten an update on it, I have no doubt HTC will gve their customers what they promise, i bet i will have 2.3 long before any more Samsung promises will be pushed aside again! @o long Samsung!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website Nik

    I’d say that having Froyo unavailable from the MANUFACTURER and CARRIER is a problem, but honestly speaking, most of these phones you can get Froyo for right this second. If you’re that impatient, then go get yourself Froyo and quit whining about it.

    I’m of two minds about it myself: On the one hand, yeah, Samsung could have actually said “Hey guys, we plan on releasing it on X Day, so be prepared.” That would have been nice.

    Then again as an Epic owner, I remember how close to launch I found out this phone was dropping in the first place, how every week one detail would slip through the cracks and then our hopes would be dashed…getting your hopes up and not having somebody deliver sucks. Honestly speaking, I’d like to have as stable of an experience as possible; I don’t WANT another fiasco where I’m having to re-download my new shiny OS or even worse, reverting back to a previous iteration because the new one is so fucked beyond all recognition that it can’t work.

    That, and let’s be honest with ourselves here, when did we start expecting multinational corporations to honor their words? Companies have been breaking promises for YEARS, why is this suddenly news?

    As far as when I think we’ll (and by we, I mean Epic owners specifically) get Froyo OFFICIALLY, it’ll probably be 2011. Five bucks says Samsung and Sprint are working on integrating Froyo and the new Sprint ID stuff simultaneously, if and only if because it would simplify headaches down the road; could you imagine them releasing their Touchwiz’d version of 2.2, then having to rework that entirely for Sprint ID? It’d be silly!

    The Vibrant and the Captivate, if anything, it’s probably due to the horrid GPS issues they’ve been experiencing, in addition to the lag issues and all of the other associated problems. If they’re not actively working to solve these problems, then honestly it’s taking them waaaaay too long to release this, especially considering that these two phones have been out the longest of the four.

    The Fascinate…? Honestly, no clue. I didn’t even know people bought the damn thing (kidding).

    But hell, I’m just ranting in an uninformed manner here, so if I’m right or wrong, I don’t care. If I find myself getting impatient for some Froyo Goodness, I’ll just root and install the XDA version myself.

  • http://Website tracksforhire

    Samsung sucks azz. i bought the vibrant on release day in july and was expecting froyo in september never happened so i dumped the vibrant for the mytouch 4G HTC just does android right and samsung can keep their super amoeled screen cause they suck with updates and plastic phones

  • http://Website Victor

    Ok I’m not a Samsung guy myself so I need someone’s opinion…which phone is better out of the myTouch 4G and the G2 overall especially when it comes to updates? Someone help please…

  • http://Website watbetch

    This is nonsense.

    The only phone that we know of won’t get 2.2 this YEAR from it’s carrier is the Telus Fascinate which JUST launched not 2 weeks ago.

    >>”If you are one of the 3 million plus in the U.S. with a Galaxy S, how do you think Samsung has handled the roll-out of Android 2.2? Do you mind waiting till 2011?”

    Are you kidding me? You succeeded in getting people pissed off with this bullshit.

    >>”We still don’t have any official release dates for the software update on U.S. carriers”

    No really? Why are they in your image for this headline claiming that we know of SOME phones (not one) won’t get 2.2 this year. Shitty reporting

  • http://Website survivor

    such a great hardware but no software support. Was switching my nexus one for this one worth it? Thats what im askin myself right now

    • http://Website pax

      You and me both. I regret having sold my Nexus 1…Miss it soooo much.

  • http://Website m

    Samsung mad an awesome phone I love galaxy S and its my first Samsung phone.
    But delaying us every moth like this is really not making me happy I mean for god sake I switched from nokia because of that they lazy and not take care of there customers the only way ill wait till 2011 if we gonna get 2.3 otherwise give us 2.2 now Samsung PLEASE

  • http://Website ddd

    Waiting on tmobile/samsung? Gawd…time to root and start flashing…i love my vibrant running some team whiskey, bench scores blow the nexus 2.2 and the my touch out of the water as well as side by side in the store. On the gps front…seriously? mines dead on, there’s plenty of fixes out there.

  • http://Website ddd

    Also, rooting and flashing roms on this phone is brilliant and a piece of cake if you can read institutions…if you’re afraid of voiding you warranty there is a better chance that you will void it in some other fashion like dropping it in the toilet. Odin had your friend and xda is your friend…control your destiny minions.

  • http://Website damo

    HA HA i am in uk with a galaxy s with 2.2 update it came out on 15th nov here we dont get much before the usa but we got the update!!!!
    but will change it when nexus s comes out as its slow with 2.1 and 2.2 my awfull x10 was quicker and didnt lock up when installing apps

  • http://Website leonardo

    Thank god i sold my vibrant and got a mytouch 4g. I think htc will send the 2.2 update faster to the original myTouch than samsung will with the galaxy s phones in the US!

  • http://Website Bill

    Unacceptable !! I would not have bought this phone if I knew it was going to take SO LONG to move to 2.2. If I don’t get 2.3 early 2011 I WILL NEVER buy a Samsung phone again.

  • http://Website jk

    i hope samsung reads/understands our comments..!

  • http://Website Deadpool9

    This is exactly why I ruled out the Fascinate when looking for a new Android phone from VZW. They burned me on my current WinMO 6.1 device that never got GPS fixes, software updates, etc. that all DID release in EU and Asia.
    Never buying a Samsung anything in the future with the exception of their TVs.

  • http://Website danny

    I learned my lesson with my mytouch…never recieved an update for a year…rooting is the way to go

  • http://AndroidandMe Heather

    I’m definitely starting to wonder why I let the sales Guy at Sprint talk me into getting the Epic over the Droid. It was with his assurance that the latest update (2.2) would be available
    the following month…that was in September. It seems HTC has their stuff together when it comes to updating their phones. Samsung…What’s the problem!?!? Get it together guys or you will be seeing a mass Exodus as people jump ship to the more competent companies!

  • http://Website Name (required)

    I strongly regret my decision to return an EVO for an Epic. This is my 1st Crapsung phone, and it will be my last.

    I hope more people stop buying their phone. When they lose customers is when they’ll learn to honor their products. If people keep buying their crappy buggy phones then they’ll resume their shady business practices. STOP BUYING SAMSUNG PHONES UNTIL THEY LEARN TO UPDATE IN A TIMELY MANNER!

  • http://Website CactusCat

    I just wanted to make a quick comment about battery life on my Vibrant. When I first got the phone, I too thought the battery life was unacceptable. If I could make it all thru the day without having to recharge then I felt like I’d had a good day. But after much experimentation, I’ve found a very viable solution and my battery life is at least “normal” now… it lasts all day every day. I do charge my Vibrant every night, but it lasts 14-16 hrs with ease and usually have 30-40% battery life left when I plug in the charger at night. Here’s what I did. I removed ALL task killers from the phone. I use nothing at all to manage anything except the built in Task Manager app from Samsung (their bloatware, but it works good). I have the screen brightness turned down to 25% with a widget to turn it to 100% (for outside in sunlight when needed). I turn off Wi-Fi and GPS on the drop down notification bar and I leave them off until needed. Its quick and easy to turn them on when needed. After doing these few minor things, I’ve found a few programs don’t close properly when used (ie. Voice Search, Opera Mini browser, etc) and use the Task Manager app to END them. I use my phone relatively hard every day, mostly calls, email and several texts, and to not have to worry about the battery now has been very good. I suspect if you’re having a problem with your battery life, a little detective work can make it last much longer. Cheers to all….

  • http://Website Kevin

    Samsungs promise was that they would update the vibrant a few weeks after launch. FAIL!
    I will never buy another Samsung phone. I’m sticking with HTC from now on.

  • http://Website ddd

    this thread is hilarious! And getting better by the post…problem is I don’t have enough cheese and crackers to go along with all of this whine!

    xda is your friend, if you’re running stock you’re missing half of your phone…come on people get some balls and put your crayons back in the box.

    • monlosez

      I know most of these people don’t even own a Galaxy S. But still Samsung never listen to their customers.

  • http://Website Jorel

    I’ve installed v4.2 Obsidian, w/ Overkill lag fix, this phone is super super fast now, GPS works but lock on takes 20-30seconds but once it locks, its accurate. GPS lock was very fast after stock JI6 update (<8seconds), I live in NYC, idk know if you guys are having issues in other parts of the country. Not a big deal for me since I take trains and Buses everywhere.

    I agree with what others are saying here, if you're not the type to really get in the guts of your phone to get yourself the best possible user experience, you should have gotten an iphone or blackberry.

  • http://Website Guy Incognito

    I’ve tried to remain optimistic thus far, but the Samsung Vibrant has been nothing but a disappointment. I bought it on the presumption it would get Froyo within a month or two – yet there is still not a definitive date.

    That in and of itself is no big deal. The aforementioned useless GPS and the absolutely UNUSABLE Contacts list are a huge deal.

    The issues with Contacts are asinine in this day and age. Its not a new concept. How does a company making phones screw that up?

    Samsung can never release Froyo for all I care. I’ll never buy a phone made by them again.

    • http://Website Guy Incognito

      Funny how no one mentions that the #1 most likely reason for this long delay is that Samsung is more focused on getting their BS Media Hub going.

      Dear Samsung – no one gives a flying ufck about your stupid Media Hub. Why don’t you focus on giving us phones that work properly?

  • http://Website jk

    Fuuh samsung.!!!!

  • ritalin

    I had to comment in here on this.

    I have a Vibrant, I knew full well going in that Samsung AND T-Mobile has a bad reputation for timely updates. I also took into account that this was a Flagship device and not a lowend first try device like the Behold2. What this meant to me was that Samsung would provide updates and the number of owners would provide a healthy development community to come through where T-Mobile and Samsung stall, just as it did with my G1.

    Now that I have that out of the way, I am currently running an extremely stable 2.2 build provided by Team Whiskey, Obsidian 4.2.

    I want to point out a few things to those that seem to be confused about this phone.

    1 The GPS IS NOT BROKEN in hardware. The newer 2.2 updates with are based on leaked T-Mobile builds have fixed the GPS and I get a perfect lock every time, even inside. So lets stop spreading this silly idea that Samsung is not dropping an update to hide a broken aspect of their phone. If you want to discuss your retarded conspiracy theories take it to a site where the readers might believe you.

    2. Battery… The Battery is NOT worse in 2.2 then it is in previous 2.1 roms. IF you are having an issue with your battery it is one of two things. You have a crappy Kernel in your rom or you need to Recondition your battery in Recovery. So far I can get around 22 hours out of my Vibrant if I dont keep the Wifi going all day. This is pretty damn good and a few hours longer then stock 2.1

    3. ROOT!!! The Vibrant was by far and away the easiest Android device to root I have ever dealt with. I dont care if the reader aboves sister was 4, blind in one eye constantly doped up on meds, she could root this device. Its a damn APP, install it, click the button called root, DONE! After that install Clockwork and choose a rom you want to use. If it was a G2 or a MT4G or a G1 way back in the day I could understand, but not with this phone, there is NO reason not to have root access.

    Other thoughts and opinions.
    I have seen a lot of people complaining about the Nexus S going to Samsung. Here are my thoughts on why this happened. I think that Google chose Samsung because they are a larger company and not nearly as willing to bend over for a lawsuit from Apple or MS. HTC while growing, cant even entertain the idea of going to court with Apple or MS, Samsung has the financial stability to do so.

    Im also interested to see what this slightly curved front glass is going to be like on the Nexus S. Im thinking that it may drastically cut down on glare.

    As for the articles question, well I am upset that the official 2.2 has not been dropped, but the dev community is keeping me happy. I have entertained the idea of Samsung skipping 2.2 and going straight to 2.3 as they obviously had a peak behind the curtain on its source before it was released to the world, this is obvious with the news of the Nexus S. I am NOT holding my breath waiting on it though. As long as drivers are released for 2.3 I dont care if Samsung drops an official as Cyan will be up and running on my phone by then and will keep me up to date.

  • FullMugTech

    Maybe if they would stop putting their stupid “theme” on it, we’d have it by now. I wish they stop with the theatrics and just give a vanilla 2.2-2.x faster and more efficiently.

  • http://Website J-Man

    Not to be a dick here (well, technically this’ll be nothing but) I’ve been happy about getting my Nexus One back when it was released. All updates have been rolled out nice and timely (been running Froyo since June I think ,might’ve been July) and the phone itself has had very little issues.

    I have no plans of switching to the Nexus S.

    I should get Gingerbread sometime after next week. ;-)

  • http://Website counsel

    To quote MS… Really? Most of you sound like my 8 – 11year-old kids… Either trying to say why you are better/smarter due to the phone you chose or because you think you know something… Really? Almost ANY smartphone OS (palm, ios, android, windows, …) can do what most users want. Feel free to like what you like, but your choice only means you are right your you. As to others being a tool or dumb… are you really that insecure with who you are or with your device that you need to try and make others look “bad” so that you feel better? Really?

  • http://Website josh stag

    LOL. What is everyone talking about? Half you people are probably the ones on the maker rating a widget one star because it doesn’t open, or rating an app one star because you don’t know how to use it. LOL. It is obvious you people Have no clue what the deal is. So just talk shit About everything Like your ignorant opinions matter.

    Fact: the galaxy s phones are the beat phones out right now. Better that even the newest phones that have just come out.
    Fact: Samsung has a lot of things invested into these phones that are patented and only Samsung can use them. Making them truely one of a kind.
    Fact: most of you only want 2.2 or 2.3 because its the newest thing. You have no idea what adobe flash 10.1 is, no idea what JIT is. You are simply bitching to sound cool.
    Fact: 2.1 is more than fast enough to hold me over until Samsung has fully tested all aspects of 2.2 for each individual carrier and has made sure their carrier’s stock apps are compatible and fully functional so they can release it and not have issues and have to immediately work on an ota update while everyone sits with a fuked up version of 2.2. (Like the evo). I Have no problem waiting a while. Its not an overnight process to develop an OS from and incorporate samsungs Widgets and touch wiz and everything else into it. Google makes android. Samsung puts their own spin on it. So does the carrier, then Google has to make everything work. It is a process. Shit!

    (end rant here)

    Samsung epic 4g. Rooted. Db android 2.1/2.2 ( not much of a difrence besides flash support).

    PS, NO ISSUES WITH THIS PHONE OR OS!!!! going on 20 hours now and I just hit 15% battery. 2.1. 4g is excellent. All the problems you all bitch about is user error mostly. My phone is mint

    • will wagganer

      i am happy with my Captivate, non the less, that doesnt mean any of us should be negleted to to ‘newest thing’.

      while flash 10.1 support is not needed, it would make surfing the web better. i would love to have flash support on my device. and JIT (just-in-time compilation) increases the runtime performance of a device, which is better for gaming, surfing, or anything ur using the phone for.

      theres nothing wrong with us wanting these benefits everyone else are getting. also, for those benchmarking, these updates are essentual.

  • http://Website hydrosteamer

    I am so glad I sold my vibrant and bought the G2 instead. I tried so hard to love that phone, but instead it was the biggest piece of shit I have ever used. I rooted it did all the bionix roms with lagfix. Now I realize good phones don’t need a lagfix or even be rooted. Face it samsung is shit and they always will be. Gotta get back to my fast phone with real froyo.

  • http://Website samsungsucks

    too long Samsung… the delays are UNACCEPTABLE
    take your phones
    take your tvs
    take whatever other crap you make
    and STUFF IT

  • http://Website Brian D.

    This is the last time I deal with Samsung. I always praised their handsets, but unfortunately, a formerly near bankrupt company (Motorola mobile) is whipping them. I propose a boycott of Samsung, so they can remember us first when they remember us last.

  • http://Website elie

    i have the Galaxy S without any contract , in Czech republic. Samsung office repeatedly promised to update to android 2.2 on 19th September. BUT nothing happened , they just lied…Pity i liked this phone and its super screen . i went back to my iPhone 3 GS. Don’t you think Google should kick their ass ?

    • monlosez

      Why did u go back to iPhone 3GS? Because it has no 2.2?

  • http://Website RaymondP

    I’ve lost patience! This makes Samsung look really bad. They should just let the independent devs do the coding for their devices. They do a much better job than samsung’s in house devs.

  • http://Website D.J.

    I was one of those people who raged at Samsung for their treatment of the Behold II and their general lack of caring and construction quality. I just recently broke down and bought a Vibrant so I could unlock it and use it with at&t and T-Mobile and I have to say it isn’t bad at all. Even on 2.1 it flies and I haven’t had any problem with the GPS hell I’m even liking Touchwiz (if for nothing else than its implementation of copy and paste and the way it makes icons the same size. Just put on Axura 2.0.5 and it is even better. Much faster, better battery life, no bugs that I can find. As long as the dev community can stay strong and Samsung keeps the phone as open as possible I’m happy.

  • http://Website Mark

    All I can is that F*CK Samsung phones! They’re piece of cheap crap! Not only that it’s laggy but also way too f*ckin slow. It was a waste of money! I got rid of that piece of shit phone and went with HTC! Never again Samsung…..NEVER!

  • http://Website Melanie

    As a Vibrant owner I really hope they keep their word…most info re 2.2 upgrade has been removed.if I have to wait I’d wait better for 2.3…

  • http://Website sk

    so glad to read this before actually buying galaxy s… have to look for an nice HTC now :)
    thnks everyone for samsung feedback

  • http://Website Name (required)


  • http://Website Wayne

    I do admit, there are some GPS issues going on at times for my Fascinate. I was driving down a highway trying to find where I was going and the GPS took FOREVER to lock my position. However, I tried it out just a moment ago while sitting here in my room and it locked on instantly. As far as the update goes, I am used to no updates. i came from T-Mo and I had the original MyTouch 3G and I stayed on 1.6 for a very long time. I think that sammy will upgrade their Galaxy S line to 2.2 or even 2.3, but it depends on the carriers and all. If Samsung didn’t upgrade these phones, they would have the world to answer to since they are touting these phones in such a high regard and everyone has a Galaxy S device.

  • http://Website dionmasio

    They have not lived up to their promise and should be held accountable for it we bought the phones expecting them to deliver and they didn’t. Samsung is a horrible company when it comes to being up front and truthful they fooled me once it won’t happen again.

  • http://Website just_fascinated

    I recently upgraded to the Samsung Fascinate, and despite slow upgrading which of course leads to some minor aggravation, it is a fantastic phone and works incredibly well. I have been nothing but impressed with the UI which is a useful and pleasing combination of both Android and iPhone looks. I believe that these phones were designed to get people who love the iPhone look and feel into Android, and out of all the phones that i tested and used, it was easily the most intuitive and most comfortable for me.
    This is the specific reason there are so many Android phones, so that every user has their pick of carrier and phone. Updates aren’t everything… a stable, working, and gorgeous phone is.

  • aprons

    This is precisely why I won’t be buying a samsung phone AGAIN. Actually, I’ll perhaps switch back to iPhone next year when I’m up for an upgrade.

  • will wagganer

    I have been a Samsung fan for quite some time, an while I’m definitely not unhappy with my Captivate, i am incredibly upset with their decision to let all of their customers down, regarding any future updates, especially when they’ve already confirmed they were working on one. I have a bad feeling we won’t see any future updates for our Galaxy S’.

    This is definitely hurting they’re reputation, and i may look for a different brand next time around. What’s to say that their Nexus S users won’t be abandoned during updates to Android 2.4 and above?

  • http://Website 3-card-moly

    I have the Galaxy S Phone from T-mobile and their Customer Service Rep informed me that we are not Getting the 2.2 Froyo Update she was informed by her Superiors of that, I also said to the Rep this is a Bait and Switch Ploy to buy a Galaxy S Phone on Promise of an Upgrade then Lied about it because now you can’t return it for a Full Refund!, The Companies in the U.S.A. Should not Distribute the Samsung Korean Products no more! They are Taken American for a Ride! We Been Bam Boozle!, Hoodwicked!, and Run Amok on this Fake Froyo 2.2 Upgrade!

  • how to recondition battery

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